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«EDUCATION: 1988, Ph.D., University of Virginia 1982, M.A., University of Virginia 1979, B.A., University of Kansas (Political Science, Honors in ...»

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Ann L. Ardis 125 Delrem Drive

Associate Dean, Arts and Humanities Newark, Delaware 19711

Professor of English (302) 738-0497

College of Arts and Sciences

University of Delaware

4 Kent Way

Newark, DE 19716

302. 831. 2793 (office)

302. 738. 0487 (home)



1988, Ph.D., University of Virginia

1982, M.A., University of Virginia 1979, B.A., University of Kansas (Political Science, Honors in English)


1989-- University of Delaware, Professor, 2002-Associate Professor of English, 1993-2002 Assistant Professor of English, 1989-1993 1987-1989 Miami University of Ohio, Assistant Professor of English (tenure-track)


2002- Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 1998-2002 Director, University Honors Program 1994-1998 Director, Graduate Studies in English


2007 Co-coordinator (with Patrick Collier), Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940:

Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms Symposium, April 27-28. 28 invited speakers, 75+ attendees.

Co-coordinator (with Bonnie Kime Scott), 9th Annual Virginia Woolf Conference, June 10-13, 1999. 250+ participants.


2009 College of Arts and Sciences’ Excellence in Scholarship Award UNIDEL Foundation Award for the establishment of a Humanities Research Institute,

2009. PI for College of Arts and Sciences. ($200,000) UNIDEL Foundation award in support of the Arts and Humanities Summer Institute for graduate minority recruitment, 2009. Co-PI. ($100,000) Social Science Research Council proposal for a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPPF) program grant for early-stage Ph.D. students in modern periodical studies. Not funded in 2007, but invited to reapply.

Fellow, Advanced ITUE/Pathways Institute, January 2001 Pathways to Discovery Course Development Grant, 2000 ($20,000) Center for Teaching Effectiveness Grant, 1998 ($6,000) Fellow, Institute for the Transformation of Undergraduate Education, 1998 Center for Teaching Effectiveness Grant, 1996 ($6,000) NEH Summer Stipend, 1994 ($6,000) General University Research Grant, University of Delaware, 1990 ($6,000) Feminist Pedagogy Workshop, Miami University, 1988 Summer Research Grant, Miami University, 1988 Dissertation Fellowship, University of Virginia, 1986-87 A.A.U.W. Dissertation Fellowship, 1985-86 Governor's Fellowship, University of Virginia, 1981-82



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ANTHOLOGY: Women’s ‘Experience’ of Modernity, 1875-1945. Co-edited with Leslie Lewis. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. vii + 312 pp.

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+ Profession article “T. S. Eliot and Something Called ‘Modernism.’” A Companion to T. S. Eliot. Ed. David Chinitz.

Blackwell, 2009. 6,000-word typescript.

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Garland Press, 1994. 373-390.

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with Dale Bauer. “‘Just The Fax, Ma’am’: Male Sentimentality in the Die Hard Films.” Arizona Quarterly 47, 2 (1991): 117-129.

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Review of Lucy Delap, The Feminist Avant-Garde: Transatlantic Encounters of the Early Twentieth Century. Forthcoming, Modernism/Modernity. 4-page typescript.

Review of Robert Scholes, Paradoxy of Modernism. James Joyce Quarterly 44.3 (2007): 607-10.

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Review of Claudia Nelson and Ann Sumner Holmes’ Maternal Instincts: Visions of Motherhood and Sexuality in Britain, 1875-1925, Victorian Studies, 42.3 (Spring 1999/2000): 499Review of Christopher Parker's Gender Roles and Sexuality in Victorian Literature, NineteenthCentury Contexts, 22 (1999): 139-146.

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“H.D.’s Other Discourse.” Review of Susan Stanford Freidman’s Penelope’s Web: Gender, Modernity, and H.D.’s Fiction. Novel 26.3 (Spring 1993): 328-329.


Invited Keynote, “Middlebrow Cultures,” University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, July 2008.

"Affirmative Activism in English and the Modern Languages," a roundtable organized by Paula Krebs and the Group for Underrepresented Students in Humanities Education and Research, Modern Language Association, San Francisco, CA, December 2008.

Organizer and panelist, “African-American Periodicals and the Public Sphere, 1880-1930,” Modernist Studies Association, Nashville, Tennessee, November 2008.

“Positioning The Crisis in Transatlantic Print Culture,” American Studies Association, Albuquerque, NM, October 2008.

"Before the 'Great Divide[s]': 'Periodical Communities' and the Public Sphere, 1880-1922,” Transatlantic Print Culture: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms, 1880-1940, University of Delaware, April 2007.

Invited Keynote Roundtable on “The New Woman” (with Sally Mitchell and Teresa Mangum), British Women Writers Conference, University of Kentucky, April 2007.

“Projects in Modern Periodical Studies,” Invited moderator of a roundtable organized by Robert Scholes, Modernist Studies Association, Tulsa, OK, October 2006.

Chair, "Annotating Modernist Texts: New Material Approaches in Modernist Studies," Modernist Studies Association, Tulsa, OK, October 2006.

“Robert Blatchford’s Julie, The Clarion, and the Socialist Project of Cultural Uplift through Music,” Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, CUNY, September, 2006.

Invited Respondent, “New Work on Female Aesthetes,” Modern Language Association, Washington, D.C., December 2005.

Organizer (with Patrick Collier), “Roundtable: Modernism Beyond the Little Magazines,” Modernist Studies Association, Chicago, IL, October 2005.

Invited Seminar Leader, “T. S. Eliot In/On ‘Modern’ Culture,” T. S. Eliot Society, St. Louis, MO, September 2005.

“Modernism in The New Age: Promoting/Protesting an Emergent Aesthetic,” Society for the Study of Narrative Literature, Louisville, KY, April 2005.

“The New Age’s ‘Quarrels’ with Modernism,” Modernist Studies Association, Vancouver, CA, November 2004.

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