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«2016-2017 Table of Contents I. Introduction 4 A. Undergraduate Transfer Student B. Prospective Master’s Student C. Freshmen & Sophomores D. Junior, ...»

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Appointments to most dietetic internships are awarded on a competitive basis through a computer matching process. Refer to the appendix for a list of resources for success. Programs not participating in computer matching accept applications only from individuals already enrolled in the respective universities or employed by the sponsoring organization. Prospective applicants must contact program directors for current information, including application deadline dates. Programs will provide application forms and detailed information on program requirements, tuition, and financial aid upon request.

The Directory of Dietetics Programs includes complete listings of ACEND-accredited dietetic internships, coordinated, didactic and dietetic technician programs. Also included are listings of advanced degree and specialty practice education programs. This is available for your use in the NSD office. You can also check online at http://www.eatright.org/students/education/di.aspx A. What to consider when applying to supervised practice programs Part time or full time  Length of the program  If grant a master’s degree, earn graduate credit or offer no graduate credit at all  Number of students accepted  Emphasis: general, clinical, community/public health, or food management  Location of country  Setting of program: Health care institution, community agency, University or College setting 

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B. Beginning the search process Start your search by reviewing the handbook entitled “Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice Programs”. It is available for your use in the NSD department and will be available to you in Black Board online during your senior year. This handbook identifies the type of program, program focus, program cost/benefits, admission requirements, and applicant evaluation. There are about 250 programs so it helps to narrow down your choices by first considering location and cost.

Write or e-mail a number of different programs that interest you. If you are able, attend the open house or visitation sessions (typically scheduled Nov. through Jan.) made available by the supervised practice programs with which you are interested. A current list of open house sessions (spring 2015) can be found at http://www.indiana.edu/~nutrvmg/DIopenhouses.htm. Summer is an excellent time to get a jump start on the internship research process and may allow you time to visit.

After reviewing the information, write down any questions you might have regarding the program. Follow-up with an email or telephone call to the director of the program. Plan to apply to several programs that interest you. There is generally an application fee (Most students apply to four or five programs at a minimum).

C. Completing the application process ACEND converted to an online application process in 2010. Unfortunately, not all internships are required  to participate so you still might have some internships accept applications by the old- mail method as described below. PAY ATTENTION TO DIRECTIONS!

Refer to this site to access the DICAS (Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System) Application.

 https://portal.dicas.org/ Make sure you complete each program’s requirements and application forms according to the directions  (i.e. Some programs require GRE’s and you to also apply to their graduate program).

If you do not meet the minimum qualifications, i.e. grade point average, your chances of being accepted are  greatly diminished. You should not apply to dietetic internships if your overall GPA will not be ≥ 3.0 as it is a requirement in the DPD Verification Policy.

You will need three letters of recommendation. One should be from your DPD program director. Since  most students apply at about the same time, don’t wait until the last second to ask for your letters. Provide a resume, information about the programs, and signed top release sheets to each person writing letters. As the program director, I have numerous letters to write; therefore requests for letters must be made by Thanksgiving.

You will need an “Intent to Complete” verification form from the program director. Review the Verification  policy explained previously in this handbook to insure you meet the requirements This Intent to Complete is a listing of the classes you have left to be verified. A verification form states that you have satisfactorily completed our DPD program, however, it does not guarantee that you will be accepted into a supervised practice program.

Most supervised practice programs use a computerized matching system to select their class. You register  with D & D Digital http://www.dnddigital.com/ada/index.php to complete this process. You rank order your preference for the programs to which you are applying. The cost for the computer matching process is $55.00. Be sure to follow the time table provided by AND, for the spring matching process, it is typically @ February 15th.

Remember, there are two opportunities to “match”, April and November. Be sure to check which match  date pertains to the programs to which you are applying.

Upon program completion: bachelor’s degree posted and DPD curriculum completed according to our  verification policy- the “Verification Statement” will be provided to you by the program director. This typically takes a few months after you finish your program since the University has to validate your degree.

So for a May finish, expect to receive your Verification Statement early July. You submit this to your DI director upon starting your program. You also will need to provide them with an official transcript that shows a bachelor’s degree was earned.

D. Interviewing

Once you have applied, your application is reviewed and:

 If you meet the program’s requirements, an interview might be scheduled (SU’s Internship uses one). If at  all possible, visit the program in person. If this is not possible, ask if a telephone interview can be arranged.

The interview provides the program the opportunity to meet you and judge how well you would “fit” into  the program. It also provides you with an opportunity to see if the program “fits” your needs.

You might want to consider the following while reviewing the various programs:

–  –  –

With what type of learning environment do you best learn? Do you need structure or do you learn  better independently?

What are your long-term goals? How will the program help you achieve them?

 What percentage of the students have successfully taken the registration exam?

–  –  –

The number of positions and the geographic location (i.e. some of the most competitive will be in the  major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York, Atlanta, and Baltimore). Consider your chances of successfully matching with a program that accepts a limited number of students, and is located in a highly desirable metropolitan area.

If you are granted an interview, be prepared by:

 Finding out if you are being interviewed by one person, a panel, or rotating through a series of 

–  –  –

Some programs test the academic knowledge of the students before accepting the student.

 E. Match Process Find up-to-date information regarding the match policies and procedures at http://www.eatrightacend.org/ACEND/content.aspx?id=6442485425

Past match rates:

In 2012: 82%, 2013: 81%, 2014: 82% 2015: 83% 2016: 68% of S.U. DPD students (undergraduate and graduate combined) matched with a dietetic internship. National average is 51%.

Some resources you can find at the ACEND website include:

 FAQ: Top 10 Questions about Computer Matching for Dietetic Internships (DIs)  Availability of Dietetic Internship Positions  Suggestions to Improve Your Chances at Getting a Dietetic-Internship Position  Computer Matching: Applicant Responsibilities  Didactic Program Director Responsibilities  Dietetic Internship Program Director Responsibilities  Computer Matching Timelines F. Registration Exam Once you have successfully completed a Dietetic Internship, you will be verified as eligible to take the Dietetics Registration Exam. Similar to the GRE’s and other professional programs, the exam is now computerized and can be taken at Pearson VUE testing centers across the country. We highly encourage you to take your RD exam as soon after your Supervised Practice Program as you can, because the longer you wait, the likelihood of obtaining a lower or failing score increases. The overall pass rate in the country (2014) for first time test takers is 85%; The current 5-year average (2010-2014) RD pass rate for SU graduates taking the RD Exam for the first time= 90%. Students who took the exam in 2015, 96% passed.

The Registration Examination for Dietitians is designed to evaluate a dietitian's ability to perform at entry-level.

The content domains and topics listed on Appendix H. are based on the results of the 2010 Dietetics Practice Audit. Keeping good notes during your four years that are well organized will be useful for studying for the exam. The senior exam will also give you an idea of what you are retaining from your four years.

G. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Code of Ethics http://www.eatrightpro.org/resources/career/code-of-ethics H. Resources regarding the field of dietetics and how to be successful Available in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Free online with your AND membership or through the SU library Medline database.

1. Evidence-Based Practice: What Are Dietitians’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Knowledge?

Laura D. Byham-Gray, Judith A. Gilbride, L. Beth Dixon, Frances King Sage J Am Diet Assoc October 2005;105 (10):1574-1581

2. 2016 Academy Member Benefits Update Jim Weinland, Lilliane Smothers Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. 116, Issue 4, p563–566 Published in issue: April 2016

3. Report on the American Dietetic Association/ADA Foundation/Commission on Dietetic Registration 2004 Dietetics Professionals Needs Assessment Dick Rogers J Am Diet Assoc September 2005;105(9):1348-1355

4. Compensation and Benefits Survey 2015, Dick Rogers, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. 116, Issue 3, p370 Published in issue: March 2016

5. Predictors for Research Involvement among Registered Dietitians Laura D. Byham-Gray, Judith A. Gilbride, L. Beth Dixon, Frances King Stage J Am Diet Assoc December 2006;106(12):2008-2015

6. Academic Measures Available in Sophomore Year can Predict Application and Admission to Dietetic Supervised Practice Programs Catherine English J Am Diet Assoc August 1995;


7. Criteria that predict dietetics success: How to prepare students for coordinated undergraduate programs Kim L Dittus, Kevin J Wise, Dorothy Pond-Smith J Am Diet Assoc February 1994;94(2)150

8. Dietitian, Dietician, or Nutritionist? Wendy Marcason, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. 115, Issue 3, p484, Published in issue: March 2015

9. Leadership Development: Preparing Dietetics Professionals for Success, Susan H. Laramee, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. 114, Issue 5, S4, Published in issue: May 2014.

I. Professional Development Portfolio—the Continuing Education system once you are a Registered Dietitian. An RD is required to complete 75 continuing education units (CEU’s) every five years in order to maintain the RD credential.

http://cdrnet.org/pdp/professional-development-portfolio-guide J. State Professional Regulations In the appendix you will find the definitions for certification/licensure and what guides each state. Review the requirements in your state.

http://www.cdrnet.org/state-licensure K. Professional Development and Advanced Certificates Beyond Registered Dietitian, you might want to work toward other advanced credentials to enhance your

career path. For advanced certificates in Dietetics start your research at the CDR website:

http://cdrnet.org/pub/search.cfm?keyword=certifications Options for advanced certification include: pediatric, renal, sports, oncology, or gerontological nutrition through

CDR. Through other organization you can become a diabetes educator and nutrition support specialist:

http://www.ncbde.org/ VI. Graduate School If you are considering going on to graduate school in nutrition or some other field start doing your research no later than your junior year. Here are some resources to get you started. You should plan to take the GRE’s early in your senior year for applications are due during the fall semester of your senior year. Talk to the various faculty in the department to get their advice on this process.

Career Services Network Graduate School Information http://careers.syr.edu/grad_school_info.htm Provides general information, GREs, Financial Aid, Graduate School Ranking...

Advanced Degrees in Nutrition AND's list http://www.eatright.org/students/education/advanceddegrees.aspx Department of Nutrition Science and Dietetics Graduate Program http://falk.syr.edu/NutritionScienceDietetics/Programs_Grad.aspx The American Society of Nutritional Sciences Graduate Programs http://www.nutrition.org/education-and-professional-development/graduate-program-directory/ Appendix VII.

–  –  –

Take at least 10 credit hours per semester If you wish to pursue the MS you must see Dr. Lynn Brann for advising.

Revised 7/2016 E. Policy for DPD Verification Form, Reviewed 6/7/16 Undergraduate Students David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics, Syracuse University, Programs in Nutrition Science & Dietetics A DPD verification statement is an official document, generated by the Accreditation Council for Educat ion in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to directors of ACEND-accredited programs, providing evidence that a student or intern has completed all of the requirements for dietetic education within a given program. Up on completion of the DPD program, the Program Director issues a Verification Statement for each program graduate who has met program requirements. A DPD Verification Statement is required for entrance into an accredited Dietetic Internship program, and may also be required by state licensing agencies.

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