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«Grade 9 and 10 Course Booklet GRADE 9 AND 10 EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM The explicit aim of our schools teaching program is to support all boys in their ...»

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Grade 9 and 10

Course Booklet


The explicit aim of our schools teaching program is to support all boys in their learning

so they are ready to contribute to the growth of our nation as well as develop a love

of lifelong learning.

To facilitate this, our boys will study a combination of core compulsory subjects from

the Australian Curriculum as well as individualise their learning program by

participating in the rich experiences we offer in the optional subjects from the area of The Arts, Vocational and Applied Learning and Languages.

We encourage all of our boys to follow a curriculum that increasingly allows them to have the opportunity to choose subjects that will enable them to either pursue a particular career path or for pleasure or recreational value.

It is important that your son makes informed decisions about his options choices.

We encourage you and your son to take time to attend our Course Information Evening on Monday 27th July 7:15pm – 8:15 pm, as this may help him make good decisions about which optional subjects he should choose to support his growth and personal interests.

We do not encourage boys to repeat subjects they have undertaken in year 9 unless it is a language or mathematics based option.



Your son will study these compulsory courses in the Australian Curriculum throughout the year.

English Health and Wellbeing Mathematics Science History Boys in year 9 should think about a 2 year plan for option courses as we do not encourage boys to repeat options chosen in year 9 unless they are sequential programmes such as Language or Mathematics based options.


The Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Australian students.

The Australian Curriculum describes the learning entitlement of students as a foundation for their future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community.

It makes clear what all young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling and is the foundation for high quality teaching to meet the needs of all Australian students.

It takes into account the growth and development of young people across the years of schooling, the diverse needs of the student population in Australian schools and the knowledge, understanding and skills all young Australians are entitled to learn in terms of learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

More information can be found on our school web site at:

https://education.tas.edu.au/newtownhigh or the Department Of Education web site at http://www.education.tas.gov.au/


 All learning areas are expecting to use the Australian Curriculum to teach and report against in 2016. However, at the time of printing, this is yet to be confirmed for Vocational and Applied Learning and Languages.

 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Thinking skills – are central to student learning and are taught in all curriculum areas as well as ICT being offered as an optional subject for deeper understanding and skills.


Optional courses can run for a whole year or for part of a year (half year or term

length courses) as follows:

Full Year Course – which run for a whole year Half year Course – which run for half the year Select your subjects in order of most important to less important to you after reading the information online.

In order of preference choose either:

a) 6 full year courses listed in order of preference; OR b) 4 full year courses listed in order of preference Plus: 4 Half Year Courses listed in order of preference.

FINALLY: Print the receipt, complete the required signatures and hand it into the office by the due date. [Tuesday 25th August 2015]


1. The timetable program will assign your number one selection first, then number two and so on. It is important to prioritise your selection in the correct order.

Note: whilst most students will receive most of their course selections, all your choices should be considered as viable options and will be used when necessary as outlined above.

2. It is necessary to understand that lower preferenced choices will be

allocated if a subject is unavailable:

This may be because:

 the course did not run because of insufficient numbers;

 the course clashed with another of the choice you made; or  the course was full. (All courses have maximum limits set. Practical subjects such as Food Studies and Design in Wood / Metal are capped at 26 students for safety reasons).

–  –  –

4. In some cases where only one class will be run, if this is the case the class is shared by Grade 9 and Grade 10 students.

Priority is given to Grade 10 students. Grade 9 students have the opportunity the re-apply next year.


I need more information and want to speak to the Head of Department or Curriculum Leader?

If you have any questions then we encourage you to attend a Course Information Evening, which will be held on Monday 27 July at 7:15 pm- 8:15pm (at the end of our report evening).

Alternatively you could email each leader individually if you wish. Refer to our web site for links to our Heads of Department or Curriculum Leaders emails) Forgot how to log on or my password?

Information about the online process was sent out with Term 2 reports. If you have misplaced this please send your son to see the school office ASAP.

When does it open and close?

The Course Option Selection Process opens for Grade 9 and 10’s on Tuesday 28th July 2015 at 8 am.

The option process closes for Grade 9 and 10 on MONDAY 24 August 2015 at 3pm.

In order of preference choose either:

–  –  –

App Development and Design – (New) Have an amazing App idea, want to design the next big thing, have an interest in coding, want to go to the next level with App design without limitations? Interested in a future of App development? Then this is the one for you.

In this course you will get the chance to use Swift, Xcode and other App development software to create an App completely of your own design. You will also have the chance of it being submitted to the Apps store for others around the world to download.

In small teams we will work with leading Australian App developers (Appster) to create any type of App you wish, with the platform of your choosing.

You will need a strong interest in coding with experience preferred. The course will be run in a team format replicating the world of App development and innovation outside of the classroom with regular presentations to the class by leading experts in the field of App design and development. So, if you are interested in a future of App development or just have an idea you would like to make, then App Development and Design is for you!

Prerequisites Students must have studied Computing as a subject in the previous year. Students must demonstrate during the previous year a level of maturity and problem solving that will allow them to work successfully in a self-directed mode of learning.


AFL Athlete Development’s primary aim is to develop a high quality AFL learning environment so students can build upon existing AFL skills and knowledge. The value of being healthy, active, being a positive team member and the associated benefits will also be a key aspect of the course content.

The following focus areas will be delivered: Strength and conditioning/physical preparation, skill and game sense development and theoretical learning programs (eg.

nutrition, sport psychology, recovery etc). Specialist coaches will be provided to ensure the students are provided with the best possible opportunity to develop their AFL skills.

Students will be expected to play school football for New Town High and a commitment to train hard during the week is essential. Students will be challenged to improve individually and as a team. Testing a variety of fitness components will also form a key part of this course.

Pre-requisites- Priority to Grade 10 first in this course  A high level understanding of the game of AFL.

 A willingness to develop physical game skills and fitness characteristics, both in school time and after hours.

 A commitment to play for New Town High school football team is essential.


Design in Graphic Art is supportive of all student skill levels from basic to advanced.

Students will:

 work from design briefs in order to solve practical problems in a creative way;

 do projects that reflect the interests of teenage boys;

 learn how to use Photoshop (Imaging software) in an advanced way;

 create a Visual Journal that shows their development, improves literacy and can then be used to show their skill levels for College;

 gain a better understanding of how products are created, marketed and packaged;

 develop skills that can be used in business and lead to studying pre university courses at college.

Students will use computers to create artworks like:

 magazine Pages & Book covers;

 DVD / CD covers;

 Advertisements;

 awesome posters;

 fashion e.g. T-shirt and fabric designs;

 webpage styles;

 cool graphics & packaging for products.


In Art, boys are given the opportunity to:

 to explore their creative thinking and problem solving by making artworks that express their own experiences, opinions and ideas;

 make artworks using Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Printmaking and increasingly develop their technical skills;

 use ICT to research project themes and artists, help design pictures and as part of the art-making process, without ignoring the importance of traditional art making methods;

 learn about Australian cultures and cultures of other countries through Art and develop a life-long enjoyment of Art;

 increasingly manage their own lesson time, develop good classroom management skills that prepare them for college, work and life-long learning.


Basketball Athlete Development’s primary aim is to develop a high quality basketball learning environment so students can build upon existing basketball skills and knowledge. The value of being healthy, active and a positive team member, as well as other associated benefits of participating in team sports, will also be a key aspect of the course content.

Course content will include the following focus areas:

 physical preparation, strength and conditioning;

 individual skills work and game sense development;

 basketball and sports theory (nutrition, sports psychology, recovery, etc.).

Specialist coaching will be provided to ensure the students are provided with the best possible opportunity to develop their basketball skills. Students will also complete training to gain basic accreditation in basketball coaching and refereeing.

Students will be given the opportunity to represent New Town High in basketball tournaments and other matches as organised. A commitment to train hard during the week is essential. Students will be challenged to improve both individually and as a team. The testing of a variety of fitness components will also form a key part of this course.

Pre-requisites (first priority is given to Grade 10 students)

• A high level of understanding of the game of basketball.

• A willingness to develop physical game skills and fitness characteristics, both in school time and after hours.

• A commitment to the NTHS Basketball Program is essential.


Students will be working in a range of computer graphics packages to explore 2D and 3D graphical projects. Students will have opportunities to create posters, 2D models, 3D models and animated movies of 3D models. Students will also use 3D printers to model their projects.


This is a general course designed to enhance students’ overall understanding of computer concepts and practical skills, enabling them to evaluate, use and produce information technology products.

Students will study: Website Design, Computer Hardware, Graphics and Animation, Multimedia and Video, Game Programming, Robotics, Social issues and projects of their own choice.


This course will be offered to students in Grade 9 or 10 who already have a strong interest in Computing and would like to develop their talent further in a more flexible environment. Students will participate in more self-directed learning by choosing what modules they would like to cover.

This course will be offered as a 60 minutes of direct teaching time per week and 120 min of supervised online independent learning in a classroom setting.

Students will complete one module per term in addition to future innovations and current ICT concepts. The six modules include: Augmented Reality, Programming, Video Editing, Graphic Modelling, Hardware and Game Design.

Prerequisites Students must have studied Computing as a subject in the previous year. Students must demonstrate during the previous year a level of maturity and problem solving that will allow them to work successfully in a self-directed and at times unsupervised mode of learning.

NB: This course will run on a Thursday afternoon after normal lessons finish.


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