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Step2. Enter at least three characters for a Customer Name and click Search.

This will populate the customer list and display in the grid.

–  –  –

The portal displays the success message if the manual inventory is imported successfully. Once the inventory is successfully imported, it will start processing. Data will not be available in the portal until the processing has completed and the user receives an email notification on the collection uploaded.

To view the collection upload details, verify correct inventory and customer is selected in data filters, select Inventory Collection from left navigation pane and view the status.

Export All An administrator can view the details of all the registered collectors to entitled customers. Perform the

following steps to download the Collector Inventory Upload Report:

 Click Export All from the Actions drop-down list in the Manage Collectors window. The new tab opens and saves a zip file.

 A zip file contains an excel sheet with columns: Partner Name, Customer Name, Appliance Id, Registration Status, Serial Number, Version, Site ID, Last Successful Upload Date, First Successful Upload Date, Upload Received by Backend, Inventory Name, Appliance Name, Certificate Create Date, Created By, Last Updated On, Last Updated By.

 Extract the zip file and open the excel sheet.

–  –  –

Revalidating a blocked inventory upload The Cisco data center will reject any inventory collection that does not display at least one device covered

by a PSS supported contract. This may be caused as per the following conditions:

 The PSS support contract has expired, or the contract is not a valid PSS contract.

 The inventory collection did not have any devices covered under a PSS support contract  The Collector did not discover and collect the device covered by a PSS service contract.

Once an active contract covers a device in the collection, and it is included in the inventory upload, you can release the blocked upload by having PSS revalidate the service coverage.

Providing PSS Service Coverage Before an inventory collection can be uploaded, there needs to be at least one device in the collection

covered by a PSS supported contract. To do this, choose one of the following options:

 Renew a PSS contract for a device in the inventory  Add a new PSS contract for a device in the inventory  Move a covered device into the blocked inventory

To revalidate the blocked inventory upload, an Administrator performs the following steps:

 From the Smart Services Connection Library, select Manage Collectors. The Manage Collectors window appears including the Customer Name, Collector Count, and count of Collectors Requiring Revalidation.

 Click the number link in the Collectors Requiring Revalidation column to display the Collectors Requiring Revalidation window.

 Mouse hover on the left of the selected Collector, click the blue Action icon or right-click the Collector and click Revalidate a Collector. The Revalidate a Collector window appears.

–  –  –

 The Appliance ID, name of the Customer and Inventory are auto-populated.

 Enter the new valid PSS supported contract number.

 Click Revalidate. A warning message appears under any one of the following conditions:

o If the entered contract number contains alphabetical or special characters.

o If a contract entered is not supported by PSS.

o If the administrator enters a valid contract, but that contract does not belong to the specified customer.

 A message appears when the contract is validated successfully and instructs the user to re-upload the inventory for processing.

 Return to the Collector and launch the job(s) for collection and upload. On the CSP-C, validate the successful collection of at least one device that you know is covered under a PSS contract.

 From the Smart Services Connection, select the Inventory Collection report from the Library. View the Status column to validate upload success or failure.

The Cisco data center periodically checks uploaded inventories for devices covered by PSS service contracts. If no devices in an uploaded inventory are covered under a PSS contract, the inventory will be blocked and you will need to go through the revalidation process again.

–  –  –

Manage Partner Definition The following information provides screen captures on tasks required for managing Partner definitions.

Partner Super Administrator manages the partner definitions. Only a Cisco Support Administrator can create a new Partner Definition while a Partner Super Administrator can manage the Partner Definitions.

The Super Administrator can modify the Partner Definition by associating new Bill-to IDs to the CCO ID.

Editing Partner Definition Edit Partner Definition dialog box popup opens to display the partner profile data.

–  –  –

You can edit the Display Name and select the Bill-to IDs to be associated to CCO IDs. The supported characters for Partner Definition Naming should follow some criteria of valid name else error message


Editing Bill-to IDs in the Partner Definition Use this icon to filter the data in the grid based on criteria and value.

This filter is different from the Data Filters, which has a widespread effect on all the data views. You can set a rules that matches the criteria: select any column, set the condition and enter the search string as value. You can add rules to the criteria else click Filter to segregate based on the rule set in the filter.

If required you can select the check box to automatically include all the Bill-to IDs associated to Super Administrator’s cisco.com Profile. Select the IDs to associate to the displayed CCO / PSS Contract and Click Ok.

Verify the IDs and click Confirm to proceed. The IDs are added successfully and the Partner Definition is updated successfully.

–  –  –

Manage Users Partner Super Administrator or Partner Administrator can add, edit or delete the partner related information.

The data in this grid displays information of the logical partners with the role that the Super Administratoror Partner Administrator assigned. Super Administrator or Partner Administrator can create a new User and assign Partner Administrator or Partner User role to that partner. Super Administrator or Partner Administrator can register a new user, register a collector and deploy it to the inventory collection.

Description: Manage User data grid provides you with a list of all the Partner Users and Partner Administrators registered to use the PSS Portal for a Partner.

Usage: Click the Action icon on the left of a row and select to edit, or delete a user from the menu. A Partner Administrator can also select from the Actions drop down as highlighted in the in the image above to add a new user.

Column Headings and Definitions:

CCO ID: The unique Cisco.com ID of a partner assigned either a Partner Administrator or Partner User role.

Name: Name of the user who is granted access.

Partner Name: Name of the partner company that this user belongs to.

Role: The user role assigned to this partner’s CCO-ID on the PSS 3 portal, either Partner Administrator or Partner User.

–  –  –

Add User The following information provides screen captures of the report, and the steps to provide a new user with access to the PSS 3.0 Portal. Only Super Administrator and Partner Administrator can add users and assign role. Right-click on a row and select Add User. Use a column filter to search based on certain criteria such as Name or User Role.

 Enter CCO ID and click Verify CCO ID. If a valid CCO ID is entered then the profile data of the user is populated and displayed.

–  –  –

Now Partner Administrators can register a collector. Refer to Manage Collectors under Data Sources section.

Edit User A Partner Administrator can modify the details of a user by clicking on the Action menu icon on the left of a row on the Manage Users report and then selecting Edit User from the menu.

As a Partner Administrator, you can change the role of the selected partner user and select the customers whose data the user is entitled to see.

Delete User A Partner Administrator can delete a user’s access to the PSS Portal by clicking on the Action menu icon on the left of a row on the Manage Users report and then selecting Delete User from the menu.

–  –  –

Dashboards There are four default dashboards in the Dashboard category. Click + to add a new dashboard. You cannot delete the default dashboards. If you want to make changes to a default dashboard, first save it with a different name and later make the changes.

Customer Summary The Customer Summary report appears the first time you log in to Smart Services Connection for Partner Support Service. This default high-level view of the network health of your customers’ networks and presents you with list the customers’ inventories you have selected in the data filters along with a count of devices with recent or upcoming changes that may require your attention.

The count of devices in the Customer Summary includes devices that are “Covered by Other”.

When you run the report from the Library Expiring Contracts, devices “Covered by Other” will not be included and the count of items may not match the Customer Summary.

–  –  –

Engineer The Engineer dashboard presents four billboard summary reports showing status for your customer’s inventory collection uploads and customers selected in the Data Filter who have devices affected by recent Field Notices and Critical PSIRTs.

–  –  –

Sales Manager The Sales Manager view presents three billboards that summarize how many customers have been affected by recent or upcoming changes to devices in their collected inventory.

–  –  –

Service Executive The Services Executive presents two interactive chart summaries and one billboard view that are based on the customers and inventories selected in the Data Filters.

The Product Alerts in last 30 days billboard shows both the count and the percent of devices affected by the five different types of product alerts reported within 30 days of the most recent inventory upload.

Click the alert type in the pie chart to see a table of all alerts of that type. Double-click a line item to see details about the alert including information about the devices in the customer’s inventory affected by the alert.

The Devices past last day of support report counts devices that are no longer supported by Cisco and therefore have no support contract. These devices need to be replaced by newer versions. Click the billboard to see a table that lists each device past last day of support.

The Covered / Uncovered Devices billboard shows the count and percent of devices covered by an active support contract, covered by another partner, not active and not covered.

–  –  –

Creating, Saving, and Deleting Custom Views

This section describes the process for creating the following custom view tasks:

 Creating and Saving Custom Dashboard

–  –  –

Creating and Saving a Custom Dashboard The purpose of a dashboard is to view multiple reports in one content area. In this section, you are going to see how to create a dashboard that contains all the Contract report information in one dashboard view.

The Customer Summary and three default dashboards cannot be deleted from the Dashboard. To modify a default dashboard, you must save it as a different name and then make the changes.

To create a dashboard, perform the following steps:

 Click + in navigation pane next to the Dashboard category.

 The New Dashboard is created and highlighted in the navigation panel.

 Click the Dashboard settings button as shown below.

 Click Rename, enter a name for the New Dashboard and click the Apply button.

 Click the Dashboard settings button.

 Click Layout Template and select a 1, 2, or 3 column layout.

 Select + Add Dashlets from the Dashboard settings menu and select the required report(s) to be saved in dashboard. Each dashlet you select will be listed as an element in the Dashboard drawer to be accessed when needed.

–  –  –

Deleting a Custom Dashboard View

To delete a Custom dashboard view, perform the following steps:

 In the navigation pane, select the dashboard you want to delete.

 Click the Dashboard Settings button.

–  –  –

Changes that you make to a saved custom dashboard such as adding or deleting reports are saved automatically.

 Select the Custom Dashboard you want to modify.

 From the Dashboard settings menu, select Save As and enter a name.

 To move a dashlet report to a different dashboard pane, click and drag the report, releasing the mouse when a dotted line appears in the content pane.

Renaming a Dashboard

To rename a custom dashboard, perform the following steps:

–  –  –

The four default dashboards cannot be renamed. To create a new, duplicate copy of a default dashboard, select Save as from the Dashboard Settings menu. Then you can modify the dashboard by adding or removing dashlets.

Exporting Reports For information on how to export a report see Export.

–  –  –

All Equipment The following information provides screen captures of the report, a description of the report, and then a list of terms (column headings) with the associated definitions.

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