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«Based on Harap Alb fairy tale by Ion Creangã Address: Str. Gheorghe Sincai, 19, Ploiesti, Romania E-mail: michelle.scripts Phone Number: ...»

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They reach the water and begin to drink greedily. Thorne glimpses cunningly at the two.

INT. WELL - DAY Jeremy keeps allaying his thirst, then begins to fill his water bag. Suddenly Ember neighs alarmed.

Jeremy turns his face and looks up as he sees a big lidded covering the well and Thorne rolling the handle of a big wheel. Jeremy asks suspiciously.

–  –  –


The lidded closes the well with a strange noise. On the lidded there’s a sign that reads: “Warning! Danger! Do not cover the well unless it runs dry”.

Thorne lets off the handle of the wheel. Then he takes Jeremy’s falchion, climbs on the lidded and shouts.

–  –  –

In the well it’s dark, but the sun beams still come in and the things inside can be distinguished. As soon as Thorne says the last words, the level of the water begins to go up.

Jeremy gets a fright. Ember begins to climb up the path neighing. Thorne laughs. The level of the water stops going up.

–  –  –

Suddenly the level of the water goes up again. Jeremy climbs up and reaches the top of the well. Ember is already there.

The level of the water stops.

–  –  –

The two stare at each other frightened and resigned. The level goes up again and they get wet. They scream and try to save themselves. They shiver with cold.

–  –  –

Ember looks at him resigned. The water goes up again and covers Ember’s head who strives to drag it out of the water. Jeremy is up to the neck in the water. He shouts.

–  –  –

Suddenly, little shinny stars begin to surround the falchion.

Jeremy and Ember look stunned and dejected while Thorne looks surprised. He shouts with joy jumping and hopping.

–  –  –

The horse’s wings disappear. Thorne begins an evil laugh.

At the same time, the little stars around the falchion stop shinning. Jeremy looks dejected.


Thorne rides the horse dressed in Jeremy’s clothes, while Jeremy wears Thorne’s clothes and walks on foot behind Ember.

–  –  –


They are close to the gates of the city and Jeremy looks in the distance. He stares at the beautiful palace in all its glory. He looks overwhelmed.

A watchman sees them approaching to the gates of the city.

He bows his head as he sees the barefaced dressed like a prince, and addresses him deferentially.

–  –  –


The emperor welcomes Thorne with joy. His three daughters also show their happiness, they smile and look very excited.

–  –  –

Ember looks at him very angrily and tries to contradict him, but he can’t talk. He just neighs very loud. Thorne “explains” the horse’s behavior.

–  –  –

INT. PALACE - THORNE’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Thorne is in his luxurious room and lies in his comfortable big bed.

He looks around at the beautiful and expensive objects: a hand painted carpet on a wall, a big golden cup on a table, a silver-framed mirror, a see-saw chair, a big fluffy piece of tiger fur on the floor, cosy candles.

He blinks a few times, removes the quilt as he feels hot, then closes his eyes and falls asleep.

INT. STABLE - NIGHT Jeremy sits down on the ground covered in a blanket. He shivers. A rat runs from one corner to another. Other two follow it.

A cow craps making a peculiar noise. A goat stands and begins to crunch some cabbage right in his ear.

Just next to him, a bee struggles in a web spider, striving to break loose. Jeremy gazes at it, then stretches his hand and releases the bee which flies outside.

He looks disappointed at the starry sky. A tear comes from his eye. He quickly wipes it away with his sleeve. Ember interrupts him.

–  –  –


The city is full of joy. Thousands of people are gathered in front of the palace. They give shouts of acclamation and wave palm-tree twigs.

In front of the palace, on the stairs, the emperor, along with his daughters and Thorne wave their hands at the people.

In the middle, there is a long red carpet which stretches from the stairs to the end of the sidewalk.

–  –  –

The crowd shouts to the echo.


The music plays. The emperor, together with his daughters and the barefaced align at the royal table. They sit and begin to eat. The people begin to eat too.


Jeremy holds his hands on the door of the stable and leans his ear against the door listening with sadness.

–  –  –

Suddenly they hear footsteps approaching. They frighten a bit. They hear the footsteps louder and two soldiers talking and directing towards the stable.

–  –  –


The music plays and the feast is in full swing. Jeremy, accompanied by the two soldiers and by Ember, walks along the carpet.

As he steps, he watches at the appetizing food on the tables and swallows in vain. Everyone watches him eagerly.

He stops in front of the emperor’s table where Thorne waits for him. The emperor smiles at Jeremy. The three daughters also look at him gently and smile.

Thorne wears a false smile. One man in the crowd looks at Jeremy and tells his friend.

–  –  –

Ember frowns. Jeremy looks stunned. Thorne stands up and raises a bunch of lettuce from the table. While he begins to speak, the horse squints at the food on the tables.

–  –  –

Jeremy looks at him suspicious. Thorne continues to speak while keeps eating lettuce. The three daughters frown as they don’t like his rude behavior.

While Thorne speaks, Ember stretches his muzzle to a big piece of roast. A child notices it and stretches his hand to stroke its muzzle.

–  –  –

The people become silent and look surprised at the child.

While everybody pays attention to the child, Ember looks at Jeremy and makes a sign with his head that suggests him to take the roast from his mouth.

Jeremy looks around ashamed, but seeing that nobody looks at him, he quickly takes the roast and puts it in the sack.

Ember takes heart and taking advantage that nobody looks at him, he raises his tail on the table.

Jeremy notices and understands his intention. Jeremy looks at him frightened and shakes his head.

–  –  –

Ember makes a face at the prince, stretches his tail and sweeps a great amount of food from the table.

Jeremy has no choice but to stretch his sack and hold it in front of the food to catch it in the sack.

Thorne notices them, looks at them spitefully, but says nothing. The people hear the noise and turn their heads, but the food is already in the sack.

–  –  –


Jeremy sits under a tree and gobbles from the big sack of food. He looks at Ember who grazes fresh grass nearby the tree. Jeremy smiles gently while he chews the food.

Ember approaches. Jeremy stands and strokes his muzzle, then sighs and tells him.

–  –  –

Then he notices some bubble leavings in the air and quickly begins to blow them with his lips and a bigger one expands again and Goody appears again and says.

–  –  –

The bubble breaks and scatters in the air.


Jeremy rides his horse directing towards a mountain chain while Ember talks discontentedly and resentfully.

–  –  –

Jeremy can see The Bear’s Garden in the distance. It is very beautiful and full of all kind of plants, flowers and trees, high cliffs with snowy peaks.

–  –  –

EXT. GAP - DAY Ember makes a face, then he looks stunned at the view. They both look ahead open-mouthed. But as they look down, they notice that a deep gap shows up in front of them.

Jeremy realizes that the gap sunders their road from the Garden. As they reach the edge of the gap, they notice that the bottom is full of all sort of flower petals.

A sudden warm wind begins to make their clothes and hair wave. The petals begin to raise from the bottom to the top.

As they come closer, Jeremy notices that the petals are huge and thick. Then they hear SOMEONE/BIRDIE LENGTH-LONG humming.

–  –  –

EXT. GAP - DAY - CONTINUOUS Birdie is a very skinny and tall man, dressed weirdly and having his rags made of numerous patches. He lies down on a petal, holding his hands joined at the nape and his legs across.

The petals move slowly from bottom to top and are at the half of the gap. Suddenly Birdie stops humming and stares up.

Jeremy and the horse look at him open-mouthed.

Birdie doesn’t notice them. He stretches his hand up and, with a sudden and quick movement, he grabs a few birds from a tree and scoffs them alive, all at a time.

Then he stretches his hand again and his hand looks like a very long rope. He grabs another bunch of birds and gobbles them.

He burps long and loud. A feather gets out of his mouth and floats in the air. He stretches his long tongue and catches it, then swallows it.

Jeremy and the horse look at each other and can hardly withhold from laughing. A beautiful blue bird flies cunningly above Birdie’s head and poops in his hat.

–  –  –

He jumps from petal to petal, but the bird is very agile and flies from side to side, chirps scornfully, sticks its tongue out, makes faces at Birdie, turns with the back and shakes its tail mockingly. Birdie manages to pluck a feather.

–  –  –

He uses the feather as a toothpick, then puts it at his hat. Jeremy and Ember burst into laughter and Birdie notices them. Birdie is now on a petal, still at the half of the gap and looks at them.

EXT. GAP - DAY - CONTINUOUS The horse laughs out loud. Suddenly a thin hand with long and gnarled fingers tickles him under his armpits. The horse laughs louder and rolls on both sides shouting.

–  –  –

Birdie makes a face that suggests that he has a faster solution.


It rains slowly. Birdie is outspread from one side of the gap to the other, like a bridge. Ember is behind Jeremy. They cross over Birdie while he screams.

–  –  –

They begin to move on. Jeremy finds a rock, picks it up and is ready to throw it at the dog, but “the bridge” shakes and Jeremy loses his balance and drops the rock.

Jeremy watches the rock which goes down like an arrow until it fades away. He swallows in vain, then picks up another rock and throws it at the dog. The rock hits the dog which runs away squealing.

–  –  –


Jeremy reaches the other side. The sun begins to shine. The horse finally makes the last step and reaches the other side, then says.

–  –  –

Birdie falls down on a yellow petal, but the petal rebounds and throws him on a pink petal, then on an orange petal.

The blue bird flies above his head and laughs insultingly.

Jeremy shouts worried.

–  –  –

Birdie prepares to stretch his hands and catch the birds, but his face changes suddenly. He shouts frightened and points with his forefinger behind Jeremy. Bear roars are heard.

–  –  –

Jeremy and Ember turn their head and see two bears fighting. They quickly hide themselves behind a bush and watch the bears who are very aggressive with each other.

They fight hard until one of them kills the opponent. The winning bear roars angrily and beats his chest with his paws to show who’s the boss.

Then it leaves and disappears in the Garden. Jeremy and the horse look open-mouthed and frightened.


The edge of the gap looks silent. Suddenly Birdie’s hands touch it and struggle to climb it. He looks exhausted.

He slips a bit again, but he finally manages to reach the top. Jeremy comes out from the bush and says worried.

–  –  –

EXT. THE BEAR’S GARDEN - ALLEY/GLADE - NIGHT The three walk along an alley and look frightened to the right and to the left. They reach a glade. They look up and see the bear on a cliff roaring. Birdie says.

–  –  –


Jeremy is on the lettuce plantation. He looks at the beautiful rows of lettuce which are very fresh and green.

–  –  –

He tries again, but the lettuce doesn’t break. He stands up, sprawls his legs and tries lustily for the third time, very determined. Suddenly the bunch of lettuce pulls out.

Jeremy smiles, then he looks astonished. A full row of lettuce begins to pull out itself making a noise, like popcorn bursting. Jeremy looks amazed.

–  –  –

EXT. THE BEAR’S GARDEN - RIVER - NIGHT Ember looks in the direction where the noise comes and realizes it’s from the lettuce plantation.

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