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«Sweet Adelines International P.O. Box 470168, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0168 U.S.A. 9110 S. Toledo, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137 U.S.A. 918-622-1444 • ...»

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Once the goals are set, it is of utmost importance that they be written down and that each chorus member receive a copy. A chart on the wall could be a motivator or reminder as could a booklet, articles in the chapter newsletter, badges or pins, anything that will keep the members on track.

Goal setting should be an on-going process. Annual goal setting should be part of your chapter year. If you evaluate your goals at the end of each Sweet Adelines year and then adjust, change or add new goals, the process becomes a continuing one. If halfway through the year you find some uncontrollable event has occurred, such as losing your director, then you may need to evaluate your goals and adjust them at that point.

It takes time to go through the goal setting process. You can do it in one night, on a Saturday with other educational events, at a weekend retreat, or whenever your members want. It is well worth the time if it motivates each member toward the unit goals for the year.

You might want to contact the region about sending someone to do a goal setting session with you. It is often helpful for an outsider to guide your chapter through this process. Goal setting will become easier each year and you will find that after the initial effort, the time needed to produce your chorus' goals may be reduced.

–  –  –


The following outline is only a guideline and may be adapted to your needs.

Paperwork is the visible means by which we accomplish our goals. Correspondence, forms, reports, directives, etc., document individual transactions. Paperwork serves as a vital communication link with members, and it supports our legal, fiscal, administrative and historical responsibilities.

The incumbent in office is responsible for orderly maintenance of records relating to that office. Every chapter officer and standing committee chair should have some files to release to her successor.

The responsibilities of determining the future value of any record, whether or not it is covered in this guide, rests with the custodian. It is suggested that records be destroyed at the end of each fiscal year


It is not maintained elsewhere and is essential to complete documentation of activity;

It could materially aid a successor to office in performing duties, providing a sound basis for making decisions, and promoting timely and accurate solutions to problems.

The president's (team coordinator’s) file should contain:

–  –  –

Chapter standing rules Chapter meeting minutes Regional standing rules Chapter bylaws These records require maintenance and should be forwarded to the successor at the conclusion of the term of office, together with all other files pertinent to the office.

A Policy Book and Chapter Guide are supplied by international headquarters to the president (team coordinator). It is recommended that chapters purchase additional Policy Books and Chapter Guides for their other chapter officers and standing committee chairs.

The groupings listed below are intended to be the general order in which files may be arranged. Since the corresponding secretary must maintain the complete official correspondence files of the chapter, folders would probably contain all of the groupings.

The president (team coordinator) may also find it helpful to set up folders for use in supervision of the activities of all the officers and chairs. The folders would contain records of their assignments, job descriptions, written reports received from them, etc. The groupings are listed as a guide for use where necessary and/or applicable for any officer or chair.

–  –  –

However, keep correspondence that might be of interest to your successor as background information on a current topic or situation.

Group 2 - Officers and Standing Committees

–  –  –

Required retention is three years. Forward these files to the successor. These instructions apply to all members of standing committees.

–  –  –

Prepare an inventory of the files/records being forwarded (with copies to the president and others, as appropriate), to be included with your letter of instructions and suggestions addressed to your successor.

–  –  –


The elected position of president (team coordinator) is a challenge, one you will enjoy, and one you have chosen to accept. Along with the director, you are one of the major keys to a successful chorus.

Your leadership in promoting an efficient management/teamwork approach to the business of your chorus is crucial. Your efforts are not always apparent, nor do most members in your chorus have an awareness of all the time, effort and expertise it takes to make things run smoothly. You are probably the only one who will know that, but the end product of a good singing chorus with harmony within and without is the criterion on which you need to judge your success in your president's role.

So, where do you start? What do you do first? This material is a suggestion.

Homework Meet with the past president/team coordinator to receive files and information she has from her term — she can be very helpful. If you are the first president/team coordinator, begin a file to pass along using the accompanying guide.

Write down goals for yourself as the new chorus president/team coordinator.

Review the following materials:

Standing rules and bylaws

–  –  –

Meet with Your Director

Plan a separate day and time, outside a regular rehearsal night, to meet. Some items to cover:

Get acquainted Discuss goals; plan a goal setting session Discuss appointments (yours and the director's) making sure the right people are in the right jobs Establish a regular time (weekly) when you and your director can talk (not on a rehearsal night).

Establish an understanding of the way you will cope with problems, concerns and complaints.

Review present concerns, plans, scheduling and special events that may be already in the works.

Discuss/review the director's contract if it hasn't been done by the past president.

Discuss and identify some of the budget items submitted by the music committee.

–  –  –

year and then present it to the board/management team and/or membership, as your standing rules state.

First Board/Management Team Meeting

You should have a sample agenda in the files to use as a guide. Other items to include:

Discuss the role, authority, confidentiality, communication, and responsibilities of the chapter board member/team member. Be sure each board member/team member has an up-to-date copy of the standing rules.

–  –  –

Review/approve the budget Complete director's contract (if not done by outgoing board/team) Set a regular meeting date for the board/team for the entire year Post Homework Call and talk to each prospective chair to plan an orientation and exchange of committee files.

–  –  –


Imagine an organization with a public relations staff numbering almost 30,000! That's what Sweet Adelines International has — almost 30,000 public relations representatives advertising Sweet Adelines International. Included in that number are you, your quartet, and all the members of your chorus.

Remember the most effective form of marketing is done by word-of-mouth.

However, there could be problems with a selling staff of this size. Is everyone taking the job seriously?

Is everyone using an effective selling campaign? Is the public really being interested in the product? Is everyone promoting good public relations?

Acceptance into Sweet Adelines International automatically places a great deal of responsibility on each member, especially where public relations are concerned. To everyone with whom you come in contact, you are a model member. The impressions you create will reflect positively or negatively on your sister members.

For instance, if you are a chorus member promoting friendly relations between members, participating cheerfully in chorus activities and striving to improve yourself, then to the public all members of Sweet Adelines International are like you.

On the other hand, your chorus could be infamous for the actions of a few. If members force poor quality singing on unwilling listeners in public places or if members are seen in public behaving in a loud, unbecoming manner, that image remains with some of our public and the entire organization suffers.

Public relations is a round-the-clock job. Have you ever stopped to consider the selling job done in elevators, or to registration clerks and hotel staff at our conventions? Perhaps you haven't because you are just getting into the organization. So what are your responsibilities as a Sweet Adelines International public relations representative?

Be informed of the facts and figures of Sweet Adelines International: the number of members, chapters, regions; the governing bodies at chapter, regional and international levels; the contents of the bylaws and your own chapter standing rules.

Be a positive thinker and talker. Make sure you are representing a good picture of Sweet Adelines International and its members, no matter what their jobs or talents.

Present a good image as you participate in groups in public places. Remember, always refer to your group as a prospective chapter until you are chartered.

Let your pride show. Be too proud to present anything but your musical best to all listeners, no matter where or how few. For this reason, prospective chapters are required to obtain approval from their Education Coordinator before accepting public performances.

Spread the word. Make it your responsibility to see that the activities of your chorus are publicized by word of mouth at every possible opportunity. After your group is chartered, purchase membership pins and display them proudly to all you meet. Place your group's newsletter or The Pitch Pipe on the table in your office, in the dentist's office, at the laundromat, etc.

When your quartet is performing for local groups, make sure your emcee takes the time to outline Sweet Adelines International and to stress your chorus information: meeting place, time, membership and director. Every woman in the audience is a prospective member. Make her want to visit your chorus.

–  –  –


The treasurer (financial manager) collects dues and issues receipts. Use a separate book and allot one page to each member. On May 1, the beginning of the chorus fiscal year, enter in the debit column of each member's page the full amount of the year's dues (or the upcoming year's dues if your chorus uses an escrow system). As each member makes payment on her dues, enter the date and amount paid in the credit column of her page. This method will give you a running account of all dues outstanding.

Chapters have different methods of assessing dues. However, this system will work for all, and you will always have a complete picture of the individual dues situation at hand.

If you wish to establish a bank account, your chorus' name should appear on the checks as Prospective_________Chapter. It is strongly suggested that, for your chapters' protection, the signatures of your treasurer (financial manager) and one other officer, usually the president (team coordinator), be required on all checks. Personalized checks with the Sweet Adelines International double treble clef logo are available through Deluxe Check Printers. Order from Deluxe (P.O. Box 64399, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0399), or through your bank if they use Deluxe. Specify cut #SP50012.

All money collected is to be deposited and checks written in payment of all accounts. In this way, money collected in one evening for various things, when added, can be reconciled to the deposit made in the bank. Remember, make a duplicate deposit slip and keep it on file. Every check stub in your check book must be made out fully and accurately — date, amount, name of payee and a notation of what is being paid; that is, dues, rent, etc.

When a member presents a bill for authorized expenses, the treasurer (financial manager) retains the receipted bill in her files and issues the necessary checks. Expenses not previously authorized must be reviewed by the board/team before payment can be made, so be sure to have a receipt for all money received and disbursed.

When giving your monthly report to the chorus, first read under the heading “receipts” all items in the credit column, followed by the total (e.g., “Total receipts for the month of May, $724.79.”). Then read under the heading “disbursements” all items in the debit column, followed by the total (e.g., “Total disbursements for the month of May were $541.01.”). Follow this with, “Bank balance as of May 31, $183.78.” Your year-end statement will also show receipts and disbursements prepared to reflect the main source of revenue and the major sources of expenditures for the year. For example, under “receipts,” all dues received during the year will be totaled and shown as a single item. Under “disbursements,” all International dues sent to international headquarters will be totaled and shown as a single item, all stationery, all postage, etc.

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