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The term “drilling down” means to use the user interface to obtain more information about a specific item. Any item in a report that appears in blue will display more information when you click it. For example, on the Devices with Alerts report, there are several columns that list various types of alert counts. Perform the following steps to get additional information about a specific alert. Items that appear in blue are available to drill down.

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Filtering Filters allow you to refine a report and reduce the amount of information displayed in the Content Area. There are many types of filters used in the reports. Some filters are used in many reports; some filters are used in only one or two reports.

For those filters that are used by only one or two reports, the name of those report(s) that use that filter will be noted under the filter graphic and highlighted in blue.

There are several different ways to filter the data being displayed in the Content Area. This section describes the various functions that are available in the different filters.

 Data Filters  Table Column Search Filters  Chart Filters Partner Support Service User Guide 3-24 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Data Filters A way to change the amount of data at a very high-level. Click on the pencil icon from Left Navigation Pane (LNP) as highlighted in the snapshot. This Filter has several left pane tabs, which filters the data in the following


–  –  –

Table Column Search Filters In the table data view there is a search field under each column name. The search field is context sensitive, meaning the filter options are different depending on what column data is being displayed in that column. The next section describes the different types of table column search filters.

Search Filter This type of filter lets you view all the data records (default), or display those records that match the search parameters.

–  –  –

o To go back to the All view quickly, click the X to the right of the current category item, which resets the filter back to all items displayed.

o Click on the search filter field; select another category or click All to see all the category data again.

The category filter is not available for each column that has different items listed. This filter is normally available only in those columns that have a limited number of category items in the associated column. The following items show some of the other columns that have category filters available.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-28 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Number Filters Number filters are used when the column data contains numbers. There are numerous options available for this

type filter, which is described below:

–  –  –

Date Filters Date filters are used when the column data contains dates. This filter is typically used for reports with past or future activities, such as the Devices with Alerts report, All Items report, LDoS report, and Uncovered Items report, to name a few.

There are several options available for this type filter, which is described below:

 Specific Date  Date Range  Relative Range Specific Date

–  –  –

Date Range The date for the date fields can be entered initially using the same process for specifying a specific date and

then selecting a second date:

 Enter the date manually in this format mm/dd/yyyy.

 Click the calendar icon, and then click the date you want to use as the start date.

–  –  –

These options are mutually exclusive; only one option can be selected.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-30 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Relative Date Range This option allows users to search data records based on the days relative to the current date. For example, you can search the past day, past 7 days, or past 30 days. You can also search the next day, next 7 days or next 30 days.

Select the day or day range you want, relative to today’s date. Those records that match the search criteria will be displayed.

These options are mutually exclusive; only one option can be selected.

Chart Filters Those reports that have the view as chart option provide filtering that allows you to see the chart data from a variety of category views. When selecting a chart view, one of the chart category view options must be selected.

To see the chart data, perform the following steps:

–  –  –

The category items provided in the chart list are columns that are available for viewing in the table view, but not necessarily displayed in the current table view; see Displaying and Hiding Columns for more info about displaying hidden table columns.

–  –  –

Check Box Filter This filter lets you view all the data records (default), or see only those data records that match the selected check box parameters.

Check the check box (es) for those items you want displayed in the table. Each time you check a box, the Content Area data is refreshed immediately.

Multiple check boxes can be selected. You will sometimes see filters with the same name in different reports, but they show different options. The number of options displayed is dependent upon which report has been selected.

Numeric / Arithmetic Range Filter This filter lets you view all the data records (default), or see only those data records that match of the following

search criteria, by performing the following steps:

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-32 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection

–  –  –

No wildcards are allowed with the search parameter, the exact search item needs to be entered.

Numeric Range

The date for the date fields can be entered in one of the following ways:

 Enter the date manually in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

 Click the calendar icon, and then click the date you want to use.

 After entering the dates press Enter.

Those records that match the numbers in the specified range are displayed.

Arithmetic Range This option allows users to search based on days. You can search in past 1 to 30 days or future 1 to 30 days.

Enter the days and press enter; those records that match search criteria are displayed.

–  –  –

Application Settings

Each logged in user can view their profile and also set the alert notification settings. It consists of two tabs:

 My Profile  My Notifications My Profile This tab provides the details of your profile.

The contact information of Super Administration – Name, Cisco.com ID and email address.

The business role assigned and the customers for which you have access and the role you have for each customer.

My Profile tab will only display information for a logged in user after an inventory collection has been uploaded and processed for a customer to which the user has been associated.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-34 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection My Notifications Use this tab to set to receive alerts and system messages from the portal system. You will receive the notification of all the alerts that are newly uploaded and provides a cumulative count of all alerts and devices.

By default, you will receive a notification on email Id associated with CCO ID as follows:

–  –  –

If you do not wish to receive the notification, you can select “No” from the drop down and click Save.

Only the individual who registers a collector will receive e-mail notifications for Collector Registration, Uploads, and Re-validations.

My Reports Reports that you previously requested are placed in My Reports. Click on the Report Type hyperlink (in example, XLS) to download and view the associated report.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-36 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Useful Links Useful Links provides access to documents and software that can be downloaded and Partner Support Service related items (for example, portals, tools and resources).


Each user is assigned a role for accessing customer data on the PSS Portal:

 A Super Administrator maintains the Partner Definition of the customer contracts that will be managed with PSS Smart services and is automatically registered as a Partner Administrator ; enabling immediate user registrations and appears in the Manage Users list as a Partner Administrator.

 A Partner Administrator has access to all the functions in the PSS Portal for all customers included in the Partner Definition from registering users on the portal, to running reports and managing Collectors.

 A Partner User has access to all PSS Portal functions except “Manage Users” for all customers or a subset of the customers as set up by the Partner Administrator.

Generate Reports Provides a list of all downloadable reports that can be generated and lets you select which format (PDF, XLS) you want the report generated in. The list of reports can be filtered by Task. When you select a task, only the reports most commonly used for those tasks will be highlighted. Although the remaining reports are greyed out, you can still generate the report.

When you click the XLS or PDF link to generate the report you will be prompted to select a single customer inventory.

–  –  –

Types of Category Reports:

1. Summary – Lists out the various device reports that for sales and management. If items were not processed, then Not Processed Device Report can be generated to see a listing of Chassis and Cards that were not processed.

2. Inventory – Lists out the various reports to support customer base, and services. The inventory, contracts, alerts and installed applications.

3. Contracts – Lists out the devices that do have coverage contract in the Uncovered Device Report.

4. Alerts – Lists out all the latest product alerts for given partner/customer/inventory or all by default in Alerts report.

5. Assessment: Lists out the current state of your devices and help you plan for technology upgrades in various reports. For more information on the Assessment reports, view the Network Assessment Report video.

Once the reports are generated, go to My Reports in left navigation pane and see the status. Refer to the My Reports section.

Access your generated reports as soon as possible. Cisco may retain an offline report for up to 8 days. You can request to have a report re-generated at any time.

Manage Collectors The Super Administrator and Partner Administrators, can manage the collectors to maintain installed collectors for one or more customers while a Partner User can only manage the collectors for the customers that they are entitled for. It is assumed that either the physical or virtual Collector has been installed; or you are now ready to apply the PSS server image and obtain the security certificate required to activate the collector.

You can register a new collector for a customer site, edit or delete the collector registrations, regenerate a new collector security certificate, and revalidate a blocked inventory upload.

To open the Manage Collectors report:

 Open the list of Actions in the navigation pane.

 Select Manage Collectors.

–  –  –

The Manage Collectors report appears in the content area displaying a list of all customers you are entitled to see along with each Customer name, Collector Count and count of the Collectors Requiring Revalidation.

–  –  –

Registering a New Collector Before a Collector can upload information to the Cisco Data Center to be processed and made available in the PSS portal, it must be registered to a customer site. In addition, a security certificate will be issued which must be downloaded and applied to the Collector.

A successful collector registration will allow a validation to occur that creates a connection between the collector and the Cisco data center.

 From the Manage Collectors report, click the Actions drop-down list and select Register a New Collector. The Register a New Collector window appears.

–  –  –

 If the Contract Number provided is not included in the Partner Definition or does not belong to the partner, no customer information will be displayed. Customer information will only be displayed if the Contract is in the current Partner Definition.

 Enter all the required information, which is designated by an asterisk (*).

Step1. Select the Partner company name from the drop down list.

Step2. Select an option as Name or Contract Number to search the customer.

Enter at least three characters for a Customer Name or full Contract Number [only numeric and maximum 20 digits] and click Search. This will populate the customer list and display in the grid.

–  –  –

Step5. Select the Inventory from the drop down list of Existing Inventories or select New and enter a name for the new inventory.

Step6. Enter a Collector Name and Custom Reference Number.

Step7. The Custom Site ID is an auto-populated field.

You may change it to more clearly describe the location of the collector you are registering. The allowed characters include alphanumeric, #, &, _ and - characters.

Step8. Click the Add button; a message appears indicating that the submission was successful and instructs you to download a certificate.

An email, which includes the details related to the Collector and a link to download the registration zip file, is sent to the end user.

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