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«Translating Restaurants' Menus from English into Arabic: Problems and Strategies By Kefaya Adeeb Hafeth Saleh Supervisor Dr. Odeh Odeh Co-Supervisor ...»

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6. Translators are recommended to deal with the menu as a mean of advertising which may help them to determine the ideal translation, among multiple ones, for a certain term.

7. Translators should be careful in their reading of the SL menus and terms to avoid errors attributed to carelessness and lack of attention.

8. Food companies are recommended to focus on hiring professional and well-experienced translators whose knowledge in the field of food translation is adequate.

9. Concerned authorities including universities are recommended to offer training courses specifically for translators of food menus and food products.

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1.* For the Translator:

1. What are the main problems that face you in your work?

2. What strategies do you use in translating menus?

3. What are the sources of your translations?

4. What are the instructions of the restaurants' owners?

5. Are you free in your choices of strategies?

6. Are you satisfied with your work?

7. How can you justify some of your choices such as using " " for "large" and " " for "cheese", instead of direct Arabic equivalents?

2. For the Restaurant Owner:

1. Do you believe that English names in your menu help increase the number of customers?

2. Do English names in menus express the image of the restaurant?

3. Do you think that the translated terms, such as " " and " " are more prestigious?

4. Are there any foreigners who visit your restaurant?

5. Do you receive any complaints from the customers about the translation of the menu?

6. What were your instructions for the translator?

7. Were you satisfied with the results (i.e. of the translated menu)?

Appendix B The corpus of the menus :

". " :







. ( ).



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