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«Edited by Govindjee Urbana, Illinois, USA and Shyam Lal Srivastava Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India i The Cover A photograph of Krishnaji (Dada), 1980 ...»

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Fig. 13. Left to right: Gopalji, Dada (in his lap is Govindjee);

and Malati. Photo, 1933.

Fig. 14. A photograph of Dada (right) with his friend Uma Kant Pandey (left).Photo, 1936.

Fig. 15. Bimla (Dada’s wife) and Dada under the ‘Mundap’ during a ritual at the wedding of Malati with Radha Krishna Sahay. Photo, June, 1953.

Fig. 16. Left to right: Ranjan, Deepak, Manju and Meenu, posing before their clay toys

and clay deities. In the front is a clay statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Photo,~1955. (Source:

Govindjee) Fig. 17. Left to right: Deepak, Ranjan, Manju and Meenu donning baseball caps. There must be a story behind it!. Photo, ~ 1958.

Fig. 18. A photograph taken at 14 B Bank Road, Allahabad. Left to right: Ranjan, Meenu, Amma (Dada’s mother; in her lap is Rita), Manju and Deepak. Photo, ~ 1959.

Fig. 19. The Krishnaji’s Family (also shown on front page of part-C). Front row (left to right): Chitra, Bhabhi (Bimla), and Meenu (Ira). Back row (left to right): Dada (Krishnaji), Ranjan and Deepak. Photo, 1965 Fig. 20. Left to right: Deepak and Ranjan in a playful mood.

Fig. 21. Left to right : Ram Autar, Amma (Dada's mother), Ranjan, Bindeshwari, Chitra and Sant Lal. [Ram Autar and Bindeshwari were employees of the Physics Department, University of Allahabad, who often visited Amma. Sant Lal was employed by Dada to do house chores. All were considered as family members.]14 B Bank Road, Allahabad. Photo, 1961.

Fig. 22. Left to right: Meenu, Dada, Deepak, Bhabhi (Bimla) and Ranjan; Chitra is in front of Bhabhi. Photo, 1968.

Fig. 23. Back row, staggered, left to right: Poonam, Madhu, Pinki, Chitra, Tanima (in white dress), Tripti (in red dress), and Garima. Front row, staggered, left to right: Satyendra, Shruti (yellow dress), Bhabhi (Bimla), Dada, Sanket, and Deepak. Photo taken at Ranjan's home in Govindpur, Allahabad; Ranjan's photo is on the wall on the top left. Photo, 1996.

Fig. 24. Left to right: Neera, Meenu, Sunil, Suresh, Bhabhi, and Dada. In the front are Ninni, Pinki and Monu. Photo, 1985.

Fig. 25. Standing (left to right): Deepak, Ila, Gopalji, and Dada. Sitting: Madhu, Bhabhi (Bimla, with Monu in her lap), Nirmala and Ranjan. Photo, December, 1979.

Fig. 26. Standing (left to right): Suresh, Monu, Deepak, Sunil, Dada, Bimla (Bhabhi in green sari), Meenu's mother-in-law (Prem Saxena, in blue sari); Meenu's father-in-law (Krishna Bihari, in white kurta), and Ranjan (with beard). In front of Sunil is Sanket; in front of Dada is Pinki (in yellow dress); and in front of Bhabhi is Tanima. Front row (left to right) : Madhu (in yellow sari), Poonam (in green sari), and Meenu (in blue sari). Photo, 1992.

Fig. 27. A group photograph at 14 B Bank Road, Allahabad. Starting in the front row (clockwise): Bhabhi (Bimla), Deepak, unidentified, Rita, Ranjan (who has one of his hands on the “takht”, the wooden bed); Savitri Saran (aunt of Bimla Bhabhi), Usha (daughter of Savitri Saran), Chitra and unidentified. In the front row (right) is Rajni with her kids Anita and Sanjay. Photo, 1968.

Fig. 28. Left to right : Govindjee, Krishnaji and Goaplji. In the foreground is Ninni. Photo, 1983.

–  –  –

Fig. 31. Left to right: Ranjan and Deepak. Photo taken at Lucknow. Photo, 1987.

Fig. 32. Left to right: Meenu and Bhabhi (Bimla). Photo taken in front of the Verandah at 14 B Bank Road, Allahabad.

Fig. 33. Left to right: Neera, Sunil and Meenu. Photo, 1979.

Fig. 34. Left to right: Meenu and Suresh Chandra in their dining room in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Photo, 2006.

–  –  –

Fig. 36. Left to right: Suresh (holding Rowan) and Meenu. On the road in front of their home in Sarita Vihar. Photo, April, 2009.

Fig. 37. Left to right: Suresh, Meenu, Elfi and Sunil. Jurong Park in Singapore.

–  –  –

Fig. 39. Deepak's family. Left to right: Monu, Madhu, Pinki and Deepak. Photo, 1996.

Fig. 40. Deepak's family with Dada and Bhabhi. Left to right: Dada, Pinki, Deepak, Madhu, Monu and Bhabhi (Bimla). Photo, 1992.

–  –  –

Fig. 42. A Left to right: Dada, Bhabhi, Deepak and Monu. Photo, Jan. 1997.

Fig. 43. Bhabhi (Bimla) with Madhu. M-40 Govindpur, Allahabad. Photo, Jan. 1997.

Fig. 44. Left to right: Dada, Bhabhi (Bimla), Rajni and Pinki at Allahabad. Photo, Jan. 1997

–  –  –

Fig. 46. Ranjan's family with Dada and Bhabhi. Left to right: Bhabhi, Poonam, Tanima, Ranjan (holding Sanket) and Dada. Maharishinagar, Noida. Photo, 1989.

Fig. 47. Left to right: Sanket, Ranjan, and Tanima. Home of Ranjan, in Lucknow. Photo, 1991.

Fig. 48. Ranjan's family. Left to right: Ranjan, Sanket, and Poonam. Tanima is in the front. Azad Apartments, New Delhi. Photo, 1989.

Fig. 49. Dada and Sanket. Home of Ranjan, Lucknow. Photo, 1992.

Fig. 50. Left to right: Tanima, Poonam, Sanket, Monu, Bhabhi and Dada. Home of Deepak, Allahabad. Photo, 1996.

Fig. 51. Bhabhi and Poonam knitting. Home of Gopalji, Gurgaon. Photo, 2002.

Fig. 52. Chitra's family. Left to right: Chitra, Tripti, Shruti, Garima and Harbinder Barring.

Sitting: Satyendra. Photo, 2009.

Fig. 53. Left to right: Nirmala and Gopalji. Hauz Khas, New Delhi. Photo, 1982.

Fig. 54. Left to right: Isha, Ila, Govindjee, Nirmala, Gopalji and Rajni. Photo, 2003.

–  –  –

Fig. 59. Left to right: Rita (tired after shopping) and Ila. Jaipur. Photo, 2008.

Fig. 60. Left to right: Shekhar, Ninni (Nandini), Rita and Nitin. Dubai. Photo, December 2008.

Fig. 61. Left to right: Ninni, Rita and Shekhar. Isha (Ila's daughter) is in front. Silver wedding anniversary of Rita and Shekhar. Gurgaon, Haryana. Photo, January 21, 2004.

Fig. 62. Left to right: Gopalji, Rita, Shekhar, Ila and Avinash. Silver wedding anniversary of Rita and Shekhar. Gurgaon, Haryana. Photo, January 21, 2004.

Fig. 63. A photograph taken at the wedding of Ninni (Nandini) with Tanu. Standing (left to right): Deepak, Sunil, Meenu and Suresh. Sitting (left to right): Elfi, Tanu Shankar (the groom), Ninni (the bride) and Bimla (Bhabhi). Gurgaon, Haryana. Photo, February 15, 2006.

Fig. 64. Left to right: Tanu Shankar & Ninni with their daughter Aanika. Photo, April 2010.

Fig. 65. Left to right: Avinash and Ila (Isha is in front). Jaipur. Photo, 2008.

Fig. 66. Standing (left to right): Morten Christiansen, Anita, Ila and Avinash. Sitting (left to right): Rajni (Sunita is hugging her), Rita, Shekhar and Isha. Photo, 2003.

Fig. 67. Malati's Family. Left to right: Anshu, Malati, Anat (standing), Radha Krishna Sahay (RKS) and Anju. Berlin. Photo, 1974.

–  –  –

Fig. 69. Anju's family. Left to right:

Ashok (with Ambika in his lap), Neha (standing), and Anju (with Richa in her lap). Riyadh. Photo, 1992.

Fig. 70. Anju's family. Left to right: Ambika, Richa, Anju, Ashok Okhandiar and Neha. UK.

Photo, 1996.

–  –  –

Fig. 72. After Neha's graduation ceremony. Left to right: Richa, Anju, Neha, Ashok and Ambika. Edinburgh, UK. Photo, 2003.

Fig. 73. Anat's family. Left to right: Anat, Anav and Shilpi, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Photo, 2006.

Fig. 74. Left to right: Radha Krishna Sahay, Anita, Malati and Rajni in Ithaca, New York, USA. Photo, 2006.

Fig. 75. Left to right: Govindjee, Anita, Morten, Radha Krishna Sahay and Malati. Anita's home, Ithaca, New York, USA. Photo, 2006.

Fig. 76. Dada with Anita (right) and Sanjay (left). Niagara Falls, USA. Photo, 1965.

Fig. 77. Rajni, Anita (in front) and Dada holding Sanjay. Niagara Falls, USA. Photo, 1965.

Fig. 78. Sanjay's wedding with Marilyn. Left to right: Bhabhi (Bimla), Dada, Marilyn, Sanjay, Anita, Rajni and Govindjee. Stanford, California, USA. Photo, July 31, 1990.

Fig. 79. Left to right: Govindjee, Bhabhi (Bimla) and Dada. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA. Photo, 1990.

Fig. 80. Left to right: Anita, Morten, Sunita and Bhabhi (Bimla). Home of Meenu and Suresh, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, India. Photo, 2002.

Fig. 81. Govindjee's family. Left to right: Anita, Morten, Marilyn (holding Arjun), Govindjee, Rajni, Sunita and Sanjay (holding Rajiv). 2401 South Boudreau, Urbana, Illinois, USA.

Photo, 2001.

Fig. 82. Golden wedding anniversary of Rajni and Govindjee. Left to right: Sanjay, Govindjee, Anita, Rajni, Morten and Marilyn. Home of Usha and Jain Swarup Jain, who gave a surprise party for this event, in Willow Springs, Illinois, USA. Photo, October 2007.

Fig. 83. Golden wedding anniversary of Rajni and Govindjee. Left to right: Rajiv, Arjun, Rajni and Sunita. Home of Usha and Jain Swarup Jain. Photo, October 2007.

Fig. 85. Govindjee (left) with Dada. Photo 1973.

–  –  –

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