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«COOPERATION THEME 10 SECURITY (European Commission C(2007)2460 of 11 June 2007) FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security Changes to the Cooperation ...»

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Actions within the Security theme build not only on technology gain from the capability projects, and also on research outcomes of other themes of the 7th Framework Programme or of national research programmes. Only issues of European added value are covered in the theme and it is ensured that it is complementary with all other Community actions.

Complementarity with non-EU research will be ensured via the members of the Security Programme Committee configuration.

In general, a network of National Contact Points and in particular network(s) of security research stakeholders (including both the supply and the user side) are seen as instrumental in promoting the dissemination of security research to its end users, national public authorities and citizens alike. Suitable Coordination and support actions to achieve this could also receive funding (see in particular topics in activity 7).

Due to the sensitivity of the Security theme, the Rules for participation12 foresee the possibility of restrictions to the dissemination of the outcome of the actions on a case by case basis. Special provisions will be taken in the grant agreement.

For the Security Research Call 1, proposals must not contain any classified information. This would lead to declaring them ineligible immediately. However, it is possible that the output of COM(2005)705; Article 22

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an action needs to be classified or classified inputs are required. In this case proposers have to ensure and provide evidence of the clearance of all relevant persons and facilities. Consortia have to clarify issues such as e.g. access to classified information or export or transfer control with the national authorities of their Member States / Associated Countries prior to submitting the proposal. Proposals need to provide a security aspect letter, indicating the levels of classification required. Appropriate arrangements have to be included in the consortium agreement.

All actions of the Security theme are in principle open to international co-operation to Industrialised countries as well as to ICPC13 countries. However, according to the Specific Programme, parts of the Work Programme can be restricted to EU and associated countries.

Such restriction is not foreseen in the 2007 Work Programme. At this stage, it is also not foreseen to have any ‘specific international co-operation actions’ in the Security theme.

Positively evaluated proposals involving sensitive and classified information, those involving international co-operation as well as those collaborative projects where 75% funding for all participants is foreseen will be flagged to the members of the Security Programme Committee configuration and dealt with according to its Rules for Procedure.

Ethical principles and gender aspects must always be taken into account. The pursuit of scientific knowledge and its technical application towards society requires the talent, perspectives and insight that can only be assured by increasing diversity in the research workforce. Therefore, a balanced representation of women and men at all levels in research projects is encouraged.

Cross-thematic approaches: For all four missions, security is often linked to the interoperability of systems (e.g. for command & control, networked critical infrastructures, border management & security etc.); and often interoperability is an ICT issue. Thus, a Joint Call for Proposals with Theme 3 Information and Communication Technologies is foreseen in 2007 in order to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Security issues could also be regarded as intrinsic elements of several of the other Cooperation themes. The scope of the calls has been carefully defined throughout the themes, in order to avoid gaps or duplication (with a view to the full duration of the 7th Framework Programme, not only the Security Research Call 1). Thus in case of doubt, whether a proposal is fully in scope with the topics presented under this theme, it is recommended to consult as well the Work Programmes of the other Co-operation themes.

Risk-sharing Finance Facility

In addition to direct financial support to participants in RTD actions, the Community will improve their access to private sector finance by contributing financially to the 'Risk-Sharing Finance Facility' (RSFF) established by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The Community contribution to RSFF will be used, by the Bank, in accordance with eligibility criteria set out in the Work Programme 'Co-operation' (horizontal issues). RSFF ICPC: International Co-operation Partner Countries, see Annex 1.

–  –  –

support is not conditional on promoters securing grants resulting from calls for proposals described herein, although the combination of grants and RSFF-supported financing from EIB is possible.

In accordance with the Specific Programme 'Co-operation', which stipulates that the Community contribution to RSFF will be funded by proportional contributions of all Themes, except Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities, the Commitment Appropriations for this Theme to RSFF in 2007 will be 4,428 M€. This amount will be committed entirely in 2007.

The use of the Community Contribution from the Specific Programme 'Co-operation' will be on a 'first come, first served' basis and will not be constrained by the proportional contribution of Themes.

Further information on the RSFF is given in the Annex 4 of this work programme.

Other activities The theme will support ERA-NET activities14 that develop the cooperation and coordination of research programmes carried out at national or regional level in the Member or Associated States through the networking of research programmes, towards their mutual opening and the development and implementation of joint activities.

ERA-NET projects can network four types of activities: (1) Information exchange – (2) Definition and preparation of joint activities – (3) Implementation of joint activities – (4)

Funding of joint trans-national research actions:

• ERA-NETs launched under FP6 wishing to submit a follow-up proposal under FP7 have to propose a strong coordination action focusing directly on steps three and four, in order to achieve mutual opening and trans-national research via joint/common calls, joint/common programmes or, if appropriate, other joint trans-national actions.

• New ERA-NETs, which address new topics and without any experience from FP6, should address at least the first three steps, but are encouraged to aim at the “four step approach”, as described above.

The Security Research Call 1 offers the possibility to submit a dedicated ERA-NET proposal under Topic SEC-2007-7.0-04 Transparency and networking amongst Member States and Associated Countries.

ERA-NET activities will be subject to a joint call across the Specific programme ‘Co-operation’ - see Annex 4.

–  –  –

II CONTENT OF CALLS IN 2007 II.1 Security Research Call 1 (FP7-SEC-2007-1) The primary ambition of the Security theme is to provide enhanced security related technologies, systems and systems of systems and to facilitate their take-up for the implementation of security policies and programmes as soon as possible.

Thus the Security Research Call 1 launches the implementation of two demonstration programmes (phases 1) in the two security policy missions Security of infrastructures and utilities and Intelligent surveillance and border security. They will demonstrate integrated innovative systems of systems (focus on highest level building block).

In parallel, and supporting this focus from the other building block levels, novel and improved technologies will be developed, adapted and integrated into systems to be ready for the next generation of integrated security systems of systems to be demonstrated for full scale take-up in the future.

Topic descriptions are deliberately kept rather brief and general in order to allow for a variety of promising technological approaches which may address more than one specific security application. This ensures that in principle more than one proposal can be selected for each topic, thus guaranteeing competition amongst proposals. It is also possible not to select any proposals submitted to a topic at all, if the quality is not sufficient and evaluators do not recommend it.

The Security Research Call 1 is open to the submission of proposals for actions referring to the following topics.

Activity 1: Increasing the Security of citizens The challenge of this activity is to contribute to combating the activities of organised crime (such as drug and weapons smuggling, complicated money laundering and child pornography trafficking schemes, individual and private sector fraud, illegal movement of equipment, technology and knowledge etc.) and terrorism by developing secure information and financial networks, robust secure communications and virtual policing of information infrastructures, including the internet, to uncover and track terrorist activities; to enhance the intelligence and analysis capabilities (capacity and quality) across a range of sectors in concert with digital forensic technology to track, trace and apprehend terrorists; with respect to terrorist weapons to detect, track, trace, identify and neutralise CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear agents and Explosives) – both ‘traditional’ and ‘home grown’. Speed, robustness and affordability will be the driving design parameters for technological and system solutions.

–  –  –

Area 1.1: Demonstration projects No demonstration programmes foreseen in this activity for Security Research Call 1.

See also chapter IV Indicative priorities for future calls.

Area 1.2: Integration projects Expected impact: While taking into account the mutual dependency of technology, organisational dynamics and human factors as well as related legal issues, actions in this area will achieve a substantial improvement with respect to performance, reliability, speed and cost.

They will also identify standardisation requirements and provide information concerning further research needs with a view to future security Work Programmes.

Through the performance of the integrated technology system, actions will allow product and service developers to verify and optimise their technologies at all development stages. This will reinforce their potential to create important market opportunities for European industry and establish leadership.

Actions will demonstrate the technology based potential for enhancing the effectiveness of European authorities in implementing their security policies and the capabilities of security forces. In addition, the actions will provide guidance for their implementation, including privacy relevant aspects.

The Security Research Call 1 calls for the following actions:

Topic SEC-2007-1.2-01 Intelligent urban environment observation system Technical content / scope: The task is to develop both a fixed and a man portable, integrated, fast, wide area behavioural observation system for individuals, platforms and goods in complex (urban) environments. It should meet surveillance and security tasks including compound security, trafficking of illegal goods, safety monitoring and evacuation on a 24h / 7 days basis. This will include the integration of sensor technologies, data fusion and intelligent observation systems to enable stand-off detection and analysis through barriers, of substances and weapons, of carriers and people as well as behaviour analysis to separate potential perpetrators from crowds and neutralise the threat.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

Topic SEC-2007-1.2-02 Integrated mobile security kit

Technical content / scope: The task is to develop an innovative and integrated, mobile security kit for rapid deployment, which can be applied to various situations such as large scale events (e.g. sport or show events) and to early warning / crisis response. The aim is to support and enhance the flexibility and adaptation capabilities of European security forces for preventing or responding to security incidents. This will involve sets of mobile security modules; tools for the protection of special persons; general security of events; interfacing with local security forces; multiple sensors etc.

Call: Security Research Call 1 Funding scheme(s): Collaborative project.

–  –  –

Area 1.3: Capability projects Expected impact: Actions in this area will provide the (adapted) technology basis and relevant knowledge for security capabilities needed in this (and also other) mission(s), as required by integrating industry and/or (private and/or public) end users, while achieving a significant improvement with respect to performance, reliability, speed and cost.

At the same time, actions will reflect the mutual dependency of technology, organisational dynamics, human factors, societal issues as well as related legal aspects. This will reinforce European industry’s potential to create important market opportunities and establish leadership, and it will ensure sufficient awareness and understanding of all relevant issues for the take-up of their outcome (e.g. regarding harmonisation and standardisation, potential classification requirements, international co-operation needs, communication strategies etc.) as well as for further research needs with a view to future security Work Programmes.

The Security Research Call 1 calls for the following actions:

Function: Detection, identification & authentication Topic SEC-2007-1.3-01 Stand off scanning and detection of hidden dangerous materials, objects or stowaways, fast and reliable alerting and specification.

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