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«Contesting the streets Volume 18, number 1 • 2016 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development | Office of Policy Development and Research ...»

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Cityscape 199 200 Departments Contents Symposium Contesting the Streets

Guest Editors: Raphael W. Bostic, Annette M. Kim, and Abel Valenzuela, Jr.

Guest Editors’ Introduction Contesting the Streets: Vending and Public Space in Global Cities

Designing Fair and Effective Street Vending Policy: It’s Time for a New Approach by Renia Ehrenfeucht

Informal Trade Meets Informal Governance: Street Vendors and Legal Reform in India, South Africa, and Peru by Sally Roever

The Critical Role of Street Vendor Organizations in Relocating Street Vendors Into Public Markets: The Case of Hsinchu City, Taiwan by Chia Yang Weng and Annette M. Kim

Return to the Streets by John Taylor and Lily Song

Fining the Hand That Feeds You: Situational and Violation-Specific Factors Influencing New York City Street Vendor Default in Payment by Kathryn A. Carroll, Sean Basinski, and Alfonso Morales

A Step Toward a Healthier South Los Angeles: Improving Student Food Options Through Healthy Sidewalk Vendor Legislation by Robert Baird, David C. Sloane, Gabriel N. Stover, and Gwendolyn Flynn................. 109 Point of Contention: Declining Homeownership

On the Plausibility of a 53-Percent Homeownership Rate by 2050 by Arthur C. Nelson

Cohort Momentum and Future Homeownership: The Outlook to 2050 by Dowell Myers and Hyojung Lee

A Renter or Homeowner Nation?

by Arthur Acolin, Laurie S. Goodman, and Susan M. Wachter

The Future Course of U.S. Homeownership Rates by Donald R. Haurin

Refereed Papers

Coercive Sexual Environments: Exploring the Linkages to Mental Health in Public Housing by Susan J. Popkin, Janine Zweig, Nan Astone, Reed Jordan, Chantal Hailey, Leah Gordon, and Jay Silverman


Data Shop Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics To Analyze Housing Decisions, Dynamics, and Effects by Katherine McGonagle and Narayan Sastry

–  –  –

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