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• Use of personally-owned software on the Company PC’s is prohibited.

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• The primary Email system used at CROSSMARK CANADA is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook can be used to send Email to anyone whose name appears in the Email directory and through the Internet. Under this policy, CROSSMARK CANADA establishes its right to review and investigate, where appropriate, the content of Email files to ensure that published Email policies and guidelines are followed. Associates should not expect their Internet use or electronic communications to remain private.

• Email can, and should be, used to facilitate communications between and among Associates of CROSSMARK CANADA and between CROSSMARK CANADA’s business partners and associates.

• Appropriate uses of Email include:

• Any Internet business correspondence that would “normally” go on an interoffice memo for manual distribution.

• Schedule meetings with Associates and vendors.

• Create electronic file folders for Email.

• Sharing your calendar with other Microsoft Outlook users.

• Forwarding copies of Email that you have received to other Associates.

• Any external correspondence that would “normally” be sent by mail to a CROSSMARK CANADA business partner or associate who has an Email address.

• Inappropriate uses of Email would include anything that does not pertain to CROSSMARK CANADA’s business activities including, but not limited to the following.

Violation of this policy can initiate disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

–  –  –

• Any correspondence the recipient might deem as offensive because of personal, sexual, racial, age, religious, or political content.

–  –  –

• Questions should be directed to the Vice President of Human Resource Services or the Chief Information Officer at the Corporate Center.

–  –  –

• CROSSMARK CANADA provides Internet access in order to facilitate Company business.

Access to the Internet should be based on business necessity. Under this policy, CROSSMARK CANADA establishes its right to review and investigate, where appropriate, the content and business use of its Internet facility including the Internet activity of its users.

Associates should not expect their Internet use or electronic communications to remain private.

• As stated above, use of the Internet is based on business need. CROSSMARK CANADA’s Internet users must follow these guidelines. Inappropriate use of the Internet is considered a violation of Company policy and subject to disciplinary action including termination.

• Appropriate Use of the Internet. The Internet may be used for Email access as well as access to the World Wide Web and other Internet environments as determined by the description and scope of each individual Associate’s position with CROSSMARK CANADA. For more information about Email, refer to CROSSMARK CANADA’s Electronic Mail (Email) Policy. Appropriate uses include accessing a company’s web page to gain information relative to our business, downloading appropriate business software under the direction of IS, and sending and receiving messages needed for the completion of a project.

• Inappropriate Use of the Internet. While use of the Internet can be an advantage to CROSSMARK CANADA, inappropriate use will not be tolerated. Inappropriate uses include excessive use for non-Company business activity and accessing Internet sites that are of an offensive nature including sexually explicit language, pictures, graphics, and/or materials. If an inappropriate site is inadvertently accessed, the IS Division at the Corporate Center is to be notified immediately.

• Questions pertaining to this policy are to be directed to the Vice President of Human Resource Services or the Chief Information Officer at the Corporate Center.

–  –  –

• The Company believes in fair and impartial treatment of all Associates and expects each Associate to meet reasonable standards of work performance and conduct. An Associate whose conduct is questionable will be given the opportunity to discuss the situation with his/her supervisor. Infractions will be investigated and reviewed by CROSSMARK’s Corporate Human Resources group as warranted.

• Our Company is involved in a highly competitive business where many other individuals and companies rely on the quality and reliability of our work, product, honesty and service. Consequently, all Associates are expected to provide excellent and reliable service to our Company, our clients, and co-Associates. CROSSMARK CANADA Management takes any infraction of this policy to be a very serious issue. Any failure to meet these high standards is a ground for concern, discipline, and/or discharge according to the following guidelines.

• The following conduct is strictly forbidden and, where engaged in, will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Please note that this list is broad in nature as it is not possible to list every type of forbidden conduct. However, any conduct similar in nature to what is set out below is also strictly forbidden and would also result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

• Your supervisor and/or manager are available to answer your questions about the foregoing or any questions you may have regarding Company policies.

• Falsification of any work, personnel, or reimbursement records.

• Unauthorized taking or use of Company property.

• Unauthorized purchases or charges against the Company’s account.

• Unauthorized taking or use of property and/or records belonging to our customers, clients, or Associates.

–  –  –

• Inefficient, poor, or negligent performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

• Failure to report to work as required or excessive tardiness in reporting to work.

• Failure to comply with safety rules and procedures.

• Harassment of any Associate, customer, or principal/client.

• Disorderly conduct of any kind, including fighting, practical jokes, or horseplay.

• Failure to maintain a cooperative relationship with management and supervision.

• Failure to maintain a harmonious work relationship with management and other Associates.

–  –  –

• Possession of a firearm(s) or other weapon(s) on Company premises, in a Company vehicle, or while on Company business.

• Immoral or indecent conduct on Company premises or while on Company business.

• Insubordination or gross misconduct of any kind, including the unauthorized use of confidential information and/or documents belonging to our customers, clients, or Associates.

–  –  –

• The Company is committed to providing a work environment that is free of harassment.

• The Company prohibits unlawful harassment based on all of the categories mentioned in our Human Rights Policy. This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, and visual harassment.

• Any Associate who believes he/she has been harassed by a co-worker, supervisor, agent of the employer, or client should promptly report the fact of the incident(s) and the names of the individuals involved. This harassment should be reported to the Associate’s supervisor, Team Manager or Manager in Charge. The incident should also be reported directly to Corporate Human Resource Services. The Company will immediately investigate all such claims and take appropriate corrective action.


• It is the policy of the Company not to tolerate the harassment of any Associate by any other Associate or supervisor for any reason. In addition, harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of various provincial and federal laws, which subject the individual harasser to liability for any such unlawful conduct.

• Sexual harassment is considered to exist whenever there are unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual

nature when:

• Submission to the conduct is made either implicitly or explicitly a condition of the individual’s employment;

• Submission to or rejection of the conduct is used as the basis for an employment decision affecting the harassed Associate; or,

• The harassment has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the Associate’s work performance, or creating an environment which is intimidating, hostile, or offensive to the Associate. (For example, sexually-oriented jokes, remarks, gestures, or pictures may be offensive to other Associates, and, thus should not occur.)

–  –  –

• Any manager, supervisor, or Associate who engages in such objectionable conduct is subject to immediate termination.

• Any Associate who believes that he or she has been or may be subjected to such objectionable conduct is urged to contact his or her supervisor, Manager in Charge, Human Resources Coordinator, or any other member of management. Associates may also contact Human Resource Services directly at 1-888-695-6735.

–  –  –

• CROSSMARK’s policy is in concert with the commitment of the Company to provide a safe and healthful work environment, and to protect its reputation, standing, and/or position in the community. Associates should note the policy incorporates rules prohibiting work-related use or possession of alcoholic beverages as well as drugs.

• The Company’s policy prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or use of drugs, on or off Company property. This policy includes, not only illegal drugs, inhalants and drugs not properly utilized, but also work-related use of alcoholic beverages.

• However, the policy does not include lawful possession or use of prescription drugs taken by an Associate as directed by the Associate’s doctor or possession or use of over the counter medications taken by the Associate as provided by label instructions. For purposes of this policy, drugs and alcoholic beverages are as defined by appropriate law/code.

• The Company’s policy also prohibits an Associate being in active control of any vehicle owned or operated by the Company, or reporting for duty or remaining on duty while under the influence of any drug/alcohol. In addition, Associates shall not possess or consume any drug/alcohol while on duty or on the Company’s property. (Managers in Charge may authorize the consumption of alcohol in moderation at official Company functions held off of the Company’s property.)

• The use of alcohol or illegal drugs off the Company’s property is prohibited when it affects the Associate’s work performance, other Associates’ safety or the Company’s reputation, standing and/or position in the community.

• The Company reserves the right to conduct reasonable searches, as determined by the Company’s Safety Board, of Associates, the Associate’s work area, or any vehicle owned or operated by the Company or any vehicle located on Company property (owned or leased) or authorized parking areas (owned or authorized by lease) in order to monitor policy compliance.

• This policy applies to all Associates of the Company.

–  –  –

• Any Associate who is convicted of violating any federal statute, including the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act or the Food and Drug Act, involving the unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession or use of alcohol or drugs, must notify his/her supervisor within 5 days of such conviction.


• Compliance with this policy may be a condition of continued employment. Consequently, a violation of any aspect of this policy may render Associates subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. This policy supplements any other Company directives and policies on the issue. A positive reading on a properly conducted drug (hair, blood, or urine) or alcohol screen (blood or breath) shall be considered conclusive proof that the Company’s policy has been violated. An Associate testing positive may be terminated, subject to the provisions of Human Rights legislation. Refusal to sign the statement agreeing to abide by this policy is grounds for termination.

–  –  –

• The purpose of the policy is to help provide a safe and healthful work environment and underscore the Company’s commitment to eliminate alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace. The policy applies to all Associates of the Company.

• Certain over-the-counter and lawfully prescribed drugs and inhalants can also adversely affect your ability to safely perform your job. You must advise your supervisor if you are taking this type of medication and refrain from performing any work which may possibly endanger yourself, fellow Associates or the public.

• Associates may be tested in accordance with Company policy as follows:

1. Post-vehicle accident which results in an injury or damage to property or post any “near-miss” incident which if it had proceeded to a reasonably possible and more serious level of development would have had the potential for personal injury or property damage;

2. Where reasonable suspicion exists that the Associate is using or is under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol.

–  –  –

• A Part time retail rep must have the prior approval of his/her supervisor for any expense.

Unapproved expenses will not be paid. All approved expenses must be documented with original expenses and submitted with the Project Recap Sheet or on a weekly expense report, as appropriate.

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