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«X Res searchers An nnual M Meeting Abstr racts B Book Univeersidad d Turabo del o 8-9 d marzo de 2012 de o 2 Universidad del Turabo X Researchers ...»

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X Enc

cuentro de In

o nvestigador


Libro de Re


X Res

searchers An

nnual M



racts B


Univeersidad d Turabo

del o

8-9 d marzo de 2012

de o 2

Universidad del Turabo X Researchers Annual Meeting


Key Note Lectures

Business and Entrepreneurship




Health Sciences

Science and Technology

Social and Human Sciences

March 8-9, 2012 Universidad del Turabo X Researchers Annual Meeting Key Note Lectures The future of graduate education Dr. Debra Stewart, President Council of Graduate Schools It has been argued that in the knowledge economy, a graduate education will become the new bachelor’s degree, the minimal education credential that high-skills employers require. If that is so, then the United States is in peril of losing its competitive edge, with long-term consequences for the economy, quality of life, and global standing.

This talk will explore the relationship between graduate education and the talent development required for a prosperous society. The pipeline for graduate education and the international trends in development of graduate programs will be examined. Also, particular activities that all the stakeholders must take to develop the talents and skills required to drive success will be discuss.

Research and Technology Trasfer at AGMUS and other universities – 30 years after the Bayh-Dole Act.

Mr. Luis García Feliú, AGMUS Associate Vice-president of Commercialization and Patent The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 is about to turn 32 years old. Its signing as law has often been classified it as the single most-important economic development event in the United States in recent history. Its impact has also reached all corners of the world. But what has its real results been? Has it significantly affected wealth creation and quality of life? How has it changed the role of universities as economic development participants? How has it impacted its finances? What about Puerto Rico… and AGMUS? Not claiming to have definite answers, through comments to these questions we will attempt to shed light upon the impact of Bayh-Dole on the profile of the modern university. In particular we will examine its challenges for Puerto Rico and for AGMUS. We will attempt to contrast the resulting best-practices with AGMUS’ own, including our recently revised Patent Policy.

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Business and Entrepreneurship Critical factors for successful implementation of data warehouses Ángel Ojeda-Castro, Universidad del Turabo; Mysore Ramaswamy, Southern University; Ángel Rivera-Collazo, Universidad del Turabo; Ahmad Jumah, Inter American University Background: A data warehouse costs in excess of 1 million dollars and it is estimated that approximately 67% of the efforts at implementation result in failures. The dimensions of these factors that influence the success of data warehouses are still not clear. Purpose: The objective of this paper is to identify various factors that are critical in successfully implementing data warehouses for business firms located in Puerto Rico. These factors are considered in developing an implementation methodology that allows the creation of a cost-effective data warehouse with a shorter development time. Methods: Quantitative and qualitative criteria were used to determine if organizations would benefit from the implementation of a data warehouse. In the first phase of this research, 36 questionnaires were distributed to a diverse group that included developers, architects, and data warehouse project administrators. The opinions of the target subjects were focused on organizational factors, techniques, efficiency and benefits of data warehousing. In the second part of this research, six cases were studied. In each case, qualitative data related to the factors mentioned in the first phase were analyzed. The companies studied were related to education and health. Findings: This study helps in identifying factors that are critical to the successful implementation of data warehouses used in a variety of businesses. The following are the identified organizational factors: scope, management, infrastructure, and availability of specialists. On the other hand, the technological factors are identified as follows: data quality, methodology, and technological tools. The average time that the companies require to develop and implement a data warehouse is 8 months. The factors that help the most in reducing the time necessary to develop and implement a data warehouse are scope, availability of specialists, data quality, and technological tools. The average cost of a data warehouse is $381,000, including the technological infrastructure, such as computers and telecommunication equipment. Factors, such as the availability of specialists and the technological tools, help the most in optimizing the utility of a data warehouse. We conclude that the order in which the factors determine the success of a data warehouse without considering external help is as follows: (1) management, (2) scope, (3) data quality, (4) methodology, (5) technological tools, (6) availability of specialists, and (7) infrastructure. If an external company is to be hired to develop and implement a data warehouse, the order of the factors to determine success is as follows: (1) management, (2) scope, (3) availability of specialists, (4) methodology, (5) data quality, (6) technological tools, and (7) infrastructure. Conclusion: This study helps in identifying factors that are critical to the successful implementation of data warehouses used in a variety of businesses. Data warehouses are important as organizations are compelled to use their own data to produce reports that may indicate or better estimate market tendencies. The results of the interviews and the case studies reveal that factors such as quality of data, range of the project, methodology, technological tools, and internal teamwork increase the probability that data warehouse projects are completed on time, within budget, and with efficient functionality.

Cultural Impact on Management Styles: A cross-cultural study between managers of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic Antonio Lebrón, Sistema Ana G. Mendez, Programa Ahora Background: Multicultural team performance in global and transnational organizations has been a catch-all idiom in studies on cultural diversity in organizational settings. Understanding how to enhance the performance of culturally diverse teams is a central goal of contemporary organizational research. The national and cultural orientations of multicultural team members influence the choice of communicative behavior, which, in turn,

affects management approaches and leadership styles. Purpose: The objectives of this study were the following:

(1) to identify the management styles in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, (2) to determine if there are differences, if any, in the management styles in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and (3) to determine if the different management styles are according to the different cultural values in each country. Methods: We used the Leadership Opinion Questionnaire of Dr. Edward Fleishman and the Cultural Dimensions model of Geert

–  –  –

Hofstede. A t-test was used for statistical analysis. Findings: The results and the statistical analysis show that there are differences in management styles between Puerto Rican and Dominican managers and that Hofstede’s dimensions of power distance and masculinity/femininity can explain these differences. Specifically, Puerto Rican managers have a democratic style, while Dominican managers have a paternalistic style. Conclusion: The results of this study offer a great range of data and information that indicate differences in leadership styles and prove the relationship between these leadership differences and cultural differences. Leaders in different cultures reflect different leadership styles. Managers who have learned about the culture of the country where they are going to work are more likely to develop successful, long-term business relationships.

Síndrome de burnout en profesores del Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez Brunilda Aponte, Universidad del Turabo; Francisco Rivera, Universidad del Turabo Background: Es importante estudiar el Sindrome de Burnout en los profesores por que incide en la calidad de los servicios y la enseñanza prestada a los estudiantes. Por ello, primero es necesario conocer cuál es la salud de los

docentes y luego establecer un plan de cómo ayudarlos a superar los problemas que se detecten. Purpose:

Analizar la prevalencia de los componentes del Sindrome de Burnout y los factores de riesgo sociodemograficos en docentes del SUAGM. Methods: La población objetivo seran los académicos a jornada completa del SUAGM. En ellos la evaluara la presencia de estrés laboral y asi determinar la existencia del Síndrome de Burnout. En este proceso se seguiran los criterios del Maslach Burnout Inventory. Ademas, se utilizara un cuestionario sociodemográfico y el cuestionario Salud General de Goldberg a través de la utilización de técnicas multivariantes de análisis de datos.

Energy consumption modeling of medium size residencies in puerto rico Carlos Morales, Universidad del Turabo; Carlos Lopez, Universidad del Turabo; Amaury Malave, Universidad del Turabo Background: An energy efficiency study was conducted to investigate house energy consumption according to material modification. Model residences built under the latest International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2009) were used and included in the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, proposing changes in construction materials. Purpose: The model houses had a construction area of about 2000–2500 ft2 and were studied with the weather of the metro area at San Juan, Puerto Rico. Methods: Our models compare (a) the case of building with typical materials and construction practices used in Puerto Rico with (b) the case where materials and techniques recommended by the new code are used. Using three-dimensional sketch software called Google Sketch Up in combination with Open Studio and Energy Plus Simulation Software can manage and change the material, the weather impact, and the date to see improvement in the quality of the comfort of the houses and to ensure great results. Findings: The results returned by the software for the different cases reveal an energy efficiency of 30.03%, which represents an annual energy saving of $1,542.40 on the two-storey house case with a flat roof. For the two-storey gable roof house, 34.24% represents an annual saving of $1,391.13. The one-level gable roof case shows 43.24%, which represents $1,413.60 in annual saving. Conclusion: Some of the materials used in the simulation that produces energy savings were a cool roof, poly foam, and a water heater.

Assessing cloud-based services for higher education institutions Edgar Ferrer, Universidad del Turabo; Santiago Lazo, Universidad del Turabo Background: The use of cloud computing is becoming widespread. It provides organizations with massive scalability possibilities without having to invest resources into developing new infrastructure. Educational institutions are expected to considerably affect cloud-based technologies in the near future. Purpose: This work identifies the major concerns that are likely to appear through the adoption of cloud-based solutions in educational institutions, especially in universities where the use of computers are more intensive. Methods: This research was conducted to study the cloud-based services used by educational institutions in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Higher education institutions (103) were randomly selected, and some cloud-based IT services used by these

–  –  –

institutions were studied and analyzed. Findings: Some concerns about the migration of cloud services were discovered through this work. Such concerns fall into two groups: (1) social concerns, which appear when largescale social changes occur as result of large-scale penetration of a disruptive technology, and (2) technological concerns, which appear when issues, such as security, integrity, and availability, have the potential to deteriorate into information technology risks. Conclusion: This study shows that higher education institutions are ready to move IT to cloud services, but they are very cautious about issues such as security and privacy.

The Effect of the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) in the Economical Development of Puerto Rico Greighton F. Torres Rodríguez, PUCPR McNair Post-Baccalaureatte Achievemet Program; Ángel Antonio Rivera Domínguez, Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico Background: The United States Government’s effort to secure the establishment of the DR-CAFTA began negotiations in January 2003. In January 2004, an agreement was reached with a bloc consisting of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. In 2004, negotiations began with the Dominican Republic, which was not involved in the negotiating bloc. In May 2004, to establish the trade and economic policy of the United States and the Central America, they signed the terms agreed upon at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC. Then, in August 2004, the Dominican government did the same. The study aims to analyze the effect of economics and labor issues on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as well as on the U.S. Virgin Islands, which has the American ports closer to the region. Purpose: This study seeks to determine measures to maintain the competitiveness of local businesses. It aims to know the public policy and opinion of local businesses with the DR-CAFTA, besides knowing the legal and economic limitations or opportunities Puerto Rico has in the market. Methods: We selected a sample population of 10 persons. These are professionals and/or academicians in the field of economy, politics, history, international relations, and/or international business.

Semistructured interviews were performed on these subjects. This study is an exploratory design with a qualitative approach. Findings: The DR-CAFTA’s entry into force is seen as the region’s economies grow, unlike ours. This implies that we should be more marketable in the world and must seek to broaden our economic sovereignty. To participate in the global economy, we must improve our education system and seek investments in the Caribbean.

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