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«Tourist Guide produced exclusively for guests at La Bastide des Lavandieres Please Do Not Remove from your Apartment Useful Local Services Outside ...»

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Tourist Guide produced exclusively for guests at La Bastide des Lavandieres

Please Do Not Remove from your Apartment

Useful Local Services

Outside the main gate are signposts to all the local villages.

Going into the village of Canaules from the apartments you will see the Post Office "La Poste" on the

right. Across the street is the Town Hall & mayor’s office "MAIRIE“. There is also a public telephone.

Telephone cards are available at any “Tabac” shop. The closest being in Ledignan or nearby Lezan.


A mobile shop passes through the village daily. Listen for its call - usually a car horn beeping around 10am. It stops at the car park at the town hall (MAIRIE).

Further down the village is the Boulangerie (bakery). Here you can buy fresh baguettes or croissants each morning for breakfast. They also stock a limited amount of groceries & they open daily from early morning until noon.


There is a small but well stocked supermarket in Lezan which is only a few minutes away by car. Here you can buy all of the basics required for your stay. If you would like to have a bigger selection to choose from then there are 2 large supermarkets just a little further on in Saint Christol. Just continue on through Lezan in the direction of Alés. When you make the right turn at the local wine co-operative on the outskirts of Saint Christol you will see the big Intermarché supermarket almost immediately on your right. A little further on almost in the centre of the village you will pass through a small roundabout. When you see the traffic lights ahead of you turn right & you will find yourself entering the carpark of the Lidl supermarket.

For an even bigger selection of larger supermarkets just continue on through Saint Christol until you reach Alés. Our suggestion for shopping here would be “Cora”. It is a huge supermarket with a wide selection of food, clothing & hardware items. It can be very busy & crowded at times however so unless you need a specific item / brand then more often than not the small supermarket in Lezan or the Intermarché in Saint Christol should be adequate for your holiday requirements.


The nearest A & E / hospital is in Ales (12 miles/ 18 km ). The hospital complex in Ales is spread out over a number of different buildings. The actual A & E department is located at almost the furthest point. It is a little difficult to locate but it is well signposted. If you pay close attention to the signs you will find it OK.

There are also some very good hospital at both Nimes & Montpellier. Montpellier in particular is among the best in Europe.

For minor cuts / bruises etc then Alés is where you should go. For anything more major provided it is not an emergency then from personal experience we would recommend going the extra milage to the hospital in Montpellier. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Hôpital St Eloi, Montpellier, 2 Avenue Emile Bertin Sans, 34000 Montpellier TEL: +33 4 67 33 71 20 DOCTORS : The nearest doctors surgery is next door to the Chemists Shop in nearby Lezan

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The Mosque & Synagogue are at Ledignan and Quissac.

Welcome to La Bastide des Lavandieres. Listed in this guide you will find our recommendations on what’s worth seeing while you are staying with us as well as a selection of good nearby restaurants.

Places to See / Visit :

1. The Bambouseraie (www.bambouseraie.com) : 18 klm about 25 mins away. You can drive or the better option is to go by steam train from Anduze Station (15 mins away! see map). This will allow you to discover the valley of the Gardon with its wonderful views. You will travel via Viaducts and Tunnels, and in the stations, the driver and the mechanic will allow you to visit the engine to see how it operates. From Anduze to the bambouseraie is just a 10 minute journey. If you want to get the full experience of the steam train you should continue on to Saint-Jean-duGard after visiting the bambouseraie where the train returns along the same breath-taking route.

2. The Cevennes tour via Dufort : Among the things & places worth visiting are the Castle of Fressac. This involves a 1 hour stiff climb & you need to bring strong shoes / hiking boots (Sign posted from Fressac). Also from Fressac (before crossing the bridge) there a green walk which will take you along the river. There are lots of waterfalls and bathing pools along this stretch of the river. Another interesting place to visit nearby if you are feeling less energetic is the Pub at Monoblet 5 miles further on. You can drive directly to Monoblet & the pub is opposite the car park

3. Demoiselles Caves : Via St Hippoylite du Fort and Ganges to La Roque you will find the Demoiselles Caves. Not far from the Cirque de Navacelles, these caves are an old "swallow-hole"

- where a surface stream disappeared underground. (The corresponding opening is on the Thaurac plateau.) The principal chamber has huge proportions: the vault is 50m high and 120m wide. Vast columns, cool temperature and the large open space give the cave a cathedral-like air. In this cave you'll also find the famous stalagmite of the Virgin and Child on a white calcite plinth. The cave was discovered in 1770. A funicular railway takes you to the entrance.

4. Kayaking at Laroque along the river l'Herault. A journey of 25/30 miles/ 40KLM - Allow 1 hour from Canaules. Western Canoe at Laroque ( Freephone: 0 800 880 555 ) have a fleet of about sixty canoes and fifteen kayaks available on site for hire from half a day to a whole day.

Before you leave or when you return from one of their clearly marked trails of 7, 8, 9, 15 or 17 kilometres, you can enjoy an ice-cream or a fruit juice on the terrace of their café. They will also be happy to prepare, if ordered in advance, breakfast, lunch or an energy-restoring teatime snack.

They can also organise trips lead by instructors holding state diplomas. Apart from the kayaking there are also some good cafes at Laroque

5. Tour of the Pic st Loup : 2 miles out of Dufort take a left to Conqueyrac on to Pompignan along the route to Montpellier then in the direction Claret / Lauret down over the Pic then on to Corconne where you can visit the wine cave (Good white wine ) & then back to Canaules via Quissac.

6. The Cirque de Navacelles ( A big day’s outing ) Go to Ganges then onto La Vigan and take route D48 to Aveze / Montadier/ Rogue from Rogue follow sign for Cirque de Navacelles.

Overhanging the small village of Navacelles and close to Saint Maurice de Navacelles, the Cirque de Navacelles is a geological spectacle, unique in Europe. At the bottom of the canyon, 300 meters lower than the Causse (plateau), the village nestles on rocks surrounded by a loop of cultivated fields encircled by steep limestone slopes, forming a huge natural amphitheatre.

A Grand Canon with a cool river. Narrow roads. One of the great sites – A definite must see !

7. Sauve : Walk the old 14 century town of Sauve just a 15 minute drive away. Climb to the top of the rocky village where you you have options on various mountain trail walks. Strong shoes necessary! + lots of energy ! Afterwards stop for a refreshing drink in either of the 2 small bars in the small village square. Also there are a number of nice restaurants in Sauve for you to dine in.

8. SHOPPING : Saturday at Uzes market - Not to be missed. This is the biggest open air market in Europe! The Saturday market in Uzès is a free-for-all and loads of fun. Hundreds of vendors set up in the Place aux Herbes in the center of town, and spill out into the outside streets and plazas.

They sell it all, from fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, and wine, to clothing, linens, pots and pans, jewellery electricaland much much more. There is a limited market on Wednesday as well that’s less crazy, but Saturday is the day to get out in Uzès. People come from miles around to get their goods and to nose around for bargains. Great people watching and stall shopping. See attached maps for directions! Do not get Lost !

Where to Eat locally

St. Jean-de- Serres : There's one small bar / restaurant in Saint-Jean-De-Serres. It's located in the centre of the village on one side of the square / car-park. It's only a small place so you can't miss it. The bar is typically French - Sparsely furnished with plain tables & chairs. Yet somehow it's still a comfortable place to sit & have a beer on a hot day. The excellent restaurant ( which also does take-away pizza's) is located at the back. The menu doesn't overwhelm you with a huge number of selections but everything that's on it is worth trying - We know because we've tried them all. The prices are excellent also. Please see separate menu sheet provided by the restaurant in your apartment.

Ledignan : Restaurant Les Fleurs: Nice combined restaurant - boulangerie in the centre of the village open some nights. It's opposite the car park so you can't miss it. It's especially good value for lunch when their menu of the day makes it worth a definite visit. Especially so during the Summer when the restaurant moves outdoors & get's extended to the outside garden area.

Great lunch in the garden but you need to get there before 1.00 pm as it is often fully booked!

Across the road you will find a typically French small bar which also doubles up as a newsagents.

It's a plain unfussy bar - but we like it ! On the edge of the village ( as you approach from St. Jean De Serres ) there is a small Pizza Cabin where you can get excellent take-away pizza's also Anduze : Known as the Gateway to the Cevennes – Anduze is 10 miles / 15 klm away. It is a big tourist town & it has 12 restaurants. Some are basic & some are good. Le Triboulet located at 11 Rue Bouquerie - down the side street is worth seeking out. It is a nice restaurant in a typical cévenol setting in the heart of Anduze. Traditional local & south-west cuisine. Pianist some evenings. Menu from 12 euro.

Restaurant la Grange de Labahou : Zone artisanale Labahou, Anduze - Just to the north about 2 miles out of Anduze. Directions: Go through Andouze but do not cross over the bridge.

Just keep along the river under the steam train bridge & 1 mile further you will come to a roundabout “Zone Artisinale” You should see the sign for the restaurant Labahou. Very good value for money. Do not hesitate to go a few miles to discover this restaurant. very good food - usually full!

Dufort : Just 7 miles away you will find the restaurant Le Potager which has great Creole / Cevenole cooking (only at night & not on Monday’s). To find Le Potager just look for the sign on the footpath with the picture of a tomatoe on it. The entrance is a little deceptive. You go through a gate & up a gravel path past a small grass area. Le Potager restaurant occupies the ground floor of an old house, a former magnanerie. During the summer the thick-walled room where the restaurant is located is usually deserted and instead most people choose to eat outside under the trees at the tables and mismatched chairs. It is a lovely setting where you can relax & enjoy your meal.

Restaurant Le Real : Route d'Anduze ( near Durfort) is an excellent restaurant with a 3 course menu from just 16 euro. It has an outside terrace & a garden with flowers. Specialising in local dishes with seasonal vegetables & also some seafood.

Sauve : Sauve has some very good restaurants. Among them are Le Tour de Mole located on the main street which is highly recommended. Le tour de Mole has an excellent fixed menu from 15 euro + a la carte 3 courses 20 euro. Le Micocoulier which is in the square at the top of the narrow main street is also very nice. We think that there may be new owners since we tried it last though. Even though we havn't tried it ourselves Chez la Marthe is also well known for it's good food. There are some other restaurants also as well as a café / pizzaria just off the main square.

Down in the main square you will find 2 bars - Le Jardin & Café du Commerce. At night they tend to rotate so that one or the other is open but usually not both. During the day they are both pleasant places to visit for a cool drink & a chance to get into the shade & out of the hot sun.

St. Hippolyte du Fort : The silk worm factory and the old Barracks / fire station by the cemetry mark out the location of two great Restaurants - La Détente (opposite the big car park where you will see the post-office vans parked) has lovely Italian Pizza & pasta but if you want something really good great then try the Escalope Forrestiere (Veal) & other dishes Very nice 3 course meal available for 13.50 euro. The Children’s menu is just 6.50. Great value & great food here. Always full winter & summer. Well worth the extra few miles of a journey to get there.

Round the corner at 8 PLACE MAI 1945 you will find El Gusanillo traditional restaurant. They have a great chef here & wonderful food. Open 7 days during peak season. Take Away Pizza available also.

Monoblet : Auberge du Major just up the street from the only Pub & owned by the same family!

Great food but poor wine - We usually bring our own. You should do the same. Menu 15 euro.

Big plates – you’d better be hungry!

Cardet : This is just after Lezan. Take the road for Nimes & after about 2 miles (just before a big roundabout) you will see a car repair yard on your right. The restaurant is just beside this garage ( about 5 miles from Canaules ). It is spacious & it has good food. For Sunday lunch you would need to book ! - Prices 15stg /20euro NOTE / Dinners 3 course meals vary in prices from £12 stg / 15 euro and £16stg / 20euro exc wine! Lunches vary between £7.50 to £10.00 for children it varies between £4 stg / 6 euro to £5stg / 7.50euro. The seafood is especially good here.

With so much sunshine and such varied terrain, Languedoc is a mecca for those looking to get out there and do something. The list of activities and things to do in Languedoc Roussillon, south France, is absolutely endless.

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