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«Submitted to the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement United States Department of State July to September 2011 Florida International ...»

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Case Tracking and Performance Systems

for Costa Rican Narcotraffic Prosecutors

Award No. SINLEC10GR007

Quarterly Report

July - September 2011

Reporting activities related to the cost-amendment and extension of the Case Tracking and

Performance Systems for Costa Rican Narcotraffic Prosecutors Project to further

prosecutorial and courts management and provide support and training to the Costa Rican

Attorney General’s Office in its fight against Narcotraffic

Submitted to the

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement United States Department of State July to September 2011 Florida International University Center for the Administration of Justice 1 11200 S.W. 8th Street





2.1. Training on vital technical and legal subjects

2.2 Development of the case tracking and performance system

2.3 Institutional reorganization activities directed at effectively combat narcotraffic





5.1. Program Expenditures

5.2. Personnel

5.3. Commodity Procurement

5.4. Contractual Issues

ANNEX 1 Financial Report (complete financial report sent in separate PDF file)................. 12 ANNEX 2 Letter from the Attorney General Office expressing appreciation and satisfaction with the Case Tracking and Performance System

ANNEX 3 Time frame for implementation of project activities …..…………………………. 17 ANNEX 4 Project producs agreed upon with AGO and INL officials ………………………. 18


AG - Attorney General AGO - Attorney General´s Office APO – Adjunct Prosecutor Office CPD – Country Project Director CPP – Código de Procedimiento Penal (Criminal Procedure Code) DCPD - Deputy Country Project Director FIU – Florida International University FIU/CAJ – Florida International University, Center for the Administration of Justice INL - Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement ML - Master Lex, FIU’s subcontractor MP – Attorney General’s Office, National Prosecutors Office, Public Ministry PCD- Antidrug Police


Florida International University (FIU), and its subcontractor Master Lex (ML), assisted the Costa Rican Attorney General’s Office to design, test and implement a case management information system to upgrade prosecutorial capacity to manage narcotics and transnational crime cases and to Foster greater prosecutorial effectiveness and efficiency. A prototype case tracking system was designed, pilot tested and installed at the Adjunct Narcotics Prosecutors Office in the First Judicial Circuit of San José, including a prosecutorial performance monitoring component. These activities were carried out between August 2010 and July 2011.

A cot-amendment and extension of the Case Tracking and Performance systems for the Costa Rican Narcotraffic Prosecutors Project to further prosecutorial and courts management and training to the Costa Rican Attorney General’s Office in its fight against narcotraffic was approved to continue implementing activities for nine additional months starting in August of 2011.

Thus this quarterly report includes activities related to the original contract and to Amendment 1, signed June 29th, 2011.

Working in coordination with the Costa Rican Judiciary and Attorney General’s Office counterparts the program has being able to satisfactory implement activities that have included training, the design and implementation of a case tracking system that incorporates a performance evaluation component and technical assistance to assist the AGO in its efforts to establish a stronger and better prepared organization to combat narcotraffic in the country. Thus this report includes AGO’s institutional reorganization activities directed at effectively combat narcotraffic.


The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement of the United States Department of State (INL) awarded a contract to Florida International University (FIU) on July 29, 2010, to develop and implement a Case Tracking and Performance System at the Adjunct Narcotraffic Prosecutors Office in the First Judicial Circuit of San José, Costa Rica. The Center for the Administration of Justice (CAJ) at FIU was the unit in charge of implementing the contract that ran in its first stage from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011. Its second stage is to last nine months starting August 1st, 2011.

The Project’s first stage was carried out in eight phases: 1) Establishing a local presence (office, hiring of personnel) and developing the work plan; 2) Conducting an institutional assessment; 3) Design of the case tracking and performance system; 4) Training prosecutors on key narcotraffic areas; 5) Construction of the software system and testing; 6) System installation and training for IT specialists and other users; 7) Delivery of the system and of replication plan to the Attorney General’s Office and; 8) Project evaluation, recommendations and final report preparation, outlining specific deliverables for each phase.

Based on the AG’s request and in accordance with prior discussions with INL officials in Costa Rica, FIU submitted to the INL a request to cost-amend and extend the Case Tracking and Performance Systems for Costa Rican Narcotraffic Prosecutors Project to further prosecutorial and courts management and provide support and training to the Costa Rican Attorney General´s Office in its fight against narcotraffic. The request sought to improve management, investigation and prosecution of narcotraffic cases and resulted in Amendment #1 to this project signed by FIU on June 29th, 2011 adding US$ 349,927 to the project and extending its ending date. Thus during this second stage of the project FIU is to provide technical assistance for institutional reorganization of the Costa Rican AGO to effectively combat narcotraffic and to assist the Attorney General Office to complete its reorganization.

In direct consultation with AGO and INL officials in Costa Rica, FIU’s workplan for the implementation of the new activities indicated in Amendment 1 (See Annex 3) was drafted, approved and began being implemented Implementation of the new activities began in August of 2011 and FIU expects to finish implementing activities with its counterpart by April 30, 2012.



All training was completed during the first year of the project. No additional training was provided during this quarter.


During the first stage of the project, the contracted Case Tracking and Performance System for Costa Rican Narcotraffic Prosecutors at the Adjunct Narcotics Prosecutors Office in the First Judicial Circuit of San José was delivered.

The implementation plan was executed and the system was delivered, with all the contracted functionality and the alpha testing approved by the counterpart teams.

The ML/FIU team completed the final data loading and migration and trained users and technicians in the new system.

The system officially started operating in August 2011. As reported, ML supported the initial process for eleven days, August 17-31, as established by contract.

In addition, ML supported the start up for ten more days allowing for more consultation by users as they became familiar with the new system. To ensure the system’s sustainability, ML has offered to provide 6 months or 120 hours of technical remote support for the users of the system.

The following chart explains the number of hours and type of technical support provided to the AGO and the Judiciary during this quarter.

–  –  –



Substantial efforts took place during this quarter in order to reach agreements with Costa Rican AGO officials as to project expectations, products and activities for the period starting in August of 2011.

Almost a year had elapsed from the moment Attorney General Chavarria had sent his letter requesting assistance towards restructuring the AGO to make more effective in its fight against narcottraficking. Meanwhile the AOG began work towards better defining some of AG Chavarria strategic projects directed at improving the AGO’s capacity to combat crime more effectively based on his criminal prosecution policy and newly developed case tracking and performance monitoring system for prosecutors.

AG Chavarria’s main strategic projects include:

1. A performance monitoring system for Regional Offices (Fiscalías Territoriales)

2. An investigation support office (Oficina de Apoyo a la Investigación Policial)

3. A seized property and evidence management office (Oficina de Gestión de objetos Decomisados y Evidencias)

4. A monitoring and support office for prosecutors performance (Oficina de Apoyo y Monitoreo a la Gestión de Fiscales)

5. On the job training special prosecutor’s office (Fiscalía Escuela LOS)

6. Reorganization of the office of the Attorney General (Reorganización de la Fiscalía General)

7. Development of the Five-year Strategic Plan for the AGO (Plan Estratégico Quinquenal)

8. Redesign of the selection and recruitment process for the AGO (Rediseño del Proceso de Reclutamiento y Selección)

9. A proposal for a revised AGO’s hiring rulings (Propuesta de Reforma al Reglamento de Ingreso al Ministerio Público).

Several meetings with AG Chavarria and AGO officials took place during the this quarter to reconcile the project’s objectives with the new list of projects they had developed to better assist them in their restructuring and strengthening process.

Working meetings included a day-long workshop with the participation of AG Chavarria, Special Prosecutor Carlos Maria Jimenez, all Adjunct Prosecutors and key administrative personnel. The workshop was led by CPD Daniel Gonzalez and DCPD Carmen Rodriguez.

Preliminary agreements as to specific Project activities and products were reached in order to better assist the AGO in its restructuring process. Emphasis will be on making the Adjunct Prossecutor’s Office for Narcotraffic and organized crime more effective.

Specific areas of support and assistance agreed upon include:

–  –  –

 Assistance for the implementation of the AGO reorganization plan. It includes: a) design of cash trail or cash tracking tools and procedures; b) standardization of seized cash management procedures; c) technical assistance for the reorganization of regional offices; d) strengthening of the AGO’s efforts in its fight against narcotraffic; e) strategic planning assistance for the drafting of the AGO’s 5-year workplan.

Short-term technical assistance will be provided during the planning process of the implementation of the reorganization plan and the drafting of the 5-year (2012-2016 period) strategic workplan that the AGO is to submit to the Judiciary. More detailed information regarding the specific activities and products are described in Annex 4.

During this period several offices were visited, interviews conducted, surveys designed and carried out and information analysis meetings with AGO officials also took place. Two products : the assessment of the AGO and the assessment regarding management of evidence, seized objects (drugs, guns, objects and vehicles) and cash are to be finished by the beginning of November. It will be vetted in a one-day workshop during the third week of November.

An industrial engineer, Ana Cecilia Calvo was hired as a consultant after having obtained INL’s approval and she began assessing the evidence management procedures of the AGO and the conditions and procedures of the AGO as well as of the various evidence warehouses and deposits. Her visits included the National Arsenal at the Ministry of Security, the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (Instituto Costarricense sobre Drogas ICD), and her interviews have included managers, prosecutors and other administrative personnel of the Attorney General’s Office in order to assess conditions, management procedures and regulations pertaining the handling of seized cash and objects (guns, drugs, vehicles, goods and cash). This assessment work required the support of the Office of the President of the Judiciary in order to facilitate access to the various offices and departments that handle seized objects and evidence. Ms. Nancy Hernandez played a key role in assisting the Project obtaining information from the Judiciary’s Planning Department regarding budgets and statistics, as well as using the Judiciary’s intranet to implement the opinion survey of the job of the AGO that is part of the assessment of the AGO.

The project is still collecting information and analyzing the answers to the

surveys. Some of the offices, warehouses and deposits included:

 Visit to the Evidence Warehouse and interview with Carlos Rubí, Director of the Warehouse.

Sample of bookshelves were objects are filed Boxes containing seized objects  Visit to the Vehicles Deposit and interview with Jorge William Calvo, Director of Seized Vehicles.

–  –  –



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