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«COOPERATION THEME 10 SECURITY (European Commission C(2007)2460 of 11 June 2007) FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security Changes to the Cooperation ...»

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Topic SEC-2007-2.3-02 Detection of abnormal behaviour of vehicles both in wide and small land areas Technical content / scope: (a) Within small, well controlled land areas such as in the proximity of a critical infrastructure under video surveillance or (b) in open land areas which may be relatively cluttered but well controlled with radar sensors, image and pattern processing technology and human behaviour analysis and modelling, the task is to develop novel tools and innovative approaches to automated real-time detection of abnormal behaviour of vehicles (such as suspect trajectory, unusual speed, unexpected manoeuvring etc.). Platforms should supplement existing surveillance systems and be capable of detecting, recognising and classifying movements within areas and also be capable of interfacing to e.g.

acoustic, seismic, passive infra red and chemical / biological sensors and video.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Topic SEC-2007-2.3-03 Detection of abnormal behaviour

Technical content / scope: The task is to create novel tools and innovative approaches for the reliable and effective automatic and real-time detection of potentially threatening abnormal behaviour of individuals in a crowd or of a group of individuals in a crowd in an open space, e.g. those in relation to large scale events. This will include the definition of the ’abnormal behaviour‘ to be detected; deployment of various sensors types; development of solutions applicable for short and mid-range distance. Privacy and civil liberties of individuals must be respected.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Function: Situation awareness & assessment (surveillance) Topic SEC-2007-2.3-04 Small area 24 hours surveillance Technical content / scope: The task is to develop novel technologies and innovative approaches enabling for permanent monitoring and surveillance (human beings, vehicles, goods) of the inside and of the surrounding areas of critical infrastructures as well as for permanent information acquisition and information treatment for detection of alert situations.

Solutions must be operational on a 24h basis, under all weather conditions.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

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Activity 3: Intelligent surveillance and enhancing border security The challenge of this activity is to address border security in the context of integrated border management ensuring legitimate trade and flow of people, thus supporting the Schengen cooperation, the efforts of national authorities and those of the European Union’s external borders agency FRONTEX with respect to the convergence of information management systems, interoperability, training and cascading best practice. Actions will refer to issues relevant for all the consecutive tiers of the European border security strategy15. The link to standardisation, regulation and legislation as well as to related testing, evaluation and certification will be crucial. The focus of this Work Programme is on illegal immigration as well as on trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances. With respect to illegal immigration the objective is to develop novel, reliable and scaleable solutions to efficiently identify illegal movements, whilst not unduly impeding the flow of the vast majority of legitimate travellers and vehicles. Naturally, privacy and human rights will need to be taken into account. With respect to the trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances such as CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) agents, the objective is to create a coordinated and integrated security system to ensure the security of goods supply chains and logistics networks, while addressing traceability, standardisation and more affordable robust solutions as well as reduction of unit cost and screening times.16 Area 3.1: Demonstration projects Topic SEC-2007-3.1-01 Integrated border management system (phase 1) The Security Research Call 1 calls for the first phase of this demonstration programme, which will define its strategic roadmap and ensure EU wide awareness.

The scope and technical content of the full demonstration project (phase 2, which will build upon phase 1) will be the demonstration of a comprehensive and integrated border management system relating to the Schengen co-operation and the European Union’s external borders capable of providing concentric layers of protection from pre-entry control measures through to co-operation inside and between Member States and Associated Countries. This


- Surveillance systems to improve situational awareness and detect anomalous behaviour of people and platforms (vehicles, boats, aircraft);

- Identity management systems including documentation, equipment and supporting databases to accurately identify and authenticate individuals, goods and platforms;

- Information management systems to fuse data from disparate systems (identity management, intelligence etc.) in order to improve decision making;

As part of the definition of the EU Border Management Strategy, see Council Conclusions of Justice Home Affairs Council of 20-22 September 2006.

Actions under this activity can take up solutions provided e.g. by GMES (see theme 9 Space) or Galileo (see theme 7 Transport (including Aeronautics)).

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- Secure communication systems for improved co-operation between national and international border control authorities;

- Positioning and localisation systems to track and trace individuals, goods and platforms;

- Advanced training methods, tools and systems based on true representation simulation systems;

- Improved architectures, processes and systems for border security including extending the legal borders to departure points outside of the EU perimeter.

For the demonstration project to be effective, widespread deployment is required, for which innovative business models will be needed.

Scope of Phase 1 (open): The action will define the strategic roadmap required for the demonstration project which should take into account relevant completed, ongoing and planned work and lay out, in a coherent and clear manner, the further research work required.

It will assess the relevant factual and political situation and trends as well as potential classification requirements and issues related to IPR, also with a view to procurement. It will ensure EU wide dissemination of the preparation of the demonstration project proposal to the relevant stakeholders from both the supply and user side. It will also indicate where the cooperation of third country participants is required or recommended.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding schemes: Coordination and support action (aiming at supporting research activities).

Expected impact: Through comprehensive preparation (not proposal preparation) of the demonstration project, the action will provide a solid basis for the description of its phase 2 in the Work Programme of Security Research Call 3 in 2009 as well as for sequencing and describing research tasks to be called for in future security Work Programmes. It will achieve qualified EU wide awareness of relevant industries (including SMEs), universities and research establishments of the upcoming demonstration project, identifying key players and performance profiles of other required contributors, allowing for their effective and balanced access to the action. It will also achieve qualified EU wide awareness of relevant end users, governments and other bodies, facilitating and providing guidance concerning the real-life implementation of the system of systems to be demonstrated.

Area 3.2: Integration projects

Expected impact: While taking into account the mutual dependency of technology, organisational dynamics and human factors as well as related legal issues, actions in this area will achieve a substantial improvement with respect to performance, reliability, speed and cost. They will also identify standardisation requirements and provide information concerning further research needs with a view to future security Work Programmes.

Through the performance of the integrated technology system, actions will allow product and service developers to verify and optimise their technologies at all development stages. This

Page 20 of 53 FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security

will reinforce their potential to create important market opportunities for European industry and establish leadership.

Actions will demonstrate the technology based potential for enhancing the effectiveness of European authorities in implementing their security policies and the capabilities of security forces In addition, the actions will provide guidance for their implementation, including privacy relevant aspects.

The Security Research Call 1 calls for the following actions:

Topic SEC-2007-3.2-01 Main port area security system (including containers) Technical content / scope: The task is to create an integrated port area (land, sub-surface, water) security system capable of providing accurate situational awareness, based on various sources and integrating all result streams, and alerting security operators to required interventions, while doing uninterrupted logistics business. The system will improve situation awareness at main ports through the monitoring and tracking of complex port environments as a consequence of the continuous arrival and departure of cargo (containers), ships, vehicles, staff and passengers, and also the potential threats by boats and swimmers etc. This will include mobile and fixed detection and recognition systems in order to provide intelligent event detection, supporting the decision control; investigation into cargos scanner outputs fused with shipping manifest information, external risk assessment and a-priori threat knowledge which allows for automatic anomaly detection.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Topic SEC-2007-3.2-02 Unregulated land borders and wide land surveillance system

Technical content / scope: The task is to develop an integrated, adaptable land border and large area (including rough or devastated environments) surveillance system. It will be able to detect and locate (the movements of) individuals, vehicles, and hazardous substances (e.g.

CBRNE) crossing unregulated land borders and, when required, track and trace their movements thereafter. It will combine novel dedicated remote or autonomous platforms equipped with multi-sensor data acquisition systems (of different types such as chemical and biological) with active imaging (such as radar, infrared, visible). These data will be further processed and integrated, e.g. including their fusion with navigation information and terrain databases. A central display system will present the large amounts of information in an easily managed format that facilitates the priorisation of alarm events, tracks responses, records events for future analysis and supports the human interface with Security personnel.

The capacities offered by the GMES17 services developed by the Space theme will be fully exploited.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Global Monitoring of Environment and Security

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Topic SEC-2007-3.2-03 Integrated check points security Technical content / scope: The task is to create an advanced integrated check point system to enhance the performance of the existing screening portals at regulated border crossing or other comparable checkpoints for individuals, vehicles and platforms. This will include advanced detection technologies for threats (e.g. weapons, CBRNE). Detection will be integrated with automatic video analysis systems, multi-biometrics and mobile OCR technologies. Eventually a shared database of information / intelligence between the European border security operators will improve situation awareness. The system shall respect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Area 3.3: Capability projects

Expected impact: Actions in this area will provide the (adapted) technology basis and relevant knowledge for security capabilities needed in this (and also other) mission(s), as required by integrating industry and/or (private and/or public) end users, while achieving a significant improvement with respect to performance, reliability, speed and cost. At the same time, actions will reflect the mutual dependency of technology, organisational dynamics, human factors, societal issues as well as related legal aspects. This will reinforce European industry’s potential to create important market opportunities and establish leadership, and it will ensure sufficient awareness and understanding of all relevant issues for the take-up of their outcome (e.g. regarding harmonisation and standardisation, potential classification requirements, international co-operation needs, communication strategies etc.) as well as for further research needs with a view to future security Work Programmes.

The Security Research Call 1 calls for the following actions:

Function: Detection, identification & authentication Topic SEC-2007-3.3-01 Air 3D detection of manned and unmanned platforms Technical content / scope: In order to cover a region (including extended border lines and large areas) 24 hours a day in all weather conditions, the task is to develop a three dimensional air surveillance system capable to identify all kinds of manned and unmanned platforms. This will include non-cooperative target recognition, utilizing active and passive sensors on airborne platforms and/or earth observation capacities.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

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