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«THE LOVE AT STAKE SERIES List of Characters (an asterisk means the character has not appeared yet, but will be in the next book) THE GOOD GUYS Roman ...»

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List of Characters

(an asterisk means the character has not appeared yet, but will be in the next book)


Roman Draganesti (Vamp and hero of How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire)

1461 – Born in Romania (in 2005, he’s 544 years old)

2 older brothers, 1 younger sister who died at age 2.

Mother died when he was four.

1466 –Age 5, given to monastery, befriended by healer, Father Constantine 1479 – Age 18, becomes a monk and traveling healer 1491 – Age 30, transformed into a vampire by Casimir and his evil gang (in 2005, he’s been a vampire for 514 years) 1492—Rebels against Casimir. Casimir destroys the monastery and murders the monks.

Roman leaves and begins transforming dying soldiers.

1513—Transforms Jean-Luc Echarpe August 17, 1513 at the Battle of the Spurs.

1513—Transforms Angus MacKay September 9, 1513 at Flodden Field.

1542-- Transforms Connor Buchanan November 25, 1542 at the Battle of Solway Moss.

1710 – Great Vampire War of 1710. Roman leads an army against Casimir and strikes the fatal blow.

1862 – Involved with young, British debutante (Eliza) in London, flees to NYC.

1950 – Elected coven master of East Coast Vampires (term to last 100 years).

1982 – Started Romatech Industries in White Plains, NY, CEO.

1987 – Introduces synthetic, cloned blood. Starts the Annual Spring Conference and Gala Opening Ball.

2003-- Introduces Vampire Fusion Cuisine, beginning with Chocolood.

2005 –Introduces Bubbly Blood and Blood Lite, discovers formula to stay awake during the day.

2005 –(May) Meets Shanna Whelan.

2005—(June) Marries Shanna and moves to White Plains.

2006—(Early March) introduces another Fusion Cuisine drink—Blissky.

2006—(Late March) His son, Constantine, is born.

A scientist, Roman has black shoulder-length hair and golden-brown eyes. He owns a five-story Upper East Side Manhattan townhouse. His favorite blood type is Type A Positive (synthetic, of course).

Shanna Whelan (Mortal and heroine of How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire) 1978—Born (in 2005, she’s 27 years old) Her family: Father (Sean Dermot Whelan, works for State Dept in diplomatic corps, actually the CIA), Mom (Darlene), one brother and sister.

1993 – Age 15, sent to boarding school in Connecticut.

2004-- Age 26, Shanna and friend Karen become dentists in Boston.

2005 – Four months before time of book (How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire), Karen is murdered in a deli in Boston. Shanna witnesses it and is now afraid of blood. She testifies against the Russian mafia and enrolls in the Witness Protection Program under the name Jane Wilson. Lives in Manhattan.

2005 – Six weeks before time of book, she takes a job at the SoHo SoBright Dental Clinic.

2005—(June) Marries the Millionaire Vampire and becomes pregnant by the end of the month. She and Roman move to a house in White Plains, the exact location kept secret. She opens a dental office at Romatech where she takes care of Romatech employees, both Vamps and mortals.

2006—(March) Gives birth to Constantine.

A dentist, Shanna has smoky blue eyes, reddish-blond hair, and wears size 12. Her hair is first brown (dyed), then platinum blond. She carries a sequined Marilyn Monroe purse and likes pizza, diet cola, and chocolate brownies. Her blood type is Type A Positive.

She has strong psychic abilities and can block vampire mind control.

Roman’s Ex-Harem Originally ten women, by the time of Vamps and the City, it has dwindled to seven members. To learn more about the harem, check out their stories under Deleted Scenes from Vamps and the City.

Princess Joanna (Vamp)—Born 1246 in England. Transformed in 1270 by Baldassare of Venice. Princess is an honorary title. Moved to the harem of the East Coast Vampires in 1950.

Maria Consuela (Vamp)—Born in Spain in 1455. A survivor of the Spanish Inquisition.

Rescued by Alfonso Montemayor, a vampire who transformed her. He was later killed in the Great Vampire War of 1710. Maria Consuela was given refuge in the harem of the French coven master. She transferred to the American harem of the East Coast Vampires after the Second Great Mortal War.

Lady Pamela (Vamp)—Born in England in 1796. Married vampire viscount Maximilian Smythe-Worthing who transformed her. Her father staked her husband. She joined the harem of the British coven master, then moved to New York during the Second Great Mortal War.

Miss Cora Lee Primrose (Vamp)—Born in Sumter Country, Alabama, in 1842. Was transformed on a riverboat at Mobile by Beauregard Duprée, Coven Master from New Orleans. Beauregard was killed in duel by vampire Colbert GrandPied (see Miscellaneous Vamps—New Orleans coven). Cora Lee fled to New York where she joined the harem of the East Coast Vampires.

Vanda Barkowski (Vamp)—Born in 1917 in southern Poland. Fled with her sisters to the Carpathian mountains when the German army invaded in 1939. Was transformed by vampire Sigismund, who also transformed her sister Marta. Vanda has short, purple spiky hair, a purple bat tattoo on the inside of her right breast, and wears black cat suits with a black leather whip as a belt.

Maggie (Vamp and heroine of “A Very Vampy Christmas”) 1852-- Maggie’s parents immigrated from Ireland to NYC.

1865—Maggie is born Margaret Mary O’Brian. She was the eighth child of 12 children, though only 7 of them lived past the age of 10. In 1872-- Maggie took her First Communion at the age of seven and was given a gold crossshaped ring.

1884-- Joined the Salvation Army at the age of nineteen and went to work in the slum brigade, preaching repentance. She got lost by the docks and was attacked by a vampire who transformed her. Rejected by her father, she ended up in the harem of East Coast Vampires.

2001—Maggie is influenced by new harem member, Darcy, and updates her wardrobe and hairstyle. She becomes infatuated with DVN soap opera star Don Orlando de Corazon and wants to be a soap opera star.

2005—(summer)Maggie becomes assistant director of DVN’s first reality show 2005—(fall) Maggie wins a part on the soap opera show, As the Vampire Turns, playing the role of a mortal brain surgeon, Dr. Jessica 2005 – (December) Maggie helps Don Orlando discover his true identity 2006—(Jan) Maggie and Don Orlando perform for the last time on As the Vampire Turns 2006 – (March) Maggie and Don Orlando marry in Texas and live on his family ranch Maggie is short, with her black hair cut into a bob. She favors short skirts and tight sweaters.

Darcy Newhart (heroine of Vamps and the City) 1973—Born in San Diego, CA, oldest of three sisters, excels in academics and sports, loves to play beach volleyball, majors in journalism at USC, lands a job as a reporter on a local television station 1997--Takes a job at Local 4 News, a television station in Queens 2001, October 31--Age 28, disappeared at the Fangs of Fortune Vampire Club in Greenwich Village while doing a story on kids who pretend to be vampires 2001—Becomes a member of Roman Draganesti’s harem, good friends with Vanda, Maggie, and Gregori, works part time at Romatech 2005—(Summer)Roman allows her to leave the harem as long as she works in the Vampire World. She applies for a job at DVN, hoping to be a news reporter for the vampire Nightly News. She becomes the director of the vampire world’s first reality show, The Sexiest Man on Earth.

2005—(September) Marries Austin Erickson in San Diego.

2006—Darcy and Austin are working undercover in Eastern Europe for MacKay Security and Investigation Employees of Romatech Industries (White Plains, NY) Radinka Holstein (Mortal)--Roman’s personal assistant, psychic Gregori Holstein (Vamp)—Born in 1964, Radinka’s son, MBA from NYU, Vice President of Marketing at Romatech, attacked by Ivan Petrovksy in 1993, transformed at the age of 29 by Roman. For the fun of it, Gregori plays the host of DVN’s first reality show in the summer of 2005.

Laszlo Veszto (Vamp)—Hungarian, gifted chemist, inventor of VANNA, drives a green Honda Accord. Short (5’2”), round innocent face, fiddles with buttons when nervous.

Todd Spencer (Mortal)--Vice-President of Production at Romatech during the day Employees of MacKay Security and Investigation (London, Edinburgh) Angus MacKay (Vamp and hero of Be Still My Vampire Heart) 1480—Born in Scotland (in 2006, he’s 526 years old).

1494—First battle at age of 14. Bears a scar from an injury.

1502—Marries at age of 22. He and his wife have three children.

1513—33 years old. Changed into a vampire by Roman at Flodden Field. (in 2006, he’s been a vampire 493 years). Rejected by his wife. Becomes an ally and close friend to Roman.

1542--Transforms Ian MacPhie at the Battle of Solway Moss.

1710—Serves as the General in Roman’s army, raised to defeat Casimir in the Great Vampire War of 1710.

1746 – Transforms his last group of vampires at Culloden, including his descendant Robby MacKay.

1927—Begins his company based in London and Edinburgh--MacKay Security and Investigation.

1950 – Elected coven master of British vampires (term to last 100 years).

2005—(June) Walks Shanna Whelan down the aisle when she weds Roman.

2006—(March) Meets Emma Wallace on St. Patrick’s Day.

2006—(June) Marries Emma in New York. He and Emma are named godparents for Roman’s son, Constantine.

Angus has long, dark auburn hair and green eyes. He dresses in a kilt of the MacKay tartan (green and blue plaid).

Connor Buchanan (Vamp) 1512—Born in Scotland 1542--Transformed by Roman at the Battle of Solway Moss (November 25, 1542).

1710—Served as a captain in Roman’s army and fought in the Great Vampire War of 1710.

1927—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation.

1950—Assigned to Roman Draganesti as head of security for Romatech Industries.

2006—Personal bodyguard for Roman and his family.

Connor has light auburn hair, blue eyes, and wears a bright red and green kilt.

Ian MacPhie (Vamp) 1527—Born in Scotland 1542-- Transformed by Angus at Solway Moss at the age of 15.

1955—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation, assigned to Connor’s security team at Romatech.

2005—accepts job of discovering the true identity of Don Orlando de Corazon.

2006—(March) Travels to the Ukraine to help save Angus.

2007—(Summer) Transfers to Texas to help guard Jean-Luc Echarpe. Volunteers to take the Stay-awake drug which will cause him to age.

Ian has black, curly hair and blue eyes. He’s very adept at sneaking into places like the CIA headquarters at Langley.

Ewan Grant (Vamp) 1705—Born in Scotland 1746—Transformed after the Battle of Culloden by Angus MacKay 1935—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation 2005—poisoned by Galina (Nightshade) and murdered by Ivan Petrovksy while guarding Laszlo at Romatech Dougal Kincaid (Vamp)—works on Connor’s team at Romatech Mikhail (Vamp)—Russian employee in Moscow Robby MacKay (Vamp)— 1746--Transformed by Angus after the Battle of Culloden.

1927—Began working for MacKay Security and Investigation 1950-- Heads the security team guarding Jean-Luc Echarpe in Paris.

2006-- He and Jean-Luc travel to the Ukraine to help rescue Angus and Emma.

2007--He moves to Texas to continue guarding Jean-Luc.

Giacomo (Jack) di Venezia (Vamp)—Italian employee Phineas MacKinney (Vamp)—From the Bronx. Transformed against his will by Russian Malcontents in 2006. He leaves them and joins Connor’s team in NY. Summer of 2007, he’s transferred to Texas to guard Jean-Luc.

Howard Barr (Mortal)—head of daytime security team, guarding Roman Draganesti Phil Jones (Mortal)—on daytime security team, guarding Connor and his team of Vamp guards. Summer of 2007, he’s transferred to Texas to guard Jean-Luc.

* Pierre (Mortal)—from Paris, on daytime security team, guarding Jean-Luc Echarpe.

All daytime security (mortals) wear khaki pants and navy Polo shirts.

The Europeans Jean-Luc Echarpe (Vamp and hero of The Undead Next Door) 1513—Transformed by Roman at the Battle of the Spurs.

Greatest swordsman in Europe, he trained Roman and ran a fencing academy.

1710—A Lieutenant-Colonel, he fought in the Great Vampire War and watched Roman’s back.

1922—Began designing evening wear for vampires.

1933—His designs are the rage in Hollywood. He becomes a famous fashion designer of evening wear in Paris.

1950—Elected coven master of Western Europe (term to last 100 years).

1975—Began designing everyday clothes for mortals.

2005—He’s the Best Man at Roman’s wedding.

2006—Travels to the Ukraine to help rescue Angus and Emma.

2007—Goes into hiding in the Texas Hill Country.

Tall, slim and agile, Jean-Luc has black, curly hair and blue eyes.

Zoltan Czakvar (Vamp)—Hungarian from Budapest, elected coven master of Eastern Europe in 1950 (term to last 100 years).

Employees of the Digital Vampire Network (DVN) Corky Courrant (Vamp) AKA Catherine Courrant, she worked for Henry VIII in a torture chamber in the Tower of London. She was personally responsible for wrenching the confession of incest from Anne Boleyn’s brother. She now works as the hostess for the celebrity news magazine Live with the Undead. Corky has breast implants.

Corky’s crew—large cameraman, makeup artist, lightman, all wear black t-shirts with DVN in white letters.

Sylvester Bacchus (Vamp)—nickname Sly, producer and CEO of DVN, looks about 50, balding with head shaved, graying beard, sexist pig Stone Cauffyn (Vamp)—newscaster of the Nightly News Rick (Mortal)—film editor, fond of donuts Bart and Bernie (Vamps)—cameramen for the reality show The Sexiest Man on Earth Tiffany (Vamp)—blond bombshell and aspiring actress Susie (Vamp)– receptionist, black hair with red streaks, nasal voice Gordon (Vamp)—director of soap operas Don Orlando de Corazon (Vamp and hero of “A Very Vampy Christmas”) Star of the soap opera As a Vampire Turns, reported to be the greatest lover in the vampire world, discovered by Corky Courrant. Don Orlando typically wears black pants, black boots, and a black silk cape (no shirt).

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