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«THE LOVE AT STAKE SERIES List of Characters (an asterisk means the character has not appeared yet, but will be in the next book) THE GOOD GUYS Roman ...»

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2005—(December) Travels to New Orleans and Texas with Maggie and Ian to discover his true identity 2006—(March) Marries Maggie and they live on his family ranch in Texas The CIA Stake-Out Team (Mortals) Sean Dermot Whelan Leader of the Stake-Out team and Shanna Whelan’s father. Worked overseas, presumably for the State Dept, but was actually a spy for the CIA. Sean discovered a vampire in St.Petersburg in 2005, when he caught the vampire attacking a woman. The vampire’s attempt to erase Sean’s memory didn’t work since Sean possesses strong psychic abilities. Sean transferred to US to head up a team to eliminate vampires.

Everyone on the team must have some psychic ability to avoid vampire mind control.

Sean has reddish-blond hair and blue eyes. Psychic power: 10.

Alyssa Barnett—computer specialist, usually can be found staking out Romatech Industries. Psychic power: 5.

Garrett Manning—Tall, muscular, dark hair, brown eyes, worked undercover on the vampire reality show as Garth Manly. Psychic power: 3.

Emma Wallace (heroine of Be Still My Vampire Heart) 1973--Born in Houston, TX with an American mother and a Scottish father, Emma has dual citizenship. Her brother dies in a car accident. Her parents are murdered by vampires in Moscow.

1996-- Graduates from University of St. Andrew in Scotland, then joins MI6 to combat terrorism.

2005—(summer) She transfers to the Stake-Out team (CIA) in NYC several months after it begins and secretly slays vampires without Sean’s knowledge.

2006—(March) Meets Angus MacKay in Central Park on St. Patrick’s Day.

2006—(late March) kills Katya in the Ukraine, becomes engaged to Angus MacKay, resigns from the CIA, and becomes godmother to Constantine.

2006—(June) Marries Angus in NYC, now vice president of MacKay Security and Investigation.

Emma holds several black belts in various forms of martial arts.Psychic power: 7.

Austin Olaf Erickson (hero of Vamps and the City) 1976—born in Minnesota, eldest with four younger sisters, named after Papa Olaf, his grandfather who often took him fishing. Olaf had psychic ability and taught Austin how to use it. Austin uses psychic power to protect his younger sisters.

1991—age 15, family moves to Wisconsin to separate Austin from his grandfather.

Austin’s father dislikes his son’s psychic power and suspects it is somehow evil.

1998—age 22. Papa Olaf calls Austin to visit him before he dies. Austin decides to resume practicing his psychic power and use it for good.

2002 – age 26, Austin applies to CIA, and they train him to use his powers. He works overseas, mostly in Czech Republic and Baltic states.

2005—age 29, becomes a member of the Stake-Out team and learns of the existence of vampires.

2005—(summer) Works undercover on a vampire reality show, using name Adam Cartwright, meets Darcy Newhart.

2005—(September) Marries Darcy.

2006—He and Darcy are working undercover in Eastern Europe for MacKay Security and Investigation Light brown hair streaked with gold, sky-blue eyes, dimples, strong mind-reading abilities and telekinetic power. Psychic power: 10.

Miscellaneous Vamps Simone --Top model for Jean-Luc in Paris, vain and ill-tempered, long dark hair, very thin, stars in the exercise DVD for fangs * Inga—Top model for Jean-Luc, long blond hair Signor Giovanni Bellini—famous Italian film director Dr. Uberlingen -- plastic surgeon from Zurich Vamp Contestants from The Sexiest Man on Earth reality show The first four were eliminated the first night-Tadayoshi from Tokyo, Japan Derek from Newark, New Jersey Harsha from New Delhi, India Ferdinand from Salzburg, Austria Ahmed from Cairo, Egypt Pierre from Brussels, Belgium Antonio from Madrid, Spain Reginald Berkely from Manchester, UK Otto from Dusseldorf, Germany Roberto from Buenos Aires, Argentina Fred—the artist who painted all the portraits of the reality show contestants New Orleans Coven from “A Very Vampy Christmas” Colbert GrandPied—Coven Master Giselle Scarlett Tootsie From Be Still My Vampire Heart Dr. Schweitzer from Switzerland—Shanna’s doctor Dr. Lee from Houston—Shanna’s doctor Richard Beckworth—lawyer Miscellaneous Mortals From Millionaire Vampire-Bob Mendoza—U.S. Marshal in Witness Protection Program, assigned to Shanna, seduced by Katya, and killed by the Russian vampires.

Tommy—Pizza delivery guy from Carlo’s Deli, wears Scooby-Doo underwear and flirts with Shanna.

Karen—Shanna’s friend who was murdered by Russian mafia.

Oringo—NY cabbie from Africa, name means ‘loves to hunt.’ Stesha Bratsk— leader of Russian mob who finances the hit on Shanna.

Pavel— hit man for Russian mob.

Father Andrew—takes Roman’s confession, becomes Roman’s friend, performs marriage ceremony for Shanna and Roman, then Angus and Emma. Performs Mass at a chapel at Romatech on Sunday night for the Vamps.

From Vamps and the City Jack—Darcy’s cameraman from Local 4 News Draco and Taylor—college students at the Fangs of Fortune Vampire Club Elizabeth Stein-- owner of the Stars of Tomorrow Casting Agency, dark hair in bun, expensive suit, red power lipstick Michelle—secretary of the Stars of Tomorrow Casting Agency Bobby Streisand—male transvestite, auditions for the reality show Chuckie Baddabing – auditions for the reality show Walter—the dancing chicken for Captain Jake’s Buffalo Wings, auditions for the reality show Fabio Funicello—the mountain troll, auditions for the reality show Mortal Contestants from The Sexiest Man on Earth reality show Seth Howard from Boston Nicholas Poulos from Chicago George Martinez from Houston Garth Manly (aka Garrett Manning from the CIA) Adam Cartwright (aka Austin Erickson from the CIA) From “A Very Vampy Christmas” Durand Dérangé Désirée Dérangé Dorotea O’Callahan Patrick Reynaldo O’Callahan Rosalinda O’Callahan Lucy Uncle Bob Aunt Betty From Be Still My Vampire Heart Lindsey and Tina from New York Hubert and Rolfe from Paris Brian Robertson from London From The Undead Next Door *Heather Lynn Westfield—schoolteacher and aspiring fashion designer *Bethany—Heather’s four-year-old daughter *Fidelia—Bethany’s babysitter and family friend *Cody Westfield—Heather’s ex-husband *Sasha Saladine—model *Billy—town sheriff *Coach Gunter—high school football coach *Alberto Alberghini—Jean-Luc’s assistant *Tyler—high school quarterback *High school teachers *Curator of Chicken Ranch Museum


The True Ones (aka Malcontents) Casimir Leader of the Malcontents, evil vampire who transformed Roman in 1491, believed to have been killed in Great Vampire War of 1710, now amassing an evil vampire army in Eastern Europe.

Jedrek Janow—Half-Polish, half-Russian assassin and Casimir’s second in command.

After Katya and Galina are killed in 2006, he assumes control of the Russian-American coven.

Bruno—Casimir’s French operative Brouchard—Katya’s evil friend in Paris *Lui—(means “him” in French), his real name is unknown, assassin sent to kill Jean-Luc in 2007.

Russian-American Coven Ivan Petrovsky--Former minion of Casimir who saved him at the Great Vampire War of 1710.

1868—in Russia, Ivan is buried alive by angry peasants. An angel gravestone falls on his head and breaks his neck Coven master of Russian and Russian-American vampires. He works as an assassin for the Russian mafia. In 2005, he’s murdered by Katya and Galina.

Alek—Ivan’s second in command, betrayed him for Katya. He is killed in 2006 in the battle in the Ukraine.

Katya Miniskaya—former lover to Ivan, long dark brown hair, pale skin, seduces U.S.

Marshal who is assigned to Shanna Whelan, takes over coven as co-master after killing Ivan in 2005. In 2006, she is killed by Emma Wallace.

Galina Gorlovka—redhead, former prostitute from the Ukraine, now one of Ivan’s harem girls, takes over coven as co-master after helping Katya kill Ivan. She is killed in 2006 in the battle in the Ukraine.

Vladimir (Vlad)—Ivan’s driver, killed by Emma Wallace Boris—killed by Katya for insubordination Uri, Burien, Miroslav—all killed in the Ukraine Stanislav

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