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«COOPERATION THEME 10 SECURITY (European Commission C(2007)5765 of 29 November 2007) FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security This Work Programme ...»

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Research under this area will address the privacy, data protection and human rights issues as well as acceptability and ethical issues and prioritisation questions, while taking into account a variety of approaches to ethical and legal questions based on divergent ethical, religious, historical and philosophical backgrounds. Aspects of social exclusion leading to the formation of areas of insecurity within Europe may also be considered (e.g. suburbs, poverty stricken inner cities) as well as of the European Neighbourhood Policy” that are relevant to security. This will contribute to the general discussion and help both security solution suppliers as well as end users to make better decisions when selecting and applying security technologies and solutions.

Topic SEC-2007-6.5-01 How to take the necessary measures to ensure the security of citizens while respecting the civic rights and how this is implemented in practice, particularly addressing the issue of privacy and security Technical content / scope: The task is to establish a network to analyse the wider context of government security policies and responses to security threats, e.g. in counter-terrorism, in particular from the point of view of personal data protection and integrity of information or of the limits and conditions for any potential loss of privacy or infringement of liberty; in particular also addressing the acceptability of security related technologies.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project and Coordination and support action (aiming at supporting research activities).

Topic SEC-2007-6.5-02 Ethical implications of the continuum of internal and external security Technical content / scope: The distinction between internal and external security is increasingly blurred. Internal security technologies and polices have a direct effect both on communities within the EU and also on the EU’s neighbouring countries. The task is to examine the effects in terms of scale, scope and depth and to put forward possible remedial solutions as an aid to decision makers.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project and Coordination and support action (aiming at supporting research activities).

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Activity 7: Security Research coordination and structuring The Security theme, aiming at contributing to increased security for Europe’s citizens whilst simultaneously improving the global competitiveness of Europe’s industrial base, needs to utilise limited resources in an effective and efficient manner. It is embedded in a fabric of other relevant research work carried out under various other programmes both on the European level as well as in the Member States and Associated Countries. And it can only reach its objective, if its outcome is eventually applied by the relevant end user communities.

This activity provides the platform for actions to coordinate and structure national, European and international security research efforts, to develop synergies between, and avoid duplication with, civil, security and defence research as well as to coordinate between the demand and the supply side of security research. Activities also focus on the improvement of relevant legal conditions and procedures.

It is understood however, that there will be certain areas where coordination and structuring are not sought, or needed, but equally there will be others where coordination and even cooperation would add value.

Expected impact: Actions in this activity will provide deeper insight and wider awareness of the European security related research and industrial landscape and the public environments and frameworks in which stakeholders operate. In particular actions will indicate opportunities and constraints for developing and strengthening a European security related market. Actions will ensure enhanced networking, coordination and co-operation of the Member States and Associated Countries as well as between relevant organisations on the European level. All this which will contribute to the overall impact of the Security theme by making it more effective and efficient, it will raise the innovation level in the security domain and will achieve increasingly harmonised implementation approaches. It will also contribute to the design of future Work Programmes of the Security theme.

The Security Research Call 1 calls for the following actions:

Topic SEC-2007-7.0-01 Technology Watch Technical content / scope: In order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the Security theme and the consequent need to be complementary to relevant actions carried out elsewhere, and with a view to ensuring the awareness of underpinning technologies that could be ’spun-in’ to civil security applications, the task is to perform a ‘European Technology Watch’. This should consist of (a) a web based IT system that acts as both a repository for data (technology watch list) and an interface for interrogating the data to user requirements, (b) a network of contact points responsible for managing data entries as well as an independent “neutral” lead coordinator, and (c) a panel to monitor its implementation and advise the EC, Member States and Associated Countries and EU security research community on emerging technologies. The Technology Watch should be based on a joint capability and technology taxonomy, and it needs to take into account and if possible build upon relevant ongoing initiatives.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action (aiming at supporting research activities).

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Topic SEC-2007-7.0-02 European Security Research Networks (incl. for standardisation) Technical content / scope: With a view to informing the Security theme as well as security research initiatives in the Member States and Associated Countries, and also to exploit opportunities outside the Community scope, the task is to establish European networks of Member States and Associated Countries, private sector security research requirement owners, operative end-users and technology supply chain experts. This will facilitate a common understanding of needs amongst research requirement owners and end-users, with the support of technology experts, so as to identify technology solutions to meet the needs (on the basis of a joint capability and technology taxonomy), and thus will ensure increased effectiveness and efficiency. Technology oriented research strategies should be complemented by society related research strategies.

Strategic R&T roadmaps should be proposed to guide, orientate and underpin European, national and private research programmes. The networks should furthermore identify possible joint programmes or projects which could be undertaken between services, Member States / Associated Countries and EC or international organisations. Eventually, the networks should address how to cooperate effectively amongst user and supply side stakeholders to deliver security capabilities, how to encourage security innovation, and how to strengthen the technology supply chains from primary research via development to procurement. They should also contribute to the definition of new standards.

Preferably the networks should be based on existing organisations and structures (e.g. the CEN for standardisation). A steering group should ensure coherence between, and across, the different stakeholders and activities. Activities could be structured by mission to achieve homogeneous networks of users and experts. Where appropriate, they should be inter-sectoral but must have a common basis of needs and possible solutions. Within strict conditions of confidentiality, maximum use should be made of secure ICT platforms and networks to exchange relevant data.

The activities of the networks could include an advisory function to the network of Member States’ / Associated Countries’ security research contact points established under topic SECCall: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action (aiming at coordinating research activities).

Topic SEC-2007-7.0-03 Network of facilities for testing, evaluating and certifying security related products Technical content / scope: With a view to meeting the objectives of the Security theme, the task is to facilitate the implementation of novel security technologies, products and services (this also includes other types of products and services which should become more ‘crimeproof’). These need to be validated to meet specific standards and to be interoperable with other, including existing, systems. Thus the task is to establish a network of facilities for testing, evaluating and certifying security related products and services to contribute to the further development and improvement of security standards and to quantifiable targets for security levels in security policies. This will help the creation and extension of a European market for security products and services. Activities of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN)18 need to be taken into account.

CEN Technical Board/Working Group 161: Protection and Security of the Citizen

–  –  –

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action (aiming at coordinating research activities).

Topic SEC-2007-7.0-04 Transparency and networking amongst Member States and Associated Countries Technical content / scope: With a view to ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of the Security theme and also to exploit opportunities outside the Community scope, the task is to establish a Member States’ and Associated countries’ network of competent and politically relevant national and where appropriate regional contact points that will (a) exchange information on the general situation of security research in their countries and define core areas of common interest to prevent duplication and identify synergies; (b) develop common strategies in the core areas and appropriate transparency mechanisms (referring to a joint capability and technology taxonomy, and considering scope and depth of the transparency as well as agreements on protection of intellectual property and handling of classified information); (c) explore and demonstrate coordinated and/or joint initiatives in these core areas. The action will be similar to the principles of ERA-NET. This topic is open for full scale ERA-NET proposals as well, which should be submitted under this call19.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action.

Topic SEC-2007-7.0-05 Supply chains and market integration

Technical content / scope: With a view to involving the best intellectual and technological capabilities available throughout Europe in the security technology supply chains, including the yet untapped potential, the task is to identify opportunities and weak spots in the supply chains, to identify appropriate organisations (in particular SMEs) not yet involved or settled in the security (research) domain, to help them understand security related targets, mechanisms and opportunities and to facilitate their access to the main stakeholders and integrators of these technology supply chains. The action needs to take into account and if possible build upon relevant ongoing initiatives.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action (aiming at supporting research activities).

Topic SEC-2007-7.0-06 Trans-national co-operation among NCPs

Technical content / scope: The task is to reinforce the network of National Contact Points (NCP) for the 7th Framework Programme under the Security theme, by promoting transnational co-operation. The action will focus on identifying and sharing good practices. This may entail various mechanisms such as benchmarking, joint workshops, training, and twinning schemes. Practical initiatives to benefit cross-border audiences may also be included, such as trans-national brokerage events. The specific approach should be adapted to the nature of the theme, to other relevant ongoing actions and to the capacities and priorities Not the joint call for ERA-NETs across the Themes- See Annex IV

Page 38 of 57 FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security

of the NCPs concerned. Special attention will be given to helping less experienced NCPs rapidly acquire the know-how accumulated in other countries.

Proposals are expected to include all NCPs who have been officially appointed by the relevant national authorities. Other participants from the EU and associated countries are ineligible. If certain NCPs wish to abstain from participating, this fact should be explicitly documented in the proposal. The Commission expects to receive a single proposal under this heading.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Coordination and support action (aiming at coordinating research activities); indicative budget: up to EUR 3 million. It is expected that the project should last for a maximum of 5 years, and should in any case finish before March 2013.

Expected impact: An improved NCP service across Europe, therefore helping simplify access to calls of the 7th Framework Programme, lowering the entry barriers for newcomers, and raising the average quality of submitted proposals. A more consistent level of NCP support services across Europe. More effective participation of organisation from third countries, alongside European organisations, in line with the principle of mutual benefit.

–  –  –

II.2 Joint Call ICT & Security 1 (FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1) The activity open in this call corresponds

• For the ICT Theme20, to Objective Critical Infrastructure Protection;

• For the Security Theme, to Activity 5 Improving security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability of the Security Research Call 1.

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