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«Child Care and Development Fund Voucher Program Policy and Procedure Manual The Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Family and ...»

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The Office will conduct a review of CCDF recipient files to monitor compliance with CCDF rules. In addition, the Intake Agent may be audited by the FSSA Audit, State Board of Accounts, and/or Federal Audit.



The CCDF Quality Assurance process includes the identification of invalid vouchers.

Families or children appearing on the weekly QA report for any of the following reasons are

ineligible to receive CCDF services:

 Employment service need with no wages recorded  Child over 13 year old and not documented as special needs  Child attending a closed provider


On the Monday following the QA report, the intake errors will be emailed to the agency’s primary CCDF contact and sent by US mail a notification of identified cases. The following

procedures must be followed:

STEP 1 The Intake Agent will have thirteen (13) calendar days to update the data in the software and/or terminate the family.

STEP 2 If the Intake Agent has not updated the data and the family or child still appears on the weekly QA report, the Intake Agent will receive notification via email and US mail requiring the termination of the application with ten (10) calendars notice.


Effective February 28, 2016 PERFORMANCE STANDARDS


In the course of monitoring a grantee, monitors may determine an applicant is ineligible for CCDF services or an improper payment has been authorized requiring action by the Intake Agent. This will result in a reduction and/or repayment. Monitors may also determine a case file has an administrative error that may not result in a repayment.


Each Monday following this determination by the monitor, a letter will be emailed to the

agency’s primary CCDF contact. The following procedures must be followed:

STEP 1 The Intake Agent will have 45 calendar days to resolve the non-compliance or terminate the case.

STEP 2 Scan resolution of error if error can be corrected.

STEP 3 If error cannot be corrected, scan statement that error cannot be corrected.

STEP 4 If the Intake Agent does not agree with error, an appeal must be submitted on appeal form with policy manual section and documentation by noon on Friday following the non-compliance letter STEP 5 The Office will review appeal and provide notification of approval or denial within ten (10) business days of receipt of appeal.

STEP 6 All denied appeals must provide the necessary documentation or terminate within 45 days of receipt of original letter.



The Intake has the right to appeal each case file reduction. The appeal form can be found in the back of this manual or obtained by emailing BCC.IntakeSupport@fssa.in.gov. The appeal

timeline is as follows:

STEP 1 An appeal must be received, via an email to Scanning Help, by the Friday following the date of notice, no later than 12:00 pm EST.

STEP 2 Appeals must include all necessary documentation, the policy manual reference and any other relevant justification.

STEP 3 The Office will approve or deny the appeal and notify the agency within ten (10) working days.

STEP 4 If an appeal is approved, the reduction will not be required but the file may still need to be corrected within 45 days from the original date of notice.

STEP 5 If an appeal is denied, reduction will be withheld and the file must be corrected or terminated, if necessary.

–  –  –


Each Center Operating as an Agreement and Intake Agent must have a current (within the current contract year) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU outlines the responsibilities of both parties in the delivery of service to CCDF households participating through a center contract. When implementing or changing policies or procedures, both parties should review the MOU to determine if such actions will violate their existing agreement.



In general, it is the responsibility of the Center Operating with an Agreement to:

 Determine preliminary eligibility  Generate appropriate referrals for child care services  Provide custodial adults with a printed referral, completed provider information page as well as general enrollment information  Notify the Intake Agent of known changes in household circumstance with may affect participation in the CCDF program  Complete all budget functions associated with their contract


In general, it is the responsibility of the Intake Agent to:

 Check for new referrals  Make an enrollment appointment available to agreement Applicants or CoApplicants within five (5) business days of referral creation  Determine eligibility  Provide printed voucher to the Agreement Center upon authorization  Maintain Applicant files  Communicate any changes in child eligibility to the Agreement Center  Act upon changes in household circumstance reported by the Agreement Center with within five (5) business days  Notify the Applicant and Co-Applicant of impending reauthorization at least thirty (30) days in advance


An Agreement Center Applicant or Co-Applicant applies for subsidy in the same manner as Intake Applicants and Co-Applicants. It is the responsibility of the Intake Agent to determine the appropriate authorization begin and end dates which correspond to the Applicant and Co

–  –  –

Applicant’s service need. It is also the sole responsibility of the Intake Agent to determine the amount of care authorized based upon a verified service need. (See Determining Eligibility Section for further information.) While the Intake Agent is responsible for authorizing child care based upon a verified service need, the Intake Agent may not exceed the number of weeks or amount of funding authorized by the Agreement Center as stated on the Applicant or Co-Applicant’s child care referral.

However, the Intake Agent may reduce the amount authorized based upon the Applicant or Co-Applicant’s verified service need.

For specific information on entering a CCDF application for an Agreement Center Applicant or Co-Applicant, please refer to your software procedure manual.

PLEASE NOTE: Agreement Center’s eligible child should not be added to an active intake application until after the Center’s voucher end date.


The intake agent must conduct a reauthorization with each Agreement Center Applicant or Co-Applicant at least every 53 weeks. This requires the Agreement Center to create a new child care referral for the Applicant or Co-Applicant. A reauthorization, including completion of a new Application, may be completed thirty (30) days before the subsidy end date, but never after.


It is the responsibility of the Intake Agent to notify the Applicant or Co-Applicant of the impending reauthorization at least (30) days prior to the subsidy end date. The notification may be made using computer generated letters, or agency letters which contain similar information provided the mailing date has been documented. This notification will also serve as the family’s ten (10) calendar day notice of termination for failure to complete reauthorization timely. It is the responsibility of the Agreement Center to provide the Applicant or Co-Applicant with a referral at the time of reauthorization.


When completing a reauthorization (update), the Intake Agent may use a variety of methods


 Face-to-face interview  Mail  Fax with the assistance of the Center Operating with a CCDF Agreement


An Applicant file is maintained in the same manner as any CCDF Applicant. (See Maintaining an Applicant File Section for more information)

–  –  –



It is the responsibility of the Agreement Center to maintain a waiting list of families wishing to access their CCDF Center funds.

–  –  –


When a current CCDF Agreement family requests to change their provider to another CCDF Eligible Provider, not owned by the CCDF Agreement Center, the child may receive CCDF funding immediately with approval from The Office.

–  –  –

Please transfer my child care from County ____________________ to County____________________. Date of Move________________________________

NOTE: Your child’s current voucher will end the Saturday following your move date or the Saturday following the date form is received, whichever is later.

Applicant Name (Print)_______________________________ Signature ______________________ ____________ PHONE _____________________

OLD ADDRESS (Street) ______________________________________________ (City) ___________________________________ (Zip) _____________

–  –  –

Parent (Guardian) Name _______________________________________________________ Date Completed _________________________________________

Caregiver’s Name _________________________________________ Business Name (if applicable) _________________________________________

–  –  –

Signed, _________________________________________________

Parent/ Applicant Worksheet (Child Care and Development Fund Voucher Program) (V2-16)

–  –  –

I understand the following pertaining to my obligations of verifying my eligibility for CCDF benefits:

 I understand it is my responsibility to furnish the Intake Agent with complete and accurate information including, but not limited to, income and family composition. I understand I will be required to submit proof of information provided.

 I understand I may be requested to verify these statements and give my consent to the agency, from where I am requesting services, to make any necessary contacts and verify statements.

 I understand subsidized child care will not begin until all forms are completed and I have received written notice from the Office or their representative.

 I understand I must report to the Intake Agent when my service need ends, my TANF status changes, my family composition changes, I move to a new address or I obtain a new phone number within ten (10) calendar days of the change and provide supporting documentation, if necessary.

 I understand I may be asked to cooperate with state and/or federal personnel in any investigation. I further understand my failure to cooperate may result in termination from the program.

I understand the following pertaining to my child care provider:

 I understand I must request a provider change by submitting a complete and current Provider Information Page to the CCDF Intake Office no later than noon on Friday.

 I understand the choice of caregiver is not only my choice, it is my responsibility.

 I understand it is my responsibility to report any suspected child abuse and neglect to the proper authority and others have the same responsibility concerning my child/children.

 I understand reimbursement for my child’s care will be made directly to the provider, unless the care is provided in my home by a non-resident, in which case the payment will be made directly to me. It is my responsibility to reimburse the provider for services rendered as well as any co-payments. I also understand it is my responsibility to withhold and make all applicable Internal Revenue Service (IRS) payments for my child care provider and for the end of the year reporting to the IRS.

 I understand parents, step-parents or legal guardians will not be paid as caregivers for their own children.

 I understand that failure to pay any child care co-payment could result in my family being terminated from this funding assistance.

I understand my rights in receiving child care benefits through the CCDF program:

 I understand information concerning my family regarding the CCDF voucher program, and the services I receive, will be treated as confidential and will be used solely for the administration of the CCDF voucher program.

 I understand my right to file a written complaint.

 I understand I can submit a written appeal if I disagree with an action taken regarding my eligibility for CCDF.

I understand my child care may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

 Allowing another person to use my Hoosier Works for Child Care card to document attendance;

 Failing to electronically document my child/children’s attendance; and/or  Failing to pay my co-pay.

I understand my child care will be terminated for any of the following reasons:

 My child is not a U.S. citizen, qualified alien, and/or resident of the county and/or state;

 I fail to complete required CCDF enrollment paperwork;

 I am no longer employed, in a training or education program, a TANF IMPACT approved activity, or other CCDF approved activity;

 I have been convicted of welfare fraud;

 My child turns thirteen (13) or eighteen (18) for a child with documented special needs;

 I deliberately fail to report loss of service need or change in family composition;

 I falsify any required documentation;

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