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«Amazing Faces :Poems Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; Pictures by Chris Soentpiet A Reader’s Advisory Compiled by Dixie Allen Summary: An ...»

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Amazing Faces :Poems

Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; Pictures by Chris Soentpiet

A Reader’s Advisory Compiled by Dixie Allen

Summary: An illustrated collection of sixteen poems based on the theme of the universal

emotions shared by people around the world.

Different kinds of poetry speak to different kinds of people. Emotions expressed through poetry

and stories that reflect America can be found in a number of selections with a just a few of that

number listed below.

9-11: The World's Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories to Remember.

Stories by writers and artists including Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, Eduardo Risso, Neil Gaiman, and Stan Lee offer responses to the events of September 11, 2001.

Creech, Sharon. Hate That Cat. Jack is studying poetry again in school, and he continues to write poems reflecting his understanding of famous poems and how they relate to his life.

DiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.Edward Tulane, a cold-hearted and proud toy rabbit, loves only himself until he is separated from the little girl who adores him and travels across the country, acquiring new owners and listening to their hopes, dreams, and histories.

Fox, Mem. Whoever You Are.Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join us together, such as pain, joy, and love.

Frame, Jeron Ashford.Yesterday I Had the Blues.A young boy ponders a variety of emotions and how different members of his family experience them, from his own blues to his father's grays and his grandmother's yellows.

Hannigan, Katherine.

Ida B:

--And Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World. In Wisconsin, fourth-grader Ida B spends happy hours being homeschooled and playing in her family's apple orchard, until her mother begins treatment for breast cancer and her parents must sell part of the orchard and send her to public school.

Hoffman, Mary. Encore, Grace!Grace and her group of friends, the Famous Five, face a variety of changes, including a new girl in class, taking part in the Christmas play, losing a dear friend, and challenging the grown-ups in their lives.

Little, Jean.Hey World, Here I Am! A collection of poems and brief vignettes from the perspective of a girl named Kate Bloomfield, reflecting her views on friendship, school, family life, and the world.

McKissack, Pat. Abby Takes a Stand. Gee recalls for her grandchildren what happened in 1960 in Nashville, Tennessee, when she, aged ten, passed out flyers while her cousin and other adults held sit-ins at restaurants and lunch counters to protest segregation.

Oh, No! Where Are My Pants? And Other Disasters: Poems. Offers a collection of poems about having, and dealing with, an array of bad-day experiences, such as finding a worm in an apple or not remembering to put on pants before leaving the house.

Red Hot Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Being Young and Latino in the United States. A variety of Latino poets, both familiar names and new voices, illuminate the difficulty of straddling cultures, languages, and identities, while celebrating food, family, love, and triumph.

Rockwell, Thomas.Emily Stew. Mixes childhood emotions with a generous portion of imagination to make a quirky, sweet collection of poetry. Various characters named Emily are featured in poems about food, family, and everyday events.

Spinelli, Eileen. Where I Live. In a series of poems, Diana writes about her life, both before and after her father loses his job and she and her family move far away to live with Grandpa Joe.

Stalder, Paivi. My Wish Tonight: What Children Wish. Collects the many universal wishes that children have around the world, encouraging readers to offer up their own wishes before they slip off to dreamland.

Yolen, Jane. Grandad Bill's Song. A boy asks others how they felt when his grandfather died and then shares his own feelings.

Viorst, Judith. Nobody Here But Me. With his mother on the phone, his father checking email, and his sister playing with her friends, a little boy feels as if he is all alone in the house, and no matter how badly he behaves, no one comes to stop him.

Zweibel, Alan. Our Tree Named Steve. In a letter to his children, a father recounts memories of the role Steve, the tree in their front yard, has played in their lives.

Balarama: A Royal Elephant

–  –  –

Summary: World travelers Ted and Betsy Lewin recount how the trained elephants of southern India, in particular the one chosen to be the lead elephant in the Mysore Dasara, are raised, cared for, and prepared for performing in ceremonial processions.

For other stories about elephants, training elephants, circuses, or ceremonial processions, you might want to consider some of the following titles.

Bildner, Phil. Twenty-One Elephants. Eight-year-old Hannah, upon completion of the Brooklyn Bridge, enlists the help of P.T. Barnum and his twenty-one elephants to prove to her father and all of Brooklyn that the bridge is safe.

DiCamillo, Kate. The Magician's Elephant. When ten-year-old orphan Peter Augustus Duchene encounters a fortune teller in the marketplace one day and she tells him that his sister, who is presumed dead, is in fact alive, he embarks on a remarkable series of adventures as he desperately tries to find her.

Fleischman, Sid. The White Elephant. In old Siam, young elephant trainer Run-Run and his old charge, Walking Mountain, must deal with the curse of a sacred white elephant.

Heine, Theresa. Elephant Dance: Memories of India.Grandfather tells many stories about his native India in answer to Ravi and Anjali's questions, such as the tale of a procession of elephants on the feast of Divaali when he was a boy. Includes facts about life in India, a list of cooking spices, and descriptions of Indian animals.

Helfer, Ralph. The World's Greatest Elephant. Born on the same day in the same German town, Bram and his elephant, Modoc, grew up side by side. Their circus act brought them wide fame, but their incredible bond would also lead to a series of adventures with danger at every turn.

Jaffrey, Madhur. Robi Dobi: The Marvelous Adventures of an Indian Elephant. An Indian elephant befriends a mouse, a butterfly, and a parrot, and together they have many adventures.

Kehret, Peg. Saving Lilly. After writing a report on the dismal lives of circus animals and refusing to be a part of their class trip to a circus, Erin and David attempt to save the life of a mistreated elephant named Lilly who is about to be sold to a hunting park.

Kipling, Rudyard. The Elephant's Child. Because of his "satiable curiosity" about what the crocodile has for dinner, the elephant's child and all elephants thereafter have long trunks.

Lobel, Arnold. Uncle Elephant. Uncle Elephant comes to the rescue when his nephew's parents are lost at sea and cares for him until they are found again.

Paraskevas, Betty. Did You See That Eagle? As the tall ships sail into New York Harbor to celebrate the Fourth of July, a bald eagle soars in the sky overhead, a regal symbol with shining armor and eyes like canary diamonds.

Prince, April Jones. Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing. Upon completion of the Brooklyn Bridge, P.T. Barnum and his twenty-one elephants parade across to prove to everyone that the bridge is safe.

Schubert, Leda. Ballet of the Elephants. The story of how "Circus polka" a dance of 50 elephants and 50 ballerinas, choreographed by George Balanchine, was created.

Worth, Bonnie. Jumbo, the Most Famous Elephant in the World. Presents the true story of Jumbo the Elephant, star of Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth, describing his capture in Africa through his years in the Paris and London zoos to his days with P.T. Barnum.

Yep, Laurence. When the Circus Came to Town. An Asian cook and a Chinese New Year celebration help a ten-year-old girl at a Montana stage coach station to regain her confidence after smallpox scars her face.

Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn. The Floating Circus. In 1850s Pittsburgh, thirteen-year-old Owen leaves his younger brother and sneaks aboard a circus housed in a riverboat, where he befriends a freed slave, learns to work with elephants, and finally comes to terms with the choices he has made in his difficult life.

Black Elk’s Vision: A Lakota Story By S. D. Nelson A Readers Advisory Compiled by Nicki Stohr Summary: Told from the Native American point of view, Black Elk’s Vision provides a unique perspective on American history. From recounting the visions Black Elk had as a young boy, to his involvement in the battles of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee, as well as his journeys to New York City and Europe with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, this biographical account of Black Elk—an Oglala-Lakota medicine man (1863–1950)—follows him from childhood through adulthood.

S. D. Nelson tells the story of Black Elk through the medicine man’s voice, bringing to life what it was like to be Native American in the mid-to-late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The Native people found their land overrun by the Wha-shi-choos, or White Man, the buffalo slaughtered for sport and to purposely eliminate their main food source, and their people gathered onto reservations. Through it all, Black Elk clung to his childhood visions that planted the seeds to help his people—and all people—understand their place in the circle of life.

The book includes archival images, a timeline, a bibliography, an index, and Nelson’s signature art.

Here are other books that have one or more connective threads to this exciting biographical picture book by S. D. Nelson.

Bateson-Hill, Margaret. Shota And The Star Quilt. While vacationing with Shota's grandmother, friends Shota and Esther create a Lakota star quilt portraying their friendship and love of community to fight the destruction of their apartment building, in a story with a project based on the Lakota star.

D’Agnese, Joseph. Blockhead: The Libra of Fibonacci. Leonard can do math problems so fast that his teach chastises him often for daydreaming, and his classmates call him a “blockhead.” This presents a biography of the young boy and his love of mathematics.

Lasky, Kathryn. The Bone Wars. In the mid-1870s, young teenage scout Thad Longsworth, blood brother to the Dakota visionary, Black Elk, finds his destiny linked with that of three rival teams of paleontologists searching for dinosaur bones, as the Great Plains Indians prepare to go to war against encroaching whites.

Nelson, S. D. Coyote's Christmas: A Lakota Story. His stomach rumbling, Coyote approaches a house on Christmas Eve hoping to trick the family there out of a hot meal by dressing as Santa Claus, but Sister Raven sees the strange events and plays a wonderful trick of her own.

Nelson, S. D. Gift Horse: A Lakota Story. Relates the story of a Lakota youth whose father gives him a horse in preparation for his making the transition from boyhood into manhood and becoming a Lakota Warrior.

Osborne, Mary Pope.Buffalo Before Breakfast. The magic tree house takes Jack and his sister Annie to the Great Plains of the United States in the 19th century, where they learn about the life of the Lakota Indians.

Prince, April J. Who was Mark Twain? Best known as the author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain is not unlike his literary character of Huck. Mr. Twin tried his hand at prospecting for silver, and navigating steam boats down the Mississippi. His fascinating life is captured in this enjoyable picture book.

Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. Bad River Boys: A Meeting Of The Lakota Sioux With Lewis And Clark. A group of young Dakota Indians encounters members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Stanley, George Edward. Crazy Horse: Young War Chief. Presents a brief biography of Crazy Horse, the Oglala Sioux chief who fought for the rights of Native American people and who led the defeat of General Custer at Little Big Horn in 1876.

Tatanka And The Lakota People: A Creation Story. After Iktomi, the Spider, tricks mankind into going to Earth, Tanaka, the holy man, takes pity on their plight and, changing himself into a buffalo, gives up his life so that men could have food, clothing, and shelter.

Weatherford, Carole B., Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins. This picture book tells the story of the 1960 Greensboro, North Caroline sit in from the viewpoint of a little girl.

Connie understands that there are places all over town tell her what she and her family can and can’t do. All she would really like to do is set down at the Woolworth’s counter and enjoy a banana split. But Dr. King is coming to visit to assist in a peaceful protest.

Wiviott, Meg. Benno and the Night of Broken Glass. Shown through the eyes of an orange and white cat, readers will be introduced to the harrowing event known as Kristallnacht. Benno witnesses that on one night, brown-shirted men breaking down doors, smashing windows of Jewish owned shops and the setting of fires to books and buildings. Jewish families disappear all the while others remain to resume their normal activities. Yet nothing is every really the same.


The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows By Jacqueline West A Readers Advisory compiled by Nicki Stohr Summary: Olive Dunwoody and her mathematically minded parents move into an old Victorian house on Linden Street complete with the deceased owner's furnishings. Olive notices things moving in the paintings that can’t be removed from the walls. Then when Olive finds a pair of glasses she discovers that she can enter the paints on the wall. — Grade 4–6 Here are other books have one or more of these connective threads to this exciting fantasy novel by Jacqueline West.

Crilley, Paul. The Invisible Order: Rise of the Darklings. Summary: Emily, who is 12, sells bunches of watercress to earn a penny or two to feed herself and her brother, orphaned when their parents disappeared a few years earlier. Emily is a True Seer, able to see the faeries. Emily must solve a riddle to find a magic stone that leads to a key to an underground London. – Grades 5-8 Grant, Michael. The Magnificent 12: The Call. Until the 3,000-year-old man appeared in the boys' room, Mack MacAvoy had resigned himself to leading a unexceptional life o mediumness.

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