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«Table of Contents Welcome to Career Services at Pepperdine University GSEP..3 Career Services Offered for GSEP Students and Alumni..4-5 Getting ...»

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Approach Before contacting a referral, do some basic research about the career field. Clarify why you seek to meet a specific person and what you hope to gain through an informational interview.

When you contact a referral, state who you are, that you are seeking career information and advice, and when you would like to meet. Be confident and courteous in your communication. Look at page 10 for a sample Informational Interview request letter.

Request an in-person interview. This arrangement will allow you to see the working environment, and compare various work settings if you conduct several interviews.

Interview Dress and act professionally. Establish rapport and demonstrate your interest in the interviewee‘s comments. Ask questions relevant to the industry and individual – samples on page 11. If you have not finished the interview within the time period you specified, thank the person for helping you by saying, ―I said I would only take thirty minutes of your time. I know how busy you are.‖ Extend the time only if the person you are interviewing strongly encourages you to do so. Request a business card before leaving and always ask for the name of another industry colleague that may provide additional insight into the field. You can use that contact information to set up your next interview.

Follow-up Write a short thank-you note within a day or two after your interview. Keep the interview information on file for the future – this person may be an important job contact for you later.

Benefits of an informational interview:

 It is a great networking opportunity. The earlier you start building relationships with people in your field of interest, the stronger they will be when you actually begin your job hunt later on.

 It is a great learning experience. If you want to find out what a specific career path has to offer, what the positives and negatives are within an organization‘s culture, or which academic major will best prepare you for a selected career path, why not ask the people who are already working within that field?

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March 10, 2013 Jane Doe Director of Something Agency Name 123 ABC Road, Suite 1234 Any Town, CA 11223

Dear Ms. Doe:

I am a graduate student at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP), and I was referred to you by the Career Services Office. Upon graduation, I will receive my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. My goal is to apply this degree along with my past professional experiences acquired through my internships to obtain a position in higher education. Given that you work at XYZ University, I am writing to request an informational interview with you. I hope that you will allow me to speak with you either in person or over the phone to discuss your academic and professional career experience. I am particularly interested in hearing about what you do at XYZ University, how you obtained your position, and if you have any advice for someone looking to enter this field.

My schedule is flexible and I am happy to work around your availability for a meeting. I can be reached at 123or interested.student@pepperdine.edu. Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sincerely, Interested Student Informational Interview Questions Worksheet Name of your contact__________________________________Date________________________________



How do you spend a typical day or week in this job/organization?

What do you find most/least satisfying about this job?

What is the employment outlook (locally, regionally, and nationally)?

Are you active in any professional organizations? Are students invited to attend?

What kinds of college degree/credentials/skills are needed for your position?

What kinds of part-time jobs or internships do you think are helpful for entering this field?

What types of people do well in your field? What types do not succeed?

What are the opportunities for advancement?

What are the drawbacks of your job/organization?

What is the entry-level salary range in this field?

What advice can you give me on how to break into this field?

Can you suggest anyone else I might contact?

Tips for Cover Letter and Resume writing Cover Letter Suggestions  Always be specific to the organization  Make sure you use keywords throughout your cover letter and resume that were in your job description.

If an employer is scanning resumes/cover letters, yours will come up in the search  Address your cover letter to the recruiter/hiring manager – use a specific name  Tell an employer why they will benefit from hiring you, not what you are going to gain from their company  Use action verbs (see page 15-17)  Use your own words; you do not want your cover letter to sound like it was copied from a book or the internet  It should be concise and no more than one page  How to send it:

- Email, the cover letter should be the body of the email message (attach your resume as an MS Word attachment), attach resume and cover letter as two separate documents

- Standard Mail, the cover letter should be printed on resume paper (match paper used for resume)  Utilize the standard business letter format; write three to four paragraphs in 12 point Times New Roman font  Opening Paragraph/First Paragraph (create interest and introduce yourself) - Let the employer know how you learned about the organization and/or position. Do research on the organization and tell them why you like their organization, etc.

 Second Paragraph (give overview of qualifications) - Give several short sentences that highlight your skills and relevant qualifications. Include why you are interested in the position and provide specific examples demonstrating how your academic, work, and/or volunteer experiences relate to the position you are seeking.

Sell yourself and demonstrate that you have the specific skills that they need  Third/Final Paragraph (conclusion & contact) - Include that you want to make a contribution to their organization. Let the employers know that you are available for questions about your background and experience. Thank the employer for his/her consideration Resume Suggestions Have two different types of resumes  Chronological – one heading, list your most recent position first  Functional – used for multiple headings (i. e Related Experience and Professional Experience). Multiple heading will help you highlight your related experience.

Font  Use Times New Roman or another professional font throughout resume  Font size should be 10-12, with your name in 16-18 size font Layout  Margins 0.5‖ to 0.9‖  Do not use templates- they can restrict your flexibility, formatting and individual style

–  –  –

Suggestions  One, maybe two pages  On the second page include your name and page number in the header; if pages become separated your second page should be able to stand alone  Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes  Print on resume paper, email as a MS Word or PDF attachment  Be honest – never lie, stretch the truth, or misrepresent yourself  Do not overuse bold, capitalization, italics, or underlining Content  Keep your name on top, in bold and larger font than the rest of the resume  Use only one phone number with an accurate professional email  Objective should be short, concise, and to the point, modified for each new position  Avoid spelling errors, typos, poor grammar  Use only college education and write out the entire degree; highlight the degree not the school  Only put the month and year you are graduating. Date ranges or ―expected by‖ are unnecessary  Adding your GPA is usually not recommended, but can be added in exceptional circumstances. Discuss this with your career counselor before adding it on your resume  Use appropriate tense; past for previous experiences and present for current experiences  If you are weak in experience, then use courses or relevant projects to highlight and illustrate your knowledge  Focus on your accomplishments, rather than using your job duties  Do not use abbreviations, complete sentences, personal information, salary expectation, salary history, personal pronouns, photographs, or reasons for leaving  Do not include references on your resume – (see below) References Tips  Make a separate document for references  Use the same heading as that of your resume and cover letter  Put the main reference in the upper left corner then list in preference from the left to right, top to bottom  Include the person‘s full name, title, name of company or university, department if applicable, full address, email address, and phone number  Generally try to list 3-4 references  References are those who can speak about your work experience, education/knowledge, or the pertinent characteristics related to the position sought  Prepare your reference sheet, but only provide them when specifically requested by the company; keep separate from the resume  Make sure you have talked with your references before providing their information. Give them a copy of your resume Resume Checklist Contact Information ____ Include your name, address, home phone number or cell phone number, and e-mail address ____ Label ‗Your Name‘ and ‗Page 2‘ to second page (if applicable) Objective (Optional) ____ One sentence; addressing job title/position and industry you are applying for Education ____ List most recent degree first ____ Spell degrees out ____ Dates on right side of page ____ Include Relevant Coursework and Projects if relevant or necessary Employment History & Accomplishments ____ List month and date on right side of page ____ Use subjectless sentences or paraphrases; fragmented bullets are ok ____ List accomplishments as 3-5 bullets; do not write in paragraph form ____ ―Action + Results‖ - use action verbs to start the accomplishments and results to explain what you achieved ____ Use amounts, numbers, ages, percentages, and time frames whenever possible; be as specific as you can Professional Organizations ____ List only affiliations related to your target job ____ Take out personal data (age, marital status, hobbies, etc.) Skills ____ Language proficiency (speaking, reading, writing) and level of ability you have (bilingual, proficient, conversational, familiarity, etc.) ____ Computer skills Other Notes and Comments ____ Proofread for spelling and grammar _____ Be honest _____ Use either functional format or chronological format

–  –  –

BBS Registered Intern eager to collaborate with other mental health professionals to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment to clients struggling with pervasive disorders.

 Extensive knowledge working with severely and chronically mentally ill adults and children  Demonstrated skills in creating and implementing effective and individualized treatment plans  Experience with Department of Mental Health standards and paperwork  Foundational coursework and training in Cognitive-Behavioral and Family Systems Therapy Education

–  –  –

Professional Experience ABC Community Mental Health; City, ST Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee/Intern September 2012 - Present  Provide individual therapy to clients diagnosed with variety of presenting problems including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder  Co-facilitate domestic violence and anger management groups to provide psycho-education and to increase insight into maladaptive coping mechanisms  Conduct phone intakes and refer clients to appropriate resources based on individual needs  Maintain progress notes for all clients to ensure proper documentation of session content and interventions The QRS Preparatory School; City, ST Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee September 2012 - January 2013  Counseled adolescents ages 13-17 by providing support and assistance with life transitions, academic planning and interpersonal difficulties  Implemented individualized educational goals and objectives to enhance student responsibility, accountability and independence  Collaborated with teachers, occupational therapists and student advisors to form engaging multidisciplinary team

–  –  –

Professional Experience, continued Any Agency; City, ST Behavior Care Provider February 2011 - September 2012  Utilized cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques with children ages 3-9 with severe emotional disturbances, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays  Processed disruptive and self-injurious behaviors with children to ensure safety and cultivate healthier coping skills  Teamed with special education teachers and parents to increase consistency between classroom and home interventions Professional Organizations

–  –  –


To obtain a position as an MFT Trainee working with adolescents struggling with chemical dependency


Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology; Los Angeles, CA Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy June 2014

–  –  –


Clinical Interventions with Children and Adolescents Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals Individual and Family Treatment of Substance Abuse

–  –  –

Any Agency; City, ST March 2007 – January 2008 Volunteer  Provided empathic support and safe environment for adolescent females to discuss high-risk behaviors such as drug use, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections  Integrated intercultural communication component into teambuilding activities to enhance sensitivity and cohesion among youth  Mentored group of four teenagers by modeling healthy coping skills during times of conflict and distress  Educated youth on importance of academia, social support and spirituality in goal achievement

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