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«Car Insurance This booklet tells you what you’re covered for and how to make a claim Welcome to Nationwide Car Insurance Thank you for choosing ...»

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If you require proof of your NCD earned whilst insured with us, we’ll issue it for you, provided you don’t owe us any money.

Section 12 General exceptions These general exceptions apply to this whole contract and in addition to the exclusions shown under ‘We won’t pay for’ in each section of this document of car insurance.

1. Change of circumstances – notification and acceptance

This insurance won’t apply unless:

• you’ve told us about any change as listed in section 13.2, general conditions; and

• we’ve agreed to provide cover, issued a new schedule and where appropriate issued a new certificate of motor insurance.

2. Driving and use This insurance won’t apply if any car your contract allows you to drive is being driven and/or used with your


• other than when in line with your certificate of motor insurance and/or your schedule;

• by any person not described on your certificate of motor insurance and/or your schedule as entitled to drive or be in charge of your car;

• by any person who doesn’t have a valid driving licence, is disqualified from driving, has not held a driving licence or who is prevented by law from holding a driving licence;

• by any person who is breaking the conditions of their driving licence;

• for hire or reward, track days or for competing in National British A or International rallies;

• for any use in connection with the motor trade other than by a member of the motor trade for the purposes of overhaul, upkeep or repair;

• when towing for payment/reward a caravan, trailer or mechanically disabled vehicle;

• for towing more than one caravan, trailer or mechanically disabled vehicle at the same time.

3. Contractual liability We won’t pay for any liability resulting only from a contract or agreement you have with another party.

Document of Insurance Car 15

4. Radioactivity

We won’t pay for any loss, damage, liability or cost directly or indirectly caused by:

• radiation or contamination from nuclear fuel or nuclear waste or from burning or explosion of nuclear fuel;

• the radioactive, toxic, explosive, hazardous or contaminating properties of any nuclear installation, reactor or other nuclear assembly or its component part;

• any weapon or device using atomic or nuclear fission or fusion or radioactive force or matter.

5. War, terrorism, riot, civil unrest

We won’t pay in the event of:

• war, civil war, terrorism, rebellion or revolution except when required by the Road Traffic Act; or

• riot or civil unrest that happens outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Section 13 General conditions We’ll provide cover under this policy if you and anyone else covered by this insurance meet all the terms and conditions in this document of car insurance and those shown on your schedule.

1. Care of your car You or any person in charge of your car must protect your car from damage or loss.

Alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices must always be on and working when your car is left unattended.

Your schedule shows any security requirements specific to your policy. If these requirements aren’t met, this insurance won’t be valid and we won’t pay a claim.

You must always take the ignition key or device out of the ignition and remove them completely when your car is left unattended. You should lock all doors and close all windows and sun-roofs.

You should ensure your car is kept in a roadworthy condition and you must have a valid Department for Transport Test Certificate (MOT) if one is needed by law.

You must give us access to examine your car and if asked, send us evidence of a valid MOT and/or evidence your car was regularly maintained and kept in a good condition.

2. Your responsibility to provide correct information When applying for, amending or renewing this insurance you must answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge, including questions that apply to any other person covered by this insurance.

Your schedule shows the answers you’ve provided and you must let us know if any of the details are incorrect as soon as possible after receiving your documents. At renewal, you must also let us know if any of the information has changed for you and/or anyone insured under your policy, including any claims or motoring convictions/endorsements.

Changes you need to tell us about during the period of cover

You must tell us as soon as possible if:

• you change your car;

• the main driver has changed or you want to add an additional driver;

Document of Insurance Car

• you change the registered keeper;

• you change the way you use your car, e.g. from social domestic and pleasure to business use;

• you move house or change the address of where you keep your car;

• changes to the manufacturers standard specification, which improve the value, appearance, performance or handling of your car;

• your driving licence has changed, such as it is now withdrawn;

• you change occupation, including part time work.

If you make any of the changes above, you won’t be covered unless we’ve agreed and issued a new schedule and where appropriate issued you a new certificate of motor insurance. This means that if you don’t tell us, we may reject any claim or reduce the payments we make.

When we agree to your change, it may result in an additional or return premium and may be subject to an administration charge. Your schedule gives details of charges that may apply.

If the changes you make mean we can no longer insure you, we’ll give you notice of cancellation.

Please see section 13.9, general conditions, our rights to cancel your insurance.

Documents and information you may need to give us To help us validate your details, you may be asked to send us documents, information or allow us to have access to databases.

Examples of documents or information we may require include your driving licence, your driving licence number, your vehicle registration document, proof of NCD, proof of your address, and a copy of your utility bill.

Failure to provide the requested documents, information or authority to access any requested databases may result in your policy being cancelled. If a refund is paid, we will deduct our charge for the cancellation and for the time you’ve been on cover.

3. Misrepresentation and fraud

If you or anyone representing you:

• provides us with misleading or incorrect information to any of the questions asked when applying for, amending or renewing this insurance;

• deliberately misleads us to obtain cover, gain a cheaper premium or more favourable terms;

• provides us with false documents;

• makes a fraudulent payment by bank account and/or card;

we may:

• amend your policy to record the correct information, apply any relevant policy terms and conditions and collect any additional premium due including any administration charges. If you pay by instalments, you will be informed if this additional premium cannot be added to your current instalment plan and must be paid in full;

• reject a claim or reduce the amount of payment we make; or

• cancel or void your policy (treat it as if it never existed), including all other policies which you have with us, and apply a cancellation charge.

Where fraud is identified, we’ll also:

• not return any premium paid by you;

• recover from you any costs we’ve incurred: and

• pass details to fraud prevention and law enforcement agencies who may access and use this information.

Document of Insurance Car 17

3.1 Claims fraud

If you or anyone representing you:

• makes a claim or part of any claim that is fraudulent, false or exaggerated,

we may:

• reject the claim or reduce the amount of payment we make;

• cancel your policy from the date of the fraudulent act and not return any payment paid;

• recover from you any costs we’ve incurred relating to the fraudulent claim and any further claims notified after the date of the fraudulent act; and

• pass details to fraud prevention and law enforcement agencies who may access and use this information. Other insurers may also access this information.

4. Accident and claims procedure

You or any other person driving under this insurance must:

• give us full details of any accident as soon as possible;

• inform the police as soon as possible if your car or its contents are stolen or maliciously damaged and provide us with the crime reference number;

• immediately send us all communications from other people involved without replying;

• immediately tell us about and send to us, any notice of intended prosecution, inquest, fatal inquiry or any writ, summons or process without replying; and

• co-operate with us and provide details of your claim that we may request to help us validate and process your claim.

You must not, without our consent:

• negotiate or admit responsibility: or

• make any offer, promise or payment.

We’re entitled to:

• have total control to conduct, defend and settle any claim; and

• take proceedings, in your name or in the name of any other person claiming under this insurance, at our own expense and for our own benefit to recover any payment we have made.

5. Other insurances If any loss, damage or liability is covered by this insurance and is also covered by any other insurance, we’ll only pay our share. This condition doesn’t apply to section 8, personal accident benefits.

6. Compulsory insurance laws If under the law of any country we must make a payment which we wouldn’t otherwise have to make, you must repay that amount to us.

Document of Insurance Car

7. Car sharing Accepting payments from passengers as part of a car sharing arrangement won’t affect your insurance

cover, if:

• they’re being given a lift for social or similar purposes;

• your car isn’t built or adapted to carry more than eight passengers;

• this is not as part of a business of carrying passengers; and

• any money received doesn’t produce a profit.

8. Voluntary use Social, domestic and pleasure use includes use of your car for voluntary purposes. No payment or income should be received other than reasonable expenses to cover running costs such as fuel.

9. Cancellation Our rights to cancel your insurance

We’ll cancel your insurance by giving you 7 days’ notice if:

• you don’t pay the premium or an instalment when we have notified you that the outstanding amount is required by a specific date;

• you or anyone else covered by this insurance hasn’t met the terms and conditions in this document of car insurance including those shown on your schedule;

• a change in your circumstances means that we can no longer provide cover;

• we identify misrepresentation or fraud or any attempt to gain an advantage under this insurance to which you’re not entitled, see general conditions 13.3;

• we identify your involvement in or association with insurance fraud and/or financial crime;

• you behave in a manner that makes it inappropriate for us to continue your insurance, e.g. if you harass or show abusive or threatening behaviour towards our staff.

Our cancellation notice will confirm the reason for cancellation and be posted and/or emailed to you.

The insurance will end immediately the 7 days’ notice runs out. But if you’ve just taken out the policy or renewed with us and the premium is unpaid, we’ll cancel your insurance from the start/renewal date.

We’ll refund the balance of your premium that applies to the remaining period of cover unless fraud has been identified.

If a refund is paid, a cancellation charge will be deducted from the refund.

If a claim has been made, we’ll cancel your cover but may not refund any premium. If you’re paying by instalments, you must still pay us the balance of the full annual premium.

Document of Insurance Car 19 Your rights to cancel your insurance Up to 14 days after you receive your documents At the start of your insurance, when you receive your documents, you have 14 days to check you’re happy with the insurance cover you’ve bought. If the cover doesn’t meet your needs, you can cancel your insurance by telling us. If you do this within 14 days of receiving your documents, we’ll refund any money you’ve paid less a charge for the cover you’ve had and a cancellation charge will apply for setting up the policy. A charge won’t be made if you cancel before the cover start date.

More than 14 days after you receive your documents After the initial 14 days, if you’ve not made a claim, we’ll refund any money you’ve paid, less a charge for the cover you’ve had and a cancellation charge will apply. If you’ve made a claim no refund will be paid.

Please refer to your schedule or policy summary for details of the charges that apply.

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