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«A thesis submitted to the faculty of San Francisco State University In partial fulfillment of The requirements for The degree Master of Arts In ...»

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Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX, to Bill DeJager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District. August 1995. Appendix J. In San Pedro Creek Section 205 Flood Control Study. Final Detailed Project Report. Volume I: Main Report

–  –  –

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Michelucci Families, Who Emigrated to the U.S. from Italy at the Turn of the Century.:

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 145

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 146

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 147

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Available from www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/33/701c.html.

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 148

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Volume I: Main Report and Environmental Impact Statement/Report, edited by U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and City of Pacifica (City).

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 149

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Kelsey McDonald - Thesis 150

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Photo showing San Pedro Valley from the south. c.1907-1920.: Courtesy of San Mateo County Historical Association.

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