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“During my spiritual journey to the land of all blessed abundance, a magic outline of it was placed before my eyes, while I was brought to a door which was so low and narrow that I could enter it only by creeping through on my knees, so that it also required 298 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts great effort and trouble. [Obstacle of the door.] And so I was led farther till, after some time, I came to another door, which was indeed narrow enough but somewhat more comfortable to go through than the first. As I thus proceeded, I came finally to [392] a door that had two valves, one of which opened itself, and was quite right in height and width for my size, and also admitted me to a place of which I could find neither beginning nor end. And I said, ‘What am I doing here alone?’ Whereupon my invisible guide who had led me through these three doors or gates replied that still others would come after me, when they should hear that there was anywhere so great a country that was to be possessed by new inhabitants, and that should be filled and blessed also with all kinds of goods.” (L. G. B., I, p. 40.) [The three gates refer not merely to the three degrees, but have still for themselves another analogue in the initiation. In the old English system the aspirant knocks, because the door offers him a resistance, on the backs of the three officials. They are, as it were, the spiritual doors of the brotherhood. The resistance, and how it is gradually presented in Leade's description, is readily understood psychologically; the nature of the aspirant is the more adapted the further he advances on his work.] “This idea and apparition and the account and explanation following thereupon were very powerful; so that I entered into the thoughts of it ever deeper,... so that I... also might perceive the explanation and meaning of the gates. For although my spirit saw naught but an infinite spaciousness [compare previous pages] I perceived and felt [Infinite spread of the lodge in accordance with the examination.] still the blowing of so fragrant and refreshing a breeze, as if all kinds of flowers actually stood blooming [393] there. [Does the question as to the mason's wind belong here psychologically? In any case the pleasant breeze comes from the east. Jane Leade often describes her flower garden as oriental.

Psychologically and mythologically the breeze has the value of a spermatic symbol. Anagogically it is concerned with the Section III. The Royal Art. 299 bestowing of a power or (to retain the procreation metaphor) the impregnation with such a power.] Therefore this word was revealed and spoken to me: ‘This is space and place where the love realm is to arise and become verdant with its natural inhabitants, who have laid aside their crass self-love [selfishness] and left it behind them, as it might not come here; even as it is the one which makes the entrance so narrow and crowded....’ Hereupon I saw in my spirit unexpectedly different persons, modified out of measure in their bodies, and they were so highly versed in this mystery that they breathed forth such a spirit from them that they could give being and existence to everything that they willed and desired. At times they spread golden tents and went in and out of them, at other times in places that appeared to be quite waste and desolate they made wonderful plants and trees to grow up, which actually offered their perfect fruit that appeared in a bright golden radiance; of which it was related that they were the magical nourishment and food on which the inhabitants of this land were supposed to live.” [We may also say the masters of the art cultivate an uncultivated people, and provide spiritual [394] nourishment at the drawing table.] “And although at my first entrance here it seemed that I saw nothing, yet I did see after a few moments this whole spacious place filled with spirits of so high a degree that they attracted me at once. Thereupon they set me divers philosophical questions [Catechizing.] which I did not understand. So one of them in a very friendly manner offered to instruct and teach me; said further that he would teach me the secret of their art.... Accordingly he brought me into a magnificent tent, and requested me to wait there so that I might advance into the pure acts or works of faith, because I would succeed thereby in becoming an adept in this high philosophy.

Now when, thereupon, Wisdom herself appeared to me, I asked her who it was that had set me the philosophical questions?

Whereupon she answered me that they were the old and last living worthies, and they were the believing holy ones, taught 300 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts by her in her inward and outward divine magic stone; and that the time was coming in which she desired to make new artists and poets in this theosophic wisdom, who should give a form to the things that had been so odiously disgraced and lay under a cloud of contempt, ignorance and disgrace. Especially, no other way besides this could be found than that the deep mine, in which the treasure had lain hidden so long, should be broken open and unsealed. [The lost that must be found again is called in freemasonry the master word. The master wandering has the object of seeking what was lost there [in the East] and has [395] [partly] been found again.] Hereupon the apostle John [Well beloved] spoke to me, to whom the secret was well known, and who was the person who had spoken so kindly to me before, with these words: ‘Just as a natural stone, so is there also a spiritual stone which is the root and the foundation of all that the sons of art have brought visibly into being and into the light. And just as the external is corporeal, and consists in work of the hands, and consumes a great amount of time before it can be brought to perfection, so also is the internal elaborated from degree to degree....’ Therefore I begged and asked the angel John in what manner I might go to work, to work out the same?” The “angel John” accorded her the permission. Just as a furnace is used for a chemical preparation, so also a furnace is necessary for the preparation of the spiritual Philosopher's Stone. This outer furnace is, however, the corporeal man, in which “the fire seeds of pure divinity itself are kindled by the essence of the soul, when he finds for it a hallowed and properly prepared vessel.

The materia in which one must labor or work is the divine salt, which is placed in a pure clear crystalline glass, the pure spirit.

Further shouldst thou know, that this divine salt is concealed in all men.” (L. G. B., I, pp. 40-43.) Here I must insert the discussion of the salt (also salt stone) and its effect. We must understand clearly that the salt stone of this symbolism is the same as the cubical stone of the masonics.

Section III. The Royal Art. 301 That the salt is hieroglyphically represented by a cube, I have [396] already shown. The concept stone is the parting of the ways for two symbol groups of similar meaning, both of which Jane Leade uses. The one group is the chemical preparation, as the angel John just now described it; the other is the treatment of the stone as a building stone (which is to be dressed, etc.) found in other passages from Jane Leade, namely, in connection with the building of a temple, a sanctuary, the New Jerusalem.

Important use is made of men as building stones preëminently in her “Revelation of Revelations.” This one passage from L.

G. B. (II, p. 138) may be quoted: “Who will now blow this trumpet of mine that they may break loose from their iron yokes and bonds and come hither, so that they may become worthy to be built in as well-cut pillars for the temple of wisdom.” The quadrangular form is several times mentioned also. Jane Leade is quite right when she says that the divine salt, the cubic stone, lies concealed in all men; the unprepared man is the crude stone and in him lies to be developed (potentially not actually) the cubic.

In the preparation of the stone, the alchemistic as well as the building stone, it depends on the clearing away of the disturbing elements, not on ornamentation. The purification (rectificatio, purificatio, etc.) of the alchemistic stone exactly corresponds to the working over the raw stone with the pick. Crystallization produces the regular form; fixation, the density. The projection corresponds to the employment in the building of the temple (which appears infrequently in symbolism). Probably the most [397] appropriate place for these passages (L. G. B., I, pp. 131 ff.) is in connection with this mention of building. “Only have faith, so I will go before you and reveal my name and show you the foundation of it [the city], wherefrom your strength increases and your victorious power shall be known. But who must be your architect to instruct you in this foundation work of yours but this Wisdom who was with the great God Jehovah from eternity, who gave you existence and being from the breath of the eternal Will?

302 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts Therefore thus and in such manner the motivating power of the will must result and proceed.... Come therefore to me and I will show you where all these foundation stones lie. Look and see the material of the treasure in the circumference of your new earth....

Here you might spy out or find this foundation, [Cf. what was said previously about the new earth], for which purpose will be given to you the golden measuring line, or the plummet of my spirit.” [The master stands on the pillar of strength. Jehovah was the last master word.] We stopped where the angel John says we should know that the divine salt is hidden in all men. It goes on: “but it has lost its power and savor, and such is the principle of light that includes all other principles, because man, although quite unknown to himself, is an abstract and concept in brief of all worlds. Therefore he may find in himself all that he seeks;

only it cannot happen before the salt alone, which has lain as dead, has been again raised to life through Christ the Freestone [398] (who calcines the black to a jasper brilliance and to a beautiful whiteness). This is the true theosophic medicine, which indeed gradually, or little by little, works out of itself, from itself, and into itself, even as a grain of wheat which when it is sown does, by the coöperation of the sun and the outer planets, forms itself into a body. Only one has to watch and pay attention so that no birds of prey come and pick it up [Cf. Figure 3, p. 199] before it comes to its maturity and full time. For just such a state [as with the grain of wheat] exists in the case of the gold stone, which lies hidden in the foundation of nature, is nourished by the warm fiery influence of the divine sun and through the moist seeds of the spiritual Luna [sperma luna] is watered, which makes it grow through the inner penetration and union of the planetary powers of the higher order, which draw the weaker and lower into themselves, impregnate and swallow them. Whereby the mastery is obtained over all that is astral and elemental. In this manner the beloved John revealed to me the nature of the royal Section III. The Royal Art. 303 stone, as it was revealed to him in the island of Patmos (there by him was brought forth what he possessed in the spirit). And he told me further concerning this: that where the universal or general love is born in any one, such would be the true signature and token that this seraphic stone would there be formed and take to itself a bodily shape.” (L. G. B., I, p. 44).

[Here we meet clearly the trinity [Symbol: Sun] [Symbol:

Philosopher's Stone] [Symbol: Moon], sun, moon, and as an [399] outgrowth of both the [Symbol: Philosopher's Stone] gold stone, the Philosopher's Stone, which unites in itself the [Symbol: Gold] and [Symbol: Silver] or which is the same [Symbol: Fire] and [Symbol: Water]. It is therefore not at all a mistake to see in the [Symbol: Water] a union of action and reaction. The G must be conceived in the anagogic sense, as the genesis of the Philosopher's Stone or as regeneration.] In L. G. B., I, p. 147, I find also this remarkable passage: “The word of Jesus was revealed to me in the following manner: O you that wait upon Jerusalem. Through what gate have you entered? And what have you seen here that you are so desirous of living here? Have you not been taken in by the fire flaming eye? [The eye is the flaming star. In L. G. B., I, p. 196, is found the representation of a face that

is equivalent to the eye. A moon is added to it. The eye [Symbol:

Gold] is, as it were, the sun to this moon.] so that you intend not to go out again from here, till you get another heart [The pectoral learns who approaches to the flaming star.] which never could be completely changed?... O then be therefore wise, and await your nuptial spirit [Genesis] and the garment of the power unfailing. [i. i. d. St.] No one can ever get that outside of this treasure city, for in this Zion all must be born anew....” [Oswald Wirth regards the alchemistic concept Rebis as the expression of the perfect degree of community. “The initiated, who becomes in some way androgynous, because he unites the virile energy with the feminine sensitiveness, is represented in alchemy by the Rebis [from res bina, the double thing]. This substance, at [400] 304 Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts once male and female, is a mercury [Symbol: Mercury] animated by its sulphur [Symbol: Sulphur] and transformed by this act into Azoth [Symbol: Mercury], i.e., into this quintessence of the elements [fifth essence] of which the flaming star is the symbol.

It should be noted that this star is always placed in such a way

that it receives the double radiation of the male sun [Symbol:

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