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«LA CONEXIÓN MEXICANA Winter 2011 Volume XXVII Number 4 In this issue: Message from President Cynthia Ponder.......... 2 Wagonmaster 2012 ...»

-- [ Page 2 ] --

There are several types of vehicle insurance available in Mexico, The only one required is liability. But make sure you are fully covered. Never on one of our rallies, but several members have been involved in accidents after leaving rallies. It was never their faults but being well covered was important. Remember that even small fender benders around town in your car can be issues as well. In Mexico, Napoleonic law is the way things are handled. THIS MEANS YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. It is very different, scary, and serious for those who have always had the opposite form of judicial and legal system.

This is not to scare you. Well only into making sure you get adequate insurance coverage.

Jim and I were involved in such a minor incident in a small town in Mexico. Often the way these are handled are with cash on the spot and with no police involvement (three men in the car, three hundred pesos in bills, I took pictures of the damage, plus the license plate and we were on our way). That cost us about $50 US dollars for a broken mirror on a pick-up truck. It would have cost the same in the US.

Maybe even more.

Oh, often the request for a "street" settlement is in US dollars. I always carry a minimum of $150.00 in $20.00 and $10.00 bills. They stay tucked away in my hidden place for just such an occasion. We never have used them as these men accepted pesos.

In Puerto Peñasco the economy runs on US dollars along with peso's in most places. So you should have pesos for purchases in smaller shops and for the fun of learning how to use the currency but US dollars and sometimes even a credit card are accepted there.

For those who have not traveled often in Mexico, credit cards are only accepted in larger more established business who cater to international customers in most instances. This does not include grocery stores in most locations. So, plan ahead.

Cynthia Ponder, President

–  –  –

From Nomination Committee Chairman Ed Biller


The following positions are vacant and need to be filled. If you are willing to volunteer for one of these positions please see the Nomination Committee Chairman during the 2012 Rally in Puerto Peñasco or if you cannot attend the Rally please contact the committee anytime before Feb. 6, 2012.

Ed Biller Nomination Committee Chairman for the 2012 Rally billerej@yahoo.com phone 303-847-8663 OPEN POSITION #1-------MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN

Job Description:

Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

Keeps a current membership roster. Shares this updated roster with the webmaster for incorporation on the Mexican Connection Website.

Receives any hardcopy membership applications or membership dues (by check). It is necessary to have a home address with forwarding while you travel or mail forwarding address such as the Escapee’s in Livingston, TX, so mail can be received all year round in a timely manner. These forwarding options will both work perfectly for receipt of these hardcopy applications and checks.

Works closely to develop a plan with the Treasurer and Webmaster to insure that any members who have paid their dues via PayPal but register by hard copy registration form will be appropriately included to the membership roster.

Coordinates with the Treasurer and current rally Wagonmaster to insure that a member, whose hardcopy applications and checks received at rallies or received with rally registrations, are adequately assimilated into the membership roster.

Must be able to send and receive emails and email attachments. Must have basic knowledge of word documents with attachments. Knowledge of spreadsheets would be valuable. Must have a computer that works.

Encourage all current members and future members to pay membership dues by PayPal.

Remains flexible with the Membership Chairman job description to handle any additional previously undefined membership issues that arise during the year.

Holds the job for a minimum of one year. Upon resignation, you train your replacement.


Job Description:

Is a voting member of the Executive Board.

Is willing to become the future Mexican Connection Chapter 8 Wagonmaster for the rally in 2015.

Begins to come up with ideas for your rally with the help of past Wagonmasters, written manuals, and the Executive Board on how to design a rally.

Participates on the Executive Board to learn your automatic future positions—2nd VP, Wagonmaster (1st VP), President, Past President.

Must be able to send and receive emails and email attachments. Must have basic knowledge of word documents with attachments. Knowledge of spreadsheets would be valuable. Must have a computer that works.

Holds the job for one year after which you automatically become the next year’s 2nd Vice President.


Job Description:

Works with the webmaster, Don Busick, to learn the website. The webmaster will set specific goals of how he expects you to assist him.

Becomes a working participant in the interaction between the membership, treasurer, and webmaster chairpersons.

Must be able to send and receive emails and email attachments. Must have basic knowledge of word documents with attachments. Knowledge of spreadsheets would be valuable. Must have a computer that works.

Should have some web design background, including Html, CMS Joomla or is willing to learn.

In order to get up an running as an assistant you will need to meet with the webmaster, Don Busick. This would include: 1) a single one on one with Don Busick in Reno or Palm Springs or location of mutual agreement for a day or two, 2) additional time at rallies and Escapades as mutually agreed, 3) following the one on one meeting, a minimum of weekly to monthly additional email + phone as needed.

Holds the job for at least one year. Upon resignation, you train your replacement.

–  –  –

Bring the original and one copy of:

____ the front page of your passport ____ registration for all vehicles you are taking into Mexico ____ copy of your Mexican liability insurance for all motorized vehicles with a start date & end date ____ notarized letter from financial institution authorizing vehicle entrance into Mexico ____ title – copies only ____ USDA health certificate from your veterinarian for any dog or cat traveling with you ____ medical evacuation card ____ copy of international contact information for any credit card(s) as well as the account #’s

Put these in a safe place inside of your vehicle


____ Working CB radio with external antennae ____ all prescriptions and over the counter medicines in their original containers – if you plan on purchasing medication in Mexico the label will most likely be written in Spanish so bring a pen so you can mark each with the English name and dosage ____ camera, film, extra batteries ____ flashlight and extra batteries ____ anti-diarrhea (just in case) ____ general first aid kit ____ bug spray for you and one for your RV ____ hand sanitizer ____ borax (when sprinkled around the exterior of your RV it keeps ants from entering it) ____ computer ____ voltage and polarity tester ____ baby wipes in a container you an slip into your bag or pocked for use in the baños ____ a major credit card (for obtaining Holograma, accessing ATM’s) Notify your financial institution you will be traveling in Mexico so they don’t decline your using it.

____ full propane tank – in Mexico it is butane and will freeze in cooler climates ____ cash to convert to pesos ____ favorite food or beverage that you will miss if it is not available in Mexico ____ full water tank ____ empty holding tank – there cannot be any paper in the holding tank in Mexico ____ sense of adventure ____ if you have walkie-talkies bring them. They are good to use in route or on the ground ____ spare parts for your vehicle ____ jugs or bottles of water


TERMINATION OF THE RALLY: All Chapter 8 Rallies terminate at our destination in Mexico. When we approach the last scheduled days of the rally, individuals will post a schedule and route that they propose to travel after the end of the rally and welcome other rally participants to join them by signing a list. These groups are normally limited to a reasonable number of rigs. Some continue their travels in Mexico and others return to the United States. We do not recommend anyone travel by themselves in Mexico. The support received by traveling companions during times of difficulty can turn an emergency into a routine problem. Besides, it’s a lot more enjoyable sharing new experiences with others. Remember not to exceed the issue period of your Tourist Card.

LEAVING MEXICO: Drive directly through the Mexican Border Control Station if you are not turning in any documents.

Church’s book has every border crossing identified with details on traffic control and ease of crossing.

You have the option to turn in your Tarjeta de Turista (Tourist Card) to any Migratión (Immigration) Office and Importacion Temporal de Vehiculos (Temporary Vehicle Import Permit) to any Banjercito before you cross the border.

Remember that you must turn in these two documents before they expire or you will have difficulty and/or pay a fine in order to return to Mexico at any time, including that flying vacation to Cancun.

Turning in the Tourist Card is as simple as handing it to the Official on duty in the Migratión Office. You do not get a receipt.

The vehicle with hologram sticker still attached and the original paper Temporary Vehicle Import Permit the hologram came on must be returned to the Banjercito. The Banjercito Official will personally go to your vehicle, remove the hologram sticker, match it to the vehicle’s VIN, replace it on the paper Permit, and return to the office. Be sure to get a printed receipt showing that you have returned your Vehicle Import Permit and that it is cancelled. Hold this receipt until your next visit. Receipt should include hologram and visa ENTERING THE UNITED STATES: Drive to and stop at the US Border Control Station using the designated RV lane or, if no RV lane, any of the auto lanes no matter what type of rig you have. Be aware that some auto lanes do not have enough clearance to drive your rig through so choose wisely. Do not use the commercial lanes. Be prepared for long lines and an extended wait. There is a lot of construction in progress.

These documents are required in order to comply with US Immigration and Customs laws.

A. A passport for each person. The only proof of citizenship acceptable to US Customs is a passport. A birth certificate will no longer be used to establish citizenship. Non US citizens must comply with US host regulations for their country of origin.

B. An original Vehicle Registration Certificate for each vehicle.

C. Proof of vehicle insurance.

Be prepared to be pulled over, questioned, and inspected by US Customs officials. There is normally an area set aside for you to park your rig. Follow the official’s directions. Read the US Customs handout which lists all the prohibited items and those items which can be imported only in limited quantities. This handout can be obtained at any US Customs Office. We have found that giving the officials a written list of items purchased in Mexico is helpful. If you still have any of the prohibited items, they will be confiscated and disposed of. Do not try to hide anything. If you have any items requiring duty, they should be declared and paid for at the office at each border station. Do not lie or be evasive when you answer their questions and this is not the opportunity to be funny. These rules are strictly enforced!

You may have to sign a form if something is taken from you depending on the article. The form is the receipt of their taking it.

Do not bring plants of any kind into Mexico even dried as they may be confiscated on way back in if they are also found in Mexico.

–  –  –

Local Program Aid Created by Agriculture Inspection of Customs and Border Protection of Nogales, Arizona (May 01, 2008) See you at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

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