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Function of symbols, 234 G Gabricum, 134 Garden, 5, 88, 96 Gäyömard, 71 Gestation, 108 Giants, 65 352 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Gold, 149, 209 and offal, 418 and male, 121 and silver, 164 crosser, 174 in alchemy, 113 Graduation dreams, 50 Grand lodge, 193, 200 Grave, 94, 130 Great work, 121 Green, 127 lion, 127 Grinding and coitus, 97 Guild symbolism, 183 H Hapso, 160 Hat, 87 Hate and love, 217 Head, 130

–  –  –

Hermetic, 16, 43 art, 146 interpretation, 119 solution, 17 Hespendis, 128 Hesychiasts, 317 Hieroglyphic solution, 17 Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, 151 Homosexual, 57 component, unconscious, 29 Homosexuality, 29 Homunculus, 124 Horse's belly, 140 Horus, 79 House, 93 I Ibn Sina, 121 Imago, 224 Impotence, 65, 87, 90 Impregnation, metals, 121 Incest, 8, 58, 129 354 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Incubus, 65 Indolence, 274 Infantile forms of sexuality, 34 in dream, 34 sexual theories, 76, 143 sexual theories in alchemy, 137 Inquisitioness, 268 Interaction, 121 Intoxication, 250 Into-determination, 233, 241 Introversion, 233, 243 effects of, 269 neuroses, 243 results of, 280 Iranæus, 166 Iranian myths, 71 Isis, 77 J Jason, 66 Jesus, 165 Joshua, 66

–  –  –

Juniper tree, 82 K Kabala—see Cabala Kalevala, 81 Key to alchemy, 123 Killing as opposite of procreation, 99 King, 13 Knights of Red Cross, 174 Kronos, 74

–  –  –

L Latent dream content, 31 Lead, 114, 129, 180 Leade, Jane, 379 Lecanomancy, 247 Left, 52, 86 Libido, 204 Light, 318 Lion fight, 127 Lion, 3, 8, 85 356 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Locked door, 130 Lohengrin, 217 Loss of paradise, 63 Love and hate, 217 Luna, 158 M Magic, 16 natural, 3 Magician, 288 Magnesia, 122 Mahlen, 99 Maier, Michael, 175 Male and gold, 121 Mandrahe, 144 Man eaters, 65 Manifest dream content, 31 Manure, 107, 124, 140 Marduk, 72 Marriage and milling, 98

–  –  –

Mass, 165 Masters, 115, 146 Masturbation, 88, 89 Meadow of felicity, 2 Mechthildis of Magdeburg, 316 Medea, 10, 128 Medical staff, 129 Mercurius, 131 Mercury, 115, 155 Mill, 7, 97, 98 Mill symbolisms, 99 Miller, 97, 98 Miracles, 224 Mithra, 72 Molere, 99 Moon, 188 Moon spittle, 165 Money, 106, 124 Morality, 290 358 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Moral dispositions, 292 Mother earth, 94 Mucus, 106, 124 Multiple interpretation, 209 Myths, 15, 36, 328 Myth and dream, 36 interpretation, 17, 19 making, 81 Mystes, 373 Mysticism, 18, 164 diabolic, 287 Mystics, 164 N Nicodemus, 308 Nietzsche, 35 Nine, 108, 124, 130, 189 Number symbolisms, 184 O Obstruction, 130

–  –  –

Œdipus complex, 37, 226 myth, 331 Omphalopsychites, 317 One, 185 Opposites, 344 Osiris, 77 Overdetermination, 32 P Packing, 93 Palingenesis, 142 Parabola, 1

–  –  –

Paracelsus, 117, 138, 171 Paradise, 73 Peacock, 125, 136 Pederasty, 144 Pelican, 213 Pelops, 83 Phallus, 130 360 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Philosopher's egg, 16 Philosopher's stone, 114, 126 Planets, 118 Plotinus, 356 Poison, 106, 156 Pordage, 172 Pratum felicitatis, 2, 20, 47 Prima materia, 124, 152 Prison, 133 Procreation, 137 and killing, 99 charms, 99 of metals, 115 Projection, 126 Psychic values, 32 Psychoanalysis, 16, 26 and ethics, 281 Psychic intensities, 33 Psychoanalytic interpretation, 43 Purification, 122

–  –  –

Pus, 106, 124 Putrefaction, 124, 163 Q Queen, 12 Quicksilver, 156 R Rainbow, 125, 136 Rank, 34, 37 Raven, 125 Rebis, 185, 198 Rectangle, 94 Red, 51, 54, 122, 125, 131 Red Cross Fraternity, 192 Red Roses, 87 Red, white and black, 368 Regeneration, 233, 307 Regression, 34, 245 Rejuvenation, 84 Religious symbols, early, 184 362 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Representability, 31 Repressed impulses, 23 Resistance, 88 Restraint, 86 Retrograde aspect, 263 Revivification, 103, 108, 142 of dead, 81, 82, 83 Ring, 224, 228 Right, 52, 86 Robbery, 259 Rock temples, 183 Rosenkreutz, 192 Roses, 5, 53, 87, 96, 212 Rose crosser, 174 Rosicrucianism, 16, 173 Roskwa, 82 Rotting, 124 Royal art, 195, 393 S

–  –  –

Sacrifice, 296, 299 Saints, 264 St. George, 211 Saturn, 158 Salt, 395 Samson, 66 Sankhya, 167 system, 359 Sealine, 164 Secondary elaboration, 31 Secretion symbols, 106, 124

–  –  –

Seminal fluid, 102, 105 Seminalists, 144 Serpents, 129 Seven, 118, 218, 367 Sewer theory of birth, 91, 92 Sexual curiosity of child, 64 Sexuality, infantile form of, 35 Shooting star, 165 364 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Siddhi, 263, 287 Silver and female, 121 Simpleton, 218 Sister incest, 103 Six, 130, 188, 217, 218 Sloppers, 147 Smaragdine tablet, 147 Snake, 250, 276 Snow, 162 Sodomy, 144 Soma, 97 Soul, 106, 124 Sphinx, 65, 321 Spirit, 106, 124 Spiritual powers, 266 Spittle, 124 Sprouting, 115 Star mucus, 165 semen, 165

–  –  –

Stekel, 24, 34 Steps, 300 Stercoralists, 144 Stone, 154, 177 Stools, 106, 124 Stork, 65 Stygian waters, 102 Swallowing, 135 Swan, 125, 217 Symbolism, sexual, 28 Symbolizing, 234 Symbols, 15, 373 Symbol, choice of, 324 transformations, 62 Symbols, development of, 240 formation of, 234 function of, 234 origin of, 374 Symbol-making, 17 Subject, 152 Sublimation, 255, 256 366 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Sulphur, 213, 410 Sun, 7, 149, 318 Superposition, 253 T Taliesin, 314 Tantalus, 83 Tears, 105, 106, 124 Teeth, 86, 129 Tegid Voel, 309 Theosophic introversions, 286 Theosophy, 176 Thialfi, 82 Three, 185, 227, 218 Three feathers, 217 Thor, 81 Titan motive, 330 Titanic, 27, 31, 37 Titans, 27 Tormenter, 65

–  –  –

Trap door, 225 Trinity, 185 Trituration, 123 Turba, 258 Twelve keys, 194 Two, 185 Two principles, 117 Typhon, 77 U Unio mystica, 361 Unity, 185 Uranus, 74 Urine, 92, 106, 124 Uterus, 93 Uterus phantasies, 314 V

–  –  –

Vesta festival, 98 W Wall, 52, 86, 88 368 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Wash, 162 Washing, 123 Water, 95, 96, 161 and procreation, 95 birth, 94 symbols, 102 Wet, 167 Wheels, 102 White, 51, 54, 122, 125 red, black, 368 roses, 87 Will, education of, 290 Wind, 135 Winter, 105 Wirth, O, 407 Wish, fulfillment in dream, 34 phantasies, 23 Womb phantasies, 101, 225 symbols, 133 Worms, 138 Wound of side, 265

–  –  –

Ymir, 71 Yoga, 167, 276, 358 Z Zinzendorf, 264 Zosimos, 120 Zulu myths of cooking, 143 Footnotes



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380 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts


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384 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts



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