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«Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML) GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION WORKSHEETS The following worksheets deal with a variety of grammar and punctuation ...»

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Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)


The following worksheets deal with a variety of grammar and punctuation issues.

Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)


Every sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop,

except when a question mark or exclamation mark is needed.

Proper nouns- the names of important people, places or objects- also need a capital letter.

A) Punctuate the following sentences, using capital letters and full stops where necessary.

1. mandy threw the apple sauce out of the window, right onto matt’s head

2. belgium and france fought over who would host the olympic games

3. noah landed his ark on mount sinai when the flood waters receded

4. mr jones visited doctor barnsley on wednesday

5. coronation street and eastenders are shown on tv every day

B) Link each person with their address and punctuate both using capital letters george bush hogwarts school tony blair buckingham palace paddington bear darkest peru sherlock holmes stratford upon avon queen elizabeth ten downing street harry potter bag end, hobbiton vera duckworth 221b baker street william shakespeare the white house bilbo baggins starship enterprise captain jean-luc picard the rovers return Punctuate the following sentences, using full stops and capital letters where appropriate.

1. the man bought the newspaper he was an avid reader of the sun

2. jill ran up the hill with jack they needed to fetch a pail of water

3. the must-see film of the year is the new spiderman movie it stars tobey mcguire

4. on wednesday and thursday I am travelling to russia on the orient express

5. will young won the first ever pop idol competition pete waterman was a judge

6. manchester united have won my trophies

7. the beatles claimed they were more famous than god

8. the great wall of china was built by shih huang ti his title was first emperor of china

9. the mediterranean sea is a favourite holiday destination for british tourists

10. in 1989 a war broke out between the british and the boers in south africa Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)


An exclamation mark should be used sparingly and only for genuine exclamations.

1. It is used to express strong or sudden feelings.

E.g. Help! Ouch, that hurts!

2. It is used to emphasise a command or strong viewpoint.

E.g. Go away! I’m not telling you! Beware!

A) The following are situations in which an exclamation mark could be used.

Think up a suitable interesting exclamation for each situation.

E.g. Lost- “Help! I think I’m lost!”

–  –  –

B) Study the pictures below and then think up interesting, original exclamations for the speech bubbles.


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)

1. Direct questions end in a question mark.

E.g. Are you going to the store?

2. Indirect questions DO NOT end in a question mark.

E.g. I asked if you were going to the store.

3. In direct speech, sometimes an apparent statement may be a question, depending on the speaker’s tone.

E.g. “You will be happy here?” Mum asked.

4. The question mark is used after a statement followed by a short question. Notice the use of the comma before the question.

E.g. You are the shortest person here, aren’t you?

A) Write answers to the following questions. Use full sentences.

1. What are you most afraid of in the world?

2. What is your earliest memory?

3. Who is the person who has influenced you and why?

4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and why?

5. How are you feeling right now?

B) Write interesting, original questions that could give these answers.

1. Definitely, springtime.

2. The Lake District.

3. He was caught taking bets on how many runs he was going to make.

4. They were given a life sentence and they both deserved it.

5. My aunt.

C) Add short questions appropriate to the following statements.

1. You are going to be late, ______________________?

2. He is from Germany, _________________________?

3. You’re not serious, ___________________________?

4. The weather’s terrible, ________________________?

5. It can’t happen, _______________________________?

D) Imagine you gave a report to the police. Read the report below and then write down the actual questions you were asked.

It was really dark and misty so visibility was poor. They arrived in a red Mercedes convertible. The driver was large and bald and had a tattoo of a skull on his arm. The two other men ran into the jewellery store, pulling ski masks over their faces as they did so. About three minutes later I heard a gunshot and the two men ran out, carrying several small black sacks. The car sped off in the direction of the freeway.


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)

A colon is used to:

1. Introduce a list.

E.g. He bought the groceries: eggs, butter, jam, sugar and pot noodles.

2. Introduce a title or quotation.

E.g. His words echoed in my head: “Do unto others only good!”

3. Separate contrasting parts of a sentence.

E.g. The good are saved: the bad are damned

A) Punctuate the following sentences, inserting colons where necessary.

1. We shall fight on the beaches we shall never surrender.

2. The good die young the wicked live forever.

3. Peace to those I love strife to my enemies.

4. Bright is the day dark is the night.

5. Behind me lay despair in front, only hope.

B) Punctuate the following sentences, inserting colons and commas where necessary.

1. I took five items my jacket a fishing rod a peanut butter sandwich a tooth pick and a pen knife.

2. The guest list read a s follows Rev. Bill Hinter Lady Smythe-Bottom Gordon James and Dizzy the Clown.

3. These were the reasons for his odd behaviour fear of the dark fear of confined spaces fear of spiders and way too much caffeine that morning.

4. Certain people are legends Marilyn Monroe James Dean Houdini and Charlie Chaplin.

5. He shook with fear when he saw what lay before him a rocky path a steep slippery slope a cliff edge and a fifty foot drop into the unknown.

C) Punctuate the following sentences, inserting colons, commas and capital letters.

1. charles dickens wrote ‘a tale of two cities’ ‘little dorrit’ ‘a Christmas carol’ and ‘bleak house’ amongst others.

2. exams will take place this week monday tuesday before break thursday afternoon and friday in place of assembly.

3. the guests arrived early lady ponsonby in diamonds and a white fur coat lord picklenoze with a glamourous girl on each arm mr carruthers with half the contents of a bottle of whisky already under his belt and the luscious honourable miss hilly flower in a very short very shiny dress.

–  –  –

A) There are ten pairs of sentences in this Exercise. Each pair of sentences has been joined together using a conjunction. Rewrite each pair replacing the conjunction with a semi-colon. Check that each side of the semi-colon can stand as a sentence in its own right.

1. Sara watched television after she had finished her homework.

2. The baby was crying because he was hungry.

3. The old man shivered violently because it was bitterly cold.

4. Mum told him to brush his hair which was a total mess.

5. She read the book which was an adventure story.

6. The children went home tired and hungry because they had had enough.

7. I shall take some of the library books back now but the others will have to wait.

8. She had worked very hard for the exam and she hoped it would be enough.

9. It was a warm, sunny day so they decided to go to the seaside.

10. The parcel had been badly wrapped and some of the contents were showing.

Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)

–  –  –

B) In each of the following sentences, replace the word ‘SAID’ with a more effective word.

1. “Ouch! You’re standing on my foot!” Jim said.

2. “Mmm, I’ve been looking forward to this chocolate all day!” Lizzie said.

3. “Hurry! The bus is about to leave!” Percy said.

4. “Go, Rangers, go!” Tim said.

5. “I wonder if this will work,” the scientist said.

C) Write an appropriate, descriptive, direct speech sentence for each of the following situations.

E.g. Building a fence- “Whew! This is really hot work!” I panted, wiping my brow.

1. Hailing a taxi.

2. Scolding a naughty child.

3. Returning a faulty item.

4. Meeting an old friend.

5. Speaking to your deaf great-uncle.

6. Visiting a zoo.

7. Lulling a small baby to sleep.

8. Witnessing a robbery.

9. Entering a haunted mansion.

10. Playing sport.


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML) Apostrophes are used to show where letters have been left out of words.

E.g. They’re = They are Can’t = Cannot I’ve= I have

A) Firstly, identify the words that could be contracted (shortened) and then rewrite the passage so that it does not sound so formal.

If you have nothing better to do with your free time, you are welcome to come and stay with us. You cannot imagine what fun we have here! I am not exaggerating when I say that it will be the best experience of your life! You will make new friends and they will remain your friends for life. Mr Toob, who is camp coordinator, is great! He has had many years experience and he will ensure that you have the time of your life! I have been to camp every summer for five years now and I am still finding something new to do every day. If you have not been to camp before, you should not worry as it is not a frightening experience and, if you feel afraid of any task, you do not have to try it. You need not buy expensive equipment either as we will provide everything you will need. It will be great to see you!

–  –  –

C) Carefully study the differences between the words below and then use these words to fill in the spaces in the passage below.

There’s (there is) They’re (they are) Their (belonging to them) There’s their kayak which they’re taking with them to the river Who’s (who is) Whose (possession) Who’s dating the girl whose sister is Miss New Zealand.

You’re (you are) Your (possession) You’re going to lose your slice of cake if you do not eat it quickly.

It’s (it is) its (possession) It’s time the cat ate its dinner.

____ the most popular actress of this decade? ____ about to find out! ____ pretty obvious that she is a person _____ acting skills equal her beauty.

_____ guess might include people like Kiera Knightley or Julia Roberts, and, of course, __________ very glamorous actresses. However, _____ one woman _____ head and shoulders above the rest. Film fans would all agree that _______ favourite actress is Cameron Diaz, _____ comedy acting is all that _______ talking about!


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML) Apostrophes are used to indicate possession.

E.g. The dog’s tail = the tail of the dog.

–  –  –

A) Use apostrophes with an s to change the clumsy phrases below into a quicker way of saying the same thing.

E.g. The head belonging to the man = the man’s head.

1. The hutch belonging to the rabbit.

2. The football belonging to Nat.

3. The scar belonging to Carlos.

4. The wheel belonging to the truck.

5. The leg belonging to the horse.

B) Add apostrophes to these sentences where needed.

1. It’s the boys turn to go first because the girls went first last time.

2. He was never allowed to forget the time he went into the ladies changing room by mistake.

3. Put all the babies pictures together so we can pick out a winner.

4. People always seem to find footballers haircuts very interesting.

5. The nurses meeting went on for three hours.

C) Match the word to the sentence, using apostrophes to show ownership.

Children Men Sheep lice Aircraft

1. I don’t know why _____toilets are always smellier than women’s.

2. Our house is right under a flight path so we can hear the ______ engines all night.

3. The sponsored walk raised £300 for the ________ playground.

4. In my story, a boy had to eat seven ______ eyes.

5. Head ______ size and colour make them difficult to see in anyone’s hair.


Wellington School Grammar and Punctuation Worksheets (LML)

–  –  –

A) Put a box around the verbs in each sentence.

Example: The teacher shouted at the naughty pupil.

1. I read my book from cover to cover.

2. The girls chased the dog across the field.

3. I wrote neatly in my new book.

4. I coughed and sneezed because I had a cold.

5. The robbers smashed the window and entered the warehouse.

6. The man stopped and turned when he heard me shout his name.

7. I gave my friend some of my sweets. I thought she would be pleased.

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