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«June 2008 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR INTEGRATED CHARGE CARD POLICY MANUAL This page intentionally leftblank. Table of Contents, 1.2 CREDITW ...»

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Hierarchy: The organizational structure of the charge card program, which is composed of up to eight levels from cardholder to the Department.

Hierarchy Transfer: Movement of a cardholder from one hierarchy to another. If the cardholder is being moved within a Bureau, the NOPC can perform the transfer in EAGLS. Transfers between Bureaus require the old account to beclosed, and the cardholder must reapply for a card at the new Bureau.

Individually Billed (IB): Reimbursable transactions that the cardholder must pay. Examples include meals and ATM cash advances.

Integrated : Two or more business lines whose processes are combined on the front end (e.g., at a minimum, account maintenance and customer service) or the back end (e.g., at a minimum, reconciliation, reporting and invoicing), or both; may be a single card or multiple cards. Cardholders may beauthorized with only one business line or all business lines.

Limited Use Card: A charge card activated only for periods of an individual's official travel. Limited use cards may also beauthorized for use for a period of time pending charge card privilege reinstatement for cardholders whose charge card privileges have been cancelled formisuse or account delinquency. Limited use cards may have restricted credit limits orother restrictions, such as nocash access, as appropriate for the individual circumstance. Activation and deactivation card management is required for at least one year.

Management Control: From OMB Circular A-123; Management controls are the organization, policies, and procedures used to reasonably ensure that (i) programs achieve their intended results;

(ii) resources are used consistent with agency mission; (iii) programs and resources are protected from waste, fraud, and mismanagement; (iv) laws and regulations are followed; and (v) reliable and timely information is obtained, maintained, reported and used for decision making.

Master Account Code (MAC): May be used interchangeably with "Default Code". The account code that will be applied to all transactions fora cardholder's account for budget tracking purposes.

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Merchant Category Code (MCC): A four-digit code used to identify the type of business a merchant conducts. Gas stations, restaurants, and airlines are a few examples. The vendor selected this code with their bank. The code controls where purchases are permitted and determines if the item is centrally or individually billed.

Mission Critical: A designation for certain employees, the nature ofwhose work, e.g., extended travel requirements, or overseas travel assignments, may prevent them from being able to make payments for individually billed travel-related transactions by the specified payment due date in which the charge first appeared. Only accounts in good standing are eligible for mission critical designation.

See Section 2.2.

Net Credit Losses: Balances in individually billed accounts that reach 180 calendar days past the closing date on the statement of account in which the charges appeared for the reporting period, less recovered amounts. Recovered amounts are net of recovery fees paid to third parties.

Option Set: A table of authorization controls that includes spending limitsand authorized merchant category codes.

Queue: A group of electronic requests that have been compiled in EAGLS for an NOPC to review.

The requests are changes within EAGLS that the NOPC must approve or deny.

Reporting Tool : A report scheduling and viewing function available through EAGLS to assist in managing the card program.

Sensitive Property: Property that must be controlled, regardless ofvalue, by detailed accountability records. Sensitive property shall, at a minimum, include firearms and museum property.

SmartPay Program: A GSA program consisting ofcontracts for charge card services from which Federal agencies may select charge card contractors for their travel, purchase, and fleet needs.

Strategic Sourcing: The process ofcontinually analyzing the way agencies spend funds through contracts, delivery orders, and through the Government purchase card program in order to achieve economies of scale on commonly purchased goods and services.

Suspension: Occurs when any undisputed individually billed transactions remain unpaid for 61 calendar days after the date of the statement of account, on which the charges first appeared.

Transaction Transfer: Movement of a transaction from individually billed to centrally billed or from centrally billed to individually billed, approved by the approving official and sent to the NOPC from the cardholder or approving official.

User Roles: The authorization an EAGLS user is given to access screens and perform EAGLS tasks.

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A variety of forms, including the following, are available for download atwww.goveagls.bankofamerica.com, then click on "Applications" under the Program Forms heading.

Instructions for completing and submitting these forms are included in each link.

• 001 Integrated Account (Integrated Charge Card Account Setup/Application) • 001 Vehicle Fleet Account • 001 Uniform Account (BOR Use Only) • 001 Uniform Account for Bureau of Land Management (BLM Use Only) The following forms are available for download atwww.gov-eagls.bankofamerica.com. then click on "Maintenance" under the Program Forms heading. Instructions for completing and submitting these forms are included in each link.

• Dispute Form

• Hierarchy Structure Change Request

• Point of Contact Information

• Order Convenience Checks

• Transfer Transactions for Integrated Accounts

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See Section 1,8.4 Misuse; also see DOl Handbook on Charges and Penalty Selection for Disciplinary and Adverse Actions, Part III, Table of Penalties located athttp://elips.doLgov/elipslrelease/3738.htm.

For travel-related issues see FAM 2000-10 located athttp://www.doi.gov/pfmlfamslfam2000-10.html.

Resolving Delinquencies on Individually Billed Travel Charge Card Accounts,

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The reporting tool designed to assist in the management of the card program by providing data derived from EAGLS may beaccessed at www.gov-eagls.bankofamerica.com.

AfOPCs, approving officials, property, finance/budget personnel, supervisors and managers all may benefit from using it.

The reporting tool can assist in:

• Managing delinquency;

• Identifying trends;

• Monitoring behavior; and

• Tracking spending.

An EAGLS User Guide and Job Aids are available for self-instruction.

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screen under the "Training" heading.

The reporting menu may be customized to display only frequently used reports, Reports may also be pre-scheduled to run at a future time.

Reports may beviewed using any of the following :

• PDF (Acrobat Reader)

• RTF (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect)

• CSV (Microsoft ExcellMicrosoft Access)

Some of the more frequently run reports include:

• Delinquency - cardholders with past due balances;

• Account Listing - listing ofcardholders;

• Pre-Suspension - cardholders in danger of temporarily losing card privileges due to a past due balance;

• Account Activity Travel- travel-related transactions bycardholder;

• Transaction Activity - detail of transaction atthe individual account level;

• Suspension/Pre-Cancellation - cardholders in danger of losing card privileges or having their account closed for a past due balance; and

• Cancellation - accounts that have been closed due to delinquency, Exception Reports. Reports specifically created at DOl's request designed to identify potential misuse are also available. See your AfOPC for details.

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DOl Integrated Charge Card Homepage - http://www.doi.gov/pam/chargecard - includes the DOl Charge Card Policy, updates such as Charge Card Bulletins, and internet links to program support.

DOl Integrated Charge Card Training for Agency/Organization Program Coordinators https://chargecardtraining.nbc.gov - online mandatory NOPC training.

DOl Integrated Charge Card Training for Approving Officials - https://chargecardtraining.nbc.gov (Intranet version) which is the preferred office access or if you are stationed at a non-DOl location and/or do not have Intranet access, the training can be accessed from the internetat https://cctrain.nbc.gov (training from the internet will delay updating your training record by one to three business days).

DOl Integrated Charge Card Training for Cardholders - https://chargecardtraining.nbc.gov (Intranet version) which is the preferred office access or if you are stationed at a non-DOl location and/or do not have intranet access, the training can be accessed from the internetat https://cctrain.nbc.gov (training from the internet will delay updating your training record by one to three business days). The internet version needs to be used for new employees that are not in the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS), the internet version is a self-reg istration format, so the new employee is able to take the training and receive a charge card.

Tax Exemptions - http://www.fss.gsa.gov/serviceslgsa-smartpay/taxletter and http://www.doi.gov/pam/chargecard/exempLhtml - DOl tax exemption information and individual State tax letters.

DOl Officeof Financial Management - http://www.doi.gov/pfm/travel.html - travel policy, internet links to travel related sites.

Bank of America EAGLS and Technical Help Desk - www.gov-eagls.bankofamerica.com - allows online account inquiry/maintenance; links include reporting tool, forms, training, MCC table, FAQs, and help.

Bankof America Government Services - www.bankofamerica.com/govtservices - overview of services Bank of America offers to the Government.

Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled www.abilityone.govf!wod- products and services, how to participate with AbilityOne (formerly JWOD).

Energy and Environmental Friendly Products - www.epa.gov and www.energystar.gov/products products and services.

Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (UNICOR) - www.unicor.gov - products and services.

GSA Advantage - www.gsaadvantage.gov - products and services.

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GSA SmartPay - www.gsa.gov/smartpay - includes GSA SmartPay Program Overview, FAQ, GSA SmartPay 2, Tax Information, and Publications and Presentations.

001 GovTrip - www.govtrip.com - 001 E-Gov Travel vendor.


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