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«COOPERATION THEME 10 SECURITY (European Commission C(2007)5765 of 29 November 2007) FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security This Work Programme ...»

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(European Commission C(2007)5765 of 29 November 2007)

FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security

This Work Programme replaces and updates the version adopted in June 2007.

The only substantive modifications are as follows:

• Pages 9 and 10: Insertion in the “Other activities” section of a paragraph on events and conferences, in particular those organised by the rotating presidency of the EU, and of a specific topic for SRC’08. Addition of a section on support to Call for Tenders for public procurement, for specific studies or services required to achieve the programme objectives.

• Pages 43 and 45: Addition of the EFTA contribution to the 2008 budget, for the Call FP7SEC-2007-1 (EUR 2 259 336) and for “Other activities (EUR 100 000) update of the 2008 budget allocation Page 2 of 57 FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security THEME 10: SECURITY Table of contents I CONTEXT …………………………...……………………………..……….... 3 II CONTENT OF CALLS IN 2007 …………..…………………………….… 11 II.1 Security Research Call 1 (FP7-SEC-2007-1) …………………………………. 11 Activity 1: Increasing the Security of citizens …………….....…..…… 11 Area 1.1: Demonstration projects Area 1.2: Integration projects Area 1.3: Capability projects Activity 2: Increasing the Security of infrastructures and utilities ….....… 16 Area 2.1: Demonstration projects Area 2.2: Integration projects Area 2.3: Capability projects Activity 3: Intelligent surveillance and enhancing border security …..….... 20 Area 3.1: Demonstration projects Area 3.2: Integration projects Area 3.3: Capability projects Activity 4: Restoring security and safety in case of crisis …………….….. 25 Area 4.1: Demonstration projects Area 4.2: Integration projects Area 4.3: Capability projects Activity 5: Improving Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability ……………………………………….….. 28 Activity 6: Security and society …………………..…………….……..…..

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III.1 Security Research Call 1 (FP7-SEC-2007-1) ……………………….…..……. 45 III.2 Joint Call ICT & Security 1 (FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1) …..……………….……. 50

–  –  –

THEME 10: SECURITY Objective The objective of the Security theme is: to develop the technologies and knowledge for building capabilities needed to ensure the security of citizens from threats such as acts of terrorism and (organised) crime, natural disasters and industrial accidents while respecting fundamental human rights including privacy; to ensure optimal and concerted use of available and evolving technologies to the benefit of civil European security; to stimulate the cooperation of providers and users for civil security solutions; to improve the competitiveness of the European security industry and to deliver mission-oriented results to reduce security gaps.

The Security theme will maintain an exclusively civil orientation and focus on activities of clear European added value.

This 2007 security research Work Programme has been given an emphasis towards research activities related to border security and to the security of critical infrastructures and utilities.

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Policy context As a primary policy context, the Security theme provides contributions to the implementation of EU external policy1, for creating an EU-wide area of justice, freedom and security2, and for policy areas such as transport3, health4, civil protection5 (including natural and industrial disasters), energy6 and environment7.

A secure European framework is the basis for planning our lives, for economic investments, for prosperity and freedom. Thus the Security theme in a secondary policy context also contributes to growth and employment in general and the competitiveness of European industry.

The respect of privacy and civil liberties is a guiding principle throughout the theme.

The Security theme facilitates the various national and international actors to co-operate and coordinate in order to avoid unnecessary duplication and to explore synergies wherever possible. Furthermore, the Commission will ensure full complementarity with other http://ec.europa.eu/comm/external_relations/reform/intro/ip04_1151.htm;








Page 4 of 57 FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security

Community initiatives and avoid duplication (e.g. with the 'Framework Programme on Security and Safeguarding Liberties': Actions under the Security theme are rather methodology and technology oriented, while the mentioned Framework Programme focuses on actions related to policy and operational work in the area of law enforcement and combating and preventing crime/terrorism).


The following paragraphs explain the underpinning logic of how the Security theme is organised with respect to structuring its scope and content as well as to sequencing the content in a series of Work Programmes. Experience and consultations of the Commission’s Preparatory Action for Security Research (PASR, 2004-2006)8 are also taken into account.

Scope and content of the Security theme

Following the recommendations of the Commission’s European Security Research Advisory Board (ESRAB)9, the Security theme addresses four security missions of high political relevance which relate to specific security threats. It contributes to building up the necessary capabilities – ESRAB identified 120 capabilities organised in 11 functional groups10 - of the persons and organisations responsible for safeguarding security in these mission areas by funding the research that will deliver the required technologies and knowledge to build up these capabilities. It is clear however, that “technology itself cannot guarantee security, but security without the support of technology is impossible” and that the use of security related technologies must always be embedded in political action. To support such action and also to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology related research, three domains of

cross-cutting interest were selected as well:


1. Security of citizens

2. Security of infrastructures and utilities

3. Intelligent surveillance and border security

4. Restoring security and safety in case of crisis

Cross cutting:

5. Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability

6. Security and society

7. Security Research coordination and structuring COM(2004)72; http://cordis.europa.eu/security/;

ESRAB Report: Meeting the Challenge: the European Security Research Agenda. A report from the European Security Research Advisory Board, September 2006. ISBN 92-79-01709-8.

For complete list of functions see chapter IV. Research with relevance for the security capabilities is also done elsewhere in the Framework Programme or outside.

–  –  –

Ambition and theme architecture: Routes to meet the objectives The Security theme aims at meeting its main objectives – improved security for the citizens, enhanced competitiveness for industry - as substantiated in the topics of its ‘demonstration projects‘ which will be the ’flagships‘ of the Security theme. Successful demonstration of the appropriateness and performance of novel solutions is a key factor for the take-up of the output of the research work and its implementation by security policies and measures.

Technology oriented research in the Security theme consists of several building blocks, representing three – in some cases parallel, in others subsequent - routes that contribute to the

overall objectives (see figure 1):

–  –  –

Phase 1 with a duration of 1 – 1.5 years will define their strategic roadmaps and Figure 1: Research routes to meet the trigger EU wide awareness, both elements Security theme objectives involving strategic public and private end users as well as industry and research. The strategic roadmaps will take into account relevant completed, ongoing and planned work and indicate further research needs for Security theme integration projects and capability projects, but as well for other themes of the 7th Framework Programme or for the national level. The funding scheme that applies to demonstration projects phase 1 is coordination and support actions.

Phase 2 will then technically implement the system of systems demonstration projects, taking already into account steps which have to follow the research like standardisation, development of marketable products and procurement. This will mobilise a significant volume of resources, the typical duration is up to 4 years. The funding scheme that applies to demonstration projects phase 2 is collaborative projects.

Page 6 of 57 FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security

- On the medium level of the building block structure, integration projects aim at mission specific combination of individual capabilities providing a security system and demonstrating its performance. They depend upon the technology and knowledge building blocks carried out within the capability projects or elsewhere. Their average duration is 4 years. The funding scheme that applies to integration projects is collaborative projects.

- On the lowest level of the building block structure, capability projects aim at building up and/or strengthening security capabilities required in the four security missions. This will be done through adaptation of available technology as well as the development of security specific technology and knowledge. In many cases these will also have cross-mission relevance. Their average duration is 2 - 4 years. The funding scheme that applies to capability projects is collaborative projects.

For the cross-cutting domains of the Security theme, actions can be both self standing or linked to the missions in activities 1 to 4, and society relevant research issues can also be integrated in technology projects. Concerning activity Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability collaborative projects are regarded as the appropriate funding scheme, with characteristics and sizes comparable to the capability projects.

Collaborative projects can be chosen as funding scheme for Security and society actions, but coordination and support actions apply as well. For activity Security Research coordination and structuring, the most appropriate funding scheme will be coordination and support actions. Core activities will be studies; networking; exchanges of personnel; exchange and dissemination of good practices; the definition and organisation of joint or common initiatives; meetings, conferences and events etc. and the management of the action.

The use of Networks of Excellence and Joint Technology Initiative funding schemes is not foreseen at this stage.

Concerning the collaborative project funding scheme in the Security theme, the Community funding may reach a maximum of 75% in cases with very limited market size and a risk of "market failure" and for accelerated equipment development in response to new threats.11 If proposers wish to claim this higher funding level, it will be their task to demonstrate in their proposal that the required conditions apply. The final decision will be based on the recommendations of the relevant evaluation panel.

The forms of the grant to be used for the funding schemes for the Security theme are given in Annex 3.

Decision 1906/2006/Ec of 18/12/2006 on the rules for participation, Art 33.1

–  –  –

Principles and characteristics of Security theme actions This Security theme has high political relevance both for security related and economic policy areas (growth, employment etc.). While building on a strategic research agenda, it is always open for well justified unforeseen policy needs. It should also support the (re)structuring of the European security sector.

All actions are open to the participation of all security stakeholders: industry including SMEs (small and medium enterprises), research organisations, universities, as well as public authorities, non-governmental organisations and public and private organisations in the security domain. With a view to the Security theme’s objective of increasing the competitiveness of industry, the broad involvement of SMEs in consortia is highly encouraged. The performance and integration of SMEs is furthermore supported through dedicated measures, in particular SEC-2007-7.0-01, SEC-2007-7.0-05 and SEC 7.0-06. In order to ensure that the outcome of the research carried out under the Security theme does in particular contribute to meeting the theme’s other main objective, the improvement of the security of the citizens, co-operation between the user side (authorities and organisations responsible for the security of the citizens) and the supply side of security technologies and solutions must be promoted. Thus the active involvement of end users in consortia is considered of utmost importance.

Security theme actions should be multidisciplinary and mission-oriented. A multi-purpose nature of technologies is encouraged to maximise the scope for their application, and to foster cross-fertilisation and take-up of existing and emerging technologies for the civil security sector. Recognizing that Security research covers areas of dual use technology relevant to both civilian and military applications, coordination with the European Defence Agency (EDA), who will consult its Member States about national programmes, will ensure complementarity wherever necessary.

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