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«Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011-2014 Ministry of Planning and the Economy October 2011 Table of Contents PREFACE BY THE MINISTER OF PLANNING AND ...»

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Medium-Term Policy Framework


Ministry of Planning and the Economy

October 2011

Table of Contents












Chapter I The Framework for Economic And Social Transformation 5 Chapter II Making the Policy Shifts 23 PART II– STRATEGIC PRIORITIES FOR 2011-2014 Chapter III Crime and Law and Order 29 Chapter IV Agriculture and Food Security 39 Chapter V Health Care Services and Hospitals 47 Chapter VI Economic Growth, Job Creation, Competitiveness And Innovation 57 Chapter VII Poverty Reduction and Human Capital Development 81


Chapter VIII The Role of Key Stakeholders and New Institutional Arrangements 99 Innovation for Lasting Prosperity 4 Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 Preface By the Minister Of Planning And The Economy This articulation of policy for action by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago over the period 2011-2014 is meant to bring focus to the work of the Government over the next three (3) years. Basically therefore, the vision articulated here will be supported by three (3) budgets over the fiscal years 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013within the context of a Medium Term Fiscal Framework. The policy thrust embraced in this document, has evolved from our vision and perspective as articulated in the 2010 Manifesto of the People’s Partnership, which early in the life of this Government was adopted by Cabinet as Government Policy.

Manifesto 2010 That document built around the vision and theme of ‘Prosperity for All’, identified items for action within the first 120 days of the life of this Government, shared with the citizenry the seven (7) guiding pillars that would inform policy and which indeed has guided policy and action over the last 16months. It also committed each Ministry to an action plan for the first fiscal year October 2010-September 2011 in the context of the 2010-11 budget statement and it sought to institutionalise the strategic planning culture and to make the crafting of strategic plans and their implementation an essential part of the work of each Ministry.

A significant number of items identified for action during the first 120 days has either been initiated or fully achieved (24 out of 32).

Ministerial Priorities Most Ministries have operated since October 2010 on the basis of some plan for priority action over the 12 month period that has brought us up to this point - September 2011. These were by no means perfect but they provided a navigatable road map that made focused action possible.

Looking forward to the year ahead (October 2011-September 2012) every Ministry has defined a clear agenda for action and has identified action priorities in a precise way for the period 2011-14 as part of their strategic planning initiative. These Ministerial priorities are identified Innovation for Lasting Prosperity i Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 in Appendix II of this document.

Delivery to the People What the Government has delivered to the people of Trinidad and Tobago during the period 2010-11 as a national community and in specific communities across the nation as goods and services, is identifiable and has been documented. This will be shared with citizens so that collectively, our national community can have a sense of the serious commitment of their Government to work on their behalf and the differential impact that is being made by a government that is committed to the principle that people should be at the centre of all development interventions. Delivery of goods and services in this quantum and with such intensity over a relatively short period, has been facilitated by a Public Service that has begun to emphasise service to our citizens as an essential part of its core mandate and function; and as a fundamental principle which drives philosophy, policy and practice of this Administration led by the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister.

Learnings There can be little doubt, therefore, that the experience, exposure and learnings of the last sixteen (16) months have also influenced this Policy Framework 2011-14, so that any gap between policy and practice, intention and action, vision and reality are likely to be smaller as we go forward.

Vision and Mission As the years unfold, it is our intention to bring practical good sense to bear on policy, implementation and action plans and to review and revise, as may become necessary. However the direction that we have set out in this Medium-Term Policy document for an innovationdriven, growth economy to spur a rising tide of prosperity for all, with a commitment to economic inclusiveness, greater equity and more meaningful citizen participation, is both firm and clear. From this vision of an innovation-led economy that brings our people together under conditions of prosperity - we shall never deviate.

Results Based Framework Also influencing our policy perspective for the next three (3) years has been the results-based framework developed around the seven (7) strategic pillars for development which drives government policy. Since June of this year (2011), the National Transformation Unit (NTU) of the Ministry of Planning and the Economy, with consultancy support, has been teasing out the results to be delivered under each of the seven (7) pillars. This work has been done by clustering Ministries together to facilitate meaningful interactive discussion, integrated Innovation for Lasting Prosperity ii Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 planning and execution for impact with a focus on results to be achieved.

Execution This kind of work will continue to strengthen the execution process and to assess impact on an ongoing basis. Annual plans of Ministries and collaborative effort across Ministries will be measured against results identified for delivery and achievement. That way, progress can be monitored and evaluated; corrective measures taken and strategic interventions to support achievement of results, facilitated.

Monitoring and Evaluation A structure, system and a set of processes exist for monitoring, evaluation, feedback and enhancement of performance. The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the Ministry of Planning and the Economy has been established for this purpose and will be strengthened. At the end of the day, the purpose of policy is to establish a framework within which plans are developed, priorities identified, an action agenda established, anticipated results determined and within which execution to deliver anticipated results can take place. Success ultimately depends on political directorate and public service working together to achieve common objectives and to deliver agreed results. If this is done well, the ultimate beneficiaries are our citizens and, of course, the national economy and social system.

Shared Purpose Important in all of this though, is a sense of shared purpose by citizens of our country that we are striving together to achieve clear, elevated, mutually beneficial goals, so that we all have a sense of being able to do our part in a larger, national enterprise.

At the heart of the thinking behind our policy framework is that we must work together to create a mutually respectful place for discussion, dialogue and meaningful action by designing forums for government, business, labour and civil society to sit together and talk things through.

This thinking also makes the assumption that communities will take responsibility for bringing citizens together for the purpose of civic engagement, to make one another aware of issues and to seek to influence the development process in a constructive and meaningful way. We are all in this together. We must, therefore, make our way forward and upward, together.

National Policy This framework document does not single out Tobago or Trinidad or any section of our country.

It represents a vision, mission and policy framework for the whole country – every single citizen.

–  –  –

This policy framework anchored on the seven (7) pillars will guide action as we go forward over the next three (3) years.

I thank the Honourable Prime Minister and all Cabinet Ministers and Government Parliamentarians for their input, comments and support and I thank those members of staff of the Ministry of Planning and the Economy who worked with me on this document so diligently and so well. Their support, dedicated work and commitment have been a source of strength and inspiration.

It is our hope that this policy framework will be read, understood and internalized by a broad spectrum of stakeholders and citizens. It is our hope that the vision and mission will be embraced by all and turned into action by all stakeholders and all citizens.

Through creativity, innovation and collaboration we shall prosper together – that is the vision embraced in this Medium Term Policy Framework 2011-14; and so we establish the theme for this policy document as we go forward - ‘Innovation For Lasting Prosperity’.

October 2011 finds the world in a condition of uncertainity as well as unpredictability – the norm for our times. In our quest to achieve lasting prosperity through innovation we cannot promise certainty but it is our hope that we have provided in this Medium Term Policy Framework some measure of clarity of intent, purpose and direction and identified our priorities for action over the next three (3) years.

Each year, on the basis of progress, achievement, whatever setbacks we may encounter and in the context of an ever changing environment, there will be some tweaking of emphasis; but the commitment to our vision and mission and to action as required remains firm. Transformation of the Trinidad and Tobago economy is an imperative.

The current structure of our economy will not support sustainability in the future. Thoughtfully Innovation for Lasting Prosperity iv Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 targeted interventions and sustained intensity of effort are required now to effect the diversification and economic transformation that has become a national imperative.

The world may change dramatically and suddenly and we may have to adjust to those changes in the environment and in our circumstances. The imperatives for a more productive and competitive, diversified economy, driven by innovation, as articulated in this Medium Term Policy Framework 2011-14 under the theme ‘Innovation for Lasting Prosperity’ cannot and must not be postponed any longer. Action on all fronts is required now as never before. This would be true under any conditions – favourable or adverse.

Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie Minister of Planning and the Economy

–  –  –

Innovation for Lasting Prosperity vi Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 EDB Economic Development Board E-IDCOT Eco-Industrial Development Company EMBDC Estate Management and Business Development Company EPA Economic Partnership Agreement e TecK Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO Faith Based Organisation FBO FDI Foreign Direct Investment FPC Fast Patrol Craft GATE Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses Global Competitiveness Report GCR GDP Gross Domestic Product Government Backbone Communications Network GovNeTT Hydro chlorofluorocarbon HCFC HDC Housing Development Corporation HDI Human Development Index Health Information Management System HIMS Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired HIV/AIDS Immunodeficiency Syndrome Human Resource Management HRM IBC International Business Centre ICT Information and Communication Technology IDB Inter-American Development Bank International Economic Relations IER IFF Innovation Financing Facility National Information and Communication Technology iGovTT Company Limited International Health Regulations IHR IT Information Technology Integrated Water Resources Management IWRM John Donaldson Technical Institute JDTI

–  –  –

Innovation for Lasting Prosperity viii Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 Single Electronic Window SEW San Fernando Technical Institute SFTI Survey of Living Conditions SLC TATT Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago TDC Tourism Development Company THA Tobago House of Assembly Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago TSTT TTABA Trinidad and Tobago Agri-business Association Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards TTBS ttconnect Government Electronic Portal T&TEC Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company/International Markets TTENT TTFC Trinidad and Tobago Film Company TTHeritage Trinidad and Tobago Heritage Company Trinidad and Tobago Health Science Initiative TTHSI TTIFCMCL Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre Management Company Limited Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certificate TTTIC TVET Technical and Vocational Education and Training United Nations UN Unemployment Relief Programme URP United States of America USA University of Trinidad and Tobago UTT University of the West Indies UWI Water and Sewerage Authority WASA WEF World Economic Forum World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO Innovation for Lasting Prosperity ix Medium-Term Policy Framework 2011 - 2014 List of Figures and Boxes Figures Figure 1 – Key Results: Crime and Law and Order Figure 2 - Key Results: Agriculture and Food Security Figure 3 - Key Results: Health Care Services and Hospitals Figure 4 - Growth Poles: Strategic Investments Figure 5 - Key Results: Economic Growth, Job Creation, Competitiveness and Innovation Figure 6 - Key Results: Poverty Reduction Figure 7 - Key Results: Human Capital Development


Seven Interconnected Pillars of Development

Box 1:

Crime and Law and Order - Medium-term Objectives

Box 2:

Crime and Law and Order – Life-sport Programme

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