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«Based on Harap Alb fairy tale by Ion Creangã Address: Str. Gheorghe Sincai, 19, Ploiesti, Romania E-mail: michelle.scripts Phone Number: ...»

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Based on Harap Alb fairy tale by Ion Creangã

Address: Str. Gheorghe Sincai, 19, Ploiesti, Romania

E-mail: michelle.scripts@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0040 765 113 892



A beautiful autumn forest covers the surface of a big hill.

NARRATOR (V.O.) Once upon a time there was an old emperor who lived in the Palace of Ivory. As he had only daughters, he decided to offer his throne to one of his nephews...

In the distance, a white gorgeous palace surrounded by white dwellings and white solid walls offers a splendid landscape.

The view gets clearer and clearer.

NARRATOR (V.O.)... who lived far away from him, at the other end of the world.


The view moves above the clouds at the opposite side of the earth: a beautiful green palace shows up, though it’s not as gorgeous as the Ivory one. It’s smaller and not that luxurious.

NARRATOR (V.O.) They never met, they did not know how they looked like, what they did, what they liked to do. The emperor sent word to his brother, king of The Green Kingdom, to notify him about his wish.

The city swarms with people who rush from one corner to another.


The youngest prince, JEREMY, 18, is in a forest nearby the palace and looks cheerlessly at his brother who comes home ashamed. He watches his father who looks disappointed.

Jeremy sighs and droops his head. He sits on a rock and becomes thoughtful.

Suddenly, an old hunched woman/Goody appears in front of him. He rises his head and looks at her mystified.


WOMAN/GOODY What bothers you, little thing?

Expel the grief that came over your heart, for the luck smiles upon you from everywhere.


What do you know about me, goody?

Leave me alone!

The woman looks at the glass ball she holds in her hands and she is surprised. She follows some marks with her forefinger.

She babbles something that can hardly be distinguished and that makes Jeremy wear a curios face.

GOODY You’ll go this way... and then stop at this fountain... you’ll meet this and that on your way...

and you’ll reach...

The woman becomes more surprised, makes a pause and squints at Jeremy while she whispers.

GOODY (CONT’D)... the crown!

Jeremy frowns and wants to say something, but the woman shouts while looks back at the glass ball and points somewhere else on it with her forefinger.

–  –  –

Bewildered, Jeremy draws his ragbag and gives her two golden coins. The woman gazes at him as he goes away.


The view of an expensive and rather churlish palace shows up and, as it comes closer and closer, it reveals a very tall tower in the middle of it.

In a big room, full of all kind of things a lady would need, a PRINCESS/TULIP, 18, whose face cannot be seen, talks to her companion, Hanna, a lovely white female horse.

The princess shakes a metal box. Hanna asks her.

–  –  –


The city bustles of people, children, animals and bagmen.

Jeremy rides his horse trotting on an alley that leads to the palace.

He passes through the crowd, while the people go about their business, they barely stop or bow their head.

He directs towards the entrance of the palace.


Jeremy enters the palace. He creeps in the emperor’s chamber.

His older brothers are also there, but don’t notice him.

One of them tries on some wigs, the other sits on an armchair in front of him to nod or shake his head.

The king, surrounded by a few advisers, seems to be very engrossed with reading a scroll.

Jeremy stops and bows down in front of the king. The king doesn’t look at him. Jeremy clears his throat. The king sighs, still holding his eyes on the scroll.

–  –  –

The king moves his eyes on Jeremy and arches his eyebrows distrustfully.

The two brothers become aware of what happens and turn their head towards Jeremy. The king stares distrustfully at him, then, after a few seconds of silence, tells him.

–  –  –


Jeremy enters the stable holding an old trunk in his arms.

He looks at the horses in the stable.

He puts down the tray of embers. He opens the trunk. He takes out some old and musty bridegroom attire full of moths and dust.

He shakes them out and coughs because of the dust. He dresses himself with them.

Suddenly, a very skinny, dirty white ugly HORSE approaches and stretches his muzzle to the embers. Jeremy is busy with the stuff in the trunk.

The horse stumbles over something and makes a noise. Jeremy notices the horse near the tray.

He stands up quickly and chases him away. The horse doesn’t manage to eat anything. Jeremy shouts angrily.

–  –  –

The other horses that are in the stable rise their head while chewing some hay and look curiously at the skinny horse.

They look at each other and frown, then smile with contempt.


Jeremy takes out of the trunk some old and shabby reins, a whip and a saddle. He looks at them curiously. He touches them slowly and begins to cleanse them.

A brown horse looks at the skinny horse and makes a sign with its head that indicates that Jeremy is busy and that the horse can go and eat embers.

The other horses laugh scornfully. The skinny horse approaches again and tries to eat of the tray. Jeremy squints at him, then stands up and chases him away, but the horse manages to take a mouthful of embers.

–  –  –


Jeremy takes out some decrepit weapons, but he keeps an eye on the skinny horse. He takes out a bow, some arrows, a falchion and a mace.

He becomes very absorbed with them as he touches each of them. He takes the falchion and stands up making a certain gesture that shows superpower and distinction.

He pretends he fights while gives a peculiar shout after every movement he makes. It’s obvious he’s an amateur.

When he looks back, he is stunned. He lets his hand down and looks dejected and open-mouthed.

The skinny horse ate almost all the embers and now he chews breathlessly while looks at Jeremy. Then he takes the last piece of embers, swallows it and licks his muzzle.

–  –  –

The horse shakes himself and neighs. The wind begins to blow and dark clouds gather suddenly followed by thunders and lightnings while the horse turns into a white beautiful stallion. The other horses look astonished.

At the same time, Jeremy’s old and shabby attire turn into new, shinny and neat clothes. The horse also acquires the ability of speaking.

–  –  –

Jeremy puts the snaffle in the horse’s mouth and smiles looking self-controlled.

He wants to stroke the horse’s mane, but the horse makes an unexpected movement: he suddenly loosens its wings and the next second he flies up to the sky.

Then he flies back to the ground while Jeremy screams with fear and excitement at the same time.

Then the horse flies up to the moon and then flies down to the stable, then flies up again, to the sun, and back down, while Jeremy keeps crying blue murder.

As soon as the horse touches the ground and stops, he asks.

–  –  –

Jeremy turns the horse immediately and dismounts. He draws his falchion and though he looks scared, he takes heart and directs with determination towards the bear.

He clenches his teeth and raises the falchion. He approaches the bear. His hands tremble. He is ready to hurt the bear, but he suddenly hears his father’s voice.

–  –  –


Jeremy rides his horse alongside a lake. In front of him there is a big hill covered by a forest. He stops and looks ahead. The forest looks endless.

EXT. FOREST - DAY Jeremy creeps into the forest. He looks to the left and to the right. He hears some rustle and quickly draws his sword scared. Ember stops and asks him.

–  –  –

When they want to relax, suddenly an arrow flies fast and violently before their eyes and stops into a tree. Jeremy shouts while Ember neighs and raises his front legs.

Jeremy grasps the Ember’s neck and closes his eyes tight.

Then he opens one eye and looks up, down, to the left and to the right.

In front of him is a barefaced/THORNE, 35, holding a bow in his hand and a bag of arrows at the back. The barefaced looks at him gently but cunningly.

–  –  –

Jeremy spurs his horse at once and they leave quickly.

Thorne watches them rancorously.


Jeremy rides on and reaches a crossroads. They stop.

Jeremy looks confused at the seventh directions: the first road is rocky and rough, no trees or grass on the sides.

The second one is an avenue, very hard-packed and shaded of trees of all kinds on both sides.

The third one is sandy and there are palm trees here and there on both sides. The fourth road looks rather like a narrow foot path with tall grass and taller than man giant flowers on both sides.

The fifth road is actually a wooden bridge across a big river. The bridge touches the water.

The sixth way is a windy road that leads towards high cliffs, the seventh road is paved with white earth and with all kind of huge mushrooms on both sides.

–  –  –

EXT. FOREST - RIVER - DAY Jeremy rides his horse. They pervaded a long way from the crossroads. They can spot the river. As they come closer, Jeremy realizes that the road ends up there.

–  –  –


Jeremy approaches the crossroads on horseback. He looks ahead and doesn’t know what way to choose. He says.

–  –  –


It’s dark. They halt in the forest, near the crossroads.

Jeremy unloads the luggage and makes a fire. He gobbles something.

Ember looks at him hungrily. Jeremy doesn’t notice. Then Jeremy takes some apples from his bag and begins to eat.

Ember swallows in vain. Jeremy looks at the horse and notices he salivates.

–  –  –

Jeremy looks at him again wonderingly. The horse stretches, yawns and smacks its lips, then begins to look very tired and closes its eyes slowly.


The morning warm sun beams caress Jeremy’s face. He opens his eyes slowly. He looks at Ember, then stands up. He strokes the horse and tells him.

–  –  –

EXT. ROCKY ROAD - DAY They all move away from the crossroads on the rocky road.

They can hardly walk, they step heavily through the boulder stones. It’s very hot. The sun shines hard and makes them sweat.

–  –  –

EXT. ROCKY ROAD - DAY They struggle to make their way through the hot painful rocks. Suddenly Jeremy feels the road under his feet becomes smooth and a bit slippery.


FROSTY, a weird creature, wearing an afghan from top to bottom, long fur sleeves, fur cap and boots lays down in the sun enjoying the heat. Yet he shivers with cold.

He hears the noise made by the three travellers and raises his head suddenly. He notices Jeremy wiping away his sweat and breathing hard because of the heat.


Suddenly the rocks cover with ice and the air becomes fresh and cool. Jeremy looks at Ember wonderingly.

With every cold breath, Frosty makes everything around freeze.

When Jeremy and his company approach, Frosty smiles with innocent and kind unaggressive eyes.

Thorne glowers at him, then squints his eyes at Jeremy. He notices Jeremy looks amazed at what happens. He “warns” him.

–  –  –

Ember squints at Frosty as they pass by him. Frosty waves his hand at him and smiles friendly.

Ember tries a shy and doubtful smile, but Thorne notices that and grabs him by the head turning it ahead and pointing the direction with his forefinger.

–  –  –

Frosty is left behind. His face turns sad and disappointed.

He shivers.


They walk on and approach another crossroads.

–  –  –


They reach the second crossroads and go through the middle of it while the prince and the horse look around artless.

Without saying a word and without stopping at all, Thorne takes left. Jeremy and Ember follow him frowning.

–  –  –

EXT. WELL - DAY They finally reach the well and stop there. The well is a large and broad basin surrounded by oak trees. The water can be reached either by means of some stairs or by means of a path.

The water looks very fresh and cool. It is so clean that the bottom of the basin can be seen. It is full of small colorful pebbles. Thorne approaches and invites them.

–  –  –

Jeremy leaves his weapons on the grass and climbs down the stairs, while Ember goes down on the path.

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