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«1. You want to get away from the noise of the city traffic. You would also like your children to grow up in a good neighbourhood with a park, shops ...»

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Task 1

 Read the statements. Then read the advertisements and find which statement corresponds to

which advertisement. Next to each statement write a letter (A-H). Some advertisements

correspond to more than one statement.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

1. You want to get away from the noise of the city traffic. You would also like your children to grow up in

a good neighbourhood with a park, shops and cafés._____

2. Your younger brother is an online newspaper reporter and he is planning to move into a smaller flat in the city centre. He often works from home and sends his articles via the Internet.______

3. You love flowers. You would like to buy a house or a flat which has a beautiful garden with a lot of exotic plants in it. You prefer a quiet and peaceful place. ______

4. You have been offered a new temporary job in a seaside town and you want to rent a flat in a nice part of the town. You’d also like to have access to good sports facilities.______

5. You are a young artist. You take a special interest in different types of flowers and plants which you like to paint. You want to buy a small flat in a block not far from the city centre. _____

6. You are thinking of buying a house in the countryside because you love peace. Your favourite pastimes are fishing and hiking. ______

7. Your cousin has just got married. He wants to find a quiet place by the seaside to enjoy being alone with his newly married wife. ______

8. Your father wants to buy a country house. Your mother has always been a keen gardener so she insists on having a big garden.______

9. Your relatives want to buy a house in the suburbs and they think that living near a local school would be very convenient for their two small daughters. ______

10. You want to rent a flat near the sea and within a short walking distance from the beach. You would like to keep in touch with your family and friends via the Internet.______

11. You have just got married. You would like to rent a comfortable apartment in the central part of the city.

An Internet connection would be an advantage.______

12. Your grandparents want to rent a house at the seaside. They would like to go swimming and enjoy long walks along the beach.______ Special offers A. E.

We are pleased to offer a charming little house We offer a modern apartment in the city centre in the suburbs of the city. The house has three next to a fitness club. Top floor with a bedrooms, a dining room and a big kitchen. beautiful view. Good for a young person or a The house has also got a lovely back yard with couple. Fully furnished. One bedroom with a a small fountain. Just right for a family with small built-in wardrobe, a spacious

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 Read the text. Then read the statements below and decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). Circle the right answer.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

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Precious stones are found in different parts of the world. Burma, a country located in south-east Asia, has been one of the most important precious stone producing countries for many centuries. Burmese rubies* in particular have often surprised the experts with their clarity and size. Some of them were so amazing that they were given special names. For example, a 100-carat ruby discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century was named the De Long Star Ruby after one of its owners. In terms of size, the De Long Star Ruby is the second largest star ruby in the world after the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby. Star rubies reflect a six point star on the surface. The star effect is best seen in the sunlight or when the stone is examined under an artificial source of light.

The De Long Ruby has an interesting history. In the 1930s, a businessman called Martin Leo Ehrmann bought this unusual ruby and in 1937 he sold it to Mrs. Edith De Long for 21,400 dollars. Mrs. De Long then gifted it to the American Museum of Natural History in the same year. The museum exhibited the extraordinary ruby together with another famous precious stone, the Star of India, which is a light blue sapphire. The two stones were displayed in the Morgan Hall of Precious Stones and became two of the most popular exhibits in the collection.

In 1964, several valuable stones, including the De Long Star Ruby, were stolen by a famous surfer Jack Murphy and two of his companions. The robbers stole precious stones and left the museum without being noticed, which was possible because one of the windows on the second floor was regularly left open.

Murphy and his partners climbed in through that open window. It was amazing that no one had tried to burgle the museum before.

The value of the stolen stones was more than four hundred thousand dollars, making this the largest robbery ever at the time. The news media called it the Robbery of the Century. Three of the stones were so famous that they would be impossible to sell, so the museum authorities managed to pay money to the burglars and got the precious stones back. Some sources say that the robbers left the stones in a phone booth in Florida, others claim that they were left in a storeroom at a bus station in Miami. Jack Murphy and both of his partners, Alan Kuhn and Roger Clark, were arrested two days after the stones were found and they were sentenced to three years in prison. The robbery later became the subject of a popular Hollywood movie shot in 1975 and named ‘Murph the Surf’. The movie was directed by Marvin Chomsky and it starred Don Stroud as Murphy.

*ruby: lalis qva

1. The De Long Star Ruby was discovered in Burma...…………………….……….….. T F

2. All the rubies found in Burma are given special names..………………………….…. T F

3. The De Long Star Ruby is the largest ruby in the world. ……………….…..………… T F

4. This unusual ruby had more than one owner……………………….……………..…… T F

5. The American Museum of Natural History received the Star Ruby as a present……… T F

6. The Star of India and the De Long Star are the same kind of stones…..……..……… T F

7. Murphy, a burglar, stole the Star Ruby from the museum without anyone’s help……. T F

8. It was the first time that the museum had been robbed………………….……………. T F

9. The museum paid money to get the ruby and other stones back. …………………….. T F

10. Everyone thought that the robbers left the stones in a phone booth. ….…………….. T F

11. The robbers were arrested soon after the stones were found..……………………… T F

12. Murphy himself played in the movie that was shot based on this robbery. ………… T F

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 Read the text. Then match the headings (A-H) with the paragraphs (1-6). There are two extra headings, which you do not need to use.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

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World culture knows a great variety of carpets and rugs. The technique as well as patterns of carpets are diverse. One type of carpet that has been popular for centuries is kilim - a thin handmade carpet. It has different names in different languages: in Ukraine it is called Palas, in Syria and Lebanon it is called Chilim and in Iran - Gelim. We find descriptions of carpet weaving or carpet making in such historical sources as Homer’s Iliad and the Bible.


When people of Africa and Central Asia migrated from one part to another, they needed dry tents and warm beds to sleep. And handmade thin carpets were ideal for their way of life. It should be noted, though, that the hardships of desert life have had no effect on these beautiful pieces of art. When we look at Scandinavian, Polish-Romanian and Hungarian kilims, it is hard to believe that this tradition of making handmade carpets started in the deserts of Africa and Central Asia.


Sheep, goats, horses and camels provided the materials for carpet weaving. The thread became more and more colourful as the people discovered new plants to be used for colouring. The woolen thread used in kilim weaving made it more flexible and specially fine and smooth. Weavers or carpet makers used different wooden tools to make carpets. If archaeologists found such tools, they could easily estimate the real age of the carpets. Unfortunately, this is impossible because the wooden tools have been destroyed by time.


During excavations on the territory of the ancient civilization of Anatolia, which existed in the 6th century BC, archaeologists discovered exceptional examples of the ancient craft. The discoveries tell us that Anatolian population not only made carpets but they also developed new styles of weaving them. Efforts are still being made to find out how they processed thread or what colourings they used because these examples of the oldest craft continue to impress us with their beauty.


Seljuks, Ottomans, Mongols, Mamluks, and Barbarians from North Africa were supporters of this art. In those centuries, carpet weaving played an important role in women’s life. After getting married, women brought carpets to their husbands’ families in addition to other goods given to them by their parents. So brides had to learn this craft. Weaving was not practised only by women, but it was definitely one of their major activities in those countries.


Kilims have greatly changed over the centuries. As marriages among different tribes gradually became common, different styles and patterns of carpet weaving tended to be mixed together. It is obvious that the purpose of carpet weaving and its styles have greatly changed in recent years. If before the focus was on cultural motives and traditional patterns of weaving, today more emphasis is put on their commercial value. But a glance at various carpets from different regions, either old or new, shows that the original kilims have their own special place, as before.

–  –  –

 Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the letter next to the correct answer: A, B, C or D.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

Dear Manager, I started to work for your company as a guide about six months ago. I know that it’s my job to make sure that everything goes well for the tourists and I do what I can to make them feel safe and comfortable. But something quite unpleasant happened to me last weekend, though I don’t think I must be blamed for this.

Last Saturday I met a group of Spanish tourists at the airport and took them to the bus. The bus driver has been working for our company for about ten years. He is quite an experienced and patient person but this time he was a bit annoyed. The reason was that the flight was two hours late and the driver had to wait longer than usual. But it wasn’t far to the hotel and the tourists were looking forward to their dinner as they were very tired and hungry. We normally take our tourists to The Sunshine hotel, but this time it was hosting an international conference and was fully booked. So I took the group to another hotel called The Edelweiss which I had booked two days before and was sure my tourists would get rooms there as well as late dinner.

I hadn’t used The Edelweiss hotel before and didn’t quite know what kind of service they had. When I announced our arrival at the reception desk, they said the hotel was full and didn’t have a single place for our group. Although I had booked rooms for the group beforehand, the manager said that somebody phoned a day before and said that we didn’t need the rooms any more. The manager insisted that he recognized my voice and that it was I who made the phone call and cancelled the order. We had a bit of an argument but obviously the real reason was that the hotel was full and couldn’t have more guests. In the end the manager phoned other hotels in the town and found rooms for my tourists, but in four different hotels. By this time the bus driver had gone so we had to get taxis and some of the tourists started to get very angry with me. I still don’t know who made that phone call but it definitely wasn’t me. I hope you will understand the situation and won’t blame me for what happened that day. I’ve learnt a lot while working at your company and would like to continue doing the job.

Sincerely, Sophia Blake

1. Sophia is writing to the manager because she wants to A. speak about her work experience.

B. tell the manager how she is enjoying the job.

C. say that The Edelweiss hotel had a bad service.

D. say that what had happened was not her fault.

2. The bus driver was not happy because A. the hotel was a long way to drive.

B. the flight was late.

C. the tourists were tired and hungry.

D. the guide treated him badly.

3. The Edelweiss hotel couldn’t receive the guests because A. it didn’t have any free rooms.

B. they had a conference.

C. they didn’t like the guide.

D. it was too late.

4. Some of the tourists were angry because A. the hotel was so far away.

B. the guide had left them.

C. the driver was not attentive.

D. they had to take taxis.

5. In the end who found the rooms for the tourists?

A. The guide herself B. The manager of The Edelweiss hotel C. The manager of The Sunshine hotel D. The driver

6. What is the writer trying to do?

A. argue B. apologize C. explain D. complain

–  –  –

8. Which of the following would be the best title for the text?

A. Sophia’s worst day B. Sophia’s mistake C. Not Sophia’s fault D. The best job for Sophia

–  –  –

 Read the text and fill the gaps with the words given below. Use each word only once. Two words are extra.

 Mark the corresponding letter (A-N) on the answer sheet. Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet.

–  –  –

Keira Knightley, the teenage star of the films Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, was only eighteen when she..….… (1) Hollywood. Then she appeared on our screens again in Love Actually.

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