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The Cuban Rafter Phenomenon: A Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Holly Ackerman, Ph.D.,

Librarian for Latin America & Iberia

Duke University, Durham, NC

This bibliography can be found on the Internet at: http://balseros.miami.edu

Content of the Bibliography

A primary selection criterion for inclusion in this bibliography was the extent to which each item

treated the subject of rafting. All or a very substantial portion of the work needed to be dedicated to

some aspect of the post-1959 rafter phenomenon. Excluded were many otherwise worthy academic publications, particularly texts and overviews of U.S./Cuban relations, that include a few paragraphs giving very general description of the 1994 crisis and offering speculation about what caused it without providing supporting data.

Second, the material needed to be based in direct experience or, for non-participant authors, to be well grounded theoretically and methodologically. In the first grouping, testimonies of rafters, service providers and, in smaller numbers, officials/policy makers were selected regardless of their perspective or the quality of their prose. Basically, any participant in events who has published has been included. The reason for this was simply to give readers exposure to detailed description by the rafters themselves and to draw attention to hard to find materials that researchers might otherwise be unable to locate. Naturally, most of these accounts are in Spanish. Testimonial accounts are marked with an asterisk (*).

Academic treatments needed to be more rigorous, presenting strong methodological grounding and analysis. This second criterion was tempered by an effort to be comprehensive and to include a variety of theories and perspectives. The formats included are non-fiction books, scholarly journal articles, dissertations, video/film, selected archives, government publications, occasional papers, reports & proceedings.

Journalistic production on this subject is so extensive that it was impossible to gather and evaluate this category in the time available for this bibliography. The same is true of the extensive literature on the case of rafter Elián González. With the exception of the film category, fiction is not included.

These materials will be added over time.

Like the rest of the website, this bibliography is a living thing. Readers are encouraged to submit citations that may have been overlooked to holly.ackerman@duke.edu The author will also annotate and update the bibliography at intervals.


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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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* Indicates a book of testimony written by a rafter or social services provider who worked directly with rafters.

–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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