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«by William Marshall © Copyright 2006 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved. Power Affirmations: Improve Your Thoughts, Improve Your Life ...»

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and Zig Ziglar’s “Secrets of Closing the Sale” sold me on a lifetime of audio learning. Had I tried to record all of this material myself just to have it in my own voice would have been impossible (as well as unnecessary).

2. The other people who make the recordings had a delivery that inspired confidence and conviction. I found it to be extremely helpful to listen to people who are truly convinced of what they have to say and deliver their message with passion. Their delivery helps to transfer some of their faith and confidence to me.

3. Recordings in another voice can act as “a voice of authority.” It’s interesting how this can have a powerful subconscious impact on our thoughts. Sometimes we believe something more strongly simply because a person we respect and admire has planted that idea inside our minds. You see it with children and their parents, industry experts, motivational speakers, etc.

4. I found that by listening to the recordings repeatedly, over time, their voice became my voice. Their words became my words. Their thoughts became my thoughts. Listening to these speakers completely changed how I spoke to myself—the words and the tone. And that continues to transform my life even to this day. This is what I expect these recordings to do for you (when you listen repeatedly).

It seems to me that the real question is whether or not you will receive outstanding results from listening to someone else. I think that the answer is absolutely yes—if you listen repeatedly. Just think of all the commercials we are exposed to on a regular basis. Through repetition, they influence us to spend billions of dollars on their products and services. In that case, you can’t choose the message that they are communicating to you. Here, you can choose the message in advance.

If you want to record your own affirmations, then go for it. Just make certain you follow through. I just want you to have an additional perspective to think about. What really matters is getting a lot of content that can be repeated over and over again. These Power Affirmations recordings that I have made available provide that for a very low cost.

If you start to make you own recordings, but then quit because it is too much work, you may want to reconsider ordering the recordings I’ve already made. You will find it easier and faster to use what is already available. Why try to re-create the wheel?

–  –  –

A Special Offer to You I’ve just started listening to these first 16 Power Affirmations and I’m already getting batches of new ideas that I’m starting to implement. Just these first affirmations are clarifying my understanding and thoughts regarding the creation of wealth.

Because these are so powerful and already finished, I have decided to offer them to you now to help you get started on your journey. Because there are so few affirmations in this batch (the total recording time for all the affirmations is only about 11 minutes), if you want to download the MP3s, I am charging only $3 to cover the bandwidth costs (compare this to $0.99 per track from iTunes--$15.84 for 16 tracks).

What took me over 3 hours to record and edit in a professional recording studio for hundreds of dollars, can be yours within a few minutes of download time for only $3.

That’s using leverage to your advantage.

That’s about $1 less than the new Asian salad at McDonalds (which tastes great and is very healthy—a wide variety of greens—from McDonalds! Who would have thought?).

Just click here to order these first 16 MP3s for downloading now.

Yes, I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. For $3 bucks, don’t spend a lot of time analyzing it—just do it. If you want some samples of other MP3 recordings I’ve made in order to evaluate the quality, just visit http://www.poweraffirmations/mp3files/.

These samples are from my regular series of over 200 Power Affirmations, but the quality of this series is very similar (maybe even a little better).

“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein.

If You Want these New Power Affirmations Recordings via the U.S.

Mail… The only way that these recordings are available through the mail is if you order the new CDR data disc that I have just recently made available for people who don’t want to have to download all the information I’m providing through my website. That data disc is available for only $34 and includes just about everything I’m offering through my


–  –  –

You can get more information about the CDR data disc by clicking here.

The $34 also includes all the shipping and handling costs worldwide via U.S. mail.

Before We (Finally) Get to the new Power Affirmations…

A few quick points about the affirmations:

1. The order of the affirmations are as the thoughts came to me while studying the book. In order to make it easier for you to find the passage that inspired the affirmation, I’ve grouped them together by the chapter headings that are used in the book.

2. I’ve numbered the affirmations sequentially based on the entire list, rather than starting the list over for each chapter. I may change this when I complete the project.

3. Because this is a work in process, some of the wording of the affirmations may change. Some may be deleted completely. And new Power Affirmations may be added. This is a draft list until the new recordings are completed.

4. Some of the affirmations in the list are self-explanatory. Others can only be fully understood in the context of the content in the book. So, I highly recommend that you get your free copy of “The Science of Getting Rich” today. The good news is that the PDF is free. Just go to http://www.poweraffirmations.com/sogr/ and download your copy today and start studying it.

For those who are interested in getting all the new recordings when I’m finished, the best way to find out when they will be available is to join my mailing list. I will send out an announcement when they are completed.

When will the entire series be completed? That’s a good question. I’m motivated to finish them as fast as possible, but it takes time to produce a quality product. My

–  –  –

current target is to finish them by the end of September 2006. It may be sooner, it may be a little later. Please don’t hold me to a definite date at this time.

Of course, the more people who order the first 16 affirmations from this series for only $3, the more motivated I will be to finish the rest of the series fast. Go ahead and place your order today.

Any Questions? I'm Just an Email Away If you have any questions or feedback, please email me at whmarshall@poweraffirmations.com. I'd love to hear from you. I am here to help. I get a lot of email, but you will probably be surprised at how quickly (and thoroughly) I respond.

–  –  –

Author’s Preface

13. I am now taking scientific action in order to obtain definite, specific results.

14. I take intelligent, bold, courageous and immediate action towards the creation of wealth.

15. I am following a pragmatical approach to creating wealth.

16. I now understand and apply success principles that are in harmony with universal law and the rights of men and women.

Chapter 1 – The Right to Be Rich

17. I am improving in mind, soul, and body everyday.

18. I now recognize my inalienable right to develop my full potential through the accumulation of riches.

19. I now have complete and unrestricted use of all things necessary to maximize my potential.

20. I am now making complete and wise use of all of my resources.

21. I am progressing to reach my full potential in every area of life.

22. I now have all the wealth I need in order to purchase the resources I need to achieve my goals.

23. I desire massive amounts of wealth so that I am able to help as many people as possible.

24. I am now living a full and complete life in body, mind, and soul.

25. Wealth and all good things are now overflowing in my life.

–  –  –

27. I consistently study the science of getting rich with the attitude of a great scientist.

28. I am now becoming all that I want to become.

Chapter 2 – There is a Science of Getting Rich

29. I now understand and believe that getting rich is an exact science.

30. I am now getting rich with mathematical certainty.

31. Every action I take is in perfect harmony with the laws of wealth and increase.

32. My wealth is increasing every day because all of my actions are performed in the certain way that automatically leads to increased wealth.

33. I now have the ability to accumulate all of the capital I need to increase my wealth.

34. My capital is increasing every day.

35. I am now in the right business with the right people in the right location for rapidly increasing my wealth.

36. I now take immediate action to consistently increase my wealth.

Chapter 3 – Is Opportunity Monopolized?

37. I am now surrounded with an abundance of opportunities.

38. The infinite resources of the formless supply are now completely at my command for creating massive amounts of wealth.

39. My opportunities for increasing my wealth are infinite.

–  –  –

40. By proceeding according to the natural laws of increase, I am creating new opportunities for myself and for others every day.

41. There are infinite opportunities for everyone who applies the natural laws of wealth and abundance.

42. There is more than enough wealth in this universe for everyone who applies the laws of wealth.

43. I now draw upon nature’s inexhaustible storehouse of riches.

44. My life is increasing and expanding everyday.

45. Nature has bountifully provided for my every need and desire.

46. Because I think and act according to the laws of the universe, all of the resources of the formless supply are at my command.

Chapter 4 – The First Principle in the Science of Getting Rich

47. I know that thought is the only power which produces tangible riches. Therefore, by concentrating my thoughts on my definite major purpose, I am now creating new wealth from the formless substance of the universe.

48. Through my thoughts, I now produce tangible riches from the formless substance of the universe.

49. I engage in sustained, consecutive and concentrated thought every day.

50. All of my thoughts are constructive.

51. I now have the ability to create all the wealth that I want to create.

–  –  –

creating energies already working in trade and commerce to result in the attainment of my objectives.

53. I now know how to impress my thoughts upon original substance in such a way as to cause the creation of all I desire.

54. I know that there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made. That in its original state permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. As I think thoughts in this substance, I am creating the things imaged by my thoughts.

55. I have the ability to form things in my thoughts and cause the things I think about to be created by impressing my thoughts upon the formless substance.

56. I have the ability to think the way I choose to think. I am in complete control of my own mind.

57. I always think truth regardless of appearances.

58. There is always abundance in every area of my life.

Chapter 5 – Increasing Life

59. My consciousness is continually expanding and my life increasing.

60. My definite major purpose is in perfect harmony with the laws of the universe.

61. I am now making the most of myself in everything I do.

62. I am a creator.

63. I am surrounded by infinite supply.

64. I am now causing what I desire to be created by the power of my thoughts.

–  –  –

65. My knowledge is increasing everyday.

66. Life within me is constantly seeking fuller expression.

67. All of nature is friendly to my plans.

68. The universe desires me to have everything I want to have.

69. It is God’s desire that I become rich.

70. I now have infinite command of the means of life.

71. I am now able to perform every function of which I am capable—spiritual, mental, and physical.

72. I am giving my first and best thoughts to the work of creating wealth.

73. When I get what I want, it is in such a way that everyone else gets what they want.

74. All of my thoughts and actions are consistent and congruent with the attainment of my Definite Major Purpose in life.

75. I now concentrate on the infinite supply within the formless substance.

Chapter 6 – How Riches Come to You

76. I always give more in use value than I receive in cash value in every business transaction.

77. I create new value for others in every business transaction.

78. I receive more in cash value from every employee than I pay in wages.

–  –  –

80. My employees now have every opportunity to create massive riches for themselves.

81. I think big thoughts and ask large requests.

82. All the money I desire is flowing into my life…and then some.

83. I ask largely.

84. My business is so organized that it is permeated with the principle of advancement.

85. I hold the mental image of the objects of my desire with the most positive certainty that they are being drawn into my life.

86. I now assume mental ownership of all the objects of my desire.

87. My desire for riches is in harmony with the Supreme Power for complete expression.

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