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«Corporate Headquarters Cisco Systems, Inc. 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-1706 USA Chapter 3: Smart Services ...»

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Cisco Partner Support Service (PSS)

User Guide – Smart Services Connection

Sepetember 9, 2016

Corporate Headquarters

Cisco Systems, Inc.

170 West Tasman Drive

San Jose, CA 95134-1706



Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection

Table of Contents

Important Registration Information 4

About this Document 5

Overview 6 Partner Support Service 6 Smart Services Connection 6 Smart Services Connection Nomenclature 7 Title Bar and SSC Banner 7 Navigation Pane and Content Area 8 Navigation Pane Components 9 Content Area Components 11 Table Data View and Components 11 Billboard View and Components 12 Chart View and Components 13 Content Pane Toolbar 15 Working with Reports 17 Viewing Reports 17 Maximizing Reports 18 Restoring Reports 19 Refreshing Reports 19 Navigating in Reports 19 Working with Columns 20 Sizing Columns 20 Moving Columns 21 Displaying and Hiding Columns 22 Drilling into Report Data 23 Filtering 24 Data Filters

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Important Registration Information Please Read before Registering Users to the PSS 3.x Reports Portal All user registration is now moved to the PSS 3.x Portal. User Registration for access to the Smart Portal is no longer managed in the Smart Portal, it has moved to the PSS 3.2.2 Smart Services Connection Portal at https://tools.cisco.com/smartservices. For registering new users, Partner Administrators can use the Manage Users action to add, edit, or delete users to their Partner Definition (company access).

Please contact the Smart Services Bureau and open a support case if you have any issue with the registration process. E-mail: ask-smart-services@cisco.com User Roles Each employee is assigned a role for accessing customer data on the PSS Portal.

 A Super Administrator maintains the Partner Definition of the customer contracts that will be managed with PSS Smart services and is automatically registered as a Partner Administrator; enabling immediate user registrations. It appears in the Manage Users list as a Partner Administrator.

 Partner Administrator: Has access to all functions in the PSS Portal for all customers included in the Customer Definition from registering users on the portal, to running reports and collector management.

 Partner User: Has access to all PSS Portal functions except “Manage Users” for all customers or a subset of the customers as set up by the Partner Administrator.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-4 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection

–  –  –

Partner Support Service The basis of Smart Services Connection is the functions and features provided by Cisco ® Smart Services.

Partner Support Service uses intelligent, automated capabilities to regularly collect operational data on deployed network devices and lets you compare it against a knowledge base that provides insight into your customers’ network behavior and status, and proactively addresses potential issues.

Partner Support Service delivers personalized analysis and recommendations, and provides service activities that use intelligent, automated capabilities, which include assessing the state of the network and devices, optimizing network performance, and improving operational efficiency.

Partner Support Service is enabled through a range of smart capabilities, such as network discovery and event correlation, based on Cisco leading practices and the vast repository of Cisco proprietary intellectual capital.

Smart Services Connection Smart Services Connection is a platform that provides a customizable user experience which any smart service offering can utilize. Through context-based navigation, users can find and interpret data quickly and perform desired tasks intuitively. Smart Services Connection provides a customizable interface that has the following

functions and features:

 Single sign on, role-based views.

 Context-based navigation.

 Network element related, embedded task choices.

 Holistic view of the network with the ability to drill down to network element details.

 Smart Services Connection provides customization of the following areas:

 Customizable dashboard views  Search or filter data and then export that data into customized, integrated reports.

 Smart Services Connection provides flexibility in the following areas:

 Modular data grids for alert notifications, contracts, device information and device diagnostics.

 Data presentation options include billboard style and traditional charting.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-6 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection

Smart Services Connection Nomenclature This section identifies the nomenclature terms that are used for the different areas of Smart Services Connection (SSC). Knowing the nomenclature is essential in order to communicate to others how things work and where areas of data are located. The following information describes the various areas of the SSC GUI and identifies what these areas are called.

The following information identifies the different areas in the SSC GUI and their associated nomenclature names.

Title Bar and SSC Banner The Title bar and the banner are the top two layers of the Smart Services Connection user interface. These two layers are described below in further detail.

–  –  –

Navigation Pane – The Navigation Pane has items that can be displayed in the Content Area. The Navigation Pane has a vertical scrollbar to scroll and view the items.

Content Area – The Content area fills the entire height of the SSC window below the toolbar, and the entire width of the SSC window to the right of the Navigation Pane.

Content Area Panes – These are the individual panes that contain specific content within the content area. The widths and heights of content area panes scale proportionally to fill the content area. A content area pane will have vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars when not all content is visible in the pane.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-8 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Navigation Pane Components The navigation pane has several components, which are described below in more detail.

Top pane elements – Provide access to the following elements:

 Data Filters  Application Settings  My Reports  Useful Links  Actions  Dashboards  Library Refer Navigation Pane for detailed information.

–  –  –

Dashboards – There are four default dashboards:

 Customer Summary  Engineer  Sales Manager  Service Executive Create new dashboards but do not delete the default dashboards. If you want to make changes to a default dashboard, you will first need to save it with a different name, then customize it with your changes.

Actions – Options shown are based on the role of logged in user.

Based on the role as a Super Administrator, Partner Administrator or Partner User you can access the


–  –  –

Table Data View and Components This section identifies and describes the key components of the Table content area.

The top of the table has the report name and in parenthesis indicates the number of items listed in the current view.

Column filters are displayed below each column name. When you enter search criteria text you want to filter on, the filtering is performed only on the content in that specific column. To clear a filter, hover over the search criteria and click the ‘x’ in the right side of the filter box.

The search criteria text is not case sensitive and does not require a wildcard ‘*’.

The Action icon appears when you hover the mouse pointer on the left of each row, Click the action icon to view a list of actions available in the report. In the above snapshot, it shows a CSCC link that directs to the Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) to view the contract details for one or more contracts by clicking the check-box to the left side of each device whose contract you want to review.

–  –  –

A column that is sorted has a triangle to the right of the column name [Contract Number column as in snapshot].

An upward pointing triangle indicates the column content is sorted in an ascending order. A downward pointing triangle indicates the column content is sorted in a descending order.

Some table columns may not be visible in the current table if the table columns are hidden.

The content area componenets (in example, table toolbar), which varies according to the type content pane.

displays the help icon and refresh icon while you hover the report.

Billboard View and Components The information in billboard view provides a high-level summary of the report and indicates the report name and the number of items in the report (in example, Product (70)).

The default view of the billboard is like the above graphic.

 When you move your mouse over the Billboard Content Area, the background turns blue; indicating a toggle to the table data view is active.

 To go to table data view, move your mouse over the billboard, and when the background color turns blue click anywhere within the blue colored area.

–  –  –

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-12 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Chart View and Components This section identifies the two types of charts, and describes the components in each one. To see a chart view

of the data, perform the following steps:

–  –  –

The data in the drop-down list represents data from a specific column header in the table data (in example, Equipment Type).

There are two types of charts and their related components are covered in the following areas:

 Bar Chart Components  Pie Chart Components

–  –  –

Bar Chart Components The bar chart reflects the data from the item previously selected in the Chart drop-down list (in example, Item Type). The items in that drop-down list represent the names of column headings in the table.

The chart toggle lets you toggle between the bar chart and pie chart by clicking the respective icon in topright corner of the Content Area. The bar chart icon is on the left, and the pie chart icon is on the right.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-14 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Pie Chart Components The pie chart reflects the data from the item previously selected in the Chart drop-down list. The items in that drop-down list represent the names of column headings in the table.

The chart toggle lets you switch between the bar chart and pie chart by clicking the respective icon in topright corner of the Content Area. The bar chart icon is on the left and the pie chart icon is on the right. The color legend correlates the list data with each specific section of the pie.

When you hover over a specific section of the pie chart, the corresponding list information is highlighted (in example, switch). Click to display a filtered view displaying only the selected information.

Content Pane Toolbar The content pane toolbar is present in all the three content area components (table, chart, and billboard). This toolbar is located in the top right corner of the respective content area component and will have some or all of

the following functions:

–  –  –

Export Menu Exporting data from SSC gives you the ability to include the report data in presentations and reports for your customers and other stakeholders. In table view, the Export option will export the report to an XLS format. In chart view, the Export option will export the chart to a PNG format graphic. To export the report, perform the

following steps:

–  –  –

The Export feature is limited to 65,532 records per export. If an inventory contains more records, consider filtering the report by Item Type and then exporting a report for each Item Type.

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-16 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection

–  –  –

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-18 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Restoring Reports To restore a maximized report to its previous size, click the Restore button.

The report is restored to its previous size.

The other reports that were in the previous view are now back in view.

Refreshing Reports To refresh an opened report, which updates the status of all the items in the report, click the Refresh button.

Navigating in Reports Depending where you are in your navigation, you can navigate backwards using the previous arrow. To

navigate in a table, perform the following steps:

–  –  –

Sizing Columns Columns can be sized (stretched or shrunken) by dragging a selected column edge to the left or to the right. To

resize a column header perform the following steps:

–  –  –

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-20 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection When you resize a column too small for the existing content, ellipses (…) are displayed to indicate that there is more information available than is currently being displayed.

Moving Columns

If you want to change the location of a column, perform the following steps:

–  –  –

Moved columns will be returned to their original location when you refresh the report.

Displaying and Hiding Columns Columns can be added or hidden in the current table view. To add or hide a column from the table view,

perform the following steps:

–  –  –

Partner Support Service User Guide 3-22 Chapter 3: Smart Services Connection Drilling into Report Data When data is displayed in the Content Area, quite often you are able to ‘drill down’ to get additional information.

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