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A suggested outline for a charter party appears in the Help Section, but remember, it is only a suggestion. Your party should reflect the needs and wishes of your new chorus.

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A. Examples and Information Chapter Charter Party Chapter Installation of Officers Ceremony Goal Setting Guide for Maintenance of Chapter Records and Files President's Duties Public Relations and You Mini-Guide to Chapter Bookkeeping

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(EXAMPLE) I. Your president (team coordinator) should appoint the charter party committee and its chair immediately after your group applies for chapter membership.

II. Duties of the charter party committee include:

A. Choosing a theme for the charter party B. Choosing the date and time of the charter party C. Clearing the date and time with the Regional Team Coordinator.

D. Choosing the emcee, whose function is to keep the program moving

III. There are three kinds of charter parties:

A. The private party is for your own chorus, plus families if you wish, and a special person to present your charter.

B. A large party (with or without buffet) would include neighboring chapters (ask them to sing;

this helps to ensure a large crowd), friends, families, local dignitaries, other music organizations, and your special person.

C. A charter show (to display your chorus' musical accomplishments) for invited guests only or open to the public.

IV. This is a suggested program for a charter party, in order of appearance:

–  –  –

8. Closing remarks by emcee, followed by Harmonize the World

V. Here are some courtesies and other reminders:

A. Printed program

–  –  –

D. Send invitations to regional officers and chairs, plus all choruses (if you have a large party) E. If you have a buffet, send two complimentary tickets to the invited regional officer (one for the officer and one for a guest)

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(EXAMPLE) The following installation ceremony is offered as a guide for choruses needing help with this important ritual. Use it in its entirety, as is, vary it to suit a chapter's particular needs, or use it to stimulate your thinking processes and create your own ceremony. You may also want to contact your regional leaders or the membership department at international for scripts or ideas on installation programs.

Your installing officer could be a member of the chorus, a regional official, a member of the International Board of Directors, a member of a neighboring chorus or a local dignitary. If your chorus has a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary, the suggested form will need to be varied, possibly by presenting the two secretaries at the same time.

Another variation would be to reverse the order of presentation, presenting the secretaries first and the president (team coordinator) last.

If the suggested ceremony is followed, flowers will need to be provided for the four (five) new officers.

Also, four candles should be arranged on a table.

Installing Officer: “At this time we have come to participate in a recognition and installation ceremony for the officers and directors of_________Chapter of Sweet Adelines International, and to thank our members who have helped us in so many ways. It is a privilege and an honor to have been asked to participate in this important event, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to act as installing officer.

May I present my assistant,_________.” (Installing officer lights a candle.) “The penetrating light from this first candle represents the international organization, the purpose of which is to teach its members to sing four_part harmony, barbershop style, and to promote friendliness and barbershop harmony singing among women everywhere. May the light burn with zeal and enthusiasm forever, and may we grow firmly and harmoniously in our membership, building a sound and lasting organization.” (Installing officer lights the next candle.) “The flame of this, the second candle, represents the work that will be achieved by the incoming officers of_________Chapter. The glow of the light comes to each of you who were elected officers for the coming year, with a challenge that through your efforts it may be kept burning with a steady, dependable flame and that the work of this chapter may continue to be helpful and far reaching in its influence. This charge I will give to you who have been chosen to serve_________Chapter.” (To assistant) “_________, please present the president_elect for installation.” Assistant: “I present_________, who has been elected president of_________Chapter and is now ready for installation.” Installing Officer: “_________, I congratulate you upon your election as president of _________Chapter, and it affords me great pleasure to invest you with the authority of your office.

_________, the president of this organization is similar to the lead in a quartet. The pace you set, the chapter will follow; the sweetness of the tone you produce, the members will imitate. You are the guiding light of this chapter. The quality of your lead will determine the quality of the chapter. Before proceeding with your installation, it will be necessary that you signify your assent to the following

charges and regulations set out for your observance and guidance:

“You are the chief executive officer of the chapter and ex officio member of all committees. Do you promise to see that all orders and resolutions of the chapter are carried into effect? Do you agree to preside over all meetings of the board and of the chapter? Do you promise to acquaint yourself with the activities of all officers and committees and see that they function and that all the officers fulfill their duties?” (She assents.)

–  –  –

Installing Officer to Assistant: “_________, please present the vice president-elect for installation.” Assistant: “I present_________, who has been elected vice president, and is now ready for installation.” Installing Officer: “________, you have been elected as vice president of _________Chapter. The vice president of this organization is similar to the tenor in a quartet. You must attune yourself to the lead and be her right arm. At all times you should be ready to blend and produce the most beautiful harmony of a good administration. Your regular attendance at the stated and other meetings is essential. In the absence or disability of the president, you shall perform and exercise the powers of her office, and you must keep informed concerning all phases of the organization. Will you serve the chapter for the ensuing year and perform all the duties pertaining to that office to the best of your ability.” (She assents.) Assistant presents flower, directs vice president to right of installing officer (in tenor position).

Installing Officer to Assistant: “_________, please present the treasurer-elect for installation.” Assistant: “I present_________, who has been elected treasurer, and is now ready for installation.” Installing Officer: “_________, the treasurer of this organization is similar to the baritone of a fine quartet, complementing, true and solid. Without you there is a vacancy and a void that is greatly felt.

No organization can go forward without proper budgeting, planning and financing. Without a baritone weaving above and below the lead, no quartet can go forward in perfect harmony.

“It is your duty to receive all money belonging to the chapter, and to keep careful records thereof, and to disburse the funds as ordered by the board of directors. Your own honor and the confidence of the members will inspire you to the discharge of the important duties of your office. Do you accept this responsibility?” (She assents.) Assistant presents flower, directs treasurer to right of installing officer (in baritone position).

Installing Officer to Assistant: “_________, please present the secretary-elect for installation.” Assistant: “I present_________, who has been elected secretary and is now ready for installation.” Installing Officer: “_________, you have been elected secretary of_________Chapter. The secretary of this organization is similar to the bass of a quartet. She must give the quartet body and depth, and only the many extras like the swipes of a bass can truly make this chapter more outstanding than another. It is your duty to keep, in books or files belonging to the chapter, a clear and complete record of the chapter's activities; take minutes of all meetings of the board and membership and file them in a permanent minutes book of the chapter. You shall give all notices as required and perform such other duties as are pertinent to your office. Your love for the organization and attachment to the chapter will induce you to cheerfully fulfill the very important duties of your office. Do you accept this responsibility?” (She assents.) Assistant presents flower, directs secretary to right of installing officer (in bass position).

Installing Officer: “You, the quartet of officers for the coming year, are now ready begin the work of a new year. Each alone has a fine voice but what beautiful harmony you produce together! The tenor without a lead, or baritone without a bass, it makes no difference which part is left out, each of you needs the others to help harmonize the world.

“I now acclaim that the president and other officers of the_________Chapter of Sweet Adelines International have been duly installed into their respective offices. Will the newly elected board of directors please stand?

–  –  –

“The members of_________Chapter have expressed faith in your loyalty and ability by electing you as directors. Your duties, individually and jointly, carry the obligation to be helpful, faithful, congenial and attentive to the interests of the chapter. Do you accept this responsibility?” (They assent.) (Installing officer lights the next candle.) “The flame of this, the third candle, represents the work that will be achieved by the incoming directors; the glow of the light will come to each director elected. I therefore trust you will have but one aim, to work well together and unite in the magnificent love of harmony singing and communicating happiness to others.” (Installing officer lights the last candle.) “To the members of _________ Chapter, this last candle is lighted. The success of this organization depends upon cheerful cooperation of members and directors.

It is your duty as members to help create and maintain the happy, friendly and harmonious relationship within the chapter. May the warmth of this flame be felt throughout the community. May the fire of enthusiasm never be quenched, and may loyalty and honesty, as symbolized by the beams of light from all these candles, illuminate your steps toward the goal to which we are all dedicated, to harmonize the world.” Note: Additional scripts for installation ceremonies are available from the membership department at international headquarters.

–  –  –


It is extremely important that your prospective chapter make time for goal setting. Goals are a standard of achievement, a criterion of success, something tangible, measurable and valuable, toward which we are motivated. Goals guide our actions and help us plan.

Remember, the organization does not set goals; only people can do that. But if we are realistic, we know that the top leadership of your chapter has the most influence in deciding what will and will not

be done. The chapter leaders serve as a model for the other chapter members. If the leaders are goaloriented, chances for success are high. Following are some traits of the goal-oriented individual:

Seeks feedback and knowledge of results; wants evaluation of own performance Seeks personal responsibility for work if goal achievement is possible Performs best at jobs that can be improved; prefers opportunity for creativity Obtains achievement satisfaction from solving difficult problems Initiates actions Although chapter leaders may initiate the goals, it is critical that chapter members be in harmony with the goals of the leadership. It is up to the leadership to transmit and interpret the goals to the membership and to be open to member feedback. A goal must be written in concrete, definitive terms, and be desirable and be measurable. The overall goals must contribute to the achievement of the organizational purpose and conform to the mission of Sweet Adelines International, which is: Sweet Adelines International is a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performances.

It is vital that goals set are measurable, specific and that all members agree with them.


Types of goals to avoid because they are not specific or measurable:

–  –  –

To increase membership

Types of goals to have because they are specific and measurable:

To increase chorus membership to 45 in three years

–  –  –

To have a costume for every chorus member in six months To have eight members attend the regional music camp in August There should be objectives as to how you intend to meet each goal. For example, take the goal of

buying risers. Here are some sample objectives:

Contact Harmony Chapter (which is dissolving) to see if they will donate their risers to our chorus or sell them to us at a reasonable price.

Assign a committee to plan a major fund-raiser in July to raise money for risers.

–  –  –

choruses that we are interested in purchasing used risers.

Assign someone the task of applying for a community grant from the Arts Council for the purpose of purchasing new risers.

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