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«User Manual Features  Parental Controls  Front & Rear Cameras  1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor  1GB of RAM  Wi-Fi  HDMI  Supports ...»

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Android XO Tablet

User Manual


 Parental Controls

 Front & Rear Cameras

 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor

 1GB of RAM

 Wi-Fi


 Supports Multiple Users

 8GB of Flash Storage (expandable by Micro SD)

 High Resolution (1024x600) 7 Inch Display

 Extra Long Life Battery

Getting to Know Your XO Tablet




To unlock your XO Tablet in Android mode, touch and hold the Lock icon. When it turns into a circle drag it towards the right, to the Unlock icon.

Note: To unlock and activate the tablet’s camera, touch and hold the Lock icon and when it turns into a circle drag it towards the left, to the Camera icon.

Initial Setup The first time you power on your tablet you will be taken through the initial setup.

Note: It is recommended to fully charge your tablet before first use. For best results, give your tablet an extended overnight charge before using it for the first time.


You may choose to read the End User License Agreement.

To continue, scroll down to the end of the License Agreement and touch I Agree.

Welcome to Your XO Tablet Welcome to your XO Tablet! You will now be prompted to continue the XO Setup.

This includes selecting your password and setting up your child’s profile. Touch OK to continue this process.


Enter your password (must be 6 characters) and touch Next from the onscreen keyboard. Then re-enter to confirm the password and touch Done from the onscreen keyboard.


Enter your child’s First name and then touch Next from the onscreen keyboard.

Enter your child’s Last name and then touch Done from the onscreen keyboard.

Touch OK to continue.


Enter a password for your child to use (must be 6 characters) and touch Next from the onscreen keyboard. Then re-enter to confirm the password and touch Done from the onscreen keyboard. The child’s password is enabled by default. If you would like to disable the child’s need to enter a password, touch the box to uncheck the enable password feature. After you have entered the child’s password details, touch OK to continue.


Take Photo Switch Camera To personalize your child’s XO experience, take a photo by touching the Take Photo camera icon.

Touch the Take Photo camera icon to first preview the photo, and then touch the icon again to capture the photo.

Touch the Switch Camera icon to switch between the Front and the Rear Camera.

Once you have taken the photo touch OK.


Touch a color combination to select t

–  –  –


You can connect your tablet to WiFi during or after the initial setup.

By default WiFi is turned OFF. To see available networks follow these steps to turn

WiFi ON:

1. Touch the status bar on the bottom right (where the battery icon is displayed).

2. The window shade appears. Touch the Settings icon.

3. The window shade expands. Touch the Wi-Fi option.

Note: If you do not see the Wi-Fi option, then touch the Settings option.

You you will first be prompted to enter your (parent) password before the Settings list appears if you have already finished the initial setup.

4. The Settings list appears. On the top is the ‘Wireless & Networks’ option with the WiFi is displayed as OFF. Touch the OFF button to switch WiFi ON.

5. Once Wifi is selected as ON, the available networks are listed on the right.

Touch one of the networks listed to connect.

Note: If the network is protected, you will be prompted to enter a password to the network. If so, enter the password and touch Connect.

6. Once connected, the WiFi connected icon appears on the bottom right of the status bar and indicates the strength of the WiFi.

Home Screen Once you have completed the Initial Setup the Home Screen appears.

The orientation of the display screen rotates with the tablet as you turn it.

–  –  –


Touch a Dream Category to view the Dream elements.

For example, from the Home Screen touch the XO Artist dream icon to open the Artist Dream.

Each Dream Category includes the following information: APPS, HERO, BOOKS


A selection of apps appears divided by levels to give the child maximum freedom to discover and explore in a safe environment with no limitation.

Touch an app to select and launch it.


Under each dream you will find a Hero - the person that best represents that category. Touch the Hero’s photo to read his/her bio.

A hero can be changed by opening a Dream, and touching the Dream's current Hero name. A series of fields for the Hero's first name, last name, and a web page URL describing the hero are then shown in place of the default information.

Touch the generic picture icon to take a picture of your Hero using the rear-facing tablet camera, and touch it again to save the photo.

Touch the reset button if you’d like to restore the original, default Hero or touch the checkmark icon to save your new Hero information.


Touch the Book icon to view a selection of books that are relevant to the chosen Dream. Touch a book to open and begin reading.

To exit the selected Dream Category at any time and return to the Dream Home Screen, press the X button on the top right.

Menu Options Touch the Menu Bar on the top left of the Dreams Home screen to view the

following menu options:



Note: To exit the Menu Bar, touch Close.


Your XO tablet comes with full content in both English and Spanish. All of the Dreams offer their apps, books, games, videos and other content in both languages with just a touch of an icon.

Touch the Menu Bar, and then touch the Español icon.

All XO tablet screens automatically switch to Spanish.

Note: When you are viewing the XO Tablet in Spanish, to switch back to English, touch the English icon from the Menu Bar.


The XO Tablet allows you to set up password protected user privileges for multiple users and to limit access to the Internet, app store purchases and talk and chat features. As your child matures, these privileges can be changed.

Tablets are always a family device shared by children, parents and even grandparents. The XO Tablet is the perfect solution—a full-fledged Android tablet with Google Play™ for older users and the educational tablet with its own app store for children. Press one icon and the tablet changes to match the user. You can set controls to limit child access to the Android version.

To access the Parental Controls touch the Menu Bar icon and then the Parents icon. You will be promoted to enter your password.

The following options appear:




Set up password protected user privileges for each child. Follow the steps as shown in the Initial Setup for the XO Tablet to create a new profile.

Note: The names of each child appear in the Menu Parents list.


From the Parents menu, touch one of the child profiles that you have created in order to control the child’s access to Tablet apps, Internet, Google Play™ and Google Talk. The child’s profile can also be edited or removed.


From the Parents menu, touch the Settings icon to view the General XO Home settings, Software Updater and About.


Select the Change Password option to change your password (up to 6 characters).


–  –  –

Touch Return to Android to automatically exit the XO Tablet Mode and enter the Android Mode.

Upon entering the Android Tablet Mode for the first time the following screens appear to guide you through viewing your available apps and creating shortcuts for the apps you want to quickly access from your Home screen.

Viewing your Apps:

Touch the Android Apps icon, located on the top right corner of the screen, to view all the tablet’s available apps.

Touch OK to continue to the next introduction screen.

Creating App Shortcuts on the Home Screen:

To add an app from your Apps screen to your Home screen as an app shortcut, touch and hold the selected app from the apps screen until it appears on the Home screen. This allows you to easily and quickly access your favorite apps.

To move the app shortcut to a different Home screen, touch and hold the shortcut while you drag it to another screen.

To delete an app shortcut from a Home screen touch and hold the app shortcut until ‘X Remove’ text appears on the top of the screen. Then drag the shortcut to the X and the shortcut will be removed from the Home screen.

Note: To return from Android Mode to your XO Tablet Mode:

 Touch the Home icon on the bottom left section of the status bar.

 Alternatively, open the apps screen and locate and then touch the XO Home app icon.


At the top of the Menu Bar the current User’s Name and XO Icon are displayed.


Touch the User’s Name to edit the child’s name, password, photo, or XO icon color combination.


Touch the User’s XO Icon to change the user interface colors.


Touch the Books, Music, and Videos icons from the Menu Bar to access the respective media libraries on your tablet.

Touch the Internet icon from the Menu Bar to access the Internet.

Please note: WiFi connection is required to access the Internet.

Customized Dream: User’s Profile The current User appears as the first Dream icon within the Dreams Home screen.

Touch this customized icon to view the following options:


Note: Touch the X icon, located on the top right, to exit the Customized Dream User Profile.


To improve child learning is to help you to more actively participate and guide your child’s tablet usage. The XO Tablet comes with three dashboards to help you better understand you children’s intellectual development. One dashboard captures usage in terms of the famous Gardner Learning Styles, another shows which dreams are the most popular and the third shows usage by type of content—apps, games, and books. How your child learns comes alive in the dashboards.

Touch Journal to open the display for all Dreams and the number of times per day applications in each category are launched.

Touch a specific Dream to show a chart for the current week of how many times applications in that Dream have been launched per day. You can select prior weeks as well.


Touch the User's picture in the XO {Child’s Name} Dream offers a multiple intelligences assessment or your child.


Touch My Files to display a directory of all files stored on your Tablet.

This includes music, videos, photos as well as various types of document files.


Touch Books to view your entire library. Touch a book cover or book title to select and open the book.


Digital Passport is an application which teaches proper online Internet safety and similar topics. Touch the Digital Passport icon to launch the app.

Multiple User and Android Unlock


The XO Tablet offers multiple profiles so that each of your children can enjoy their own customized settings and apps.

To unlock the XO Tablet when there are multiple users, the Unlock Screen appears with the icon and name of each User.

Touch and drag the Locked XO Icon in the middle of the screen towards the User’s XO Icon you wish to use. Enter the User’s password (if needed) to unlock and enter the Dreams Home screen. All settings remain as per what was defined for that specific User.

To see the additional children when the tablet has four or more child users, scroll up or down within the arc of the visible three users until the user’s icon you need is shown, then touch and drag the locked XO Icon toward to it.


If an adult wants to use the tablet, touch and drag the Locked XO Icon in the middle of the screen towards the Android logo to enter the Android Mode. Insert the parent password to unlock the standard Android Mode of the tablet.


You can also access the Android Mode while you are within a child’s user profile.

Touch the Menu Bar then touch the Parents icon (enter your password when prompted) and then touch the Return to Android icon.

This automatically exits the XO Tablet Mode and enters the Android Mode.

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