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«HAIR EXTENSION divality.com Content Introduction.. 3 Global Demand.. 4 US Market.. 5 UK Market.. 8 South Africa Market.. 14 Hair Extensions ...»

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Full Price Or Promotional Discounts? We strongly suggest that you promote your specialty services at full price. If desired, you may want to offer a $100 or $200 gift certificate discount towards any new first-time full head of hair extensions. You certainly can offer a gift with purchase by offering a large gift of professional home haircare products, tools and special hairbrushes with any first-time hair replacement or extension service.

Boilerplate Marketing Programs: Some of the professional companies like SO.CAP.

USA Hair Extensions offer you pre-designed brochures, posters, postcards, newspaper and magazine advertisements where you can easily add your own salon logo, address, telephone number and website information. They may offer this artwork on their websites or on CD’s. If they offer PR Reprints from nationally published feature articles, ask how you can get copies of these to use in your salon and to frame for your ‘Wall Of Fame’.

Promote Your Expertise & Certifications: Your salon ‘Wall Of Fame’ should boast framed copies of your Certification Award certificates. Clients are always very impressed by well educated hair designers and hair replacement experts.

PR & Media Relations Strategies: Remember that local and national PR exposure must be pursued by you to promote your hair replacement, wig and extension specialties, while educating the public on these unique services. You cannot over commercialize or ‘sell’ anything through PR via press releases and feature stories. Plan a makeover photography session, so you can share your best work with the local newspapers as well as the national consumer hair magazines. Once published, take this new found fame to the bank with posters and advertisements that scream “ABC Salon Makes National & International Headlines!” These special makeover photographs should also be used in your newspaper advertisements, postcards, newsletters and on your website.

Specialty Take-Home Professional Retail Products: It is important that you are ready to promote how your clients should take care of professional hair replacement and extensions at home between salon visits. We suggest that you include a $50 to $75 value package of Specialty Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling Aids and a Hairbrush with each new First-Time Specialty Service. When clients are willing to spend $1500 to $3500 or more on your services, you cannot be afraid to sell a $50 to $100 home haircare regimen.

Create New Marketing Solutions: There definitely is a market today for professional wigs, hair restoration, replacement and hair extensions. Most salons have not taken advantage of these opportunities, so if you offer any of these services – get ready to market more aggressively. Take advantage of this open marketplace by creating a complete marketing, advertising and PR program for your salon. Those salons that say, “Not here!” just aren’t paying attention to the latest fashion news. It’s time to make your salon known as one of the top fashion forward specialty salons in your community!

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1. Instant Style One of the biggest pros of hair extensions is that they instantly give you that dream hairstyle you’ve always wanted. You won’t have to wait for 6-12 months to achieve that hair that will reach your shoulders.

2. Flexibility Hair extensions allow for flexibility to try out different hairstyles without getting confined to a single style. If you get bored with your hair extensions, you can easily remove them and get a different look.

3. Try Different Colors With hair extensions you can also try different color combinations, without worrying about damaging your natural hair. You can also add some beads and create your own unique style.

4. Easy to Maintain Hair extensions are easy to maintain and care for. They can be treated and washed just the same way as natural hair.


1. May be Painful There’s no doubt that you’ll feel a certain amount of pain when you cut or trim that hair you’ve spent so much time growing and caring for. With hair extensions you never have to face the scissors, and therefore no regrets as you can try any styles you want.

2. Don’t Increase Hair Length Hair extensions don’t just increase your hair length, but they also provide additional volume and thickness. They are an excellent choice for thinning, limp or fine hair.

3. Costly One of the major setbacks of having hair extensions is the price. If you require the most natural looking hair extensions, you’ll need to pay dearly. The cost will largely depend on the volume and length of the hair as well as the stylist who will fix them.

4. May Cause Hair Damage Hair extensions have the potential to cause some considerable damage to your natural hair.

Since they are attached to your natural hair using knotting, thermal heat, glue or braiding, the can hamper hair roots or strands. Glue, heat and other chemicals can burn, split or break hair strands, while tight braids or tight knots have the potential to pull off your hair from its roots.

Source: http://occupytheory.org/hair-extensions-pros-and-cons-list/ How Luxyhair.com Built a Seven-Figure Ecommerce Business With YouTube

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When Alex Ikonn and his wife Mimi realized how hard it was to find good hair extensions, they knew they had stumbled on a business opportunity.

They took their problem and solved it by creating Luxy Hair - an extremely successful online store selling hair extensions for women.

And the coolest part? Their business is powered almost exclusively by tutorial-style YouTube videos.

Their YouTube channel was created in 2010 and since then has amassed 1,474,246 subscribers and 173,657,125 total video views.

In other words, Luxy Hair is the perfect example of an audience enabled business that relies on a loyal community of fans instead of other channels like SEO and paid advertising.

I caught up with Alex to find out how they took their site from idea to million dollar business.

Source: http://www.shopify.com/blog/10908445-how-luxyhair-com-built-a-seven-figure

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Describe your business and product(s) in 1-3 sentences.

Luxy Hair is a customer-centric hair extensions ecommerce retailer.

How much revenue are you currently generating per month?

I believe a more important measure for businesses is profitability and I can confidently say we are profitable in the seven-figures (annually).

How did you come up with the idea for your business/product(s)? What kind of market research did you undertake?

My wife Mimi and I were getting married and she was looking for hair extensions for the wedding. She wasn’t able to find what she was looking for and I was lucky enough to be in the room when she was talking to her sister Leyla about her predicament. At the time, I didn’t even know what hair extensions were.

And this was all of the market research we needed, as I knew if she wasn’t able to find a solution for her dilemma, we were going to try to solve it!

How did you create, manufacture or source your product? What were some key lessons you learned during this process?

I started sourcing the same night. I went on Alibaba and probably contacted every hair extension supplier that was there and just started asking questions about how to make it happen. I asked many stupid questions, however, that made me learn more about the product and how to actually make the idea a reality.

In choosing our supplier, ultimately it came down to the quality of product. From my initial list, I narrowed down to about 10 that I had pretty good communication with and then started ordering samples. The supplier with the best quality product and communication won our business.

To our surprise, there was no minimum order with our supplier, however, we still had to place a pretty big order as the product itself is very expensive. Our initial order was $20,000.

A key lesson I’ve learned is the communication you have with your supplier is really important. As weird as it sounds, you have to feel a connection and trust your intuition. It’s fluffy but it worked for us and we still work with the same supplier.

How did you promote your business initially and where did your first sales come from? Any major media mentions or PR wins since then?

Our business was entirely grown through our YouTube channel, the YouTube community and word-of-mouth. We only recently started experimenting with paid marketing - up until then it was all organic.

And our initial biggest win was a YouTuber with about 15,000 subscribers reviewing our product. This did way more for us than any magazines mention can do as we’ve been featured and it’s nothing compared real people on YouTube.

Your YouTube channel has over 173M views. Why is video working so well for you and what advice do you have for other businesses looking to leverage it?

YouTube works well for us because of the way we approach the YouTube community. Our approach is to try our best to give people value and a personal connection when we create our videos. We honestly don’t focus on selling and instead focus on these two factors. The sales and word-of-mouth come as people can feel we genuinely want to help people. We don’t even use our product in most of our videos.

I can also tell you that YouTube is not for every business. It works so well for us as you can see how the product looks and how it can transform your hair to help you create different hairstyles and look great! It’s a visual product.

How do you handle shipping and fulfilment and organize the back-end of your business?

Key lessons/tips for doing this successfully?

The most important thing I would recommend to anyone is to work with a third-party fulfillment warehouse from day one. It will save you a lot of headache. We used Shipwire when we had a crazy idea and no sales to growing to be one of their biggest customers.

The key lesson is shipping takes a lot of time and you want to use a service that will enable you to scale quickly and not interrupt your growth.

What software, tools and resources are crucial to your business?

Definitely, Shopify and Shipwire! These are my secret weapons and they integrate so seamlessly together.

The Shopify blog is my go to ecommerce learning resource. Sometimes, too much content that I can’t even absorb it all.

Sounds like a pitch for Shopify but I honestly love the service.

What were your biggest mistakes or wastes of time and money (if any)?

Our biggest mistake was not giving into crazy customers and my lesson was that it’s better to lose a little money than to be right.

For example, we’ve had instances when the customer didn’t follow a certain refund policy and still wanted a refund. Sometimes it’s better to play nice and not follow your refund policy as angry crazy customers can make you lose a lot more money. With social media at everyone’s disposal you have to be very careful.

What other key advice can you offer to entrepreneurs looking to start a successful ecommerce businesses?

Stop thinking about yourself and your success. No one cares.

Start thinking about others and how you can bring value into their lives and help them solve their problems.

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When looking for product ideas, examine your own everyday life and look for pain points that you can solve. Chances are, if it's a product or service that you need, others will need it as well.

Don't be afraid to learn from suppliers and ask lots of questions - even if you know nothing about a product or industry.

When it comes to video and content marketing, focus on creating content that has independent value and lacks a direct sales pitch. This will help you build an audience, position you as an authority and ultimately sell your products in an under-the-radar way.

Keeping customers happy is important and sometimes making small customers service concessions can save you time and money down the road.

Provide as much value as possible through your content, products and services and you'll be much more likely to find success.

Google AdWords campaign – for Hair Extension Business Source: http://www.expressmarketingsolutions.com/googleadwords/pdfs/Adwords_Success_Florida%20Hair%20Extensions.pdf Competitors See Attached Excel file

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