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«TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Institution Dates Subjects The Pennsylvania State University 2008-to date design studios, implementation studios, professional ...»

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Barry W. Kew, Assistant Professor Full Curriculum Vitae

Department of Landscape Architecture

The Pennsylvania State University

221 Stuckeman Family Building




Institution Dates Degree and Date Granted

Vicenza, Italy (UVA) 1991 Post Graduate Studies

University of Virginia 1990-1991 MLA 1991 Philadelphia Art Institute 1988 University of Arkansas 1980-1985 BLA 1985 Arkansas Tech University 1975-1978


Institution Dates Subjects The Pennsylvania State University 2008-to date design studios, implementation studios, professional practice, Theory Seminars, Graduate Colloquium, Intensive writing class, undergraduate level and graduate level The Pennsylvania State University (visitor) 2007-2008 urban design studio, planting design, design seminar, intensive writing class University of Kentucky 2000-2007 design, construction, parks and Recreation, planting design, design theory, green technologies University of Arkansas 1996-1998 design studios, construction, senior thesis, professional practice University of Virginia 1990-1991 construction

Department of Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University:

2007- LArch 211; Design I LArch 212; Design II LArch 311; Design III LArch 221; Theory Seminar LArch 222; Theory Seminar LArch 312; Design IV LArch 321; Theory Seminar LArch 322; Theory Seminar LArch 331; Design Implementation I—Materials & Methods LArch 332; Design Implementation II--Planting LArch 361W ; Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture LArch 382; Professional Practice LArch 414 ; Design and Theory V LArch 431; Design Implementation III—Stormwater LArch 497; Special Topics LArch 515; Graduate Design Studio I Larch 530; Graduate Design Studio III LArch 590; Graduate Colloquium LArch 597b; Graduate Design Studio II

Supervision of Graduate Capstone Project/Thesis:

2014 Lillian Luu, “Huntingdon Borough Model: Fortifying a Community through Green Infrastructure” 2012 Caitlin Smith, “Bio-Bridging: Designing for Biodiversity Conservation in an Era of Environmental Change”

Member of Graduate Degree Candidate’s Committee:

2014 Kyle Stauffer, “Assessment of Community Engagement with Natural Brownfield Remediation Systems in the City of Baltimore, MD” 2012 Nicole Lindell, ‘Exploring the Effectiveness of Design Principles in Zoological Park Design”

Honors Project Supervision w/ Schreyer Honors College:

2014 Emily Larkin 2009 Nick Baron

Description of New Course Development:

2011 With support of IEL Grant, integrated Audience-Response System into LArch 382 Professional Practice course to promote discussion. Also integrated Web-conferencing with nationally award winning landscape architecture firms to review student portfolios.

2010 In conjunction with NEA “Your Town” grant, this LArch 414 depth studio collaborated with academics in rural sociology, agricultural economics, and practicing landscape architects to assist in conducting a 3-day workshop.

2009 Re-configuration of LArch 382 professional practice course to align more with working committee of ASLA Professional Practice Network to integrate more licensing review to include specific topics associated with the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam (LARE).

Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky:

2000-07 LA 833 F05; Design Studio III LA 834 S01; Design Studio IV LA 841 F06; Design Studio V LA 842 S07; Design Studio VI LA 851 S05; Design with Plants LA 853 S06; History of Urban Form and Theory LA 872 F06; Design Implementation II LA 895 S07; Green Technologies LA 895 S04; Parks and Recreational Planning

Department of Landscape Architecture; University of Arkansas:

1995-98 ENVD Intro Design I; 1st year studio ENVD Design II S96; 1st year design studio LARC Lecture F97: fine arts lecture LA Design III; 3rd year design LA Design IV; 3rd year studio LA Design VII; 5th year studio LA Construction II ; 3rd year construction studio LA Construction IV ; 4th year construction studio LA Senior Thesis Prep; 4th year lecture LA Pro Practice; 5th year lecture

Department of Architecture; University of Arkansas:

1995-97 UACDC Urban Studio S96; 5th year studio

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Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)


2014 Ashley Reed receives IFLA 2014 International Faculty advisor Student Landscape Architecture Design Competition Top 25 2014 Andrew Madl Columbic Award Faculty advisor 2012 Student Design Living Barrier PCMP winner Faculty advisor 2012 Student ASLA Honor Award, Caitlin Smith Faculty advisor 2011 Student projects accepted to National Faculty advisor Brownfields Conference

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2008 Integrating Habitats 2nd Place International Design Competition; Portland, OR;

Ken Hendrickson “landscape decompression- Faculty advisor habitat rebound”

–  –  –

Kew, B., Lee, B. Measuring Sprawl across the Urban Rural Continuum Using an Amalgamated Sprawl Index.

Sustainability 2013, 5(5), 1806-1828 Hamilton, N.J., Mijatavic, B., Mueller, T.G., Lee, B.D., Kew, B. 2009. Google Earth Dissemination of Soil Survey Derived Interpretations for Land Use Planning. Journal of Extension; Oct 2009 //Volume 47 // Number 5. Pp 1-13; Coauthor/editing contributing landscape planning expertise; http://www.joe.org/joe/2009october/pdf/JOE_v47_5a3.pdf Lee, B.D., Kew, B. 2008. A Workshop about Land-use Decision making in the Context of Community/Societal Values.

Journal of Extension; Oct 2008 //Volume 46 // Number 5. Co-author and principal lead in project;


Manuscripts under Review:

Kew, B. Integrating Multiple Inputs in Design Studio Instruction: An Example from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and the Baltimore Office of Sustainability. Journal of Planning Education and Research

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Goldberg, D, Kew, B. Advancing Studio Knowledge through Virtual Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Collaborations. DLA 2014 International Conference. Zurich, Switzerland.

Lee, B., Kew, B. A Composite Index of Sprawl. 2004 Proceedings of the 4th Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference, Athens, GA.

Refereed Conference Presentations:

Kew, B. Taming Wicked Problems in Community Design through use of Web Conferencing. 2013 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference, Austin, TX.

Kew, B. Urban Landscape Stormwater Mitigation: Greenwalls as a Tool. 2013 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference, Austin, TX.

Kew, B. Students Visit the Hill. 2012 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference, Champaign, IL (poster) Kew, B. Can we improve Listening Skills prior to engaging Community Design. 2012 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference, Champaign, IL Kew, B. Reflection and evaluation strategies for integrating a “YourTown” Workshop with a Landscape Architecture Depth Studio. 2012 Erasing Boundaries Conference; Hunter College, NYC, NY 2011 Kew, B.; Johnson, T. Touch Screens & Short Throws: Storytelling through group Multi-media Authoring Activities.

2011 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference; Los Angeles, CA Kew, B. Measuring the Participatory Dynamic in Service Learning and Parameters of Success: What value is the client’s evaluation versus the Instructors? 2009 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference Univ. of Arizona.

Pike, A.C., Mueller, T.G., Kew, B., Karathanasis, A.D., and Mijatovic, B. Impact of Inaccuracies in Soil Maps and Terrain Models on Land-Use and Management Decisions. 2006 Agronomy Meetings, Indianapolis. Paper #25521 (poster).

Lee, B. D., Barton, C., Kew, B., Katko, R.A., Lynch, F. Robinson Forest Stream Assessment. 2006 Kentucky GIS Conference. Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. July 17-19. (Poster) Kew, B. A Comprehensive Plan: Should it be Trusted? 2002 Proceedings of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Conference.

Edited Journals or Publications:

L.A.M. Article on Students visit the Hill (in progress)

Invited Presentations/Lectures:

2012 Presentation “Input Exchange: Using web-conferencing to communicate between design and science in Baltimore” Invited Speaker to Baltimore Ecosystem Study, Baltimore, MD.

2012 Presentation “Path to Networking and Professional Engagement”. Building from my Professional Practice Course instruction, this talk focused on continued education after your first job. Invited Speaker to National APGA Conference-Garden Paths, Columbus, OH.

2010 Presentation “YourTown: Lower Luzerne County Workshop Introduction”; Hazleton, PA, 3-day workshop on Farmland Preservation; facilitator/ invited speaker

Invited Participant:

2011 Discussion Group “Baltimore Ecosystem Study Group Bi-annual working session”; represented design team for upcoming Spring 2012 studio in collaboration with Professor Larry Gorenflo 2010 ASLA National Convention Washington D.C.; 3-day conference, participant; Professional Practice Network Session, Committee representing academics who instruct professional practice courses, invited participant in developing curriculums/pedagogy; invited participant 2010 ASLA Headquarters, Washington D.C. Government Affairs Committee; invited participant to discuss advocacy to legislators 2010 Teaching and Learning Seminar, Penn Stater, invited participant; representing College Assessment Committee


2011 Arts & Architecture Incentives and Innovations Grant for $6000.00 for BES study incorporated into Spring 2012 LArch 414 depth studio; 1st author of grant and primary administrator of grant 2010 Stuckeman Endowment for Design Computing: “IEL Plan for Integrating SCDC Collaborative Proposal Initiatives”, $16,800.00; Primary role was for development of Audience Response System ($3000) component of proposal; which would bring introduction of media to classrooms in developing teaching methods and student learning styles; contributor/editor for this component of grant. Others involved in larger grant proposal: Katsu Muramoto, Tim Murtha, Neil Korostoff, Larry Gorenflo, Peter Aeschbacker, David Celento, Jamie Heilman, and Madis Pihlak 2010 Hamer Center Studio Outreach Assistance “Farming on the Edge” $1200.00; facilitator, editor 2010 Raymond A. Bowers Program for Excellence in Design and Construction of the Built Environment: “SALA Green Wall Demonstration Project.” $20,000. Kew, B., Echols, S., Pennypacker, E., Lau, A., Poerschke, U., Mackey, A. B. Kew primary Investigator.

2010 NEA Grant awarded to The Center for Landscape Design & Stewardship (CLDS), Krista Synder. $25,000.

“YourTown: Luzerne Workshop.” With support from the Landscape Architecture Department at Penn State, a 3-Day workshop was initiated by CLDS with support from my fall 414.3 Design on the Edge Depth Studio.

2004-09 Developing Watershed Implementation Plans in Salt and Licking River Basin: A five year study with the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, Tetra Tech Inc., and the Kentucky Division of Water to develop watershed action plans in the Salt and Licking River basins. Project partners will meet to evaluate and refine the current Watershed Implementation Plan guide (WIP). Personnel from the University of Kentucky, Department of Landscape Architecture will revise and publish the WIP guide through research of current action plans and EPA guidelines. Dates: July 2004-July 2009; Funding: EPA Section 319/KYDOW ($595,000) Primary Investigator: Judith Peterson, Kentucky Waterways Alliance; Co-Investigator: Barry W. Kew, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky 2004-09 Creating a formula for success in the Kentucky River Basin: This five year contract is built upon earlier river basin and NPS studies to encourage sustainable watershed management by engaging local citizens and interagency representatives in developing local watershed implementation plans that will identify ways and possible funding sources to mitigate water quality issues. Working with Kentucky’s Division of Water, the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, and other environmental consultants, the investigator will develop a watershed action set of guidelines for communities to use as a model in developing watershed action plans.

Dates: July 2004-July 2009; Funding Source: contract from above grant ($165,000). Primary Investigator:

Barry W. Kew, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky 2002 Knox County Master Plan Initiative 2001-2002: An office was opened on the town square in downtown Barbourville, KY to facilitate the establishment of critical community contacts between the citizens of Knox County and the primary investigator and research assistants. Team members, which included four fourth year landscape architectural students from the University of Kentucky, a fourth year arts student from Berea College, two computer students from Union College, along with the primary investigator met with citizens as well as community interest groups to develop and understand the impact of a comprehensive master plan for Knox County. Over the course of two years the team traveled more than 10,000 miles throughout the county developing background research for the planning initiative. Dates: June 2001-Sept. 2002; Funding: Knox County Task Force ($38,000); Paper: Presented at CELA National Conference Syracuse, NY, 2002; Primary Investigator: Barry W. Kew, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky


2013 “Expanding the Baltimore Ecosystem Study Landscape Architecture Studio at Penn State: Improving Electronic Connectivity, Increasing Site Access, and Introducing Model-building.” College Incentives and Innovation Proposal ($3,356.00) co-authors Kew, B., Gorenflo, L.


Service to University:

College Level:

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