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• a defect in an item

• rats, mice or insects

• any process or cleaning involving the use of chemicals other than domestic household chemicals

• mechanical or electrical breakdown other than an

electric motor burning out, unless:

– the breakdown results in loss or damage to your buildings or contents.

Liability cover exclusions

We will not cover any:

• personal injury to you, or any member of your family who normally lives with you, or anyone else who normally lives with you

• personal injury to any person you employ where that injury arises from their employment with you

• loss or damage to property that belongs to you or is under your control, or any member of your family who normally lives with you, or anyone else that normally lives with you

• loss or damage to property that belongs to any person you employ where that loss or damage arises from their employment with you

• penalties, fnes or awards of aggravated, exemplary or punitive damages made against you

• loss that can be reimbursed by your sporting or social club.

We will not cover any liability as a result of, or arising from:

• any alterations, repairs, renovations or additions to your buildings that cost more than $75,000 (inclusive of GST)

• any personal proft or advantage that is illegal.

We will not cover any liability as a result of, or arising from:

• any disease that is transmitted by you, or any member of your family who normally lives with you

• any business, profession, trade or occupation carried

out by you, unless:

– the liability is as a result of, or arising from, you acting as a committee member of a sporting or social club and you receive no more than $1,000 per year for holding this position.

• any agreement or contract you enter into, however:

– if you would have been liable without the agreement or contract, we will pay for that liability.

• the use, removal of, or exposure to any asbestos product or products containing asbestos

• any act or omission that is dishonest, fraudulent, criminal, wilful or malicious

• any alleged or actual act or omission committed, or alleged to have been committed, prior to the commencement of the policy

• the use of a caravan or trailer when the caravan or trailer is attached to a motor vehicle or motorcycle

• the use of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, mini-bike, aircraft or watercraft, however we will cover liability

that arises from:

– unregistered motorised golf buggies, ride-on mowers and wheelchairs – model or toy aircraft – surfboard, sail board or surf skis – a watercraft that is less than 4 metres long and is not powered by a motor, or is powered by a motor less than 10hp – unregistered motorcycles or mini-bikes up to 125cc that do not require registration by law, unless – they are being used for racing or pacemaking.

General exclusions We will not cover any loss or damage, or liability as a

result of, or arising from:

• any incident that does not occur within your period of insurance

• landslide or subsidence, unless:

– we agree to cover the incident as described under ‘Landslide or subsidence’.

• war or warlike activity, however:

– war does not need to be declared.

• hostilities, rebellion, insurrection or revolution

• contamination by chemical and/or biological agents, which results from an act of terrorism

• lawful destruction or confscation of your property

• anything nuclear or radioactive

• mildew, atmospheric or climatic conditions

• damage to a heating element, however:

– we will pay for any loss or damage as a result of damage to a heating element.

We will not cover any loss or damage, or liability as a

result of, or arising from:

• failure or inability of any item, equipment or computer software to recognise correctly, to interpret correctly or to process correctly any date, or to function correctly beyond any time when that item, equipment or computer software has not recognised, interpreted or processed

correctly any date, unless:

– it results in loss or damage to your buildings or contents that is covered under this policy. This does not include resultant loss or damage to any frozen food, computer equipment or computer software.

• deliberate or intentional acts by you, or anyone acting for you, to cause loss, damage or injury

• storm surge

• erosion, the action of the sea, tidal wave or high water,


– the loss or damage is the result of a tsunami.

Your Responsibilities To Us Your duty of disclosure When you take out, renew, or change or vary a policy, or when you make a claim, you have a duty to answer our questions truthfully and provide us with any information that could affect our decision to insure you, or the terms of your policy. This is called your ‘duty of disclosure’.

What you must tell us when you apply to take out this policy When applying to take out insurance we will ask you certain questions. When answering these questions, you must be honest, and you have a duty under the Insurance Contracts

Act 1984 to tell us anything:

• known to you, and

• which a reasonable person in the circumstances would include in answer to any question.

We will use your answers to help us decide whether to insure you and anyone else under this policy, and on what terms.

Who you are answering the questions for It is important that you understand you are answering the questions in this way on behalf of yourself and anyone else that you want to be covered by the policy.

If you do not answer our questions in this way If you do not answer our questions in this way, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim, or cancel the policy, or do both. If you answer our questions fraudulently, we may refuse to pay a claim and treat the policy as never being in place.

Renewal, variation, reinstatement or extension of your policy When your policy is renewed, varied, reinstated or extended you have a duty, under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984,

to tell us anything that you:

• know, or

• could reasonably be expected to know, and is relevant to our decision whether to accept the risk of insurance and, if so, on what terms.

Your duty does not require disclosure of anything that:

• diminishes the risk to be undertaken by us

• is of common knowledge

• we know or, in the ordinary course of business, ought to know, or

• is a matter that we indicate your duty has been waived by us.

If you do not comply with your duty of disclosure If you fail to comply with your duty of disclosure, we may be entitled to reduce our liability under the policy in respect of a claim, or we may cancel the policy, or do both.

If your non-disclosure is fraudulent, we may also have the option of avoiding the contract from its beginning.

Your responsibilities when you are insured with us In addition to your duty of disclosure, there are other responsibilities that you must meet when you are insured with us.

You must tell us if:

• your buildings will be unoccupied for a continuous period of 60 days or more

• any changes have been made to:

– the address or location where your buildings

or contents are insured

– the use of your buildings – your buildings due to renovation, extensions or demolition – the people who are insured under this policy – the sums insured to your buildings or contents.

• any people who are insured under the policy have:

– been convicted of any criminal offence – made a claim that is not true under this policy or another insurance policy.

• there are any changes in circumstances during the period of insurance.

If you tell us about any of these things, we may charge an additional premium, change the cover of your policy, impose special conditions, or cancel your policy.

In addition, you must also:

• be truthful and frank in any statement you make in connection with your policy

• pay your premium, including paying instalments regularly

• take reasonable precautions to avoid a claim being made

• obey all laws and make sure anyone acting on your behalf obeys all laws

• follow the conditions of this policy

• not make a fraudulent claim under this insurance policy or any other policy.

Your responsibilities when you are making a claim When you make a claim you must meet a number of responsibilities.

You must:

• be truthful and frank in any statement you make in connection with a claim

• take safe and reasonable steps to prevent any further loss, damage or liability occurring

• inform the Police as soon as possible if your buildings or contents suffer loss or damage as a result of theft or attempted theft, vandalism or a malicious act

• keep all damaged buildings or contents so we can inspect them if required

• give us any information or assistance we require to investigate and process your claim

• not pay or promise to pay for a claim, or admit responsibility for a claim

• not repair or replace any damaged buildings or contents without our consent.

In addition, you also give us your rights to claim from

anyone else:

• if you have a right to claim from anyone else for an incident covered by us, you give us your rights to make that claim, to conduct, defend or settle any legal action and to act in your name – you must not do anything which prevents us from doing this and you must give us all the information and cooperation that we require.

If you do not meet your responsibilities If you do not meet your responsibilities, we may refuse or reduce a claim, cancel your policy, or do both. If we cancel your policy we will advise you in writing.

Our Commitment To You The General Insurance Code of Practice The purpose of the Code is to raise the standards of practice and service in the general insurance industry.

The objectives of the Code are:

• to promote better, more informed relations between insurers and their customers

• to improve consumer confdence in the general insurance industry

• to provide better mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between insurers and their customers, and

• to commit insurers and the professionals they rely upon to higher standards of customer service.

Our commitment to you We have adopted and support the Code and are committed to complying with it.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the Code.

See back cover for contact details P Our guarantee Our guarantee assures you of quality insurance and service at all times.

Fair dealing guarantee We will meet any claims covered by your policy fairly and promptly.

Money back guarantee If you change your mind, we provide a cooling-off period which lets you cancel your policy within 21 days with a full refund of your premium. However, your cooling-off period no longer applies if you make a claim within this time.

Service guarantee We will provide you with the highest standard of service.

How CGU protects your privacy We use information provided by our customers to allow us to offer our products and services. This means we may need to collect your personal information, and sometimes sensitive information about you as well (for example, health information for travel insurance). We will collect this information directly from you where possible, but there may be occasions when we collect this information from someone else.

CGU will only use your information for the purposes for which it was collected, other related purposes and as permitted or required by law. You may choose not to give us your information, but this may affect our ability to provide you with insurance cover.

We may share this information with companies within our group, government and law enforcement bodies if required by law and others who provide services to us or on our behalf, some of which may be located outside of Australia.

For more details on how we collect, store, use and disclose your information, please read our Privacy Policy located at www.cgu.com.au/privacy. Alternatively, contact us at privacy@cgu.com.au or 13 15 32 and we will send you a copy. We recommend that you obtain a copy of this policy and read it carefully.

By applying for, using or renewing any of our products or services, or providing us with your information, you agree to this information being collected, held, used and disclosed as set out in this policy.

Our Privacy Policy also contains information about how you can access and seek correction of your information, complain about a breach of the privacy law, and how we will deal with your complaint.

How To Take Out Insurance How to apply for insurance

1. If you are taking out a policy with us for the first time, contact us or your insurance adviser, or apply online at www.cgu.com.au.

You can also send correspondence to GPO Box 9902, in your capital city.

If we agree to insure you, we will send you a schedule setting out the details of your policy.

–  –  –

How to renew your insurance

1. If you already have a policy with us, we may send you an offer to renew your insurance before your current policy expires.

We will send you an updated schedule and quote a premium based on the information contained in your current policy.

If you have any questions, contact us or your insurance adviser

2. Review the proposed policy and premium we offer If you paid your last premium by instalments, we will continue to deduct payments from your nominated account. If you paid your last premium in one lump sum, we must receive your payment by the due date, otherwise your buildings or contents will not be insured.

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