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«June 2008 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR INTEGRATED CHARGE CARD POLICY MANUAL This page intentionally leftblank. Table of Contents, 1.2 CREDITW ...»

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Bureau/Office personnel without contracting officer warrants awarded under the 001 Contracting Officers Certification of Appointment Manual may be authorized to use the charge card as a means of making and/or paying for micro-purchases of supplies and services; e.g., purchases of up to $3,000 for supplies, $2,500 for services, and $2,000 for construction services.

1.6,1.1 Appointment AppointmenUdelegation of micro-purchase authority is built into the application and charge card issuance process. The integrated charge card vendor Bank of America is the record holder. Use of the card may not be re-delegated or transferred, Receipt of the Government issued Bank of America MasterCard with the employee's name embossed on it is deemed to be delegation of authority.

Issuance of a charge card with purchase authority is contingent upon:

• Submission of an application approved by the employee's supervisor, In addition to the requirements of this section, authority to issue convenience checks also requires the employee's successful completion of convenience check training,

–  –  –

Termination of charge card and check writing authority may be made for cause; e.q, card misuse, improper use of micro-purchase authority, payment delinquencies, suspension or cancellation of other charge card business lines, failure to maintain supporting documentation, or administrative reasons; e.q, lack of requirement for purchase authority ortransfer to a new duty station.

Cancellation of any business line for other than administrative reasons will result in cancellation of the card.

1.6.2 Simplified Acquisitions

Bureau and office personnel with contracting officer's warrant authority delegated in accordance with the 001 Contracting Officer Certificate of Appointment Program Manual are authorized to use the charge card as a means of making micro-purchases (procurement method) and to pay for purchases of supplies and services above the micro-purchase level up to their open market warrant limit (as a payment method) for open market purchases and their authorized "established sources" limit (as a

–  –  –

payment method) for AbilityOne (formerly JWOD), Federal Prison Industries, Government Wide Acquisition Contract, Multiple Award Schedule, GSA Advantage, and Bureau or 001 Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract orders.

1.7 Waivers/Deviations Bureaus/Offices are encouraged to test innovative practices through pilot programs to enhance the program and continuously improve operations. Prior to doing so, approval must beobtained.

Deviations/waivers from 001 charge card policy may be requested.

Requests for deviations/waivers and/or approval for pilot programs must besubmitted to the Director, PAM. Requests must be requested by the Assistant Director for Administration or Bureau equivalent

and must include:

• A description of how the requested authority differs from the current program ;

• Why the deviation is needed; (include any historical data available);

• Management controls that will beput in place;

• Impact if request is approved or denied, examples of expected cost reductions or streamlining of time delays in processing actions, and note the effect on performance (time and/or dollar amount);

• When requested on a class basis, document the total number of people and/or transactions to be affected.

If the waiver/deviation requested affects the terms and conditions of the GSA contract, the 001 Integrated Charge Card Task Order Contracting Officer will request approval from GSA.

–  –  –

1.8.1 EAGLS (Electronic Account Government Ledger System) EAGLS is Bank of America's web-based desktop management tool designed to perform many of the day-to-day activities online from a PC. EAGLS access is available to every cardholder, NOPC, and

approving official. Examples of EAGLS online functions include daily, administrative tasks such as:

• Account maintenance;

• Modification of spending controls;

• Review of individual and central account statements and current transactions;

• Initiation of disputes;

• Requesting, viewing, and printing standard reports using the EAGLS Reports feature.

Access to these functions is based upon an individual's roles and duties.

–  –  –

EAGLS users will need :

An EAGLS User 10 and password (from Bank of America);

• NT or Windows 98 (orlater version such asWindows XP);

• Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 6.2 or higher; and,

• Modem with 28,800-baud rate or higher.

The EAGLS URL is www.qov-eagls.bankofamerica.com. Contact your NOPC for information on obtaining EAGLS access and training.

1.8.2 Transferring Transactions If a transaction needs to bemoved from centrally billed to the Government (CB) to individually billed to the cardholder (IB) or vice versa, the cardholder may initiate a transfer with the supervisor's approval. Approving officials can also process a transfer transaction, but should do this only with the full knowledge of the process or with NOPC assistance. Transaction transfers can be done in EAGLS within 90 days from the transaction date. During this 90-day period, the cardholder should follow the Bureau policy for submitting a transaction transfer request. The cardholder must submit to the NOPC (in writing, through their approving official or supervisor for concurrence), the following

information (bye-mail when practical):

Cardholder account number (for security purposes use only the last 4 digits);

• Transaction transfer needed (CB to IB or IB to CB);

• Transaction posting date;

• Transaction amount;

• Merchant name and location;

• Reference number (if available); and

• Brief description of charge and reason fortransfer.

Note: Transfer transaction is not the same as allocating a charge to a different account code or budget object class (BOC). This process is known as cost allocation. Please contact your Bureau Finance Office for further instruction to cost allocate to a different account.

–  –  –

Online technology is available via EAGLS to assist NOPCs, approving officials, and accounting staff in program management and budget and trend tracking. See Appendix D.

–  –  –

Exception reports can identify, down to the individual transaction level, expenditures that are questionable or vary from a cardholders standard buying practices. These reports are available to supervisors, managers, NOPCs, and approving officials. See Appendix 0 for available reports or your Bureau/Office NOPC for assistance.

–  –  –

Ifit is suspected that a charge card is being misused, this must be reported to the Bureau NOPC, the cardholders supervisor, and the OIG. The supervisor is required totake immediate action togather facts and discuss the incident with the employee. If the supervisor is not satisfied that the incident was not intentional and/or did not result in loss to the Government, they must counsel the employee and take any action to administratively limit, temporarily suspend, or cancel charge card authority and, if appropriate, take action based on guidance in the 001 Personnel Handbook Part 2, "Charges and Penalty Selection for Disciplinary and Adverse Action", The Bureau NOPC must monitor the situation and beavailable to the supervisor for consultation.

Misuse of a charge card may result in a requirement to repay unauthorized charges, suspension or cancellation of charge card privileges, requirement to complete remedial training, written or oral reprimand, warning or admonishment, suspension without pay, revocation of a contracting officers warrant, loss of Government driving privilege, and/or termination ofemployment.

Some examples of cardholder misuse include:

• ATM withdrawals with noassociated travel;

• ATM withdrawals taken more than 5 calendar days before travel, or after travel has ended;

• ATM withdrawals that exceed the anticipated out of pocket expenses for the trip;

• Not paying the full amount due on the statement of account by the due date;

• Cardholders letting others use their card and/or account number;

• Writing convenience checks to "cash", self, or to other employees;

• Writing convenience checks over the authorized amount or to vendors who accept the card ;

• Splitting transactions to avoid the single purchase limit;

• Purchasing fuel for a privately owned vehicle;

• Using the card for any expenses unrelated to official travel; and • Original receipts not submitted or missing/altered receipts.

Some indicators of possible charge card misuse or fraud by vendors orother parties include:

• Unsolicited telephone calls or offers by individuals who request a cardholder's charge card account number or social security number. (Do not provide this information unless you initiated the call or request.);

• Unsolicited or unannounced calls from individuals claiming to represent Bank ofAmerica who request card account, social security, or other information (Bank ofAmerica will always announce any such requests for information formally and in advance orcoordinate requests for such information through your respective NOPC); and • Unexplained and/or improper charges made to a charge account (cardholder should notify their NOPC and Bank of America Fraud Unit at 1-877-859-7657).

–  –  –

1.9 Merchant Category Codes Merchants worldwide who accept the charge card are registered in various business categories known as merchant category codes (MCCs). In order to automate the interface between the Bank of America system and DOl's accounting systems, the MCCs are designated as travel (some of which individually bill to the cardholder) and purchase or fleet (which both centrally bill to the Department).

See http://www.gcsuthd.bankofamerica.com/mcc table/mcc table.asp for a listing of these codes.

Because vendors sell products and services that may fall under more than one business line, some transactions that should centrally bill under the purchase or fleet business lines may individually bill, and vice versa. The transfer transaction process is designed to adjust these transactions.

1.10 Disputes

If a transaction appears on a cardholder's statement of account that the cardholder did not make, the transaction should either be disputed or reported as fraud. If a cardholder has made a purchase from a vendor but the price, quantity, orcharge is not accurate, or a credit has not been received, the item is considered a disputable charge. The cardholder should try to resolve the disputed charge with the vendor and dispute it in writing with Bank ofAmerica within 60 days from the original statement date.

When a transaction is disputed, the Bank of America Government Card Services Unit will give the cardholder a temporary credit. If the dispute is resolved in the merchant's favor. the temporary credit will becancelled and the amount must be paid. If the dispute is resolved in the cardholder's favor, the temporary credit will be replaced with a permanent credit. The dispute form and fax number are printed on the back of the cardholder statement of account.

1.11 Fraud

Fraudulent charges are not usually initiated by the cardholder in the course of legitimate Government business; but rather, suddenly appear on the cardholder's statement of account. To report a charge as fraud, the cardholder should contact their NOPC, supervisor, and the Bank ofAmerica Fraud Unit at 1-877-859-7657. A cardholder who has found fraudulent charges on their card should request that their card beclosed immediately. A new card will be issued by the bank.

1.12 When a Cardholder Leaves 001

When a cardholder resigns, transfers, or is terminated, the surrender and destruction of charge cards and convenience checks, closing of the account, and cancellation of EAGLS access must be part of the final employee clearance process. Any records in the cardholders possession must beturned over to the supervisor for central filing unless otherwise specified in Bureau policy. In addition, the

NOPC must:

• Close employee's account, inactivate EAGLS access, including deleting any hierarchy-based roles such as approving official orNOPC, if applicable.

• Verify the account status in EAGLS and determine whether any amount is due.

–  –  –

• Request a check from the employee payable to Bank of America for the full amount of any outstanding, individually billed balance.

• Inform the exiting employee that if they have an outstanding balance, the charge card contractor will be notified of their departure and provided with the employee's forwarding address.

• Notify Bank ofAmerica and provide a forwarding address if applicable (this may be done either in EAGLS or by phone).

• Follow BureauAocal disposition of records procedures.

1.13 Absence from Active Duty If a cardholder is absent from their regular duty schedule for any extended period of time, including furlough, extended sick leave, maternity leave, military leave, etc., their 001 charge card must be deactivated.

1.14 When a Cardholder is Called to Military Service If the travel is forreserve drills/exercises or is for active duty TOY for Department of Defense (DOD), the employee should use their DOD card, and not their 001 card. The 001 card must bedeactivated during this period.

–  –  –

(1) With limitation; see your program or procurement office.

(2) Only for a commercial rental vehicle - usefor privately owned vehicles is prohibited.

(3) Except for GSA Interagency Fleet Management System (IFMS) vehicles.

(4) Except for GSA IFMS vehicles with a "wet rate lease" (identifiable by the "Voyager" fuel credit card provided by GSA with the vehicle).

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