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«Car Insurance This booklet tells you what you’re covered for and how to make a claim Welcome to Nationwide Car Insurance Thank you for choosing ...»

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Excesses that apply If your schedule shows that you have an excess, you must pay that as the first part of any claim.

Journey continuation If your car can’t be driven following an accident in the UK (which is covered under sections 1 and 2), and you’re more than 25 miles from where your journey started, we’ll reimburse you up to £500 for any alternative transport that you arrange to continue your journey. We’ll only pay these costs if you provide receipts.

We’ll also provide this extra benefit if the accident happens within the EU and your schedule shows section 7, foreign use is included.

Section 3 Liability to other people

What is covered:

As a result of any accident involving your car or any other vehicle your certificate of motor insurance allows

you to drive, we’ll pay all sums you are legally responsible for:

• following death of or bodily injury to other people; and

• up to £20,000,000 for damage to their property.

Driving other cars If your certificate of motor insurance says so, we’ll insure the policyholder to drive a private car/van in the UK, that you don’t own, is not registered to you and not hired to you under a hire purchase or rental/leasing

agreement as long as:

• you have the owner’s permission to drive the car/van;

• the car/van is registered and normally kept in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands;

• it’s not a van which has been adapted to carry passengers;

• the car/van doesn’t exceed 3.5 tonnes GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight);

• the car/van hasn’t been seized or confiscated by or on behalf of any government or public authority;

• you’re not covered by any other insurance to drive it; and

• you still have your car, it hasn’t been stolen and it hasn’t been damaged to an extent that it’s a total loss.

Note: The cover is for third party only, so loss or damage to the car you’re driving isn’t covered.

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Legal costs

Following a claim under this policy, we’ll pay your reasonable legal costs and expenses relating to:

• solicitors’ fees for representation at a coroner’s inquest, fatal accident inquiry or court of summary jurisdiction; and

• defence of any legal proceedings for manslaughter or causing death by dangerous or reckless driving.

In assessing whether legal costs and expenses are reasonable we consider:

• the level of legal expertise required, taking into account the nature of the case;

• the level of costs charged by the legal representative;

• whether legal representation for defence of a prosecution is likely to affect the outcome.

Emergency medical treatment We’ll pay for emergency medical treatment required under the Road Traffic Act, following an accident in your car. If this is the only payment we make, it won’t affect your no claim discount (NCD).

What is not covered under section 3

We won’t pay for:

• any death, injury, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of any deliberate act by you or any person driving your car;

• death of or bodily injury to any employee arising out of or in the course of their employment by any person who is covered by this section, unless they’re a passenger in any vehicle for which insurance is provided by this section;

• legal responsibility which is covered by any other insurance;

• loss of or damage to any car which is covered by this section;

• loss of or damage to any trailer, caravan or vehicle (or their contents) whilst being towed by or attached to any car which is covered by this section;

• the loss of or damage to any property which belongs to or is in the care of any person claiming under this section;

• legal responsibility, loss or damage when your car is being used in the operational boundaries of any airport or airfield except when required under the Road Traffic Act;

• more than £20,000,000 for any one incident or series of incidents arising from one event that causes loss or damage to property. This amount is inclusive of all costs and expenses up to £5,000,000.

Document of Insurance Car Section 4 Use by the motor trade, hotels and car parks We’ll give you the cover under section 1: Accidental damage and section 2: Fire and theft, if included on your

schedule. We won’t apply any driving and use restrictions or any excess while your car is with:

• a member of the motor trade for service/repair/recovery; or

• a hotel, restaurant, car park or similar commercial organisation for parking purposes.

Section 5 Windscreen and window glass If shown on your schedule, we’ll cover damage to the windscreen or window glass including sun-roofs and any resultant scratching of the bodywork. We may use a suitable replacement not supplied by the original manufacturer but which is of a similar quality. As long as there’s been no other loss or damage, a claim under this section won’t affect your no claim discount (NCD) but your premium may increase following a claim.

If your windscreen or window glass is replaced or repaired, an excess will apply, see your schedule.

We won’t pay:

• more than the market value of your car; or

• to repair or replace any windscreens or windows not made of glass.

Section 6 Guaranteed courtesy car We’ll pay for a courtesy car only if this section is included on your schedule. After loss or damage to your car

and if we are managing your claim we’ll supply and pay for a courtesy car:

• whilst the repairs are carried out by our Recommended Repairer Service; or

• for up to 14 days or until 4 days after payment has been issued to you, whichever is soonest, if your car is a total loss; and

• providing the loss or damage happened within the territorial limits of the policy.

The courtesy car will either be provided via our Recommended Repairer Service or a hire company of our choice. The courtesy car will usually be a small hatchback under 1200cc. We’ll insure the courtesy car for comprehensive cover and all your other policy terms and conditions will apply, including drivers and their permitted use. The use of the courtesy car is restricted to the territorial limits of the policy, irrespective of section 7, foreign use, applying. You’ll pay for any fuel used.

You must return the courtesy car when we or the owner ask you to. If your insurance expires you are no longer insured to drive the courtesy car.

Document of Insurance Car 11 Section 7 Foreign use European Union (EU) cover If this section is included on your schedule, we’ll provide the same level of cover you have in the territorial limits, while you are travelling in EU countries and any other country that follows EU directives. This includes

when your car is being transported within and between them and is subject to your car:

• being registered and normally kept in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands; and

• not kept abroad for more than 180 days during your period of cover.

Your certificate of motor insurance is proof of compulsory motor insurance in the countries which are shown on your schedule. Compulsory motor insurance is the minimum level of cover required by law. It may not be the same cover you have in the UK, for example, there won’t be any cover if your car is stolen or damaged.

Note: If you do not have this section on your schedule, you will only have the minimum compulsory insurance.

Use in other foreign countries If you want to use your car in countries not listed on your schedule, if we agree and you pay any extra cost,

we’ll provide the same level of cover you have in the territorial limits, to apply:

• in the countries we’ve agreed, including when your car is being transported; and

• for the period agreed.

We’ll send you a green card as proof of your insurance.

If your car is lost or damaged in any foreign country that we’ve agreed to give cover for, you may be charged customs duty. If we cover the loss of or damage to your car we’ll also refund you the customs duty.

Section 8 Personal accident benefits

What is covered:

We’ll pay the amount shown on your schedule if you or your partner are injured in or getting into or out of

your car, and within 12 months of the accident, this injury alone results in:

• death;

• permanent loss of any limb above the wrist or ankle;

• permanent and total loss of use of any limb above the wrist or ankle;

• permanent and total loss of hearing in one or both ears;

• permanent and total loss of sight in one or both eyes; or

• permanent total disablement, resulting in an inability to do any sort of work for the remainder of their life.

We’ll pay the injured person or their legal representative.

We won’t pay for:

• more than the amount shown on your schedule during any one period of cover;

• any injury or death resulting from suicide or attempted suicide;

• any injuries if the driver of your car is convicted of an alcohol or drugs related motoring offence as a result of the accident;

Document of Insurance Car

• any injuries if the driver of your car is proven, following a coroner’s inquest or fatal accident inquiry, to be driving whilst unfit through alcohol or drugs, whether prescribed or otherwise at the time of the accident; or

• anyone failing to wear a seat belt when required by law.

Section 9 Medical expenses and physical assault benefits Medical expenses We’ll pay up to £250 for you or your passengers for any medical expenses resulting from an accident while travelling in your car. This is in addition to the compulsory emergency medical treatment fee under section 3, liability to other people.

Physical assault benefits Road rage We’ll pay £500 if you or your partner are physically assaulted as a result of your car being in an accident.

We’ll pay the injured person or their legal representative.

We won’t pay when the incident:

• is caused by a relative or a person known to you or your partner;

• is not reported to the police as soon as possible;

• happens outside the territorial limits; or

• is caused or contributed to by anything said or done by you, your partner, or by a passenger in your car after the accident.

Aggravated car theft We’ll pay £500 if you or your partner are physically assaulted as a result of your car being subjected to a theft or attempted theft.

We’ll pay the injured person or their legal representative.

We won’t pay when the incident:

• is caused by a relative or a person known to you or your partner;

• is not reported to the police as soon as possible; or

• happens outside the territorial limits.

Section 10 Personal belongings

What is covered:

We’ll pay up to £200 for personal belongings in your car if lost or damaged due to accident, fire, theft or attempted theft.

We won’t pay for:

• the theft or attempted theft of personal belongings if your car has been left unlocked or with a window or roof open or with the ignition key/device in, on or attached to or left in the immediate

–  –  –

Section 11 No claim discount If you have a no claim discount (NCD), we’ll give you a discount in line with our NCD scale which is current at the time of taking out the policy. The discount won’t apply to our administration costs or to any additional options you’ve chosen.

Your NCD will not be affected if we only pay for:

• emergency medical treatment charges (section 3);

• damage to the windscreen or window glass (section 5); or

• a claim under breakdown cover; or

• a claim under motor legal expenses.

If more than one car is insured, the NCD is earned separately for each car in the policyholder’s name.

A named driver doesn’t earn their own NCD.

If a claim is still outstanding at the renewal date, we may issue a renewal quotation with the NCD reduced.

Once the claim has been settled and we’ve agreed that you’re not at fault and all outstanding monies repaid, your NCD will be restored and we’ll refund any extra premium you may have paid. However, whilst your NCD will be restored, your premium may still increase following a claim even if you were not at fault.

If a claim is made against your policy and your NCD isn’t guaranteed, your NCD will reduce as follows:

NCD (years) at the start of your NCD (years) at the next renewal current period of cover 1 claim 2 claims 3 claims 5 to 8 3 1 0 Guaranteed NCD If you’re eligible and pay the required extra premium, you may choose to guarantee your NCD. If chosen, this will be shown on your schedule.

If your NCD is shown as guaranteed on your schedule, it won’t be reduced irrespective of the number of accidents/claims made. However, your premium may still increase following an accident/claim even if you were not at fault.

If we’ve offered the option to guarantee your NCD and we’re then subsequently advised of a claim, we may Document of Insurance Car issue a revised quote and remove the option.

Proof of your NCD entitlement You should keep your proof of NCD from your previous insurer as we may ask you to provide this at any time or in the event of a claim.

The proof should be in your name and be less than 2 years old, issued by your previous UK insurer and not being used on another car. We may also check any NCD you’ve told us you’re entitled to. For further information, refer to section 13.3, general conditions.

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