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«The purpose of the C.A.R.R.S. is to provide a system of communication support to Convoy of Hope, affiliated agencies and volunteer groups during ...»

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Convoy of Hope Disaster Response

Volunteer Application Packet

Thank you so much for expressing an interest in Convoy of Hope Disaster Response efforts. As a

faith based organization, Convoy of Hope mobilizes, equips and trains churches and other groups to

conduct community outreaches, respond to disasters and direct other compassion initiatives in the

United States and around the world. Because of people like you who are willing to volunteer and

make the needs of others a priority, the footprint of Convoy of Hope Disaster Response efforts is ever growing.

We have many volunteer opportunities available. Please read through the options listed in this application and join us in efforts to bring help to those in need.

The purpose of the C.A.R.R.S. is to provide a system of communication support to Convoy of Hope, affiliated agencies and volunteer groups during commercial communication disruptions after major storms. Visit us at www.k2car.net.

In addition to C.A.R.R.S., page 4 contains a list of Go Team opportunities available to you. Following major disasters, Convoy of Hope Go Teams work ‘on the ground’ to immediately assess damage, deliver supplies and also remove debris in storm impacted towns. Following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, we served supplies to 1.2 million people in one month through volunteers and local churches.

The C.A.R.R.S. and/or Go Teams application process is as follows:

1) Fill out this PDF application.

2) Rename & save a copy to your own computer.

3) Email the PDF, along with any questions, to us as an attachment at: carrs@convoyofhope.org.

4) Upon receipt and review of your application, we will reply to you with any necessary information based upon your cited interests.

5) If you prefer to fax instead of email, you may also fax it to us at 417-447-1074.

For general questions regarding disaster response, email us at carrs@convoyofhope.org.

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to working with you in the field!

Convoy of Hope • 330 S Patterson Ave • Springfield MO 65802 • 417-823-8998 • www.convoyofhope.org Amateur Radio Operator – Volunteer Service Application Please PRINT or TYPE all information Mr.


Ms. First Name Last Name Call Sign Email Address City State Zip Phone

–  –  –

7. What best describes your ham radio activity (check all that apply)?

I usually operate on VHF or UHF through repeaters or simplex.

I have experience as an HF operator.

I have sometimes worked DX on HF bands.

I have used digital modes such as packet or PSK Other experience (describe) - ________________________________________________________________

8. What best describes your radio equipment?

2 meter HT Antennas Power sources 2 meter mobile VHF magnetic mounts, etc. Battery HF HF dipoles Generator (kw ) HF mobile HF mast and/or vertical Solar panels HF/with 2 meters? HF and/or VHF portable 110v AC (only)

9. Yes No Are you a CW operator?

10. Can you take your equipment and operate independent of your vehicle?

11. Do you have a laptop computer?

12. Do you have a portable printer with cables?

Do you have digital capability, i.e., Echo Link?


If so, with what programs? ____________________________________________________________

14. Digital skill level Beginner Need little help Experienced and can help others

15. Where could you serve as a Convoy of Hope communications volunteer?

I could travel to a disaster location to stay as long as needed.

I could commute to a nearby disaster location within 200 miles for a few days at a time.

As needed, at the Springfield headquarters to assist with emergency traffic.

If none of these best describe what you could do, please describe. (You may use back side of this page.) _______________________________________________________________________________

16. Yes No Do you have any medical condition(s) that would affect your ability to operate in adverse conditions or over an extended period with little sleep?

If so, describe briefly. ________________________________________________________________


Amateur radio operators are recruited mainly for their skills and background in handling emergency traffic. However, you might be asked to perform other volunteer duties, if there are no pressing radio duties. Our mission is to serve those in need, and that always comes first.

Convoy of Hope • 330 S Patterson Ave • Springfield MO 65802 • 417-823-8998 • www.convoyofhope.org Release and Indemnity Agreement I do hereby represent and acknowledge that I am entering upon a volunteer assignment with others, and that as a volunteer am paying my own expenses, including insurance, for the purpose of helping in times of disaster. I am aware that the work may at times be hazardous and somewhat arduous and will be performed by concerned volunteers and qualified professionals trained in disaster work; that vehicles transporting said volunteers will be operated by volunteers, who may or may not be professional drivers.

I recognize and acknowledge potential accidents at the disaster site, involving motor vehicles, in or about the living, sleeping and eating areas, or during activities of the disaster relief team; am fully aware of possible injuries to members of the disaster response team, including myself.

Therefore, I desire to protect, release, acquit, indemnify and hold harmless Convoy of Hope and its partnering organizations and individuals from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses or attorney fees incurred by me, my heirs, administrators, executors or assigns. Agreements with said partnering organizations or individuals may be either oral or written.

For and on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, assigns, and all other persons, firms or corporations, I do hereby release and discharge from liability all other persons on the disaster response team with me, those who notified, selected, or assigned me to the said team, Convoy of Hope, its employees and representatives, successors or assigns, from any claims, demands, damages, actions and causes of actions which I, the undersigned, have or may have hereafter, and on account of, or any way growing out of injuries or damages both to persons or property resulting or that may hereafter result from the voluntary venture.

I hold Convoy of Hope harmless of any liability, criminal or civil, that may arise as a result of the release of this information about me. I also hold harmless any individual or organization that provides information to the above mentioned agency. I understand that Convoy of Hope will use this information only as part of its verification of my volunteer application.

Volunteer Name _________________________________ ____________

Date: _____/_____/_____ I accept all of the above mentioned terms and conditions.

Minors If the team member is a minor of 16 or 17 years of age, the release form MUST also be signed by a parent or guardian. Please sign all forms as the witness. Team members should NOT be under the age of 16 even when accompanied by a parent who will accept full responsibility for the child.

Insurance Each volunteer is expected to have medical insurance in case of accident, injury, or illness and personal liability insurance coverage. No insurance coverage is provided to volunteers by Convoy of Hope. Personal liability is the responsibility of the volunteer.

Privacy Policy Please note this information will be used only in making volunteer assignments or in the unlikely event that you should experience a medical or other emergency. No insurance coverage is provided to volunteers by Convoy of Hope. All insurance including, but not limited to, coverage for liability, automobile and medical insurance are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Verification and Consent for Reference and Background Check Give the names and contact information for three people (not relatives) who know you well and can attest to your character.




I verify that the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I give Convoy of Hope permission to inquire into educational background, references, licenses, police records and employment and/or voluntary history. I also give permission to the holder of any such information to release to Convoy of Hope.

–  –  –

Place an X (click) in the box next to any of the following teams that may interest you. **Please note that all of our volunteer roles require additional training and coaching, some more than others based upon your role and level of involvement.


Individual(s) from a church, home or business that is(are) able to assist in many areas of on-theground response. These members make up the bulk and ‘backbone’ of our operation.


Individual(s) who are members of C.A.R.R.S. (Convoy of Hope Amateur Radio Response Service) and who also serve as COH communication units during disaster response. **If C.A.R.R.S. is your sole interest, please proceed to page 10.


Individuals/teams specifically identified across the nation who assess and report timely and accurate information regarding local disasters to our Operations Center. To be qualified and approved for the role of a DAT, one must go through more extensive training and an evaluation process. Specific information will be covered following the initial application process.


Individuals/teams specially trained to roll out when Convoy of Hope deploys. DDT’s rendezvous with our first wave of Convoy’s National Leadership Team to set up and establish our ‘on the ground’ operation. To be considered for the role of a DDT, a team must go through extensive training and an evaluation process. That information will be covered following the initial application process. DDT’s are required to be ‘entirely self contained,’ have at least 2 team members with fork lift experience and be in very good physical condition.


Individuals/teams trained to demobilize a POD site or any ‘on the ground’ operation. RDT’s also may assist with the cleaning and resetting of a host building/facility as it prepares to return to “normal” operation following its use for response efforts.


Individuals/teams designated to assist with the feeding, housing and general over all support of the 'on the ground' volunteers.


Individuals/teams designated to clean and reset vehicles and equipment following a response. This function may take place ‘on the ground’ or back at our Operations Center in Missouri. This role will require a safe driving record and well rounded knowledge of mechanics and the functions of RV’s.

–  –  –

1. Disaster response workers are representing Convoy of Hope, their home church, and the Body of Christ.

Therefore, response worker attitudes and actions should be in keeping with the teachings of Christ, and the values of Convoy of Hope and the home church.

2. The “guest of honor” principle is long standing policy of Convoy of Hope. This means we want every guest we serve to be treated the way you would treat an honored guest in your home. This applies regardless of the circumstances.

3. Disaster response workers should understand and accept the reality that their actions and attitudes reflect on all other workers.


Disaster response workers should be sensitive to people and should take time to listen to persons affected by the disaster. To listen requires an understanding heart as well as a listening ear. Do not be judgmental.

5. Disaster response workers are committed to assist the disaster-affected person within the limits of their own training and abilities, and seek assistance for those things that may be beyond their own training and abilities.

6. Disaster response workers should respect all the belongings of the disaster-affected persons, and therefore treat the victim’s belongings with care and concern.

7. Disaster response workers should not accept damaged items from the disaster victims nor attempt to salvage items from the disaster area for their personal use.

8. Disaster response workers should not accept cash contributions from persons being assisted. Persons wishing to make contributions should be encouraged to send contributions to the Convoy of Hope headquarters.

9. Disaster response workers should not engage in “aggressive” religious exploitation of the disaster victim.

Victims should never be made to feel that the only reason we’re helping is so we can “preach” to them.

However, sharing of one’s faith when asked “Why are you here?” and/or gently asking, “May I take a moment and pray for you?” is always appropriate. The work should be seen as putting one’s faith into action and, thus, is a form of sharing the “good news.” 10.

Disaster response workers should respect personal information obtained from any disaster victim. Sharing of financial and/or personal matters by naming specific persons should not be done. Sharing experience in a general way, as illustrative of work done and persons served, is acceptable.

11. Disaster response workers must be sensitive to cultural differences and lifestyles.

12. Disaster response workers should be sensitive to persons’ feelings when taking pictures of individuals or damage/destroyed property. Permission should always be obtained before taking pictures of individuals.

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