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 Implement where appropriate, the Best Value Code of Practice on Workforce Matters in Local Authority Service Contracts and seek evidence from potential suppliers to support the requirements of the Code.

 Use ‘best practice’ examples from the best providers, whether public, private or voluntary so as to offer diverse methods of service provision.

 Achieve continuous improvement in the quality and costeffectiveness of service provision by the adoption of a flexible approach to procurement of goods, works and services within the legislative requirements and each council’s Contract Procedure Rules.

 Provide procurement leadership in the Dorset area in consultation with other local councils and public sector providers.

 Retain membership and contribute to the activities, of the Central Buying Consortium (CBC) to take advantage of collaborative approaches to the procurement of goods and services.

 Use fair and open competition to explore the full range of practical alternatives as a means of obtaining efficient and effective goods, works and services without favouritism toward the private sector, inhouse provision or the sector.

 Replace lowest price only tendering with, where appropriate, the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) or with longer term alliances which provide services to be delivered on a continuing cost-effective basis using a non-adversarial approach  Encourage organisations by the leverage of public sector buying power to develop new products and methods of production and/or service delivery.

 Analyse the structure of supply markets and identify whether items and services are high/low/value/risk, and the select appropriate procurement tools (e.g. partnering, tendering, joint arrangements, eprocurement, e-auctions and procurement cards, taking account of e-government initiatives) to obtain Best Value, depending on the goods, works and services required.

 Establish arrangements to scrutinise and review continuous improvement through various means including post contract reviews, and where appropriate, by using internal expertise not directly involved in the project, for example Internal Audit.

 Promote the social, environmental and economic strategies and objectives of the Dorset Councils Working Together through effective procurement initiatives, including consideration of local and regional issues and in collaboration with government, other public bodies and the private and third sectors for the benefit of the community.

 Ensure critical goods and services are always available through effective management of suppliers and business continuity planning.

 Encourage local food producers and suppliers to bid for future food and catering opportunities. A new sustainable Food Policy and

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 Use the power of procurement creatively to help drive innovation in the design of urban spaces, buildings and products to create markets for recycled materials and to incorporate the principles of sustainability into service delivery and construction.

 Continuation of the implementation of effective e-procurement, including e-tendering, e-auctions and where appropriate, e-marketplaces.

8. Local Strategic Context:

The Sustainable Procurement Strategy supports ‘Shaping our future’ the Community Strategy for Dorset 2007-16.

The strategy has been influenced by substantial changes which have taken place since the first community strategy was launched in 2004. These include opportunities like the 2012 Olympic Games and challenges such as climate change. The revised strategy builds on our shared vision of "a living thriving Dorset where everyone has a part to play in creating a better quality of life"

and tackles major challenges now facing the county:

 Affordable, sustainable and appropriate housing  Developing Dorset's economy  Improved access to services, employment and leisure  Safeguarding Dorset's environment, now and for the future  An ageing population with a falling proportion of young people.

Many organisations including the County, Borough and District Councils, other statutory bodies, business and sector organisations have worked together on this revision. The Community Strategy provides direction for the strategic plans of all partner organisations and the County Council has the overall responsibility for ensuring that organisations work together more effectively to achieve these common goals.

The ‘Shaping our future’ strategic vision acts as the focus for all Dorset councils activities including procurement. It is vital therefore that procurement in its widest context can be seen as a significant contributor to this vision. The illustration below shows the arrangements in place in order to secure this objective.

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9. A Framework for Procurement Procurement activity will operate within a strategic framework consisting of the


 Sustainable Procurement Strategy  Contract Procedure Rules  Dorset Procurement Toolkit  Dorset Procurement Handbook  Equality Standards for Procurement  3rd Sector Commissioning & Procurement Framework  Concordat for SME’s.

Strategic Procurement activity will be planned over a 24/36 month period. It will be undertaken in a performance management environment and will prioritise areas of activity that will generate significant savings or improved quality and/or contribute to strategic priorities and service improvements. The use of the Dorset Procurement Toolkit and the principles of Category Management will allow areas of spend across all Dorset Councils Working Together to be aggregated in order to obtain economies of scale and secure value for money.

Contract Procedure Rules set the standard and framework within which contracts and/or collaborative service delivery partnerships may be entered into by or on behalf of the Dorset Councils Working Together. The current Constitution of all the councils include regulations which clearly set out the rules by which Best Value approaches to procurement must be managed.

Dorset Procurement will help ensure that each council’s Contract Procedure Rules are regularly reviewed and complied with and will promote the importance of these procedures to all staff across all Dorset Councils Working Together.

The Dorset Procurement Toolkit has been produced to assist Category Managers in Dorset Procurement; Commissioners in Adult and Children’s Services and colleagues in other public sector organisations procure works, goods and services from external providers using category management techniques.

It breaks down the procurement process into the following four stages, each with its own milestone that has to be signed off by the Principal Category

Manager, in order for projects to progress:

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 Supplier Management The Dorset Procurement Handbook will provide on-line guidance and support for all staff and will be accessible to external stakeholders and interested parties through the Dorset for You web site. The handbook contains details of the procedures that have to be considered when undertaking a procurement project including details of European and English legislation, tender models and documentation incorporating evaluation processes and contract award notices. It also makes reference to the issues of risk, business continuity, diversity and sustainability that need to be considered from the outset and throughout the procurement process.

Equality Standard for Procurement has been developed to support officers, contractors and organisations to understand the importance of equality and diversity issues in the procurement process and to provide guidance about the evidence required to show how equality and diversity issues are being met and managed.

For further details of the Equality Standard for Procurement see p below.

The 3rd Sector Commissioning & Procurement Framework sets out how the Dorset Councils Working together will support the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises to develop its role in service planning, and to increase its share of service delivery in Dorset.

The Dorset Councils Working Together is committed to working in partnership with the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises in Dorset.

Dorset Councils Working Together uses a number of funding mechanisms, particularly contracts and grants. The Framework applies primarily to the commissioning and contracting processes, but may also provides useful guidance to officers with grant budgets.

There is clearly potential for the sector in Dorset to develop its role as a service provider to the advantage of the Dorset Councils Working Together, the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises and, most importantly, service users, but progress will depend on removing barriers in the commissioning, tendering and procurement processes, and in building the capacity of the voluntary and community sector organisations and social enterprises locally.

Commissioning the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises to deliver services not only harnesses these advantages to produce potentially more effective and far-reaching, customer-focussed services, but also provides opportunities to achieve wider local social and economic objectives such as higher levels of volunteering, increasing local employment and improved local skills, and a greater sense of community ownership of local issues.

The framework is therefore designed to provide an accessible and equitable process through which the voluntary and community and social enterprises sector, in particular those locally based, can demonstrate their potential to provide high quality, value for money services to the people of Dorset.

In addition to the Framework, Dorset Procurement will meet on a regular basis with the voluntary and community and social enterprises sector infrastructure groups to ensure that opportunities for such organisations to access public sector contracts are maximised.

The Concordat for SME’s sets out the actions that the Dorset Councils Working Together will take to make their contracts more accessible to SMEs.

Although the principles should relate to all SMEs, the concordat is particularly focused on small businesses of less than 50 employees.

The important contribution that small businesses can make to the delivery of public services and the vital role these businesses play in the national and local economy is well recognised by the Dorset Councils Working Together and, within the European and English legislative frameworks are committed to making the most of the benefits offered by such organisations.

Dorset Procurement will continue to meet with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Dorset Business (Chambers of Commerce) and Business Link on a regular basis to help ensure that local businesses and SME’s are aware of opportunities and understand how to compete for public sector contracts.

10. Collaborative Procurement In addition to the Dorset Councils Working Together Joint Procurement arrangements detailed above, the following is a brief outline of other areas where Dorset Procurement is working collaboratively with other local

authorities and public bodies:

11. The Central Buying Consortium (CBC) One of Dorset Procurement’s major collaborative procurement developments is our membership of CBC.

CBC is now part of a group of procurement consortia that covers the majority of England called Pro 5. Pro 5 have a combined spend of over £2billion per annum and a greater range of collaborative framework contracts that can be accessed by Dorset Procurement. In addition to the CBC, Pro 5 comprises the

following organisations:

 Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)  North Eastern Purchasing Organisation (NEPO)  West Mercia Supplies (WMS)  Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO)

Dorset Procurement currently participates in many CBC contracts including:

ICT Equipment Furniture Office Equipment Educational furniture Vehicles

For further details about CBC click on the following web link:

www.cbconline.org.uk Dorset Procurement is also involved in other local and regional collaborative

procurement, including:

12. Dorset Procurement Partnership We plan to reintroduce the Dorset Procurement Partnership, a forum which represents the interests of other local public funded organisations in Dorset and endeavour to meet on a regular basis to discuss areas of interest and to explore opportunities for collaborative procurement. The members of the Partnership have traditionally worked closely together and will continue to assist each other in delivering the National Procurement Strategy and to address the Government’s Efficiency Agenda.

The Dorset Procurement Partnership comprises the following Local

Authorities and other organisations:

 Dorset Procurement (including Dorset Councils Working Together)  Borough of Poole  Bournemouth Borough Council  Dorset Fire & Rescue Service  Dorset Police Authority  Primary Care Trust Dorset Procurement also works in close liaison with the South West Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnership (SWRIEP).

13. South West Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnership (SWRIEP) The SWRIEP is an organisation that has been set up by the Government as one of a network of nine regional centres established to provide advice and support for councils and other public sector bodies. SWRIEP has been tasked to investigate opportunities for collaborative working and assist councils and other public bodies to improve efficiency in the delivery of public services across the South West.

SWRIEP supports the following local authorities and other public bodies

–  –  –

Dorset Procurement may also where justifiable, lawful and on the grounds of Best Value, access framework contracts in circumstances whereby OGC have managed the procurement of such contracts. Approval to access OGC contracts will require the authorisation of the Head of Dorset Procurement.


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