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«Based on Harap Alb fairy tale by Ion Creangã Address: Str. Gheorghe Sincai, 19, Ploiesti, Romania E-mail: michelle.scripts Phone Number: ...»

-- [ Page 3 ] --

He looks at the bear which still is on the cliff and yawns wanting to lounge and sleep.

Ember makes a wry mouth hoping that the bear won’t hear the noise, but as soon as he stops yawning, the bear hears the noise and becomes suspicious. Ember closes his eye tight.


Birdie makes a sign with his hand. Ember begins to neigh.

The bear turns his head from the lettuce to the river direction. He looks confused.

He begins to roar and to direct towards the river. Ember looks scared. Birdie begins to wave his fur and to throw small rocks at the bear. The bear becomes angry and runs towards the waterfall. Ember neighs and the bear stops and looks confused. He doesn’t know what to do and where to go.


Jeremy begins to fill his sack with lettuce and looks from time to time at the cliff to see whether the bear is still there.

He sees motion and becomes a bit scared and picks up the lettuce without watching down, but only to the left and to the right. Suddenly he makes a face and shouts.

–  –  –

The bear hears the noise and looks angrily at the lettuce plantation. As Jeremy looks at his hand, he notices that he just grasped a snake by the head. He lets it off crying blue murder.

–  –  –

When he looks around, he realizes that there’s withered lettuce in each place where there was fresh green lettuce.

He looks amazed and confused.

EXT. THE BEAR’S GARDEN - CLIFF - NIGHT The bear looks very angry and begins to run towards the lettuce plantation roaring. Birdie realizes Jeremy is in danger and begins to wave his fur again and pretends roaring.

The bear doesn’t give a damn. Ember becomes worried. He begins to neigh loud to distract the bear, but the bear runs angrily towards the lettuce plantation as if he didn’t hear them.


Jeremy notices the bear and realizes he can’t linger anymore. He grabs the heads of lettuce as fast as he can and fills the sack.

Then he begins to run, moving away from the lettuce plantation. The bear is at his heels. Jeremy runs holding his sack at the back and shouting loud.

–  –  –


He keeps racing and directs towards the rejoining point.

The bear chases him angrily. Birdie and Ember bolt too and the three rejoin and keep racing. Birdie snubs Jeremy.

–  –  –


They keep running while the bear chases them and roar angrily. They almost reach the gap. Birdie shouts.

–  –  –

They scamper through wet grass, mud, dry leaves, thorn bushes and finally reach the edge of the gap dirty and exhausted.

EXT. THE BEAR’S GARDEN - GAP - NIGHT They don’t stop at all, but plunge into the big hole screaming.

The bear stops at the edge of the gap and looks at them roaring. He is disappointed and angry. He begins to whine sorrowfully.


–  –  –

The gap is full of planets of all kinds which float around and offer a wonderful view. One is just next to him. He stretches his finger shyly and touches it.

The planet moves away slowly a few inches and rolls sluggishly. When he looks down, he notices that there are clouds all under his feet.

Little stars begin to show up and to make up constellations.

They all admire the landscape which looks like an intergalactic view, as if the world was upside-down. The horse looks amazed and says frightened to the prince.

–  –  –


Thorne is in the balcony of his room and looks rancorously at the stars, rubbs his chin with his hand and says to himself.

–  –  –

Then he goes to bed.


The falchion casts around a few little magic stars.

EXT. GAP - MORNING The planets are gone. Jeremy wakes up and he remembers where he is. He looks at the riverbed and notices it’s full. Then he looks frightened at the horse and tells him.

–  –  –

As he says the last words, Jeremy looks up at the riverbed and realizes it’s empty. He frowns, then begins to rub his eyes thinking he doesn’t see well.

–  –  –

Jeremy looks at him quizzical.


Thirster, is a very strange man, wearing underclothes and old shabby glasses with no lens, almost bald, just a little hair on the sides, short hands and legs, a belly like a barrel.

Every time he speaks, or does something thrilling, he scratches his armpits.

He sits on his knees at the feet of the riverbed and waits for the water to come. He salivates. He looks up and grins.

The water comes like an avalanche, brawling and bubbling.

He opens his mouth. His lips become so big and elastic that cover not only his face, but the whole landscape.

He sucks the water at once and keeps sucking the last drops, then gets ready for the next round.

EXT. GAP - MORNING Birdie teaches his fellows how to cling themselves to the legs of the mushrooms. The clouds begin to melt and they jump from one cloud to another.

Big mushrooms begin to show up from the clouds making a certain noise.

–  –  –

As soon as he says that, the cloud they sit on melts and they fall on another cloud.

Jeremy looks down and as he can’t see the bottom, he realizes how deep the gap is. He swallows in vain. The clouds tail away more and more.

In a cold sweat, Jeremy looks around and stretches his hands to grasp a mushroom.

He screams and manages to cling to a small mushroom. At first, he is afraid, then he begins to laugh happily. He flies in the air and keeps laughing.

–  –  –

After he says that, a mushroom bursts just under his feet and flies with him, but he doesn’t want to let Ember alone and he jumps down.

In his falling, he looks afraid as he sees no cloud to cling to. He stretches his hands but catches none.

The horse and the prince look at him scared and can’t do anything.

–  –  –

But another mushroom bursts and, as it flies up, it pushes Birdie up and makes him rebound and land on Jeremy’s mushroom.

As it is a small mushroom, it doesn’t resist and breaks.

Jeremy falls down and lands on Ember. Birdie falls past a cloud which is just above the cloud on which the horse and Jeremy are.

–  –  –

As they are too heavy and the cloud too thin, it breaks and Ember begins to fall, while Birdie and Jeremy hold tight.

They all scream.

EXT. GAP - MORNING The horse instinctively tries to fly and suddenly his wings loosen and he can fly. Jeremy looks astonished. Birdie also is very amazed. He calls Ember down.

–  –  –


Jeremy is on his way back towards Ivory Kingdom, accompanied by Ember, Birdie and Thirster. Jeremy holds the bear’s fur on his shoulder.

They all direct towards the palace. A forest man stops and goggles at them. They make a few more steps and notice another two men staring at them. One of them even takes his hat off.


The huge wooden gates of the city open and they let Jeremy and his fellows pass. Jeremy is on horseback.

The city bustles of people who stop and stare at them as they go forward. Most of them take their hats off, some of them even bow in front of him. Jeremy hears them whispering.

–  –  –

Everybody stops and stares at him amazed. They smile at him and at each other and, as if they didn’t hear him, they begin to speak louder and louder.

–  –  –


The royal family shows up in the royal balcony. The three daughters look very happy with what they see.

The old emperor also looks satisfied. The people cheer and shout with joy behind Jeremy.


Thorne appears at the balcony of his bedroom. Jeremy covers his back with the bear fur and this makes the crowd shout even louder.

Then he takes a head of lettuce out of his sack and raises it so that Thorne may see it. The crowd cheers. Thorne looks angrily. Jeremy raises the whole sack. The people shout and acclaim.


–  –  –

Thirster stretches his lips and scratching his armpits, he sticks his tongue out to catch the baby’s slobber. The baby laughs and stretches his little hands and grasps the big lips slobbering even more.

Thirster sucks all the slobber. The people make a noise that show abhorrence. Some women break out.

–  –  –

Thorne keeps looking at him disgustedly and defiantly. Birdie slaps Thirster, but as soon as does so, a flock of birds fly above them.

Birdie suddenly stretches his hand, catches a few birds and devours them. The crowd shows its amazement and disgust.

This time Thirster slaps Birdie. Thorne takes the floor and, looking straight in Jeremy’s eyes, he says loud so that everybody may hear him.

–  –  –


Chloe, the youngest daughter, shows up on the corridor. She holds a plate in her hands covered by a kitchen towel.

Her sisters follow her. The three smile at each other and nod their head.


The emperor wears his night attire and kneels next to his bed, praying. The scroll from Thorne is opened before his eyes.

There’s one candle lightened. He is interrupted by a knock.

He opens his eyes suddenly.

The three daughters enter their father’s bedroom. They look at each other, then Chloe takes heart and breaks the silence.

–  –  –

EXT. STABLE - NIGHT The three daughters approach the stable. They notice there’s silence inside. They stop and look through the wooden walls.

Everybody inside sleeps.

–  –  –

The other two nod.


Two guards of the city look in the distance as they hear some peculiar noise. They can spot a bunch of soldiers directing towards the city on horseback. They sound the alarm.

The gates of Ivory City open and a big cohort of soldiers from inside approach the sentry point.


EXT. IVORY CITY - FEAST - DAY The city looks like holiday. A big feast is given. All the citizens are gathered. They all eat all kind of good food and listen to the music played by a brass band.

The royal table is full of relish. The emperor and Thorne are in the middle. Next to the emperor, there are the three daughters. Next to Thorne there are three knights.

The emperor looks very happy as well as his daughters.

Suddenly he takes a glass of wine in his hand, stands up quaking a bit, then takes the floor.

–  –  –

The mob cheers to the echo. The three daughters applaud and look happy. Thorne looks confused. His face is pale.

EXT. IVORY CITY - FEAST - DAY Thorne stands up. A long moment of silence.

–  –  –


Jeremy and the emperor are at the gates of the city. They are face to face. The emperor looks at him gently and tells him.

–  –  –

Jeremy takes the sword, smiles friendly, mounts his horse and departs together with his fellows. The emperor watches them until they disappear, while an autumn landscape begins to shape.


Jeremy and his fellows get through a long, narrow and windy path through the mountains. As they begin to climb down, the path gets wider and wider.

When Jeremy looks up in the distance, he notices the shore of a sea. He smiles satisfied.

–  –  –


They are just at the sea shore. The waves run foaming and dash in the shore. Thirster looks at the sea disappointed.

Then he calls Birdie down.

–  –  –

The captain smiles and taps him on the shoulder.


Jeremy and his fellows are gathered in their berth. Thirster is half-asleep.

–  –  –


LENCE, a strange human being, one-eyed, wearing tresses, beard and moustache, tall enough and brawny, helps FAMISH to find something to eat.

–  –  –

Famish is fat and moves slowly. He wears a tarboosh that is too small for his head.

He drops it every time he bends down and puts it back stuffing it on his head and saying “you twerp!”.

Lence shouts as he sees a hare behind a rock.

–  –  –

He stands and begins to shake the coconut tree. Lots of coconuts fall down. He grins.


Famish is surrounded by lots of coconut peels. Jeremy and his fellows stare stunned at Lence and Famish, while behind them, in the distance, the sailor men dock the ship they travelled by. Birdie asks Thirster.

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