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«Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2) Review of Y2 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Cloud Activities and Achievements Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2) Contractual Date: ...»

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Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2)

Review of Y2 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

Cloud Activities and Achievements

Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2)

Contractual Date: 31-03-2014

Actual Date: 30-04-2014

Grant Agreement No.: 605243

Work Package/Activity: 11/SA7

Task Item: T1,2,3,4, 6

Nature of Deliverable: R (Report)

Dissemination Level: PU (Public)

Lead Partner: SURFnet

Document Code: GN3PLUS14-515-113 Fulvio Galeazzi (GARR), Miroslav Ruda (CESNET), Branko Radojević (CARNet), Panos Louridas (GRNet),


Andres Steijaert (SURFnet) ©GEANT Limited on behalf of the GN3plus project.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007–

2013) under Grant Agreement No. 605243 (GN3plus).

Abstract In GN3plus SA7, GÉANT is actively pursuing the delivery of cloud and mobile services to the European research and education community to enable NRENs to bring a range of attractive online services to their users with the right conditions of use and to enable users to benefit from the power and flexibility of mobile and cloud services. This report is an update of Year 2 progress for Task 1-4 and 6 (not T5), which involves both organisational as well as technical aspects of cloud services.

Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 1 Introduction 3 2 Goal and Planning 4

2.1 Delivery of Online Services 4

2.2 Structure of GN3plus SA7 4 3 Towards the Clouds, Together 6

3.1 Community Needs 6 3.1.1 Terms and Conditions 7 3.1.2 Purchase Models and Reducing Costs 7 3.1.3 Technical Integration 7 3.1.4 Data Portability 8 4 Cloud Foundation 9

4.1 Strategy Guide and Strategic Collaboration 9

4.2 Standards 11

4.3 Requirements 12

4.4 GÉANT Cloud Catalogue 13 5 Collaboration Areas 17

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Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2) Review of Y2 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Cloud iii Activities and Achievements Document Code: GN3PLUS14-515-113 Executive Summary Through Service Activity 7 (SA7), NRENs from the GÉANT community put in place a strong collaboration on clouds, aimed at delivering online services with the right conditions of use to the Research and Education community, to remove obstacles (issues on trust, technical integration, purchasing and billing) and enable largescale use.

The NRENs established a joint approach, supported by a strategy baseline for organisational change and standardisation efforts for technical interoperability, to jointly consume clouds from commercial providers (outsourced solutions) and produce cloud services (insourced solutions). This hybrid model accommodates the aspect of choice: the GÉANT community has many different needs for online services they want to use. It also takes into account the element of control: the community wants to use cloud services via their trusted partner, their NREN.

In SA7, the NRENs interacted with cloud providers. The ability to speak with one voice, combined with a clear set of cloud requirements, demonstrated to suppliers that GÉANT is an efficient delivery vehicle and single route to market. The providers’ response to the invitation outlining the community’s requirements resulted in

development of a Cloud Catalogue that outlines the parameters of fourteen services:

 File storage and sync: BOX, Crashplan, Shareplan.

 IaaS: Advania, CloudSigma, Eduzone EZ-Infrastructure, GRNET Okeanos, Google IaaS services, Microsoft Azure.

 Collaboration suites: Microsoft Office 365, EduZone EZ-Moodle, Google Apps  Other: EduZone EZ-AntiSPAM, Netskope Cloud Access Security Brokerage.

In addition, there are network peerings (non-production status) in place with six providers:

 Providers from Helix Nebula: ATOS, CloudSigma, Interoute, T-Systems.

 BOX.

 EduZone.

The catalogue clarifies capabilities of the providers (to which extend can they meet the needs of the NRENs) and thus helps the R&E community to find and select suitable services.

SA7 extended the approach of aggregated demand, towards the procurement stage and invited the NRENs for a collective IaaS tender. Sixteen NRENs joined this initiative, to act as one and establish conditions of use that allow R&E organisations to buy cloud services at an affordable price, though a purchasing model that suits their Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2) Review of Y2 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Cloud 1 Activities and Achievements Document Code: GN3PLUS14-515-113 financial structures. End users in the R&E sector do not have credit cards; purchase-order based ordering, metering and billing systems are needed on an institutional level. In addition, institutions also require ‘bill-shock’ prevention. Data ingress and egress costs, charged by providers (for data transfer) make the bills too unpredictable and costs can quickly add up. Through network peerings and demand aggregation, GÉANT can reduce those network charges and achieve more predictable cost models. Many providers (including companies such as Amazon, BOX, Code42, Google and Microsoft) welcome the approach to use GÉANT as their starting point for service delivery. Through this work, SA7 transitioned from a recommendation role into a transactional role.

For in-house cloud services, SA7 brought together groups of NRENs to collaborate on technical and organisational aspects. There are high levels of trust between Research and Education organisations and NRENs, and an R&E organisation will often ask its NREN to be both cloud broker and provider. Groups of NRENs are collaborating through SA7 on file storage platforms and IaaS solutions. GRNET has made its Okeanos IaaS service [OKEANOS] available to the European R&E community, and RENATER is offering its Rendez-Vous web conferencing solution [RENDEZVOUS] to other NRENs. Several NRENs, including CARNet and CESNET are offering the Microsoft Office 365 collaboration suite to their community; using the public cloud and through a hybrid model where the Office 365 software runs on-premise in the NREN datacentre, keeping data in the country [OFFICE365].

SA7 collaborated with other e-Infrastructures, including EGI, and gatherings of the Earth- and life sciences.

Participation in a large number of meetings was needed to represent the work.

Through this collective effort, SA7 contributed to the European single digital market, clarity on clouds and more favourable conditions of use, to help the GÉANT community adopt cloud services in a predictable and affordable way, that meets their needs. GÉANT is providing a unique service with this combination of demand aggregation and economies of scale, technical and organisational assets, legal, procurement and business development expertise.

Figure 1.1: SA7’s aim to foster collaborations that enable and facilitate GÉANT’s use of online services (make, buy, in house and outsourced)

–  –  –

This section provides a roadmap to the content included in this document.

Section 2 reminds the reader of the objectives of SA7 Task 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Section 3 outlines the GÉANT community’s cloud needs.

Section 4 provides a view of the inputs to the strategy support and the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue.

Section 5 details the areas considered for collaboration.

Section 6 includes details of the communication activities supporting the work.

Section 7 summarises the lessons learned from this work.

References and a glossary are also provided at the end of this report.

–  –  –

The GN3plus Service Activity Support to Clouds (SA7) enabled NRENs to deliver cloud and mobile services to their communities, with the right conditions of use.

The SA7 team:

 Raised awareness about the opportunities and threats of cloud services and the need for NRENs to collaborate on clouds.

 Aligned NRENs (based on willingness to collaborate), and created a 'cloud foundation':

○ Aggregated demand and engaged cloud providers.

○ Integrated the cloud services with each other and the NREN network and middleware AAI assets, through close collaboration with vendors and network and middleware GN3plus Activities.

Listed providers’ capabilities in a GÉANT Cloud Catalogue (service aggregation and discovery).

○ ○ Supported the GÉANT community to adopt cloud services.

–  –  –

To reach those goals and objectives, the SA7 Activity was divided into six, project−execution Tasks.

 Task 1: Cloud Strategy Developing a common strategy, based on community requirements, shared principles and values;

knowledge dissemination and information exchange.

 Task 2: Cloud Standards and Interoperability Creating policies, rules and best-practices to establish standards and help ensure interoperability and effectiveness.

 Task 3: Cloud Brokerage and Vendor Management By aggregating demand across the community and integrated brokerage and service delivery (joint requirements, provider engagement, framework contracts, terms and conditions of use, procurement process analysis and implementation), NRENs will be able to get the best possible value from cloud services.

 Task 4: Cloud Integration Deliverable D11.3 (DS7.1.1,2) Review of Y2 Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Cloud 4 Activities and Achievements Document Code: GN3PLUS14-515-113 Cloud services radically change the data requirements of users and NRENs and so technical integration with GÉANT’s and NRENs capabilities will ensure consistent performance and reliability.

 Task 5: Mobile Services The combination of Mobile access and cloud services offer huge opportunities and so the activity will have a task targeted at providing mobile data network capabilities to GÉANT and NRENs, which suit the needs of education and research.

 Task 6: Cloud Adoption (added during Year 2) Delivering cloud services which are made available via the other SA7 Tasks, to the R&E community, by providing NRENs with the capabilities to distribute these cloud services and assisting institutions with the consumption of these cloud services.

This report provides details on the five ‘Cloud Tasks’ (Task 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6). The progress in the field of mobile services (Task 5) is described in a separate report [D11.4].

–  –  –

The GN3plus SA7 cloud activity has established a strong community collaboration on cloud-based online services.

These joint efforts have improved NRENs’ ability to deliver cloud services to their user communities with the right conditions of use, and helped the sector benefit from using online services and staying at the leading edge of new and innovative developments.

SA7 and GÉANT do not build or operate cloud infrastructures. Instead, focus is placed on distributing online services built and operated by others, including NRENs, other e-Infrastructures, R&E organisations and commercial suppliers, to the research and education community. Using the GÉANT community’s skills and assets, SA7 provides the delivery vehicle to overcome the obstacles which currently prevent the research and education community from using clouds on a large scale.

SA7 facilitates R&E access to the power and flexibility of cloud services through joint cloud brokerage, procurement, integration and adoption efforts.

 Any cloud provider is invited to work with SA7, and if it answers the indicative requirements mentioned in Section 4.3, can be listed in the Cloud Catalogue. SA7 aggregates expertise and demand, (aligns NREN roadmaps and brings a large volume in terms of represented users) as the delivery gateway to establish a direct connection with the European research and education community and deliver their services.

 NRENs have been delivering online services to their communities for many years, and are transitioning to the cloud distribution model, as they see this as strategically important.

 Institutions and users in the Research and Education domain ask their NRENs to deliver cloud solutions, as the NRENs are their trusted advisors, brokers and providers.

Clouds and online services need to be accessible, safe, integrated, affordable, predictable and easy to use.

Through the joint NREN efforts in SA7, a suitable online service supply chain can be established to achieve largescale adoption.

–  –  –

Organisational, technical and financial structures used by Research and Education institutions do not easily integrate with the way cloud providers offer their services. The needs specific to R&E organisations for clouds services, gathered through the SA7 interactions. In summary, to be able to ‘get into the clouds’ and start using online services, clarity and assurances must be in place.

–  –  –

Data needs to be handled safely and securely, meeting European and national legislation and regulations.

Conditions of use must be transparent, which will overcome the biggest obstacle of using clouds: trust and security.

The work carried out in SA7 helped to improve trust and security through:

 The joint NREN requirements document, clearly describing pre-conditions in this domain.

 Interaction with the EC and other e-Infrastructure organisations to exchange knowledge in this area.

 Focused provider engagement (NRENs acting together and speaking with one voice), inviting them to show their capabilities and listing those in the cloud catalogue.

 Joint NREN procurement (started in GN3plus, to be completed in future projects).

3.1.2 Purchase Models and Reducing Costs

Purchasing models for buying cloud services must match the financial structures in Research and Education, for instance, users in R&E institutions do not have access to company credit cards. Cloud services have to be acquired through the institutions’ purchasing structures, meeting procurement and tender regulations.

In addition, the payment structures offered by cloud providers are too unpredictable, as they contain variable cost components (network ingress and egress charges). The large opex component conflicts with the capex-driven R&E funding. To prevent the (fear of a) bill shock, predictable cost models and purchase-order-based systems are needed.

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