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«Child Care and Development Fund Voucher Program Policy and Procedure Manual The Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Family and ...»

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Temporary change in service need is defined as a temporary time period when an Applicant or CoApplicant is not participating in their service need including, but not limited to, absence from employment due to maternity, extended medical leave, changes in seasonal work schedule, or temporarily not attending an education program due to semester breaks not to exceed sixteen (16) weeks.


A condition which would not be considered permanent by a physician, medical practitioner, or Social Security Administration and prevents the person’s ability to work, attend school or seek employment for a period not to exceed thirteen (13) weeks.


Child care services provided by a religious organization which is exempt from state licensing, but must meet the minimum requirements of sanitation, fire prevention, and building safety pursuant to IC12-3-2-12.7(c).


The process by which an intake agent completes a periodic review of an Applicant or Co-Applicant’s information and verifies changes to the application.


For purposes of CCDF, a utility is considered water, sewage, waste, electric, cable, natural gas or other home heating source.


Verify and document is the process by which the Intake Agent collects missing information on behalf of the Applicant or Co-Applicant when permitted. The Intake Agent shall document the missing information, the name of the source providing the information, and the date provided. The Intake Agent must also initial all additions.


An individual who provides services without compensation for more than 8 hours per month.

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A document which states the authorized subsidy for child care services for a specific eligible child, including: CCDF eligible provider, begin date, end date, and dollar amount. Multiple vouchers within the subsidy begin and subsidy end date may be created to facilitate flexibility.


The date a voucher is considered valid for reimbursement to a CCDF eligible provider. The first voucher begin date may be the same as the subsidy begin date unless the CCDF Applicant or CoApplicant has requested alternate begin date or has been placed on Approved Leave.


The date a voucher is no longer considered valid for reimbursement to a CCDF eligible provider.


A list of children from CCDF Households who preliminarily meet financial need and declare a service need of education/training or verification of a service need of employment for CCDF, but for whom there are no available CCDF funds.

WEEK A week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.

WORKING (See definition of Employment)

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GED General Equivalency Diploma HHS Health and Human Services HW Hoosier Works IACCRR Indiana Association of Child Care Resource and Referral IAEYC Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children IASACC Indiana Association of School Age Child Care IC Indiana Code ICES Indiana Client Eligibility System (Food stamps, Medicaid, TANF) IEP Individual Education Plan ILCCA Indiana Licensed Child Care Association IMPACT Indiana Manpower Placement and Comprehensive Training IPIN Indiana Parent Information Network IRS Internal Revenue Service ISETS Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System (Child support) LLEP Legally License-Exempt Provider MOU Memorandum of Understanding NAA National After-School Association NAEYC National Association for the Education of Young Children NAFCC National Association of Family Child Care NECPA National Early Childhood Program Accreditation OCP Office of Community Planning OECOSL Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning (The Office) OTC Over the Counter (referring to Hoosier Works Card issuing) PES Provider Eligibility Standards POA Plan of Action POS Point of Service PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 PTQ Paths to Quality QRS Quality Rating System RFF Request for Funds RFP Request for Proposal RID Recipient Identification Number SAC School Age Care (formerly School Age Child Care - SACC) SCM State Case Manager

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All families must meet the service need, financial need, residency and age requirements as well as choose a certified provider to access CCDF. Initially most non-TANF Impact Applicants access CCDF services through enrollment on the CCDF waiting list when escrow funds are not available in the county in which the Applicant and Co-Applicant reside. If funds are available, an application should not be started until the Intake Agent has verified the Applicant and Co-Applicant have provided all information needed to complete an application.


A person who is applying for services on behalf of the child(ren) for which they have physical custody. The applicant must be a person related to the eligible child by blood law, or is their foster parent or other person standing in loco parentis (in place of the parent). The Applicant and Co-Applicant must be age eighteen (18) unless the individual is married, an emancipated minor, or a minor parent.

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In addition to verifying income eligibility, the Intake Agent must take additional steps to ensure the waiting list is accurate. This will require the Intake Agent to contact any Applicant in writing who has been on the waiting list for more than ninety (90) days to inquire if the Applicant and Co-Applicant still have a valid service need.


STEP 1 The Intake Agent must send a written request for verification of valid service need for the Applicant and Co-Applicant, if applicable, requesting the submission of their most recent paystub or other appropriate wage verification when employed. If the Applicant or Co-Applicant is a student, only declaration is required.

STEP 2 The written request must require an appropriate response from the Applicant and/or Co-Applicant within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the request.

STEP 3 If an Applicant or Co-Applicant fails to appropriately respond to the written request, the Applicant and Co-Applicant, if applicable, must be purged from the CCDF waiting list.

STEP 4 If the CCDF waiting list application has been purged, the application may be destroyed.


TANF-Impact Applicants must be enrolled in the CCDF Voucher Program, if funds are available (priority placement on the program despite the presence of a CCDF waiting list).

–  –  –

When funds are not available for a TANF Impact Applicant, the Intake Agent will be directed by the Office to terminate appropriate non-TANF Impact families (this may include TANF only families) who are currently receiving CCDF in the county. The Applicants removed from the program should be placed on the CCDF waiting list in order of state priority utilizing a CCDF Pre-Application.

When a Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Pre-application has been entered into the Automated Intake Software appropriately including selection of the appropriate priority, the Applicant will be prioritized in the appropriate order.

–  –  –


The Intake Agent will be notified of an estimated number of non-TANF Impact children who can be added to the program. Typically, this notification is made by email followed by a conference call hosted by the Office. Intake Agents are expected to participate in this conference call.

It is the responsibility of the Intake Agent to notify and enroll the children within the enrollment cycle. Failure to complete enrollment may result in transfer of funds to a county in need.

–  –  –

A partial application MAY NOT be started for any Applicant or Co-Applicant under any circumstances unless otherwise directed by the Office.


STEP 1 After receiving the child count for enrollment from The Office, identify all children who can be moved from the CCDF Waiting List in priority order.

If one child in a CCDF Household has been identified as eligible to receive services, all other children waiting for CCDF funding within this CCDF Household may be enrolled.

STEP 2 The Office will make available adequate funding to complete this process on the date identified by the Operations Unit of The Office.

STEP 3 Move all children associated with the identified families to partial status within 24 hours of this notification.

STEP 4 On the same business day, send each family written notification using the appropriate automated letter or Office approved substitution.

STEP 5 After five (5) business days, any family who has failed to schedule or complete an appointment for enrollment shall be terminated from the CCDF Waiting List.

STEP 6 Any terminated family may be replaced with the next family on the CCDF Waiting List by utilizing available funds or requesting the appropriate funds until the budget cycle ends or the family count has been fulfilled.

–  –  –


A child who resides and is receiving care and supervision from the Applicant at least 50% of the time.


 Non-Formal Custody may be:

 Foster children placed with unlicensed foster parents  Children living with custodial adults who are not their biological parent or legal guardian  Does not require verification.

 Household composition will include the custodial adults, the child(ren) for whom they are serving as parent, and any other children meeting the definition of a CCDF Household.

 Income is counted for Applicants applying for children for whom they have nonformal custody.

◄MINOR PARENT► Minor parents are parents under the age of eighteen (18) related by blood or law to the

children for whom they have physical custody. Minor parents as Applicants:

 Are considered a CCDF Household with his/her own children  Must meet CCDF eligibility requirements

–  –  –


The Intake Agent shall follow the procedures below:

STEP 1 A CCDF Pre-Application is completed by the minor parent who is considered the Applicant.

STEP 2 A valid TANF Impact referral is provided by the minor parent’s parent or guardian. The IQCM must show the minor parent as a household member.

STEP 3 The minor parent’s application is marked with a “TANF Impact” priority.

STEP 4 The minor parent’s CCDF Household will include the minor parent as Applicant and his/her children whom they are related to by blood or law.

STEP 5 The minor parent must meet all relevant CCDF eligibility criteria.

STEP 6 When the minor parent’s application is complete, their priority must be changed to the appropriate selection for their CCDF Household.


2.3.3(a) CHANGE IN PHYSICAL CUSTODY POLICY When the physical custody of a child currently receiving CCDF benefits change, the child may be entitled to continued benefits should the individual with physical custody meet eligibility guidelines.

–  –  –


When physical custody of a child(ren) is no longer with the Applicant due to a formal or nonformal custody agreement, the Applicant must submit a written request to place the child(ren)’s vouchers in “Approved Leave” for the period of time the child(ren) are not in their physical custody. This period may not exceed sixteen (16) weeks. This action ensures the child(ren) will continue to receive CCDF benefits when the child(ren) returns to the Applicant’s home.

If the individual who obtains temporary custody of the child(ren) also needs child care, the individual with temporary custody may apply for CCDF benefits according to CCDF policies.

–  –  –



The Intake Agent shall follow the procedures below for a foster parent with an active foster

application who does not have an active non-foster application:

PLEASE NOTE: The Intake Agent must assure the adopted eligible child’s authorizations do not overlap by subsidy end date or voucher end date.

STEP 1 On the existing foster application, end the vouchers on the Saturday following the adoption or the first available Saturday. Terminate the case.

STEP 2 Request a complete CCDF Pre-Application from the adoptive parent.

STEP 3 Pre-determine eligibility by entering the Waiting List Application.

STEP 4 If eligible, submit a Data Change Request form to the CCDF Policy Consultant. This form must include the now inactive foster AIS case number and the AIS case number of the Waiting List Application, as well as, the reason for the change noted as “adoption”.

–  –  –

STEP 5 If approved, the Intake Agent will be notified the Waiting List Application is now in partial status.

STEP 6 Complete the eligibility determination and authorization for the eligible child.



The Intake Agent shall follow the procedures below for a foster parent with an active foster

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