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«Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML) GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION WORKSHEETS The following worksheets deal with a variety of grammar and punctuation ...»

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8. I wished that I could come top in the test.

9. I knew that I would not win the race.

10. The dog plodded along beside his owner.

B) Underline the subject and the object in each sentence in different colours.

1. The dog runs around the field wildly.

2. Dad bought a new car.

3. My teddy fell off the bed.

4. I walk away from the building.

5. The ring glittered on my finger.

6. George jumps over the gate every morning.

7. Melanie watched a sad film.

8. The teacher gave the pupil a gold star.

9. I bought a present for my sister.

10. The paper boy delivers my newspaper late most days.

C) There are ten verbs in the box below. Use each one to make a sentence of your own. Underline the verb, subject and object in each sentence, in different colours. (Hint! Not all of your sentences will include an object!)

–  –  –

The comma is a punctuation mark used:

∙ to indicate a slight pause between the different part of a sentence ∙ to mark off additional information about the subject of a sentence ∙ to separate the names of people spoken to ∙ to separate items in a list ∙ to separate two or more adjectives which define the same noun ∙ to separate the verb of saying from the words spoken in direct speech

A) Add the necessary commas to the sentences

1. Being first to arrive he sat down in the front row.

2. Having washed her face she brushed her hair.

3. Frightened by the tremendous explosion the soldiers bolted to their dug-out.

4. Exhausted after the cross-country competition they lay down to rest.

5. Leaping the fence she raced across the fields to her home.

6. Dr Brookes and Mrs Johnson the receptionist are doing a sponsored run.

7. Served with milk and sugar cornflakes are a great breakfast.

8. Bruce told her to be quiet but she started to growl.

9. Tom began to sing and I decided to study on my own.

10. I like bacon eggs sausage fried toast and orange juice for my breakfast.

B) The following sentences all contain additional information about the subject of each sentence. Add the necessary commas.

1. Roald Dahl who died a few years ago wrote many books for children.

2. History one of my favourite subjects it is about how people used to live.

3. Mr Joyce our headteacher came to our school in September 1997.

4. Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world is in Nepal.

C) Write five sentences of your own in which you provide some additional information about the subject of each sentence.

–  –  –

A paragraph is a group of sentences. These sentences talk about the same thing, or follow on from each other.

Every time you start a new paragraph, you’re showing something new has


When you talk about a new person Each time a person speaks When you start writing about a new place When your answer moves to a different time.

–  –  –

B) Listed below are some of the different types of paragraphs from the story above. For each one, say what job you think it does for the story.

1. The introduction

2. The conclusion

3. the second paragraph

C) Write these paragraph starters under two headings, introductory starters and concluding starters.

1. Finally…

2. The worst which can happen is…

3. The last stage in programming the video is….

4. It all started when….

5. Teachers and pupils can never agree over school rules…

6. In conclusion, fox hunting should be banned because….

–  –  –

Homophones are words which sound alike but usually have different meanings eg. wood and would.

A) Read the extract and decide which homophone word is correct.

Write it in the gap.

–  –  –

The marathon runners moved *________ the *____________

and out onto the *_________. As the early morning *__________ came down like a * _________ over the town, they were last seen going *_____the local *_________ chambers before they disappeared from view.

B) Identify the homophones by underlining them Write the correct homophones above the incorrect ones.

The first has been done for you.

made It maid me sew mad because eye wanted the other team too win. The hole fielding team seamed to have to left feat and couldn’t throw the ball inn the write place.

Never mined, next time they’ll play better.

C ) Write as many other homophone pairs you can think of. Check the spelling of each word carefully. Be prepared to read your list aloud and spell the words.

–  –  –

A) How many ideas are there in each of the following sentences?

1. Sarah had to run in order to catch her plane.

2. Sarah had to run so that she would catch her plane.

3. Sarah had to run, as he had to catch her plane.

4. Sarah had to run to catch her plane.

5. Sarah had to run because she needed to catch her plane.

6. Sarah had to run so as to catch her plane.


1) Are the sentences 1-6 in A, compound, complex or simple sentences? Give a reason.

2) What is the reason for Sarah running?

C) Copy out the sentences in Q2 and circle the words which introduce the reason for Sarah to run.

D) Ideas about expressing a reservation (e.g. a doubt, a concern or a worry about something) can be added onto a sentence. They form a subordinate clause of a complex sentence.

Copy out these sentences and circle the words that introduce the ideas of a reservation, concern or doubt. CLUE: You’re looking for the words that introduce the subordinate clause. Remember that the subordinate clause doesn’t make sense on its own.

a. She went out running, although she guessed it might rain.

b. Tim paid the restaurant bill for the meal, despite having a poorly paid job.

c. Anthony was determined to get fit, even if it meant giving up his favourite ice cream.

d. Mrs Smith would stop Claire’s pocket money, if it was the only way to make her study!

E) Rewrite 1,, 2 and 3 of Q D with the subordinate clause at the beginning.

F) Is it a good plan to write some sentences with the subordinate clause at the beginning, and some with it at the end? What does this add to your writing?


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML) The word ‘tense’ refers to when things take place: in the past, present or future E.g. Past = I liked it Present= I like this Future = I will like this

A) Put each of these sentences into the past tense 1. “I can’t talk now; I’m driving in the motorway fast lane at ninety miles per hour.” 2. “This is the most exciting World Cup game I’ve ever seen.” 3. “The suspect is now leaving the building via the underground car park.” 4. “I’m finding it hard to breathe and I can’t concentrate properly.” 5. “Where is the light switch? The room is in total darkness.”

B) Changing the tense from past to present can make things seem more real- as if they’re happening now.

Rewrite these sentences by putting them into the present tense E.g. I’d hurt myself badly = I’m in a lot of pain right now.

1. I didn’t know what was happening.

2. We had found her mobile phone in the cloakroom.

3. I had walked all day and night.

4. The game finished hours ago.

5. I was having a lovely holiday.

6. She’d been unhappy for a while.

C) The sentences below have been changed from the present to the future tense. Fill in the gaps with the correct words from the box.

You can use them more than once.

Going be to will shall

1. Your mum is waiting for you there – Your mum _____ ______ waiting for you there.

2. This is working. - This ______ work.

3. We are having afternoon tea with the Queen. - We _____ have afternoon tea with the Queen.

4. I am working in the supermarket. - I am ______ ______ work in the supermarket.

D) Write out a sentence for each of the following sentences. One should be in the past tense, one in the present, and one in the future.

1. Watching a film at the cinema.

2. Being ill with flu.

3. Eating an expensive meal.

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