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«Sweet Adelines International P.O. Box 470168, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0168 U.S.A. 9110 S. Toledo, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137 U.S.A. 918-622-1444 • ...»

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Social Committee This committee works with the officers and standing committee chairs in scheduling planned programs for each meeting, not overlooking any phase of Sweet Adelines International activity... such as chorus rehearsals, business, organizational education, quartet promotion and socializing. If refreshments are served at regular meetings, guest nights, interchapter parties, etc., the social committee (or other committee) organizes the purchasing and serving of the food.

Costume Committee

You probably have already recognized the need for a uniform chorus outfit, so you may need a costume committee. When this committee is appointed, its members should be advised of their duties and limitations. Some costume committees are empowered to make complete selection of costume, material and accessories. Others are instructed to present two or three ideas to the board of directors/management team or to the membership for selection. Misunderstandings can be prevented if everyone knows the scope of the committee's responsibility and agrees to cooperate with the committee's recommendation.

Ways and Means Committee

The amount you establish for dues may well depend upon the number of ways and means projects your members are willing to support. If your membership is interested in keeping dues at a minimum and supports money-making projects to provide funds for chapter operating expenses, you will need an efficient ways and means chair. There are many ways you can supplement your chapter's income with little effort on the part of the membership. Some of them are fun as well.

–  –  –

As your activities increase, there will be many opportunities to raise money through special ways and means projects or grants. Use the proceeds to support the educational aims of your chorus. You will need funds to finance those designated to be in attendance at regional meetings, to pay the expenses of your chorus director and assistant director to a Sweet Adelines International music school, to defray the cost of costumes, or perhaps to pay for chorus transportation to regional and/or international competition, or to an inter-chapter party.


Now is the time to review the financial position of your chapter. Are the dues established in your formative stages adequate? Will they cover the International dues, payable to international headquarters, regional dues, as well as the operating expenses of your chapter? There is no recommended amount for chorus dues, as each chapter is unique. It is important to establish a budget, attempting to make this amount adequate for all anticipated expenses so that you will not need to make personal assessments for unexpected expenses. Work out a system of payment that suits the needs of the group. Inform each new member of her financial responsibilities.

Determine and define what the members can expect to receive in return for their dues or as part of their membership, and what their additional financial responsibilities are. Remember that the bylaws provide for termination of membership for nonpayment of dues.

Chapters, not individual members in chapters, are required to pay the annual International dues to International for affiliation with Sweet Adelines International. (The money is collected from each chapter member.) The current annual rate for each member must accompany the Application for Membership. Membership renewals are due 12 months from the date the International dues were received at international headquarters. For further information regarding International dues, consult the Chapter Guide. (Refer to the Help Section for more assistance in financial areas.)


The regional management team is the policy-making body of the region. It consists of eight coordinators, whose term of office is two years or until successors are elected. Some coordinators are appointed by the international organization, some are elected by the regional membership, each chapter being entitled to one vote, and some are appointed by the regional management team.

Regional team members assume their duties on May 1 of each year. Members are Communications Coordinator, Directors’ Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Team Coordinator.

The regional government provides for chapter education, both musical and administrative. Each region conducts its own programs. The regional meetings not only give members a better idea of the functions of the regional government, but also provide the opportunity for a free exchange of ideas between members of different choruses. Many regions plan educational classes, regional chorus rehearsals or evenings of fun and entertainment in conjunction with these meetings. Your chorus members are encouraged to attend at least one regional meeting and the associated activity prior to application for charter. Some regions assess their chartered chapters a small amount per member to fund the activities/programs of their region. This amount should be planned for in your chapter's budget.


Every chapter of Sweet Adelines International belongs to a specific region. During the first part of the year regions have a regional competition. Attending a regional competition is probably the best way for prospective members to understand the true meaning of Sweet Adelines International membership.

During quartet and chorus competitions, newer choruses and quartets can learn by watching those with more experience. Competition is an important phase of Sweet Adelines activity. The thrill of

–  –  –

competition, suggestions from the judging panel and fellowship with other contestants provide the incentive that keeps a chorus and its membership interested, enthusiastic and progressive.

The annual international convention, usually held in October or November features the international quartet and chorus competition. The highlight of the competition is the selection of the Sweet Adelines International champions. Music education classes are popular convention events. A trip to an international convention is the ideal time for Sweet Adelines from all regions to become acquainted and to understand and appreciate more fully the vast scope of our international organization. Nothing adds to group enthusiasm like a mass exodus to an out-of-town event. Plan to share transportation with members of your group to attend an international seminar, a regional meeting or international convention.


Understandably, members cannot always be away from home to take part in exciting Sweet Adelines International events, so periodically the Membership Coordinator or her designee will plan a visit to your chapter. She will assist you with problems you may be having and answer questions on Sweet Adelines International policies and procedures. Start now to make a list of questions you would like answered.

The Membership Coordinator is required to send to international headquarters two Prospective Chapter Administrative Progress Reports about the administrative strength of your prospective chorus.

The Education Coordinator will be planning visits to your group. The Education Coordinator will be able to give you musical guidance and evaluate the musical needs of your chorus. Be sure your chorus director is present when the Education Coordinator visits to show how your rehearsals are conducted and how your music is taught.

The Education Coordinator is required to send to international headquarters at least two Prospective Chapter Musical Progress Reports. These reports will indicate your chorus' barbershop/musical proficiency and potential, as well as your readiness for public performance and charter.

Both the Administrative Progress Reports and the Musical Progress Reports should be received by international before the chartering processing can begin.

The international organization pays regional representatives a mileage fee and/or airfare for official visits. However, your visitors will be on a very limited budget; anything you can do to make the financial load lighter by providing accommodations, transportation, meals, etc., will be appreciated.

Your regional representatives will be interested in participating in a regular rehearsal, complete with singing and business, so don't plan a party for their benefit. Let them sit in as members so that you can all relax and enjoy each other!


Requests for routine date clearances are directed to your Regional Team Coordinator. Dates must be cleared for your chartering party, inter-chapter parties, chapter shows, chapter parties, or any event that will include chapters other than your own. Most regional calendars are very full, so your requests should be made well in advance of the date you desire.


When it is time to apply for chapter membership in Sweet Adelines International, be sure all the necessary paperwork and other requirements are in order. This will prevent a possible delay in the chartering process. The paperwork to be completed is contained in the Membership Kit, which is included in this Step.

–  –  –

The International Board of Directors will receive a summary of your chorus' activities and recommendations from the regional leaders. The Membership Coordinator and Education Coordinator usually approve your group to charter at the last visit. This visit is an important one because your administrative and musical ability will be carefully noted. Just as you audition prospective members, each chorus is auditioned as a whole before admittance into Sweet Adelines International is granted. You are expected to have some general knowledge about barbershop music; be willing to learn even more about this art form; and meet the basic criteria for public performance. If your regional leaders should indicate to you that they do not find your group ready to submit an application, find out why and then act upon their advice.

You may expect to hear from international headquarters soon after your application has been received.

However, since there is considerable paperwork involved, 45 days may be required to complete the chartering process.


Prospective chapters that plan to compete in regional competition must be approved to charter at least 60 days before the date of competition. However, to allow enough time for the chartering process, the Membership Coordinator and prospective chapter must work together to see that all chartering papers are submitted to international 105 days prior to the competition date. The entry deadline date for chorus competition is 45 days prior to the date of the regional competition.

If, within a prospective chapter, there is a quartet that wishes to compete, each member of the quartet must be a member of Sweet Adelines International in order for the quartet's name and personnel to be registered with international headquarters. If the quartet’s chapter is not yet chartered, all quartet personnel must be chapter-at-large members of Sweet Adelines International. Quartets must be registered at international headquarters 60 days prior to the regional competition in order to be eligible to compete. The entry deadline date for regional quartet competition is 45 days prior to the date of the competition.


The following are required before applying for chapter membership:

Thorough familiarity with the information in this booklet A permanent chorus director A chorus of 15 (plus director) or more members The singing of Sweet Adelines International music Two administrative and two musical visits A full slate of officers and standing committee chairs —plus any additional committees your group may require Chapter standing rules submitted and approved A budget prepared and chapter dues collected Implementation of the Chapter Membership Admittance policy Approval to charter from the Region Chapter chartering fee and international dues for each member must be paid

–  –  –

All forms necessary to charter are enclosed in the Membership Kit. Return the kit to international headquarters after you have determined the chapter's eligibility to charter.


When you are approved for chapter membership by the International Board of Directors, a charter will be mailed directly to the chapter president (team leader). Various supplies will follow in a separate mailing. You will also be sent a membership card for each chapter member. This card certifies local membership, as well as signifying international affiliation.

Perhaps the biggest event in each chorus' history is the presentation of the charter! Each chorus decides on an individual basis how to celebrate this big event. Chapters have held parties and invited neighboring Sweet Adelines chapters and friends; prepared a show to display the accomplishments of the chorus and quartets; or had a ceremony and private party using a combination of these methods.

Most choruses invite some special person — a regional management team member or a member of the International Board of Directors — to make this presentation. If that person lives out of town, expenses of the trip will be from her personal funds unless you offer assistance. Perhaps you can offer to defray at least a portion of the expenses.

To plan your charter party, your president/team leader should appoint a committee. Please keep in mind, in selecting the big day that the dates of such events must be cleared through the Regional Team Coordinator. Also remember that 45 days can pass between the time your chorus submits chartering papers and the time you receive the good news that your application has been approved by the International Board of Directors. So, be patient. Request a charter party date only after international headquarters informs you that a summary (résumé of your chartering efforts) has been mailed to the International Board of Directors. At that time, drop the Regional Team Coordinator a note specifying the date you have selected and an alternate, in case a nearby chorus is already planning something on the date of your first choice.

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